About The Fatal 4-Way!

The Fatal 4-Way is a wrestling blog. Each Sunday we post a new blog discussing what’s going on in the world of Professional Wrestling and MMA (Mostly wrestling).  It’s all opinion, with some news and we address some rumours as well. We like to have fun and often get fired up. It’s all in fun and we hope that our readers have a blast reading us. Granted sometimes we cross lines and get a little dirty in the process. We have been writing since November 1st 2006, and have been on Since just before the new year.


Sarge has been with us since the beginning. He’s savvy and funny and borders on the risky. He’s a father of 2, husband and great amazing friend. He’s works for the United States Air Force, and is set to retire soon. He rocks and is hiliarious.

The Game has been with us since the beginning as well.  The Game is our resident MMA expert. Instead of writing, he does mostly youtube videos for us and offers his opinion through visual instead of written. He is our youngest member, and lives in Toronto. He has a great heart and is an amazing friend.

Greg, is our newest member. He’s been with us since January 1st 2012. He works in Niagara Falls and is single. He offers both video and written blogs to our little publication. He’s an amazing fellow.  And we hope he loves us as much as we love him! Lol!!

And me, Diva. I started this when I was falling apart after my grandmother’s death. I needed something to keep me above the depression and thankfully wrestling has always been there for me since I was 5 years old, so I turned to writing this and it saved me. I give the woman’s point of view of the world in wrestling. I’m often outspoken about the Diva’s and Knockout’s, because as a woman, I know what I want to see. I am the farthest thing from a femminist, but still.

So we hope you all enjoy us and if you ever have anything to say, we would love to hear from you.


(Twitter) @The_Sarge_F4W



The Game:

(Twitter) @ThePunisher83



(Twitter) @blitz101



(Twitter) @F4WDiva




And all of us:  email at fatal4wayblog@gmail.com



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