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We are Back, for a Special Edition of Randomness.


Hey, we’re baaaaaaAAAAck!! Three of us are anyways. It’s a very special edition of The Fatal 4-Way. We’ve all been crazy busy since our “retirement” from the blog world, but we all have said that we can come back for very special editions. So never count us out. We’re back in after the count of 8 (months, that is). So The Game, Greg and I are here for a rare blog. We just got the urge and decided to write. Because it was such a last minute decision, Sarge is unable to join us this time. Maybe next time we’ll have this better planned out. When the urge strikes, the urge strikes, right?

Roll the footage monkies………..


Hey everyone, welcome back to the Triple Threat! Aka The Fatal 4-Way – 1 lol You thought you got rid of us but no just when you thought wrestling couldn’t get anymore crazy the Fatal 4-Way decides to do a family reunion! Woot! Okay in all seriousness I’m happy to be back to do this one time reunion for you all! Thanks to Diva for suggesting to do this today! So lets skip about what’s going in my life right now(it’s cool, still have that great job and I’m happy!) and get into the real thing you want to know…wrestling!

Where should I begin…how about WrestleMania 33. Yes folks it happened. The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns and has retired. He went out old school style and did the right thing(?) and he put over Roman Reigns. I know a lot of you are pretty upset that this happened. I know I was too(I pretty much turned off the TV when Reigns won but I was sooo tired and had to be up at 6:00am the next day) the PPV was way too long for me. I watched it from 7pm till just after Midnight! Man that was a long night! But back to Roman winning the match. You guys have to remember The Undertaker is old school so he was doing what he thought was the right thing and putting over the next big thing. Unfortunately not a lot of people really like him and yeah I don’t think they will ever like him now because of what happened. Back to The Undertaker he will be one of the greatest Attractions that WWE has ever had. There will be no other guy like The Undertaker. He is in his own category and that should be fine! I wish him the best and I’m going to miss him in the ring but it is his time now to enjoy the roses and be with his family. I hope they put him in WWE HOF next year because he deserves it so much!

Another big things happened at WM 33 and that was the return of The Hardy Boyz to WWE. I knew it was going to happen except I didn’t know when it was going to happen! If you have been following the TNA-Hardy Boyz fallout then you knew it was just a matter of time before they were going to show up in WWE. AS you know Matt Hardy has created this great Broken Matt gimmick back in TNA last year. It went over so well that it was probably the only thing good on TNA at the time. Then he got his Brother Nero to join in and it become one of the most talk about storylines in suck a long time! It was wild, crazy and pretty damn funny at times! I watched it and fell in love with it! I showed it to my friend Matt and he just couldn’t believe how campy it was and how great it was too! We both enjoyed it a lot. Then TNA lost Dixie Carter and TNA was sold to a new company. Now they are called Impact Wrestling. But then they did the unbelievable thing…they let The Hardy’s go. What a stupid move on their part. So The Hardy Boyz showed up in Ring of Honor as Broken Matt and Brother Nero. It was over and Impact Wrestling sent them a warning saying they couldn’t use the Broken Matt and Brother Nero gimmick because it didn’t belong to them. So now The Hardy Boyz had to drop that gimmick for now until they have the rights for it. Anyway they showed up in WWE at WM 33 as the other tag team for the Ladder Match. They ended up winning the RAW tag team championship. It was a cool surprise to see them back on WWE TV. It was such a great moment.

Another match that happened at WM 33 was Triple H vs Seth Rollins. That match was all right. I got kinda bored(by this time it was almost 10:30pm and I wasn’t really feeling that well that night to begin with). I thought the match went on and on. The cool spot of the night was when Stephanie went through the table after Triple H ran into her. That was pretty cool. Then Seth got the win after that. I like Rollins. I think he is a great worker and the better guy from The Shield. I have always been a Rollins fan. So I’m curious as to what they are going to do with him now. I’m hoping he will get a title run again. He deserves it for sure!

One match that I thought was horrible was The Miz & Mayrse vs John Cena & Nikki Bella. My goodness that was 25 mins of crap that I won’t get back. Cena and Bella won. Then Cena propose to Bella. They will probably have a SummerSlam wedding. Yay just what we really need again…another wrestling wedding. Blah blah blah.

I’m so happy that Bayley is still your Women’s Champion! She beat Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in a fatal 4-way match! It was a great match and it should have been a little bit longer. They all worked really hard and it was probably one of my favourite match from the night!

Then we had Brock Lesnar take on Goldberg aka Grandpa for the Universal Championship. Don’t get me started with why this match was for the championship. It shouldn’t have been. Anyway Lesnar finally beat him and become the Universal Champion. Now Finn Balor needs to get his championship back from Lesnar! I hope that happens real soon!

Kurt Angle, DDP, Ravings Rick Rude and others were inducted into this years WWE HOF. All of them were well deserved. Kurt Angle was also hired as the new WWE GM for RAW. That should be pretty fun! I wonder what Angle is going to do to tick off Stephanie?! Lol It should be exciting times!

RAW & Smackdown are having Roster trade this week. It should shake things up for them. I hope they don’t load up RAW because Smackdown is the better Brand right now and they seem to do things more interesting than what happens on RAW.

Okay I’m finished for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog. I had a great time doing it. Who knows never say never in wrestling there might come a time when you least expect it and bam! Just like that out comes another edition of the Fatal 4-Way! Have a nice day!

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The mood struck me randomly Monday night to write a blog about wrestling. I’ve had so many thoughts and ideas rolling around my head lately that I decided, why not? Well I couldn’t do it without at least inviting my partners along for a road trip. So three of us have come together to bring you this special edition. I have a lot to say about what’s gone done (not who) in the world of pro-wrestling. So, I’ll shut it, and get to bidness (man, I miss saying that).

I pre-wrote out everything that I thought I wanted to say, but fuck it. I’m going to go by the seat of my pants. I will not comment on The Undertaker, because I do plan on writing a separate blog on just him and his amazing career in the future. I just want it to be perfect. I went ahead and I made bullet points to work off of. I alway pre-write my blogs by hand and then put them to the computer and go from there. So tonight, I’m going at this a completely different way.

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. It gets me through the last leg of my night shift when I need to put my laptop away. It all started with Lilian Garcia’s new podcasts which can be seen on the Youtube, “Making Their Way To The Ring”. The first one I watched was the two-part Trish Stratus (surprise-surprise, right?), and then Mick Foley’s. I highly reccommend those pods, but must check out is AJ Styles, Mickie James, Amy “Lita” Dumas, and Sasha Banks. I got into Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho as well. The editions with Big Cass, Becky Lynch, and Edge and Christian were great. On the heels of that, Edge and Christian have a new podcast, and they’re just three episodes (soon to be four), into it. Eand C’s Pod of Awesomeness. Their hilarious, and fun. I enjoyed their first podcast with Goldberg, but it was their second and third one with Shane McMahon and Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix had me in stitches. So totally worth checking those out. So yes, I’m obsessed with these podcasts. So check them out!!! Do it now, or you’ll make my list!

I was probably one of the few people blindsided by the Hardy’s return at WrestleMania. I’ll admit it, I didn’t put the pieces together even though I had the pieces. I knew they were in Orlando for Ring Of Honour and WrestleCon, and I knew they dropped the ROH tag titles to the Young Bucks, I knew they only had a month long contract with ROH. When the New Day came out to say that the triple threat ladder match, has been made into a fatal fourway match. There I am thinking, “fuck! The New Day are weeding their way into the match,” and then….I lost my shit! Part of my emotion was that I didn’t see it coming despite seeing all the writing on the wall. So yeah, I lost my shit. I think it’s great to have them back in the WWE, and I can’t wait to see whether or not they can bring in the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. That’s a whole story of the executives at TNA Impact wrestling holding the gimmick hostage. They see it as money, and they’re not happy that the Hardy’s didn’t resign and that would mean loss of money. So now they are holding the Hardy’s up for royalties made in other companies and shows. Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, had the forethought to go and get their gimmick and the theme music trademarked, and now they’re all in a court battle. I’m guessing it’s only time when the WWE will step in to get that control away from the fledging company. They’ve never stopped AJ Styles from leaving with his Phenomanal gimmick. There are a few instances where other superstars left TNA and went to other companies, and took their gimmicks with them without issues. So I’m hoping everything will get straightened out. It’s too great of a gimmick to just let it go.

At the WWE Hall of Fame I think everyone expected Kurt Angle’s speech to be the speech of the night, but that goes to Beth Phoenix. Her speech was so amazing, and so heartfelt, and honest. The revelation about Molly Holly paying for her wrestling school tuition, was so emotional because it showed that there are great people out there who want to help others follow their dreams. It made me think that Molly Holly could be on her way to the Hall of Fame next year, and she should be. I think that her career and her heart and her kindness shouldn’t be overlooked. Beth’s speech was fun and emotional and I just thought that she nailed it. I only ever watch a few speeches at the HOF, but I think I watched quite a few this year. I watched Diamond Dallas Paige’s, “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s family’s speech, Beth’s, and Kurt’s. All of their speeches were amazing. Congratualations to the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

We’ve seen the reassurgence of Jinder Mahal after two years away from the WWE. To be honest, I didn’t even notice he was gone. I did notice that when he returned that he was significantly larger. I’m not an idiot, I’m not blind. He was larger, vein-ier, all that back acne, hmmmm….STEROIDS!!!!!


The dude is jacked!! Mahal apparently addressed the steroid rumours, and claims that he has never done steroids and has never failed any drug tests. Haven’t we heard that before, from other superstars? Hulk Hogan comes to mind, and he even had to take the stand in a federal trial back in the early 90’s against the WWF and Vince McMahon, where he admitted to taking steroids. So Mahal’s claim is futile. I don’t believe him, and I’m guessing not many other people do as well. Maybe the WWE hasn’t tested him exactly for the steroid cocktail. They clearly leave certain superstars alone from testing. John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Mahal, all clearly have never been tested and if they have, they’ve been overlooked. Not sure why Mahal hasn’t been tested properly, as he’s far from being on par with the aforementioned names in just that short list. I don’t care what Jinder Mahal claims, the guy is fucking juicing.

What can I say about the recent storyline between Maryse, The Miz, Cena and Nikki Bella? Well, I can say that The Miz and Maryse have kicked serious ass and making it actually enjoyable. The two of them have made Cena fun again. Their portrayl and mocking of the plastic relationship couple has been, in my opinion, accurate portrayal of how robotic and boring Cena truly is as a person. I know what y’all are thinking, Total Diva’s/Bella’s is scripted, and although yes it is, I doubt that the WWE would allow their top guy to actually be like this and showing what he’s really like in his everyday life. Cena comes off as a pompous, control freak, and uncaring asshole. The portrayal of Cena and Bella sparked the predictable path that would lead to their WrestleMania 33 mixed-tag team match. Maryse and The Miz would portray that dry and boring couple that is Cena and Nikki, while adding their comedic side to the two and sometimes four roles, as even Brie and Daniel Bryan were portrayed at one point. I have no problem with Brie and Daniel Bryan, but I have zero respect for Nikki Bella who would give up her dreams for a man who isn’t willing to give those dreams to a woman he proclaims to love.

miz maryse

What bothered me about the match was, The Miz and Maryse needed the win more than Cena and Bella did. If it was just a catalyst to lead to Cena’s proposing to Nikki, then it still wasn’t necessary to have them go over. Macho Man and Elizabeth reunited at WrestleMania 7 in 1991, despite Macho Man’s loss to the Ultimate Warrior, and it did not take away from the emotional reunion. So even if Cena and Nikki were to have lost, they could have still had their moment, which if you asked me was as phony as they are as people. Within a few days after Cena “proposing” to Nikki, the twin was on mulitple morning shows talking about all the wedding planning they have already taken steps towards. If they just got engaged on Sunday, and then a day or two later, were already talking about their cake tasting, then clearly they were engaged already. I’m not doubting their engagement, I am doubting whether or not it is genuine or a business arrangement. Afterall money does talk to Nikki Bella. So moving on, because frankly Cena and Nikki make me want to fucking throw-up.

So lets talk about the draft and the shake up that has taken place. Last year we saw some strong moves in the draft which separated the two shows, RAW and SmackDown. The draft that took place last year wasn’t the first time the WWE has done a draft and separated the two shows and wrestlers, however, I don’t think it was really done right. One show was always more stacked then the other, which made the second show the weaker show. This time, they seemed to have made moves that were more evened out and allowed superstars to have more opportunities than what they wouldn’t have necessairly have if there was no draft. Makes me wonder where would Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes be if they had just stayed on for an additional year. In the last year, we saw Naomi capture her first Women’s Championship which was long overdue, and the same with Bray Wyatt. He was crowned WWE World Champion and was part of main eventing WrestleMania 33. But alas, that was last year, and we are here in the now. So the “Shake-Up” took place over the past two days on both RAW and SmackDown, and we saw some decent moves with the following;

To RAW from SmackDown: Alexa Bliss, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Maryse, and Mickie James. Also to RAW from SmackDown less signficant moves of; Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Goldust, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Rhyno, and Kalisto. Announcer David Otunga.

To SmackDown from RAW: Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Sami Zayn and New Day. Also to SmackDown from RAW less significant moves of; Rusev, Lana, Epico, Primo, Sin Cara and the return of Tamina Snuka who was not drafted last year as she was out due to injury. Announcer Byron Saxton.

Why do I feel that some moves are insignifant? Well lets face it, -Curt Hawkins even coming back was a condundrum in my opinion. He never did anything worthy talking about during his first run and he isn’t doing anything worth talking about now. A complete waste. -Goldust & R-Truth haven’t been relavent in quite sometime. -Heath Slater & Rhyno has fleeting moments of moderate success with short-term gimmicks. Sadly has dragged Rhyno down with him. -Kalisto would have had a decent run if they hadn’t moved Sin Cara over to SmackDown. This does allow him to join the 205 crew, but other than that, Kalisto will no longer be fed to Baron Corbin but insteasd will be a snack for Braun Strowman instead. MMM tastes like a burrito. -David Otunga moving is horrible. If they were going to move him at all, it should have been out the door. He’s not a good commentator, or wrestler. I don’t see him doing well on the RAW commentating team, if anything, his presence with that team is likely going to make Corey Graves stock plummit. Graves has done an amazing job commentating and I can see his career being long term as he always improves.

To SmackDown from RAW acquistions seem a little stronger than some of the crap that moved to RAW. -Rusev and Lana look to be split up, albeit on the same roster. A vignette aired showing Lana separetly from her real-life husband Rusev. Although might be good for her to start getting in-ring work and experience, it’s going to drag Rusev’s stock way down as he is basically nothing without her. He hasn’t had anything really significant in the last few months and nobody seems to care about him as much. -The Shining Stars Epico & Primo. The end. No one cares. -Sin Cara being moved away from the cruiserweight division and the potential reuniting with former tag partner, Kalisto, is a waste of a move. He is much more valuable with Kalisto and/or with the 205 crew. Now he’ll replace Kalisto as Baron Corbin’s meal. -Byron Saxton, I find is also a waste as he had better chemistry with Michael Cole and Graves over on RAW. I wonder how long he’ll last under JBL’s eye and mouth. Seeing as the strength of the team, Mauro, has left the WWE because of JBL’s constant bullying. Whose to say that the same won’t happen to Saxton? He’s not a bad commentator, and is stronger in the booth that Tom Phillips who seems to have taken Mauro’s place.

As for all the big moves that have taken place, it’ll make for interesting television and matches. Lets keep an eye on these moves and maybe next year come back and see how well this round of drafts or shake-ups did.

I don’t really want to drag on and on. I feel I already have. But I’ll take a brief time to catch up with what’s going on in my life. Back in October, I took my daughter, River who was 20 months old at the time to Hamilton Comicon where she and I had our picture taken with WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. She’s met her first wrestler. Lol!! The fight to end whale and dolphin in captivity continues. It’s an uphill battles with a few wins for these amazing animals. Just two weeks ago, my paternal grandmother passed away after a long drawn out struggle with multiple strokes and other issues. After watching her struggle and suffer with breathing and not truly living for a few days, when she finally passed it became a relief. I will miss her. I’ve lost two grandparents in a span of 11 months. It’s been a rough year. My daughter turned 2 years old in February, and is funny, smart, stubborn, active, and beautiful. She loves her superheroes, and her Octonauts, and her Wiggles. We took her to see The Wiggles at Hamilton Place in October and she was so shocked and in constant awe at seeing them in real life. Also, Lachy, the purple wiggle waved to her. Totally made her day. Lol!! She’s growing so fast. I sometimes wish I could stop time and just stare at her and keep her as she is now.


That’s it for me. Until next time…Whenever that will be. Keep your skirts classy and your pants above your ass. Because in life, there are winners and there are losers…Be sexy!

You can reach me on twitter and Instagram both are @OrcaDiva80

That’s it for this time. Not sure when we’ll return, but you never know when we might pop up next. Cheers peeps, and take it e to the zeeeeee.


Saying Good-Bye to a legend and Money In The Bank Predictions

In Memory of

Virgil “Dusty Rhodes” Runnels

October 12, 1945 – June 11, 2015

00 f4w2012banner

I know I can speak for all of us here at the Fatal 4-Way, that we are shocked and saddened by the loss of a legend.

Dusty Rhodes built a legacy that didn’t just make in impact in the WWF/E, but in NWA, WCW and other promotions in the United States. He was globally recognized, and loved by many. He wasn’t just respected by wrestling fans around the world, but by his peers in the wrestling business. Rhodes helped younger talent learn the business as he recently worked down at the WWE training facility in Orlando, as well as was a major part of NXT’s success. He always had a zest for life in the ring, and could bring down the house. From cowboy hats and denim to polka dots, Dusty was always Dusty. Father of two well-known superstars, Dustin “Goldust” Runnels and Cody “Stardust” Runnels. He was a hard working American man, who may have put his job above family at times, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t working for their futures. I know that he will be missed by everyone who ever knew him, whether on a personal level, or as a fan who watched him and grew up with him on their television. Even if you weren’t a full-blown fan of Dusty Rhodes, you can’t help but respect the American Dream. With that I would like to say, Thank-You Dusty and Rest In Peace!

Dusty 01


The Game

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes (1945-2015):


All apologies as King Greg is absent this week. He has some royal business to attend to in his kingdom. He will return to his royal duties in the next edition of the Fatal 4-Way. However, he would like to extend his thoughts to the Runnels family, as they have lost a husband and father. King Greg would also like to say thank-you to Dusty Rhodes for his impact on the wrestling business and hard-work in the ring. Rest In Peace American Dream!

Feel free to get in touch with King Greg; Here’s how: @blitz101 or e-mail him at he’d love to hear from you!


***The views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



How’s it hanging, heroes?

Well, here we are again. It’s PPV weekend, and that means it’s time for another installment of The Fatal 4-Way….and Sarge’s Boot Camp! Your favorite, and mine as well.

I’m not going to linger for too long on this, mostly because I am not good with the sad stuff, but I want to offer my condolences to the Runnels family on behalf of the Fatal 4-Way team on the passing of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. I have to admit, I was taken a bit off guard when I came home from work and opened Facebook. News of Dusty’s passing was on the top of the trending headlines section. It’s always crushing when a legend leaves us too soon. It makes me wish that these great men and women truly were immortal, but that is why we have our fond memories that can last long after these people have departed from our lives. Their souls and their memories will live on through the family, friends and fans across the globe that held them most dear.


I don’t have much to talk about in regards to the actual Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday. I have already spoken in previous weeks about “Mr. Chicken Shit” Seth Rollins and how he can’t win a match on his own. It’s nice to see him being completely alienated by The Authority now, and being forced to take on Dean Ambrose by himself. I even chose Ambrose to go over Rollins in the main event, not because I think Seth is going to lose on principle or because he has no one to interfere. I just believe that Dean Ambrose’s star has been rising so fast since Payback that he is destined to hold the title in the very near future (and not like he has been, though it has been fun to see him having a good time at Rollins’ expense).

Naturally, this means I have doomed Dean Ambrose to failure because my predictions seem to always backfire. My track record since we started doing them has been “less than stellar”, to put it nicely. I flat out SUCK! There’s no sugar coating it, people. I seem to overthink things a lot of them time, or get taken in by that “perfect world” mindset and predict who I want to win rather than taking everything that has happened to that point into consideration and making a more “educated” call.


So, it appears they are holding another Tough Enough competition, and I was happy to hear that WWE is putting on the USA Network and not just on the WWE Network. I was afraid I was going to miss the train wreck! Ha ha ha haa… I enjoyed the last season of TE because it was just so bad and painful to watch. Keep in mind, the last season of Tough Enough is where we met Cameron. She was Ariane back then, and got voted off on the very first episode because, well……she sucked the massive donkey sack! She still got a job in WWE, though. Yet another case of the actual winner vanishing into obscurity and the losers getting the reward in the end. It happens all the time in the “reality” competition world. Tough Enough is no different.

That’s the key word here. “Different”. Being “different” is what WWE needs to look for in its contestants. Sadly, most (if not all) of the truly unique and interesting applicants have already been tossed aside before even being given a chance. Sure, somebody jumping on YouTube in full face paint and acting like an idiot might not seem worthy of a WWE contract, but in hindsight, it could very well be exactly what WWE needs to bring in new fans and viewers. The problem with the “talent” in WWE these days is that 90% of them are “cookie cutter” performers and not all that interesting to watch every week. They grow stale very quickly, and only a few stand-outs have managed to rise above the doldrums and become the ones to keep an eye on. Most of these are the truly solid performers such as Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and Neville. Others have gotten by with a gimmick that people have found easy to buy into, like The New Day playing into the wrestling fan’s innate love of cheering that someone sucks. By screaming at the top of your lungs that someone else sucks, it makes you feel better about yourself. Thus, The New Day is capitalizing on this backwards sense of positivity they preach by actually instilling it within the people who cheer to cut them down! It’s genius.

Genius” is not what I call the WWE product as a whole lately, and it’s because of these mildly enthralling personas that make it all feel like something we’ve already seen a million times. WWE has fallen into this tunnel vision syndrome where they think the way they are doing things is the best way. Millions of fans would think not, including me. It’s this lack of vision that has caused The Ascension to be tag champs in NXT, but become instant failures on the main roster. Why? Because they are “different”, and that seems not to fly anymore in today’s WWE.

My point? Don’t worry. I’m getting there. Most of what I saw from the clips they showed of the Tough Enough applicant videos were guys showing off their muscles and nearly naked women showing off their asses and tits. This is talent? Oh look! A big, jacked dude lifting weights and saying he’s the best. Really? A chick in a dental floss bikini saying she is what the Divas division needs? What WWE needs is exactly the opposite of what these people are offering up. WWE needs to give a chance to someone who doesn’t fit the mold. Somebody who looks “different”. Who acts “different”. We see big muscular guys and former swimsuit models all the time. How about extending the opportunity to someone who can actually bring WWE back to the day when athleticism meant more than looks? Hire guys to be the next John Morrison, or even the next Boogeyman. Both of them were unique, talented and stood apart from the crowd because of that difference factor. They got people excited. They got people to take notice. Even if these unique individuals don’t make it to the Tough Enough finale, don’t write them off entirely. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Not meaning to say all the cast-offs are “trash” by any means, but if they weren’t given a fair shake simply based on their appearances or way of carrying themselves, then the true fault in all of this lies within WWE itself, and its narrow-minded selection process. By looking for the next person to fill the image of what they imagine to be the “ideal” WWE superstar or Diva, WWE is failing to see what really works in the world of “Entertainment”. The ability to “entertain”. The ability to keep one’s interest. With all the ADHD suffering people in the world today, it takes that special “something” to make them sit up and look away from the iPhone or to put that next selfie on hold until the next commercial break.

I’m going to keep a close eye on this season of Tough Enough even though I have a bad feeling that everything I have said is going to actually happen. The winner will be the one with the biggest boobs, biggest biceps, biggest ego….or any combination of the three. Any apparent in-ring capability will come from having worked with the trainers and coaches, and will not come from something they had in their blood from day one. It will all come down to who has the greatest desire to claim their 15 minutes of fame before being released a couple months later while we see a few of the also-rans trickle into NXT or be seen on RAW or SmackDown as an extra backstage, or even a Rosebud at some point.

Did that make sense to you at all? I hope so.


I have to say I am loving this feud between John Cena and Kevin Owens. Now, I don’t want to take credit for anything, but Kevin Owens is doing and saying all the things I would have if I was ever allowed to be in the WWE. Think waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back to the very first edition of Sarge’s Boot Camp. Back to November 2006….in my very first article written for this blog. What was I doing? I used my first Boot Camp as a platform to shred Cena’s movie “The Marine”. From day one, The Sarge has been forging toward victory with his own personal one-man anti-Cena movement. Dare I imagine that Kevn Owens actually is a fan of mine? All in my imagination, no doubt….but I do have a very vivid imagination! Owens calling Cena out on all his bullshit is a joy to see, honestly. Sure, Cena has faced adversity at every turn in his career. People have lined up to try and take down “the man” but very few have tried to cut Cena down by down-playing his set of personal values. Nothing brings a man to ruin quite like undermining the very mantra by which he lives his life. When you take away a man’s beliefs, and get others to see through them, you create a shell of that man that is much more easily dissected.

Kevin Owens……The Sarge salutes you!


Before I take a powder until the next PPV, let me leave you with this. We recently rented the Scooby Doo WrestleMania cartoon for my kids to watch. They both have become addicted to it. That’s cool and all, but now my son (who has had very limite exposure to the WWE product) now thinks that the cartoon is how WWE really is. He thinks there is really a “WWE City” and all the crazy things in that episode can really happen. I admit, I enjoyed the cartoon myself, but I really think I need to get Kaden spun up on how WWE really is. I want to take him to a live show at some point in the near future, but he doesn’t care for loud noises (like the pyro) and the only upcoming show in our area starts when he is normally in bed already. I want his experience to be positive instead of a battle inside his head trying to stay awake while being bombarded by loud explosions and music and people all around him screaming like lunatics. It might scare him right out of the arena!


One last thing before I go. I know she doesn’t read these, but I want to thank my wife for being patient and understanding enough to have taken the kids out for a few hours today while I wrap this article up. My work schedule toward the end of this week had me working nights over the time when I would normally sit down and do this article. I was not about to sit out here after coming home from a long night at work and try to form something coherent after being up all day and being worn out enough already. My only other hope to put out something worthy of my troopers was to try and get this thing done while I had time during the day. My wife gathered the little ones up, loaded them into the car and took them into town for breakfast and a quick run through Walmart. Good times!

They just got home a few minutes ago, and I am right at the end of this edition. Perfect timing! So with that said….mission accomplished, everyone.

Until next time, troops….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: Don’t worry if “Plan A” fails. There are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

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The Skirt Sheet

What a sad way to start off a wicked awesome pay-per-view weekend. I’m sure we are all completely shocked at the sudden passing of Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes. As of my writing, no idea what happened or the cause of death. I send my sympathies to the Rhodes family.

I’ve never been a fan of Dusty Rhodes, but I have always respected what he has done for the business. This man lived this business through and through. He raised two sons who would become amazing WWE superstars in their own rite, Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, and Cody “Stardust” Runnels. He was one of the few people who knew how to book matches and train up and coming talent. He was no stranger to promoting the business. All I can say is, this is truly a shock and huge hit to the future of wrestling. I feel sorry for the new fans and new talent who won’t get to experience what Virgil “Dusty Rhodes” Runnels can do for this business. Rest In Peace Dusty!!

Dusty 02

I had something completely different planned for this edition of The Skirt Sheet, but I feel a bit lost. My daughter, partner and I are moving in two weeks and I’ve beens so busy as of late. We get the keys to our new house this Friday, and then we will go in to clean and paint before moving. I’ve had little else on my mind other than my daughter, who just turned 4 months old this past Thursday, this move and my fight for Kiska, Canada’s only captive orca. We lost our initial fight while winning the fact that there will never be any other orca’s in captivity in Ontario. We just recently learned that a federal bill is being presented that will ban the acquisition and breeding of ALL whales, dolphins and porpoises in ALL of Canada. This is what we’ve worked so hard for. However, it doesn’t help the current cetaceans who are being held captive. Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland in Ontario are the only two abusement parks that will be affected by this federal ban, providing we can get this federal bill passed. Our fight isn’t over.

Oh hey, see, removing myself from the loss of a legend and do some general chit-chat, helped me remember a few things I want to talk about. Shall we do this in point form? Yes I do believe that’s a fantastic idea.

1- NXT’s newest Diva, Dana Brooks: She sucks! She is like a heinz 57 of other Diva’s. Fitness model like Torrie Wilson, left over ring attire of Beth Phoenix, Nattie’s colour scheme, wrestles as bad as Aksana, face like Maryse, badly bleached hair like Lana, and shoved down our throats like John Cena. Not one of WWE/NXT’s finer acquistions. I say #FAIL



2- Kevin Owens: I’m torn. He’s not exactly in shape. I guess that means he’s the hero of every basement blogger, with grease stains on their wife-beaters (not that they’d ever get married or see a real life naked woman), who have a Big Gulp cup of sugary soda in one hand and a Big Mac in the other. And that’s only when one hand isn’t, yeah anyways. I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed in this superstar. Yet I’m not. He’s not living up to the hype, but he’s still better than Cena and probably most of the current main roster superstars. That doesn’t say a hell of a lot. I’m not sure why Cena isn’t putting his United States Championship on the line. Then again, another catch 22; Cena loses that belt and we get him back in the title picture for the WWE World heavyweight championship…AGAIN! * Rolls Eyes * I’m glad to see someone new on the flagship shows, and even finally getting NXT talent visable on Pay-per-views. It definitley helps getting NXT more mainstream. They are a better show with better talent.

3- The MITB Ladder Match: So anyone remember that King Barrett was actually involved in the MITB Ladder Match this weekend, but somehow was taken out and his spot and opportunity (not that he would have won anyways), was given to Kane. I’m pretty sure I saw King Barrett in the intial line-up, and then POOF! Gone! Kane doesn’t need this spot. So instead, Barrett is faceing R-Truth on the kick-off show. Why is R-Truth even still working there? Is he even relevent? Anyways, my displeasure aside… I see Roman Reigns going over and then later on, either cashing it in on Seth Rollins or deeking him out. Making Rollins believe he’s about to lose his title.

4- Tyson Kidd: There is a nasty ass rumour going around that Tyson Kidd is severely injured. Apparently he is suffering from a spinal chord injury that happened during a dark match he had with, former TNA star, Samoa Joe. Kidd was getting some major air time tag teaming with Cesaro, after appearing regularly on the E! Show Total Diva’s with wife Natalya. This is a major set-back to his career if this rumour is true. You would think a vetern like Samoa Joe would be more careful and experienced enough to protect his in-ring partner/opponent from such an injury. As a fan of Tyson Kidd, this sucks for him and I hope he recovers quickly and without any major long term effects. Get better soon TJ!!

5- Dean Ambrose: LOVE HIM!!!! He amuses me, and he’s good in the ring. Ambrose knows how to bring the facial expressions and he is a bump king! I see BIG things in his future.

6- Stephen Amell vs. Stardust at SummerSlam: Sadly, this isn’t going to happen. Arrow’s Stephen Amell recently appeared at ringside at a recent live RAW episode. While sitting at ringside, Stardust, got into Amell’s face.

Arrow at RAW

It didn’t take long for rumours to swirl that the two were going to have a match at SummerSlam. However, Amell dispelled those rumours on his twitter account @amellywood

Amell tweet

I won’t lie, I’m slightly disappointed in this. Who wouldn’t want to see Arrow fighting Stardust? Or just seeing Arrow, in those tight green leather pants, holding his bow in his hands. Hang on a minute……………………


OK, I’m good.

And I think on this happy note, I should end this right here. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Money In The Bank

-Kick-off: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

Sarge’s Prediction: King Barrett
Diva’s Prediction: King Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: King Barrett
King Greg’s Prediction: King Barrett


-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Ryback vs. Big Show

Sarge’s Prediction: Ryback
Diva’s Prediction: Ryback

The Game’s Prediction: Ryback
King Greg’s Prediction: Ryback

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) New Day vs. Prime Time Players

Sarge’s Prediction: Prime Time Players
Diva’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

The Game’s Prediction: Prime Time Players
King Greg’s Prediction: New Day

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena
Diva’s Prediction: John Cena

The Game’s Prediction: Kevin Owens
King Greg’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

-Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Neville

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns
Diva’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

The Game’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler
King Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Nikki Bella vs. Paige

Sarge’s Prediction: Paige
Diva’s Prediction: Paige

The Game’s Prediction: Nikki Bella
King Greg’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship; Ladder match: C) Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Sarge’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose
Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins (maybe Reigns cash in)

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins
King Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

That’s it for this edition. Hope you enjoy Money In The Bank. It’s one of my favourite concepts. The pay-per-view is no different. This time we have a quote to end this edition. Ciao peeps and enjoy the summer.

You tread carefully @StardustWWE—Or I’ll be back.”

-Stephen Amell via Twitter @amellywood

HOF News, Hogan, & Elimination Chamber Predictions

February 23, 2014 Leave a comment

In Memory Of
Nelson Frazier Jr.

(aka; Big Daddy V/Viscera/King Mabel)

(February 14, 1972-February 18, 2014)

00 f4w2012banner

Not exactly the way we want to start of our blog of the month. That’s two deaths, in two months. Hopefully that will be it for a while.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nelson Frazier Jr, he was better known as WWE Superstar Big Daddy V. He started his WWE career back in 1993 in a tag team with Robert “Bobby” Horne (Mo), as Mabel, to form Men On A Mission. He had brief success after the break-up of Men On A Mission, and won the 1995 King Of The Ring, to be renamed King Mabel. He left in 1996, only to return in 1998 as Viscera and joined The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. Eventually he dropped the creepy Viscera gimmick when he left the company in 2000. He returned in 2004 and became Big Daddy V, until 2008. He died of an apparent massive heart attack at home in his bed, according to his wife. He had just turned 42. Our deepest sympathies to his wife and family, as well as all his friends.

Viscera RIP

The Game

Royal Rumble 2014 Results:

CM Punk Situation + RAW 20th Anniversary DVD Review and More:

RAW 2/10/14- Lita Put In The HOF, Shield vs. Wyatts Build up, and Cena vs. Orton…AGAIN!:

RIP Nelson Frazier Jr. aka Big Daddy V, Take Down: The DNA of GSP, UFC 170:


The Skirt Sheet

Feel bad that we have to start another month of on such a sad note. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about that. Whenever a wrestler dies young, it’s sad. It’s happened so much there is a point where you start to become immune to the grief and just carry on. You honour them in a small way because you watched them for years, and it’s fitting and respectful. But it’s rarely a surprise. Not anymore. Thankfully, as of late (touch wood), there hasn’t been as many deaths, at least not like the early 2000’s when it seemed someone died in wrestling way too young on what seemed like a weekly basis.

Rest In Peace, Nelson Frazier Jr. Hope you find happiness on the other side.

Now it’s time to shut it, and get to bidness.

Well, I may as well start here. CM Punk! My thoughts on his leaving the company are so mixed up. First and foremost, I don’t blame him. He was one of WWE’s top stars, and they kept feeding a bag full of shit after bag of shit. He was being held down and put into useless storylines. Storylines for someone who just started. Phil Brooks was understandably fed up with the bullshit. One of the stars of the Royal Rumble (more on that later), comes in at number one and holds on until he was the 27th person tossed out. Because of the way the fans treated the outcome, the WWE scrambled to re-write RAW the following day, leaving Punk off the show entirely. So he walked, and we haven’t seen him since. At first I thought that it was kind of silly to just walk out because you weren’t in the show, but then I saw RAW. If they called that a re-write to fix their mistakes the night before at the Rumble, then I would have walked too. Hell, I almost did. Whatever their re-write was, it didn’t work. We are still getting the same shit they had originally planned for WrestleMania 30 in April. Only thing is, now Punk is gone. It’s such a messy situation because us fans aren’t sure whether or not it’s a work, or if it’s the Godforsaken truth. So far, and sadly, it looks damn real.

He’s not the only one not happy in the WWE. Christian isn’t happy either. Both CM Punk and Christian are two people who don’t like to be walked on and manipulated. They work hard and want to see the results of that hard work. Neither has. In a long time. Christian’s contract is up this year and rumour is going around that he isn’t planning on re-signing. Whether he goes to TNA, holds out for Jeff Jarrett’s supposed new promotion, or retires to enjoy family life, who knows.

But with the departure of one and the possible upcoming departure of another favourite, and very talented in-ring performer, I’m not sure how much more of this shit I can stomach. I’ve been a fan for 30 years and I’ve gone through it all, but I think everyone has a breaking point, and I’m pretty sure I’ve reached mine. We’ll see after WrestleMania, whether or not I decide to keep on watching. I’m tired of it. NXT is keeping me interested. The promos may be sub-par, but the wrestling is amazing. Especially their Diva’s division. I may give up on the main WWE and just simply watch NXT. It’ll feel like I’m retiring from the business of being an invested fan. Retirement perks are that I save my eyes from the shit they are putting on their shows, my bank account will thank me, and I’ll have more free time to spend with my boyfriend, and watch television.

Sarge posted a link to some dude’s YouTube video where the dude counts down who he believes are the Top 10 Worst Wrestlers. Shall we give my take on his list?

10: Santino Marella; this guy says he’s a bad wrestler. I say he’s a damn good wrestler who just so happened to get a really shitty and dumb gimmick. Disagree.

9: Big Daddy V (Viscera/Mabel); Even though he just left the wrestling world for good, and I don’t really like to speak bad of the deceased, but I need to be honest. -Agree

8: Vladimir Kozlov; Kozlov never did it for me. I often found him boring and stale in the ring. He was sloppy, not polished at all. Sorry Sarge, but I agree.

7:Yoshi Tatsu; It’s almost the same case as Santino Marella, only it’s more due to the fact Tatsu get held back from the ring. He gets few matches, and it’s always him jobbing to everybody else. He has a boatload of talent, he just easily gets held back because of his size. Disagree.

6: Shelton Benjamin; I most certainly do not agree that Shelton Benjamin is one of the worst wrestlers. He had so much untapped talent. The WWE never used him to his full potential. His matches were always technically sound. Strongly Disagree.

5: Vince McMahon: I don’t classify Mr. McMahon as a wrestler. He’s the owner of a wrestling business, who has had a handful of matches. Agree.

4: Colin Delaney: I’m sure Colin had some sort of talent, but I don’t think we saw enough of him to make a strong case here. N/A

3: Yeti Man: What the fuck is a Yeti Man? Is this some sort of TNA bullshit? No it was WCW’s stupid gimmick. Many fans of wrestling are actually ashamed to have witnessed this. Seeing as I had no idea what this was, I’m innocent. I’m just ashamed that something worse than The Executioner existed.

yeti man

I’m sorry but that looks more like a Mummy, but I guess Mummy Man was taken. I don’t know. AGREED!!!!!!!

2: Orlando Bloom: Is it Orlando Bloom? The Bi-sexual dude with the weird bugged out face that looks like a cross between Whoopie Goldberg and R-Truth? No wait, it’s Orlando Jordan. My bad. I get those two messed up. Not the actual person, just the names. I never found anything substantial about ORLANDO JORDAN’s wrestling skills. Agree.

1: John Cena: Oh hey he makes number 1 on yet another list. Cena may be one WWE’s biggest money makers, but it certainly isn’t due to Cena’s in-ring skills, but more about the magical illusions the WWE are able to weave to make unsuspecting fans buy into utter crap. Hence John Cena. When Cena first appeared on the scene and was still a mid-carder, rapping and all that crap, he was tolerable because of his mic skills, but even those skills have dissipated to a certain extent. He’s become repetitive and that, combined with his wrestling skills. AGREE!

Now I’ve watched 30 years of wrestling. I could do a ton of lists. But as a quick one for my top 10 Worst Wrestlers I’m going this way (in no particular order);

10: Zack Gowan

9: Vladimir Kozlov

8: Gene Snitsky

7: Hulk Hogan

6: Joey Abs

5: Akeem

4: Gillburg

3: John Cena

2: Kamala

1: Heidenreich

Lets just say I have my reasons.

Moving on…

How crappy was the Royal Rumble this year? What a fucking bullshit-crap-ass-waste of money. I love the Royal Rumble, and it very rarely lets me down. We all knew that Batista was going to win it, even though I believe a majority of us were against it. Breakout star was definitely Roman Reigns. By a mile. Match of the night belongs to Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan. Sadly this may have been the last time we’ve seen CM Punk. I don’t know if have ourselves to blame or what, but because of the fans boisterous reaction to Batista in the final few minutes of the Rumble, and then the outcome, the next day on RAW the writer’s were scrambling to fix the show to prevent any more possible hostility to the main event at WrestleMania 30. So much so they left CM Punk off the show. A show that had R-Truth vs. Fandango (could have done without), Ryback and Curtis Axel were on the show (really could have done without). Take those two matches out and you have enough time to toss in a CM Punk promo. Or a nice long CM Punk match. Either way, he’s gone.

So last month, I was stoked about seeing Jake “The Snake” Roberts showing up on Old School RAW. I bet you can imagine how happy I was to see and hear this news…

Jake HOF

Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame, along with the Ultimate Warrior, and one of my favourite females, who I idolized for years…

Lita HOF

What a class this is shaping up to be. Lita, Jake in the Hall of Fame. I was never really a huge fan of the Ultimate Warrior. Probably because I was under the age of 10 when he was there and I was too young to follow drug induced promos. He never made any freakin’ sense. I’m 29 plus some years now, and I still can’t make sense of any of those promos from back in the day. I’m glad that Lita is joining this years Hall of Fame. It wouldn’t be right to have just Trish Stratus in there and then wait years for Lita. Those two defined what women’s wrestling should be in the early 2000’s. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, but it was, 14-years ago. I just wish it was that way now. There will never be another Trish Stratus, and we can definitely say there will never be another Lita. Congrats to both Jake and Lita. I can’t wait to celebrate your inductions.

BABY NEWS!! No it’s not Trish related, and Max being breast fed on Canadian television (yes that happened, and no you pervs you didn’t get to see Trish’s boobies). No this news is a shocker. Adam “Edge” Copeland and Beth Kocianski (aka Beth Phoenix) welcomed a little baby girl two months ago, named Lyric. He dropped the bombshell on the George Strombo show up here in Canada just a couple of weeks ago. I was flabbergasted as he had said before that he didn’t really want children. Maybe he just didn’t think he wanted any, but the glow and smile and love he had on his face when he was talking about her, was undeniable. Both Beth and Adam are very private people, so there is no surprise that they kept this from the public. Congratulations to them on the birth of their first child. Cheers!

Mmm, Edge is definitely a DILF!

So this Monday the new WWE Network launches. I wouldn’t mind checking it out, but unfortunately they think Canada is such a foreign country that they can’t get it to us when they debut. It’s not like we are over seas or anything. We are similar in many ways. Just we are a better hockey players than the Americans, and we don’t cheat to get gold in Ice Dance at the Olympics. We are also smart enough not to make Justin Bieber famous, we gave him to the Americans. My family and friends who live in the States, aside, we are also generally smarter as well. Actually that might be stretching it. I think pretty much both countries are morons. I can say that with all honesty because I’ve seen and heard what people watch on television. Breaking Amish, Duck Dynasty, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, yeah, fail NORTH AMERICA! Sorry, my rant was brought to you by lack of Diet Coke. I have no idea where I was going with when I started this little paragraph, so I’m just going to end it now.

Those Christian Mingle commercials make me laugh. A bunch of bible thumpers looking for love, I bet those are the most boring dates ever. Yeah Diet Coke withdrawal is not a good thing for me. I’m going. I can’t do this right now. I need to go and get myself Diet Coke, I’m one step away from killing someone. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***


 What’s up, woodchucks?

Or, should I say “groundhogs”? No. No, that would be an insult. Ya see, I respect all my troops….but that cold-blooded, lying, piece of shit sociopathic franken-gopher, Punxsutawney Phil can plant a big, wet smacker directly on my ghostly white corn cannon! Six more weeks of winter, eh? Fuck you, Phil!

So, I normally wait until WrestleMania weekend to do one of my “infamous” lists of random thoughts. However, I am feeling the urge to kick one out for this weekend as well.

Don’t worry. I will still be doing my “RandomMania” list before the biggest PPV of the year. As for now….let’s do this!

*** Maybe it’s the “poop joke aficionado” in me, but “Elimination Chamber” brings to mind a special room in a proctologist’s office where constipated people go to empty their colons before an “in-depth” exam.

*** I wonder if Daniel Bryan got the inspiration for his “YES YES YES” chant from one of Brie Bella’s orgasms.

*** I know that the producers wanted to give us a really “up close and personal” look into the lives of the cast members on Total Divas, but how personal is “too personal”? Natalya pissing herself in the ring, John Cena talking about shitting his pants, Cameron’s “hoo-ha” issues and Naomi’s contagious foot fungus. If anything, it’s making me see these people in an entirely different light….and it’s not pretty. Seems the most normal one of the group is Eva Marie, and she’s medically brain-dead.

Next season, Summer Rae joins the cast. What little nugget of wisdom are we going to discover about her? I can already feeling the nightmares brewing in my mind. I’m going to call it right now….pre-op transsexual with “Daddy issues”.

*** No disrespect to a certified Legend, but when they had a Black History Month profile on Bobo Brazil a couple weeks ago, I chuckled a little bit every time the narrator said the name of Brazil’s signature move, the “Coco Butt”. (tee hee)

*** Have I mentioned before that I am really starting to like Emma from NXT? I never watch NXT, so I never saw her until she started showing up on RAW and SmackDown, but she is quickly growing on me. I like her goofy “dancing” and entrance music. She’s like Summer Rae without all the “taking myself seriously” stuff. Emma is cool. I hope to see more out of her in the future. Shame she is saddled with Santino at the moment.

*** A few days ago, it was reported that Nelson Frazier Jr, who was known as “King Mabel”, Viscera and Big Daddy V had passed away. He will be missed. I have a lot of good memories of his work in the ring. Most recently, I remember his feud with The Boogeyman in ECW.

*** I just found out that Hulk Hogan is going to be hosting WrestleMania 30. I hope the Ultimate Warrior puts his plane into a nosedive.

*** I am actually hoping Randy Orton loses in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Over the past couple months, he has become nothing more than a whiny bitch who kisses Triple H’s ass constantly. He is being made to look very weak, and I am just getting sick of him as the champion. However, the list of possible new champions doesn’t exactly give me much hope. The only thing worse than this is knowing Batista is going to be facing whoever wins this match at WrestleMania.

*** Back when Daniel Bryan was part of the Wyatt family, I couldn’t see it. He looked too “clean”. I don’t know. He just didn’t seem to fit in as well as one might think. I am actually glad the storyline as cut short.

*** Not exactly sure if breaking up the Prime Time Players was a good move, but I am relieved that they waited until the buzz of Darren Young’s “coming out” had time to blow over. Imagine the public relations shit storm if too many people got the wrong idea about why Titus O’Neil was beating the crap out of Darren Young, like if they thought it was because of his sexual orientation. Phew!

*** Maybe it’s good that nobody in the Rhodes family is really huge and muscular. It would be way too easy to call them the “Rhoids” family. C’mon, it’s not even a challenge, people!

*** Should I feel old since the people being put in the WWE Hall of Fame the past few years are all people I grew up watching? Or, should I simply be proud to look back and realize that I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I have been?

*** I love the idea behind the WWE Network, and the price makes it accessible to nearly everyone. I just don’t use my laptop or phone as a replacement for my television. Even at $10 per month, I just can’t see myself sitting and watching WrestleMania on a 5 inch screen! I have more pride than that, for Christ’s sake. If I am watching a PPV, I am having guests over, and we are watching it on my 50” plasma HD TV. Thank you very much!

*** CM Punk leaving WWE by basically walking out on the company is not the way I would have liked to see him go. I wish he was still there, but I am sure he had his reasons. He hadn’t been used all that well since he lost the WWE Championship, and being screwed over at the Royal Rumble for the reason of Batista coming back after four years and winning it…let alone going on to headline at WrestleMania 30…yeah, I can see where Punk would be ready to walk. I will probably never fully understand his reasoning, but I am behind CM Punk in his decision. Honestly, WWE loses more people because the talent gets unhappy with how they are (or are not) being used. With a “Creative” team that has no fucking idea what to do with so many of its superstars and Divas, WWE is its own worst enemy.

*** …and then, there’s this:


The Deadman is looking like “death warmed over”. Makes me wonder how he is going to appear when we see him again on RAW this Monday night, or at WrestleMania this year. He looks more like “Get off my lawn!” than “This is my yard!”. Damn….McStool must really be sucking the life out of him lately.

Okay, all kidding aside, I hope everyone enjoys the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday. Those of you who are actually going to buy it, watch it, or give half a fuck at all about it, that is. I will not be watching it. I only get the “big” PPVs, so next one I actually pay for will be WrestleMania 30…which will also mark the next time we all gather here once again.

Until next time, troops…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..wondering: Why do people say “no offense” right before they’re about to offend you?


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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone, how are you doing this month?! I can’t believe it is already February and it is almost finished! Wow, crazy! Time sure does go fast! Pretty soon WM 30 will be here! Have you guys thought of any ideas for WM 30 parties?! I know Diva and I were kinda discussing things when we were watching the Royal Rumble. I think we might go with a HOF theme because so far we have The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Lita so far for the class of 2014. I heard some rumours as to who else will be inducted. It looks like it could be a good one!

So as I’m writing this blog WWE just issued a press release about the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE. It will happen this Monday on RAW. It was leaked out weeks ago that Hogan was returning. We just didn’t know exactly when. Now we do. WWE also said Hogan will be hosting WrestleMania 30(hmmm is WWE reading my blogs)?! I do recall me mentioning how I would like to see Hogan hosting WrestleMania 30 and not actually wrestling in it. So it looks like WWE followed my advice! Now the next question is will Sting make his debut for WWE?! Hmmm

Let’s talk about the Royal Rumble. I really hated it this year! It was too predictable! Batista ended up winning the Rumble. Everyone in the arena was pretty much pissed off that he won. It isn’t Batista’s fault though…it is WWE’s fault. They were not listening to their fans and the fans let them know how they felt at the PPV! When Diva and I were watching Orton vs Cena the WWE universe let WWE know how they felt about seeing that match again. It was pretty ugly! But then again WWE deserved it. Both Diva and I were pretty much bored with the PPV(I’m sure she will have her say about it in her blog).

The WWE Network looks pretty sweet! WWE announced it last month and there has been so much talk about it. It won’t be available for us Canadians until later this year or early next year. But when does come available I may consider trying it for six months. I mean if I can get every PPV a month for $9.99 a month then why not try it out? I think this could be the next big thing WWE has come up with and I believe it is going to be huge and bring wrestling back to another boom!

This Sunday is the Elimination Chamber PPV. The main event is Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. I’m pretty much going with Orton in this match because the main event at Mania is probably going to be Orton vs Batista for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Also happening at this PPV is The Wyatt Family vs The Shield, Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil, The New/Old Age Outlaws vs The Uso’s, Big E vs Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Curtis Axel & Ryback. It should be a good PPV. The card isn’t that weak for once. But I’m not going to watch it though. Lol

Anyway that’s all I have to write about now. So I hope you have a nice day! 🙂

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Elimination Chamber

-Kick-off: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Sarge’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Diva’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

The Game’s Prediction: Curtis Axel & Ryback

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Sarge’s Prediction: Big E

Diva’s Prediction: Big E

The Game’s Prediction: Big E

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Big E

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Sarge’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

Diva’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

The Game’s Prediction: Darren Young

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: The Uso’s

The Game’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sarge’s Prediction: Batista

Diva’s Prediction: Batista

The Game’s Prediction: Batista

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Badista haha

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Sarge’s Prediction: The Shield

Diva’s Prediction: I believe in THE SHIELD

The Game’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

-Elimination Chamber; WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

C) Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus

Sarge’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Diva’s Prediction: Randy Orton

The Game’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Randy Orton

That’s it for us this month. Next month we will be back on March 16th just to catch up on what’s taken place. Obviously we won’t have predictions, since there is no Pay-Per-View in March. Take it easy peeps!

End Of The Year Best & Worst of 2012

December 22, 2012 4 comments

In Memory of Everyone Who Lost Their

Lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings in Newton, Connecticut

Charlotte (6), Rachel (29), Olivia (6), Dylan (6), Dawn (47), Jesse (6), Ana (6), Anne Marie (52), Emilie (6), Noah (6), Jessica (6), Lauren (30), Mary (56), Victoria (27), Daniel (7) Josephine (7), Madeleine (6), Catharine (6), Chase (7), James (6), Jack (6), Caroline (6), Avielle (6), Benjamin (6) and Allison (6)

December 14, 2012

00 f4w2012banner

Happy Holidays everybody!! Well it wouldn’t be the holiday season without the cheerfulness of The Fatal 4-Way bloggers giving you their best and worst of the 2012 year. And here we are once again. The FINAL blog of 2012. My favourite time of the year where I, Diva, get to see where my fellow bloggers are at. So lets get this Christmas party started, shall we?

The Game

Best and Worst of 2012:

1)Best (non-PPV) DVD: 1) You Think You Know Me (Edge)

2) Best In the World (CM Punk)

3)Attitude Era

4) Falls Count Anywhere

5) RAW 1000

Best DVD of 2011 is: Best in the World (CM Punk)

2)Best T-Shirt:

1) Zack Ryder’s (purple)

2) Miz’s Haters Love Me

3) CM Punk’s Best In The World

4) Rock’s Boots 2 Asses

5) R Truth’s Little Jimmy

Best T-Shirt of 2012 is: Miz’s Haters Love Me


3)OMG Moment:

1) AJ becomes RAW GM

2) HHH/Taker WM 28 promo

3) Jericho Return

4) Sheamus 18 seconds

5) Legends vs Heath Slater

OMG Moment of 2012: HHH/Taker WM 28 Promo February 20th RAW:

part 1:

part 2:

4)Most Under-utilized Wrestler: 1) Wade Barrett

2) Daniel Bryan


4)Drew McIntyre

5) Alicia Fox

Most Under-utilized Wrestlers of 2012: Drew McIntyre

5)Most Over-utilized Wrestler: 1) John Cena

2) Kofi Kingston

3) CM Punk

4) Randy Orton

5) Kaitlyn

Most Over-utilized Wrestler of 2012: Kaitlyn

6)Stupidest Moment/Storyline:

1) AJ/Cena scandal
2) Team Hell No Anger Management
3) AJ Styles/Claire Lynch/Dixie Carter baby Daddy drama
4) Any skit involving the Muppets
5) Brodus Clay dancing with his “Mama” and “The Bridge Club” (WrestleMania)

Stupidest Moment/Storyline of 2012: Anger Management

7)Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)

2) Fred 3 (John Cena)

3) The Association (Kevin Nash)

Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Fred 3 (John Cena)

8)Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) Fast 5 (The Rock)

2) Bending the Rules (Edge)

3)Rock of Ages (Kevin Nash)

Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Bending the Rules (Edge)

9)Worst Pay-Per-View:

1) Elimination Chamber (WWE)

2) No Way Out (WWE)

3) Money In The Bank (WWE)

4) Victory Road (TNA)

5) Hardcore Justice (TNA)

Worst Pay-Per-View of 2012: Victory Road (TNA)

10)Best Pay-Per-View:

1) WrestleMania 28 (WWE)

2) SummerSlam (WWE)

3) Hell in a Cell (WWE)

4) TLC (WWE)

5) Survivor Series (WWE)

Best Pay-Per-View of 2011: WrestleMania 28 (WWE)

11)Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Matt Striker

2) Josh Matthews

3) Ricardo Rodriguez

4) Jeremy Borash

5) Tazz

Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Matt Striker

12)Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1)Jim Ross

2)Jerry Lawler


4)Michael Cole


Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Jerry Lawler

13)PROMO of The Year:

1) CM Punk’s Respect; July 30th RAW:

2) Triple H & Undertaker WrestleMania Promo; March 5th RAW:

3) The Rock and John Cena; March 26th RAW:

4) Chris Jericho’s End Of The World Promo; February 6th RAW:

5) Jerry Lawler’s Comeback Promo; November 12th RAW:

Promo of The Year for 2012: Jerry Lawler Heart Attack Comeback

14)Worst Tag Team: 1) Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

2) Usos

3) Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

4) R Truth and Kofi Kingston

5) Hornswoggle and Khali

Worst Tag Team of 2012: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

15)Best Tag Team: 1) 3MB

2) The Shield

3) RhodeScholars

4) Prime Time Players

5) Hell No

Best Tag Team of 2012: Prime Time Players

16)Worst Female Wrestler: 1) Kaitlyn

2) Tamina

3) Eve

4) Layla

5) Naomi

Worst Female Wrestler of 2012: Naomi

17)Best Female Wrestler: 1) Beth Phoenix

2) Rosa

3) Aksana

4) Nikki

5) Brie

Best Female Wrestler of 2012: Beth Phoenix

18)Worst Male Wrestler: 1) Khali

2) Tensai

3) Yoshi Tatsu

4) Santino Marella

5) Brodus Clay

Worst Male Wrestler of 2012: Tensai

19)Best Male Wrestler : 1) Miz

2) Alberto Del Rio

3) CM Punk

4) Chris Jericho

5) Undertaker

Best Male Wrestler of 2012: CM Punk

20)Match of The Year:

1) Ryback vs CM Punk – October 28th, Hell In The Cell

2) Triple H vs. Undertaker – April 1st, WrestleMania 28

3) Sheamus vs Big Show – October 28th, Hell In The Cell

4) John Cena vs CM Punk – September 16th, Night Of Champions

5) Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett – February 3rd, SmackDown

Match of the Year for 2012: Triple H vs Undertaker; April 1st,WrestleMania 28

 The Run-In



Frage’s Best and Worst of 2012:


1)Best (non-PPV) DVD: 1) TLC 2: Crash & Burn Hosted by Christian

2) CM Punk: Best in the World

3) The Best of Raw & SmackDown 2012

4) You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge

5) King of The Ring (Hosted by King Booker… Yeah that sucked, but DVD is great)


Best DVD of 2011 is: You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge


2)Best T-Shirt:


2) NO! NO! NO! (STOP IT!)

3) Embrace Your Evil

4) GTS [Yellow]

5) I Dig Crazy Chicks


Best T-Shirt of 2012 is: I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS


3)OMG Moment:

1) Sheamus becomes as Stale as Cena

2) Christian Wins First Major WWE Championship (ECW Championship counted to me as Major Championship though)

3) AJ Becomes GM of RAW

4) Edge inducted into Hall of Fame

5) Big Show Win’s a World Championship at Hell In A Cell


OMG Moment of 2012: Edge Inducted into the Hall Of Fame


4)Most Under-utilized Wrestler: 1) Hunico

2) Kofi Kingston

3) Natalya

4) Justin Gabriel

5) Tensai


Most Under-utilized Wrestlers of 2012: Justin Gabriel

5)Most Over-utilized Wrestler: 1) Vicki Guerrero

2) Ryback

3) CM Punk

4) Santino

5) John Cena


Most Over-utilized Wrestler of 2012: John Cena


6)Stupidest Moment/Storyline: 1) AJ Crazy In Love

2) AJ & Cena relationship

3) Sheamus Brogue Kick being Banned

4) Big Show’s “IRONCLAD” Contract

5) 3MB is Formed


Stupidest Moment/Storyline of 2012: Big Show’s “IRONCLAD” Contract


7)Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) John Cena in Fred 3

2) John Cena in Fred 3

3) John Cena in Fred 3


Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: John Cena in Fred 3


8)Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) Edge in Bending The Rules

2) Stone Cole in Maximum Conviction

3) Stacy Kiebler in Dysfunctional Friends


Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Edge in Bending The Rules



9)Worst Pay-Per-View: 1) Night of Champions (WWE)

2) Hell In A Cell (WWE)

3) Money In The Bank (WWE)

4) Bound For Glory (TNA)

5) Hardcore Justice (TNA)


Worst Pay-Per-View of 2012: Hardcore Justice (TNA)


10)Best Pay-Per-View: 1) No Way Out (WWE)

2) Survivor Series (WWE)

3) TLC (WWE)

4) WrestleMania 28 (WWE)

5) TNA Sacrifice (TNA)


Best Pay-Per-View of 2011: WrestleMania 28


11)Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Michael Cole

2) Matt Striker

3) Josh Matthews

4) Booker T

5) Michael Cole (as a heel)


Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Michael Cole (as a heel)


12)Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Jim Ross

2) JBL

3) Jerry Lawler

4) Lilian Garcia

5) Ricardo Rodriguez


Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Jim Ross


13)PROMO of The Year:


1) Shield interview with Cole on RAW; November 26th RAW:

2) CM Punk Promo on Flair during Slammy’s; December 17th RAW:

3) Kane Anger Management Promo talking about his past; August 27th RAW:

4) Daniel Bryan yells at a child during Anger Management; August 27th RAW:

5) Dolph Ziggler talks down to AJ in Locker room; November 19th RAW:


Promo of The Year for 2012: Kane Anger Management Promo talking about his past; August 27th RAW:


14)Worst Tag Team: 1) CoBro (Zack Ryder & Santino)

2) Rhodes Scholars

3) Epico & Primo

4) R-Truth & Kofi

5) 3MB


Worst Tag Team of 2012: CoBro (Zack Ryder & Santino)


15)Best Tag Team: 1) Team Hell No

2) Prime Time Players

3) Mysterio & Sin Cara

4) The Shield

5) Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd


Best Tag Team of 2012: Prime Time Players [Although no one will agree with me]


16)Worst Female Wrestler: 1) Eve

2) Alicia Fox

3) Naomi

4) Cameron

5) Kelly Kelly

Worst Female Wrestler of 2012: Eve


17)Best Female Wrestler: 1) AJ

2) Beth Phoenix

3) Natalya

4) Layla

5) Kaitlyn


Best Female Wrestler of 2012: Beth Phoenix


18)Worst Male Wrestler: 1) Brodus Clay

2) R-Truth

3) Ryback

4) Big Show

5) John Cena


Worst Male Wrestler of 2012: Brodus Clay


19)Best Male Wrestler : 1) CM Punk

2) The Miz

3) Kofi Kingston

4) Wade Barrett

5) Daniel Bryan


Best Male Wrestler of 2012: Wade Barrett


20)Match of The Year:

1) Randy Orton Vs. Alberto Del Rio Falls Count Anywhere, SmackDown November 6, 2012

2) The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston, WWE Main Event October 16, 2012

3) The Rock Vs. John Cena, WrestleMania 28 April 1, 2012

4) CM Punk Vs. Chris Jericho, WrestleMania 28

5) Dolph Ziggler Vs. John Cena, TLC December 16, 2012


2012 Match Of The Year: CM Punk Vs. Chris Jericho, WrestleMania 28





1)Best (non-PPV) DVD: 1) Rock VS Cena – Once In A Lifetime

2) Attitude Era

3) Edge: You Think You Know Me

4) Undertaker: The Streak

5) Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain


Best DVD of 2011 is: Undertaker: The Streak

2)Best T-Shirt:

1) DX’s RAW 1000 commemorative t-shirt

2) The Miz’s “Haters Love Me” t-shirt

3) Undertaker’s “Apocalyptic Warrior” t-shirt

4) John Cena’s “Rise Above Cancer” t-shirt

5) “I’m A Paul Heyman Guy” t-shirt

Best T-Shirt of 2012 is: Miz’s “Haters Love Me” t-shirt


3)OMG Moment:

1) Brock Lesnar breaks Triple H’s arm on RAW

2) Kofi Kingston does a handstand to save himself in the Royal Rumble match

3) The Rock defeats John Cena at WrestleMania 28

4) Jerry Lawler’s heart attack on RAW

5) CM Punk attacks The Rock

OMG Moment of 2012: Jerry Lawler’s heart attack on RAW


4)Most Under-utilized Wrestler: 1) Tyson Kidd

2) Wade Barrett

3) Rey Mysterio

4) The Miz

5) Randy Orton


Most Under-utilized Wrestlers of 2012: The Miz


5)Most Over-utilized Wrestler: 1) Daniel Bryan

2) John Cena

3) Dolph Ziggler

4) Alberto Del Rio

5) Kane


Most Over-utilized Wrestler of 2012: John Cena


6)Stupidest Moment/Storyline: 1) AJ/Cena scandal

2) Team Hell No Anger Management

3) AJ Styles/Claire Lynch/Dixie Carter baby Daddy drama

4) Any skit involving the Muppets

5) Brodus Clay dancing with his “Mama” and “The Bridge Club” (WrestleMania)


Stupidest Moment/Storyline of 2012: AJ Styles/Claire Lynch thing


7)Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) Fred 3: Camp Fred (John Cena)

2) Dysfunctional Friends (Stacy Keibler)

3) Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)


Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Fred 3: Camp Fred (yes, even seeing Kevin Nash in a banana hammock is better than this!)


8)Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler: 1) Bending The Rules (Edge)

2) The Expendables (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

3) Celebrity Wife Swap (Mick Foley)


Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Bending The Rules


9)Worst Pay-Per-View: 1) Royal Rumble (WWE)

2) Victory Road (TNA)

3) TLC (WWE)

4) Hardcore Justice (TNA)

5) Hell In A Cell (WWE)


Worst Pay-Per-View of 2012: Hell In A Cell (WWE)


10)Best Pay-Per-View: 1) Money In The Bank

2) Elimination Chamber

3) WrestleMania 28

4) No Way Out

5) Extreme Rules


Best Pay-Per-View of 2012: No Way Out (Diva knows why!)


11)Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Josh Matthews

2) JBL

3) Todd Grisham

4) Christie Hemme

5) Justin Roberts


Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: JBL


12)Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Lilian Garcia

2) Michael Cole

3) Jim Ross

4) Jerry The King Lawler

5) Booker T


Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Jerry “The King” Lawler


13)PROMO of The Year:

1) Rock’s WM Promo against Cena; February 27th, RAW:

2) Triple H & Undertaker WrestleMania Promo; February 20th, RAW:

part 1:

part 2:

3) Paul Heyman as Brock Lesnars Mouth piece; May 7th, RAW:

4) CM Punk’s “RESPECT” Promo; July 30th RAW:

5) Mick Foley’s Promo against CM Punk when Jerry Lawler Returned; November 12th RAW:


Promo of The Year for 2012: Rock’s WM promos against Cena


14)Worst Tag Team: 1) ODB & Eric Young

2) Team CoBro

3) Mexican America

4) Prime Time Players

5) Primo & Epico


Worst Tag Team of 2012: Team CoBro


15)Best Tag Team: 1) Team Hell No

2) Team Rhodes Scholars

3) International Airstrike

4) The Uso’s

5) Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez


Best Tag Team of 2012: Team Hell No


16)Worst Female Wrestler: 1) ODB

2) Rosa Mendez

3) Madison Rayne

4) Alicia Fox

5) The Bella Twins


Worst Female Wrestler of 2012: Rosa Mendez


17)Best Female Wrestler: 1) Kharma

2) Beth Phoenix

3) Mickie James

4) Tamina Snuka

5) Natalya


Best Female Wrestler of 2012: Beth Phoenix


18)Worst Male Wrestler: 1) Sin Cara

2) Tensai

3) Santino Marella

4) Jessie Godderz

5) Brad Maddox


Worst Male Wrestler of 2012: Santino Marella


19)Best Male Wrestler : 1) Kofi Kingston

2) John Cena

3) Jeff Hardy

4) AJ Styles

5) CM Punk


Best Male Wrestler of 2012: CM Punk


20)Match of The Year:

1) Rock VS Cena (April 1st, WrestleMania)

2) Undertaker VS Triple H (April 1st, WrestleMania)

3) Brock Lesnar VS John Cena (April 29th, Extreme Rules)

4) SmackDown Money In The Bank Ladder Match (July 15th , Money In The Bank)

5) WWE Intercontinental Championship C)The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston, (October 17th, Main Event)


Match of the Year for 2012: Undertaker VS Triple H (April 1st, WrestleMania 28)

 The Skirt Sheet

It seems it’s that time of year again. I actually look forward to this each year. It gives me a chance to see what my fellow bloggers pick for their best and worst of the year. Last year I made it harder, forced them to really research their picks. So it’s time to show off my picks, so lets get to bidness.

1)Best (non-PPV) DVD: 1) WWE Attitude Era

2) Edge: You Think You Know Me

3) CM Punk: Best In The World

4) Falls Count Anywhere

5) Undertaker: The Streak


Best DVD of 2011 is: Edge: You Think You Know Me


2)Best T-Shirt:

1) Damien Sandow “You’re Welcome”

2) Wade Barrett “Barrett Barrage”

3) Kofi Kingston “I Can Fly”

4) Paul Heyman “I’m A Paul Heyman Guy”

5) Team Hell No “Hugging Is All The Rage”


Best T-Shirt of 2012 is: Wade Barrett “Barrett Barrage”

Tshirt Wade Barrett

3)OMG Moment:

1) Chris Jericho Returns and says NOTHING (January 2nd RAW)

2) WWE’s Tribute to the Children & Teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (December 16th TLC ppv)

3) Kane and Daniel Bryan Hug it out (September 3rd RAW)

4) Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack on the Air (September 10th RAW)

5) Kofi Kingston Hand Walks To The Steps (January 29th Royal Rumble)


OMG Moment of 2012: Tie: WWE’s Tribute to the Children & Teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (December 16th TLC ppv)

& Kofi Kingston Hand Walks To The Steps (January 29th Royal Rumble)


4)Most Under-utilized Wrestler: 1) Tyson Kidd (WWE)

2) Natalya (WWE)

3) Justin Gabriel (WWE)

4) Tamina Snuka (WWE)

5) Christian (WWE)


Most Under-utilized Wrestlers of 2012: Justin Gabriel (WWE)


5)Most Over-utilized Wrestler: 1) Ryback (WWE)

2) John Cena (WWE)

3) Big Show (WWE)

4) Great Khali (WWE)

5) Eve (WWE)


Most Over-utilized Wrestler of 2012: Ryback (WWE)


6)Stupidest Moment/Storyline: 1) Anything with John Laurinaitis (WWE)

2) Brad Maddox vs. Ryback (WWE)

3) Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray/Hulk Hogan (TNA)

4) Paul Heyman Fakes A Heart Attack (WWE)

5) AJ and John Cena Affair (WWE)


Stupidest Moment/Storyline of 2012: Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray/Hulk Hogan (TNA)


7)Worst Movie /TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler (2012 only): 1) Dysfunctional Friends (Stacy Keibler)

2) Fred 3: Camp Fred (John Cena)

3) Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)


Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)


8)Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler (2012 only): 1) Bending The Rules (Edge)

2) Haven (Edge)

3) Psych (The Miz)


Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Bending The Rules (Edge)

  1. Worst Pay-Per-View: 1) WWE Royal Rumble

    2) WWE Survivor Series

3) TNA Destination X

4) WWE Hell In A Cell

5) TNA Hard Justice


Worst Pay-Per-View of 2012: TNA Destination X


10)Best Pay-Per-View: 1) WWE Extreme Rules

2) TNA LockDown

3) WWE Money In The Bank

4) WWE Night Of Champions

5) WWE SummerSlam


Best Pay-Per-View of 2011: WWE SummerSlam


11)Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) JBL(WWE)

2) Jeremy Borash (TNA)

3) Christie Hemme (TNA)

4) Matt Striker (WWE)

5) Ricardo Rodriguez (WWE)


Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: JBL (WWE)


12)Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Lilian Garcia (WWE)

2) Josh Mathews (WWE)

3) Mike Tenay (TNA)

4) Jim Ross (WWE/NXT)

5) Justin Roberts (WWE)


Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Josh Mathews (WWE)


13)PROMO of The Year:

1) The Rock WWE RAW March 12, 2012:

2) Chris Jericho WWE RAW February 6, 2012:

3) Triple H WWE RAW May 14, 2012:

4) Triple H & Undertaker WWE RAW February 20, 2012:

part 1:

part 2:

5) CM Punk WWE RAW April 9, 2012:


Promo of The Year for 2012: Chris Jericho WWE RAW February 6, 2012:


14)Worst Tag Team: 1) Santino Marella & Zack Ryder (WWE)

2) Camacho & Hunico (WWE)

3) Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins (WWE)

4) The Bella Twins (WWE)

5) Hornswoggle & Khali (WWE)


Worst Tag Team of 2012: Hornswoggle & Khali (WWE)


15)Best Tag Team: 1) Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd (WWE)

2) Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio (WWE)

3) The Ascension (NXT)

4) Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow (WWE)

5) Epico & Primo (WWE)


Best Tag Team of 2012: The Ascension (NXT)


16)Worst Female Wrestler: 1) Madison Rayne (TNA)

2) Alicia Fox (WWE)

3) Aksana (WWE)

4) Rosa Mendes (WWE)

5) Layla (WWE)


Worst Female Wrestler of 2012: Aksana (WWE)


17)Best Female Wrestler: 1) Beth Phoenix (WWE)

2) Mickie James (TNA)

3) Angelina Love (TNA)

4) AJ Lee (WWE)

5) Tara (TNA)


Best Female Wrestler of 2012: Beth Phoenix (WWE)


18)Worst Male Wrestler: 1) Ryback (WWE)

2) Big Show (WWE)

3) Brad Maddox (WWE)

4) Heath Slater (WWE)

5) Bully Ray (TNA)


Worst Male Wrestler of 2012: Ryback (WWE)


19)Best Male Wrestler : 1) Jeff Hardy (TNA)

2) Sheamus (WWE)

3) Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

4) Randy Orton (WWE)

5) CM Punk (WWE)


Best Male Wrestler of 2012: Sheamus (WWE)


20)Match of The Year:

1) Hell In A Cell;Triple H vs. Undertaker, WWE WrestleMania 28 April 1, 2012

2) Last Man Standing; AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, TNA Destination X July 8, 2012

3) WWE Championship, C)CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, WWE WrestleMania 28 April 1, 2012

4) Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett, WWE RAW October 15, 2012

5) WWE Intercontinental Championship C)The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston, WWE Main Event October 17, 2012


Match of the Year for 2012: WWE Championship, C)CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, WWE WrestleMania 28 April 1, 2012

Gregs Have A Nice Day



My Best and Worst of 2012:


1)Best (non-PPV) DVD: 1) Rock VS Cena Once In A Lifetime

2) Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain

3) WWE Attitude Era

4) n.W.o The Revolution DVD

5) You Think You Know Me Edge DVD


Best DVD of 2011 is: You Think You Know Me


2)Best T-Shirt:

1) Team Hell No I Am The Tag Team Champions

2) GTS CM Punk

3) No No No Daniel Bryan

4) Zack Ryder Siiiick t-shirt

5) I am a Paul Heyman Guy


Best T-Shirt of 2012 is: No No No Daniel Bryan


3)OMG Moment:

1) Jerry Lawler suffers a heart attack on WWE RAW

2) CM Punk body slams The Rock on 1000th RAW and turns heel

3) Brodus Clay debuts as The Funkasaurus

4) The Undertaker cuts his hair!

5) Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE RAW


OMG Moment of 2012: Jerry Lawler Suffers Heart Attack on WWE RAW


4)Most Under-utilized Wrestler: 1) Zack Ryder

2) Wade Barrett

3) Cody Rhodes

4) Justin Gabriel

5) Tyson Kidd


Most Under-utilized Wrestlers of 2012: Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd


5)Most Over-utilized Wrestler: 1) John Cena

2) Dolf Ziggler

3) Alberto Del Rio

4) Big Show

5) Ryback


Most Over-utilized Wrestler of 2012: John Cena


6)Stupidest Moment/Storyline: 1) AJ/John Cena love story

2) Paul Heyman mocking Jerry Lawler’s heart attack

3) AJ as GM

4) John Laurinaitis as GM

5) Brock Lesnar losing to John Cena


Stupidest Moment/Storyline of 2012: AJ/John Cena love story


7)Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler (2012 only): 1) Pair of Kings (The Miz)

2) Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)

3) Clear Lake (Rowdy Roddy Piper)


Worst Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Magic Mike (Kevin Nash)


8)Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler (2012 only): 1) Bending The Rules (Edge)

2) Haven (Edge)

3) Journey 2 The Mysterious Island (Dwayne The Rock Johnson)


Best Movie/TV Starring/Appearance by A Wrestler of 2012: Bending The Rules Edge


9)Worst Pay-Per-View: 1) Survivor Series

2) Hell In A Cell

3) Royal Rumble

4) Turning Point

5) Bound By Glory


Worst Pay-Per-View of 2012: Hell In A Cell


10)Best Pay-Per-View: 1) Extreme Rules

2) WrestleMania 28

3) SummerSlam

4) Elimination Chamber

5) Money In The Bank


Best Pay-Per-View of 2011:WrestleMania 28


11)Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) JBL

2) Booker T

3) Joey Matthews

4) Michael Cole

5) Ricardo


Worst Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: JBL


12)Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer: 1) Jim Ross

2) Jerry Lawler

3) Lian Garcia

4) Matt Striker

5) William Regal


Best Commentator/In-Ring Announcer of 2012: Jim Ross


13)PROMO of The Year:

1) Chris Jericho calls CM Punk a Bastard RAW March 26, 2012

2) The Rock returns to Philadelphia March 20th RAW

3) John Cena, Bret Hart and CM Punk promo RAW Sept 11 2012

4) CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Rock 1000th RAW July 23rd 2012

5) The Undertaker and Triple H Promo RAW Feb 20th 2012


Promo of The Year for 2012: John Cena, Bret Hart and CM Punk Promo


14)Worst Tag Team: 1) Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

2) The Usos

3) Primo & Epico

4) Hernandez and Chavo

5) Eric Young and ODB


Worst Tag Team of 2012: Eric Young and ODB


15)Best Tag Team: 1) Kane & Daniel Bryan

2) Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

3) Rhodes Scholars

4) R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

5) Prime Time Players


Best Tag Team of 2012: Kane & Daniel Bryan


16)Worst Female Wrestler: 1) Eve

2) AJ

3) Kelly Kelly

4) Layla

5) Kaitlyn


Worst Female Wrestler of 2012: Eve


17)Best Female Wrestler: 1) Natalya

2) Beth Phoenix

3) Tara

4) Mickie James

5) Velvet Sky


Best Female Wrestler of 2012:Tara


18)Worst Male Wrestler: 1) John Cena

2) Brock Lesnar

3) Antonio Ceasaro

4) Big Show

5) Alberto Del Rio


Worst Male Wrestler of 2012:John Cena


19)Best Male Wrestler : 1) Sheamus

2) Randy Orton

3) Cody Rhodes

4) CM Punk

5) The Rock


Best Male Wrestler of 2012: CM Punk


20)Match of The Year:

1) The Undertaker VS Triple H WrestleMania 28

2) Brock Lesnar VS John Cena Extreme Rules PPV

3) The Rock VS John Cena WrestleMania 28

4) Brock Lesnar VS Triple H, SummerSlam 2012

5) CM Punk VS Chris Jericho WrestleMania 28


Match of the Year for 2012: The Rock VS John Cena WrestleMania 28


That’s it for 2012. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season, and a very Happy New year! Keep it safe and spectacular. Please don’t drink or drive. We’ve had enough tragedy this season. Cheers and see you back here January 5, 2013!!


“Worst Apocalypse ever!!! What a rip-off…”

-Chris Jericho via Twitter @IAmJericho





We say Good-Bye To Brad Armstrong & See Ya L8R To Beth Phoenix!

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

In Memory of

Brad Armstrong

June 15, 1961 – November 1, 2012

Welcome back everyone. Not a good way to start the celebration of our little Blog that Could! For what it’s worth, Happy 6th Anniversary to The Fatal 4-Way!! Can’t believe we have been doing this for 6 years. Six Very Long Years!

Sadly we have to open with the news of a death in the wrestling family. Brad Armstrong passed away last week at the age of 51. He was most notably a wrestler for the NWA and WCW in the 1980’s and 1990’s and briefly for the WWE in 2006.  Brad is one of four sons of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, brother to “The Road Dog” Brian James, current WWE referee Scott Armstrong, and former wrestler Steve Armstrong who worked for the WWE as Lance Cassidy. It’s understood that he was having some medical issues and had visited his doctor a week prior. He was found unresponsive on the morning of November 1st.

We here at the Fatal 4-Way, would like to extend our condolences to the Armstrong family in their time of loss.

Hey hey hey!! I hope everyone has had a great Halloween. I have come to the conclusion that I do not make a good ginger (Thank-God-lol). Anyways, this week we have a lot to get to. (“Heads Will Roll”-Yeah Yeah Yeahs!), and you guessed it, it’s a music blog this week! It’s time to shut it and get to bidness.

Lots of Diva news this week. Well maybe not lots but enough. (“Skyfall”-Adel). On Friday October 26th, WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia was hit by a SUV while working out. She suffered lacerations and bruising to the left side of her body.  She was released from the hospital on the Sunday following her accident and remains at home recovering.  On Tuesday she sent out a tout to the WWE Universe: . Other than those details, not much else is known. released an interview done with her on Thursday;

Lilian spoke exclusively to for the first time since her accident in Los Angeles. While resting at home, she wanted to clear up rumors about what happened last week.

The SmackDown ring announcer and singer was hit by an SUV while she was working out. She was not in her vehicle. She called it “the most frightening thing” she ever went through.

“I’m suffering from head, neck and back trauma,” she explained. “I have lacerations and wounds on the left side of my body.”

The Diva remains under close medical care since being released from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“Thanks to the UCLA medical team who took great care of me,” she said.

Lilian is feeling better, but remains on pain medication. She’ll undergo further testing next week when the swelling of her injuries goes down. She is still unsure when she’ll return to WWE.

“Hopefully I’m on the road to recovery,” she said. “I can’t stand sitting here and doing nothing. I miss being on the road for WWE and the fans. I just can’t wait to get back.”

Finally, Lilian wanted to tell the WWE Universe that their love and support has kept her going through this difficult time.

“Thank you. The most amazing fans in the world are WWE fans,” Lilian said. “Thank you for the outpouring of love, well wishes and the support.””

 Beth Phoenix wrapped up her WWE storyline this week to take some time off. Nothing on was announced regarding her future endevours, but (“Cherry Lips”-Garbage) her profile has been removed from the Superstars page and over to WWE Alumni page. She reportedly left on good terms with the WWE and is welcome back whenever she’s read to return. Her departure comes in time as her boyfriend, former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer, Adam “Edge” Copeland is to go under the knife for the second time for his neck. She is expected to be taking the time off to help him through his tough recovery, as well as spend time with her family. As a fan of women’s wrestling, her departure saddens me as it doesn’t leave much in the way of actual female wrestlers in the WWE. The Diva’s division is dwindling fast. Only Natalya is currently left as one of the only females who could carry an actual match. Tamina is out with an injury and hopefully will return soon. That, unfortunately, doesn’t leave us with much. Beth Phoenix (“I Can’t Quit You Baby”-Led Zepplin) is probably one of the most talented female wrestlers I have ever seen and I’m going to miss her. It’s a massive loss to us female fans, but I wish her well and can’t wait until she does make her return back to the ring. I can’t fault her for wanting to take care of Adam “Edge” Copeland (man, I wish I could have talked my boyfriend into dressing up like Edge for Halloween. He easily could pull it off).

Hey, great news out of RAW last week, Jerry “The King” Lawler is set to return a week this Monday. Glad he’s doing well enough to come back. His heart attack in Montreal was a massive scare to everybody.

(“Personal Jesus”-Depeche Mode)Jake “the Snake” Roberts has reportedly moved in with Diamond Dallas Page in order to train and get back into ring shape for one more run. Roberts, who is 57 years old, wants one more go. Camera’s will be trained on both Page and Roberts as DDP helps whip Roberts into shape as he’s now weighing in at 302 pounds. WOW!  Roberts started using DDPYoga as on of Page’s stipulations. Roberts started using the yoga program at his home in Texas and lost 20 pounds in the first 3 ½ weeks, and has so far lost 35 pounds all together. The goal is to get Roberts using things like Facebook and Twitter and also he will undergo drug testing and if he fails one, he’s gone. 

“Bottom line is, everybody wants the comeback story. Everybody wants to see Jake look good, and feel good, and not be a mess anymore. That would be great. I think there are a lot of really positive things that can come out of this if Jake really does it.” -Diamond Dallas Page

As a Jake “the Snake” Roberts fan growing up, I would love nothing better than for him to get back into shape and be clean and healthy. (“You Shook Me All Night Long”-AC/DC) If he feels the need to return to the ring for a farewell match, I hope it’s in the WWE because I would love to see him one last time. In good shape and healthy. With the life that he’s lead, I’m actually surprised he’s still around to be talking about, but I’m glad he is. I’ve already lost 2 out of 3 of my heros, and Jake is the last one left. I’m rooting for Jake in every way possible. As much as I loved the special DVD set the WWE put out a few years ago, it broke my heart to see what happened to him.

(“If Not For You”-George Harrison)  I watched the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view this past week. I don’t care what anyone says, but what Alberto Del Rio did to Randy Orton, had to fucking hurt like a son of a bitch;

With Orton not being flat on the ground when Del Rio jumped off onto his chest, I’m really shocked that Orton still has a sternum. There were two additional matches not advertised, which isn’t news. There always is now days; Antonio Cesaro defended his United States Championship successfully against Justin Gabriel. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio defeated The Prime Time Players. Can I just say (“All My Loving”-The Beatles) that Antonio Cesaro may be Swiss, but when he talks, he sounds so much like the Swedish Chef from The Muppets. Just sayin. Lol!!! I can’t believe they put the World Heavyweight Championship on Big Show. Well, actually I can. In my gut, I think I knew that’s what they were going to do, I just didn’t want that to be the case. I was hoping once Big Show was done, that Sheamus would be defending it against Wade Barrett. No secret about my feelings for Wade, but c’mon, even you guys cannot deny the chemistry that Sheamus and Barrett had in the ring together the last few weeks. The only match worth talking about is The Intercontinental Championship. (“Bawitdaba”-Kid Rock)Kofi Kingston defended his championship successfully against The Miz, but those two stole the entire show as far as I’m concern. They had Match of The Night.

I have the greatest boyfriend in the world. On Thursday he went out and bought me WWE 13, for Xbox. I own a Wii, but he owns the Xbox 360, and he knew the graphics were so much better on the Xbox so he bought me the game for that game council Thursday night it was late and I didn’t really get much time to play it before I left for work, but Friday I started and I really enjoy the game.

I have a few issues, but that might just be me working on a game council that I’m not use to. There is a reason as to why (“Sympathy For The Devil”-The Rolling Stones) I love the Wii so much… less buttons to push. My issues are this, in this order; 1)I hate that I have to download Natalya. I get downloading legends and such but not a current Diva. 2) Why are the Bella’s in it? Weren’t they gone before they started making this? Now, THEY should be downloadables if they must be in the game. I could honestly do without the Twat Twins. 3) Give me time to reverse holds for crying all night! It either tells me I’m “too fast” or “too late”. This could be partially my fault since I have no idea which buttons are where or what.  Also, I’m not a gamer. I don’t usually “game”. 4)My boyfriend is a quick learner and I thought I would be able to figure things out easier.

It’s a tough game, but I like it. I can’t figure out when you go to create a superstar or diva that when you create a diva they look like Chyna before all the plastic surgery, but hey whatever. Also missing, is Tyson Kidd. Where is Tyson? I could give a flying fuck over Mike Tyson, but I want Tyson Kidd. How am I suppose to have him and Justin Gabriel tag team when Tyson Kidd is missing out of the game? (“Barely Breathing”-Darren Criss & Cory Monteith from Glee)

All in all, I’m giving it 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

(“Glory Box”-Portishead) Well, I’m done folks. I’m tired and way behind on so much. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!


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Hey everyone, how are we doing this week? Did you get any trick or treats? I hope your Halloween was lots of fun! Mine was pretty good. I watched some scary stuff on TV including American Horror Story! That is a really creepy show! I really suggest you check it out if you haven’t already! I know this is going a little bit off topic at the moment but I really wanted to show you guys why I love Halloween! Check out my Pumpkin Carvings that I did this year! I carved Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Sleepy Hallow Scarecrow Face.

I really enjoy Halloween and love to carve pumpkins! I have been doing it for years now. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my carvings. J

Now back to wrestling related things. First off I laughed so hard last week at Sarge’s blog! OMG the guy who challenged CM Punk to a fight! What a big loser! I can’t believe this guy even bothers. Punk is not going to respond to the idiot. This guy needs to get a life (I don’t think he really can) but please stop making us wrestling fans look like idiots. To be honest I can’t believe there are so many wrestling fans who are morons. When Diva and I were at the Hamilton House show two months ago I was looking at the fans and I was thinking to myself oh man I look really hot compared to more than half of these fans! LOL I don’t mean to sound shallow but a lot of people there seem to be trailer trash. Not everyone was like that. I saw some normal wrestling fans there. I also have met some really great people at different signing events. It just sucks we have some stupid wrestling fans like that guy who challenged Punk to a fight.

Moving along Ryback didn’t end up winning the WWE Championship. I guess in a way I was hoping he would but now the more I think about it, I’m glad Punk is still the WWE Champion. I’m also glad he is in a traditional Survivor Series match too. That’s right folks; the next WWE PPV is Survivor Series. I will not mention the Montreal Screw job; nope it has been discussed, examined so many times. I don’t really need to bother. It is too bad when people think Survivor Series that comes up in our mind right away (well for me it does). The PPV concept is actually pretty good. I always liked how they had teams or 4 or 5 against each other. I also liked how the one year they had faces and heels on the same team! How cool was that?! This year we have Team Foley (sorry Diva for saying that) VS Team Punk. On Foley’s team we have Randy Orton, Ryback, Kane and Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. On Punk’s team we have The Mize, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandown, and Punk himself. It should be a good main event. John Cena won’t be involved with it. LOL

Speaking about Cena what do you all think of this “friendship” of AJ and Cena? Does anyone really care? I for one really like AJ as a character. But I hate how this affair has to involve John Cena. He seems to be in really bad storylines and it makes everyone dislike him even more. Plus Cena is such a horrible actor when he does scenes like this. I rather watch paint dry than Cena’s “real acting”. Anyway it seems this who AJ and Cena storyline is going to probably end up as a Survivor Series match. I can see John Cena and AJ VS Dolf Ziggler and Vicki. Yeah that will be an exciting match to watch. Haha I hope Dolf and Cena will carry the match well. Actually AJ isn’t a bad WWE Diva. I have seen her wrestle live before and she isn’t that bad. It is Vicki who I don’t want to see wrestle. I don’t mind her as an on air character but I can’t stand seeing her wrestle.

Seeing Big Show holding the World Championship seems so wrong to me. I’m watching him on Smackdown holding it and talking to Sheamus. I really thought Sheamus was going to win at HITC. I really hope Show’s title reign doesn’t last that long. I really hope Sheamus or Wade Barrett ends up getting it from him. But the way they booked Wade on RAW this week it makes you wonder if he will ever get a title shot.

As much as I love Randy Orton, he should be putting over younger talent. It just seems like he doesn’t really do it as much. I don’t know maybe it is just me who just sees it. I know when he was getting over Triple H done a lot for him along with Batista and Ric Flair. I think Orton should do the same. But I don’t give Orton all of the blame. It goes down to the writers again. They are the ones who decides who goes over and who doesn’t.

It is good to hear Jerry “The King” Lawler will be returning to the RAW announce team in two weeks. I’m really happy about that. I miss hearing The King do colour commentary every Monday Night. I’m not sure what is going to happen with Michael Cole when Lawler comes back. Will MC go back to being a heel or he will he just stay as he is now. I have a feeling JR will go back to announcing NXT. But it has been fun seeing JR on RAW.

Anyway that’s it for me this week, I hope you have a nice day!! J

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I just want to say thank-you to everybody who contributes to the Fatal 4-Way. We all appreciate it and I honestly couldn’t do this without my 3 co-bloggers. You all bring a unique look and edge to this little blog. We have worked so hard. We don’t get paid, we would like to one day (lol) but don’t expect to. We do this because we love the business no matter how much bitching we do. Thank-You to all our readers. We wouldn’t be writing if you weren’t still reading.

Short but good one this week, Including a Run-In!

October 8, 2012 Leave a comment

We’re back this week and I think y’all are getting off easy this week because it’s going to be relatively short. We have a Run-In with Mike this week, plus Sarge and myself. Lets roll the footage monkies!

Yo folks, how’s it going? This week is going to be short and sweet seeing as I don’t really want to repeat myself from the last couple of weeks. It’s pretty sad that all there is to say is the same shit that I’ve been saying week in and week out. I don’t like to be too repetitive, but sometimes I can’t help it. So, I’m going to shut it and get to bidness.


I have to say, I enjoyed Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya from two weeks ago on SmackDown, however, I believe they wasted an amazing match on television, when those two should have totally taken a pay-per-view spot and get 10 to 15 minutes. It is probably one match that will be a candidate for my year end but it’s still early. Also, there hasn’t been that many fantastic matches as of late to really add into the end of the year.


If it wasn’t for the stupid PG rating that the WWE has going on, then I’m pretty sure there would have been a “You FUCKED Up” chant going on during Ryback vs. Tensai. Ryback failed not once but three times in trying to lift Tensai up for his finisher. Not only that but the match itself was horrible. As I see it, neither guy is a good wrestler. Tensai’s push was over when he lost to Tyson Kidd (which was great for Tyson Kidd, so I’m not complaining. Partly because Kidd has more talent then most of the other superstars.) I still don’t understand how they can push Ryback and justify all because the dude is a huge steroidal freak-a-zoid.  I can guarantee you that you won’t see a Ryback action figure in my collection any time soon. That guy just baffles my mind. All his push tells me is that Vince McMahon still has a hard-on over the large muscular men. Watch out Linda!


This week the promo time and the in-ring action time was pretty much on par with each other. I didn’t bother taking notes on the Jim Ross appreciation night because quite frankly that bored me to tears, and I wanted to stab my ears with something sharp.


To be completely honest, I’m finding it harder and harder to maintain interest in wrestling. It’s now a 3-hour show that I wish would end an hour into it.  The worst thing the WWE ever did was making their show now 3-hours long. It’s too much. Way too much, and now they are adding a totally new show and I’m not going to watch it. I’m getting tired of the product. I will now just stick to RAW and SmackDown for the sake of the blog but I can’t find reason to sit through NXT or Superstars or Main Event or whatever the fuck it’s called.


Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, & Drew McIntyre… I’m not sure what they are actually trying to do with those three but the fact to the matter is, the only thing they have in common is that they are all jobbers. If they are calling themselves a band, then maybe they should stick Jinder Mahal in the background plucking a sitar because nobody is ever going to understand his jibber-jabber bull shit and nobody will understand his so-called dancing of patting the dog and screwing in the light bulb. Drew McIntyre is the only one who steps into the ring that doesn’t make me want to fast forward or skip, plus he’s the best looking one of the “band”.  No matter which way you put it, you have crap. If it looks like crap, sounds like crap, then is must be crap!


For being brought in with vignettes, and new mysterious sounding promos, the use of Wade Barrett has been too minimal for my liking. We need more Wade!!


Now it’s official, I’m running out of shit to say to you guys. This might just be the shortest edition of the Skirt Sheet that you guys ever will read. By boyfriend and I are settling in nicely. Making strides in our apartment. Still need to find home for some of my action figures and some of Mat’s Transformers. Our place will probably look like a toy store when we are done. Lol!! Anyways, until next week (hopefully), all you Canadians enjoy your thanksgiving.  Toodles. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!


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  “Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions.”

Whats shakin’ everyone? It’s been a while but I felt that I should write about a few things in the wrestling world. This past Friday I went to an Indie wrestling show in my small town of Bracebridge ontario hosted by CPW (Canadian Pro Wrestling) called Bracebridge Brawl 2 since they did the first one in June. This one believe it or not was held in the auditorium of the local highschool….thats right I say the local highschool but I digress …it was extremely entertaining and for only $12 for a 2.5 hr show sadly they couldn’t sell beer at the venue so I got drunk and walked/ staggered to the event lol. Anyone remember this guy? That’s right its Highlander Robbie McAllister former WWE superstar.

Here are the results as follows: Supremo Fantastico beat John Greed how ever after the match Tornado attacked Supremo Fantastico and Highlander Robbie came out to save him Robbie gets on the mic and tells Tornado that he’s asked the CPW Commissioner to set up the main event to be Highlander Robbie vs Tornado.

Jake O’Reilly slipped a quick devious win with help of Darko over Psycho Mike,

Dragon Lee got a taste of his own medicine from the victorious Phil Atlas,

Hometown boy Josh Alexander captured a victory over Shawn Spears,

Crazy Steve and Darko’s match was thrown out due to outside interference and a tag with Darko and O’Reilly vs Psycho Mike and Steve ensued. Psycho Mike And Crazy Steve victorious.

The Main Event saw former WWE superstar Highlander Robbie beat the veteran Tornado to the roar of the Bracebridge crowd. The chant’s of “CPW CPW CPW” were loud and ever so welcome.

I don’t have much else to say about the wrestling world other than “HOORAY” Kelly Kelly is gone, I hope The Glamazon stays, I’m loving the aces and eights for the most part, CM Punk still rocks face or heel and putting him with Paul Heyman GENIUS!!! AJ Lee still is great , the skipping still makes her look unstablewhich is great for her character lol and TEAM HELL NO well being a stupid name makes for interesting segments. Team Rhode Scholar is looking to be good too but WTH is up with the word TEAM in from of all these new tag teams? Big show isn’t relevant anymore so why do they bother.

That’s about all I have for this week folks as there isn’t too much in the wrestling world that’s impressing me lately…but I’ll get into that another time.  Til next time ………

                                                   I am your reality check!”

***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off!  But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***




How ya doin’, dingbats?


Okay, not you, specifically.  The “dingbat” remark is because I call my son that sometimes, and I just think it’s a hilarious thing to call him.  But, it fits him.  He is 100% certified insane.  He is, in fact…..a dingbat!  No other way to explain it.


Anyway, some things have developed since I last wrote an article for you guys.  I know I didn’t write last week, and I apologize to anyone who may have been put off by my absence.  Sometimes, it’s just not in the cards to write.  I had writer’s block and a terminal lack of inspiration.  There was no way I was going to be able to put out anything any of you would give two shits about, and I simply didn’t want to waste your time.


So, if you’ll remember, a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I got called and interviewed for a new job.  Well, not a lot has progressed since then.  I filled out some more paperwork and did a drug test for them, but no word on when I will actually start working yet. However, I got a call last week from another company that liked what they saw on my resume.  This job also pays better, by the way.  Like $800/month better!  I would like to think they are moving along in trying to get me on board with them, but since that initial call, I have not heard anything else back.  I guess I’ll keep you posted on this, too.


Wish me luck!!


So, I decided to set my DVR this week and catch the new WWE show, Main Event.  It’s aired on a cable television channel called ION Television.  How many of you out there actually have this channel on your cable system?  I didn’t even know I had it until I went and looked for it, honestly. 


How many weekly shows does WWE need, really?  RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam…and now, Main Event.  Now, I admittedly don’t watch NXT or Superstars.  I watched Saturday Morning Slam one time.  It was like WWE for 5th graders. Totally geared toward kids.  Not my bag at all,  and there was only like 2 matches on the show.  The rest was shitty “human interest” stories and goof ball video packages that any self-respecting professional would cringe at the very thought of being featured in.


All this episode of Main Event ended up being was: 2 video packages, CM Punk VS Sheamus, a bunch of yakking and a shitty tag team match that lasted 5 minutes.


Ya know, I have an idea on how this whole thing can be brought to an end!  Remember when douchebag Spike Lee tried to sue Spike TV for using the name “Spike”?  The ION channel can be taken to court by TNA X-Division Champion and resident Douche-asaurus Rex….Zema Ion! Why not?  Seems like the kind of D-Bag move someone like him would make.  I never watched ION to begin with, and I might not go back now.  WWE Main Event was nothing special, and missing it just like Superstars, NXT and the other “B” and “C” shows WWE tries to shove down our throats isn’t going to make me lose any sleep, I promise you!



How stupid does WWE think we are?  Seriously.  This bit with Kaitlynn being attacked at Night of Champions by a “blonde” while Eve won the Divas Championship is total bullshit, and it’s not fooling anyone.  It’s plain to see how this will all pan out.  They said the one who attacked Kaitlynn on the video camera had blonde hair. So now, they are taking all the blonde Divas and either FE’ing them (like Kelly Kelly), or just making their lives miserable (like Beth Phoenix).  When this all comes to a head, I bet the big revelation is going to have us all saying “I told you so!”.  Sure, the attacker was blonde, but who’s to say the person wasn’t wearing a wig? Here’s the real question.  Did she have a camel toe?  Yeah, that’s right!  It’s EVE who attacked Kaitlynn after all this BS.  I’m no expert, but if this ends up any other way, I will be shocked.  It’s the only way that makes sense.


But….this is WWE we’re talking about here.



Alright, people.  I’m pretty much over it for this week.  Not much on my mind, as seems to be the case lately.  Been distracted with the whole job search thing and other factors taking me off my game.  I hope I haven’t bored any of you to death.  Not yet, anyway.  I will try to put out longer articles in the future.  Sometimes, I just don’t have a lot to talk about.


Cut me some frickin’ slack!


I’ll catch you all back here next time.  Until then, troops….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!




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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.


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That’s it for us this week, hope you enjoyed our little blog. It’s been so busy that we can only promise to try our best. Have a great long weekend. Don’t drink and drive! Or I’ll give you a “souvenir”.

“Look at that, Ryback just popped up!”

-Michael Cole on RAW October 1,2012

Girls Only this week; talk RAW number breakdown, Triple H Makes changes, & Bye-Bye Kelly Kelly!

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Howdy peeps, what a long week. So much going on that it’s next to impossible to catch up with things. But we are sort of here, and when I say “we” I mean me.

Do you know when you see something and you know it’s not good, but you try your hardest to find the good in it, but you can’t. That’s how I’m feeling about wrestling right now. Try as I might, I’m not finding much good with it. I’ll shut it and get to bidness…


For the past few weeks you are all aware that I’ve been keeping track of how much time the WWE spends on matches. This past week showed the LOWEST amount of time thus far. I was getting hopeful. The last few weeks the WWE has actually put a bit more time into their matches, but this week was a significant drop. It’s like they reversed. Last week it was 47 minutes and 15 seconds of in-ring action, and 23 minutes & 15 seconds of promos. This week, there was 26 minutes and 19 seconds of in-ring action, and 48 minutes and 26 seconds of promos. What is WRONG here? You have a 2 hour, 17 minute and 27 second of programming to fill before they add commercials, but ONLY 26 minutes of that was actual wrestling. I thought we were tuning in for a wrestling show and not a talk show?


So I kind of went on a tangent last week. And after I posted the blog, I read both Sarge’s and Greg’s. I had already watched The Game’s Youtube video. And I got laughing because of Sarge, here’s why;


“Could I joke about Cena in his new pink

shirt? Sure, but that would make me a dick for basically cracking jokes about breast cancer. Still, I’m

sure there is something to be said about it. Like how Fruity Pebbles now come in pink.” -Sarge


I’m guessing this makes me a dick. Lol (DILLIGAF!)


Wait a second. I wasn’t cracking jokes about breast cancer. I have boobies. Boobies that I care deeply about. I got rid of more than half of them 8-years ago because of problems with my back and neck, but I still love my boobies. I just have an issue of pandering shit like this. I have issues with John Cena doing it. Wouldn’t it make more sense that they have a Diva do it? After all, they have boobies. Fake ones, but still. The more the WWE makes John Cena an ambassador for shit like this, whether it be against bullying, breast cancer, cereal abuse, whatever, the more I want to kick Cena in the box! Like I said, I did say some pretty serious things last week, but I in no means wanted to put Breast Cancer down in anyways, I just wanted to stress the point that it should be ALL CANCERS, not just one.


The more I think about, the more my edition of The Skirt Sheet made little to no sense last week. I chop that up to pure exhaustion. Quite frankly lately I have honestly felt…NOTHING! I don’t know if it’s the stress of the move, the overwhelming anticipation of the move, realizing that I’m no longer in 100% control over my choices and decision, that I have to consult with someone now after 32 years of NOT doing that and purposely defying all who tried. My anxiety has taken over so much, that I am completely numb. Tomorrow is Thursday, and Mat and I get the keys to the apartment. I think once we have those keys in our hands, we both will be feeling a lot better. Come Saturday and the move is over with, I hope that normalcy will be back. It’s not the fact that I’ll be living with Mat, because I want that SO bad, it’s the actual move itself that has me freaking out.


OK, moving on!


Greg asked our opinions about whether or not we felt that since returning The Miz has lost some of his confidence. I was thinking about it and there is a definite difference in The Miz. Ever since he got in trouble for messing up that catch that nearly severely injured R-Truth, he was punished. Not all at once but gradually. Personally, if I get in shit at work, it affects my work performance. I tend to dwell on what it was that I wrong, and it takes me a bit to get back to normal. I always go into work with the full intent of doing my absolute best. Nobody’s perfect. Yes The Miz could have hurt R-Truth, but to be honest, I watched that footage over more than a few times and it just looked to me that it wasn’t entirely The Miz’s fault. The timing was all off and R-Truth shifted in mid-air and The Miz didn’t have time to adjust to that shift. To answer Greg’s questions, since that happened, there has been a change in The Miz’s work. His promos aren’t as witty, and not as polished as they once were. His in-ring, however, is noticeably better since he returned. He looks to be more in-shape. But yes, there is something missing. I think that is heart. I don’t think The Miz’s heart is quite in it at the moment. During Miz-TV, and the reaction from the fans (which was rude, btw) made him falter a bit in that interview. So, yes Greg, I think there is a definite confidence issue.




I got something in the mail this week. Our favourite ring announcer, Lilian Garcia (@LilianGarcia) released her English EP, “My Time.” The CD features six English songs, which her first CD was all Spanish with the exception of two songs and was a full CD. U Drive Me Loca, Ur Girl (till the end of the world) and My Time are great up-beat songs. And Over & Over and Tell Me are great, medium tempo songs. And her cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” is amazing.

And yes, that is an autographed copy. Thanks-Lilian!


I may have ripped on RAW a bit earlier about their lack of matches, but how fantastic was Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler? I’m starting to see a pattern. I went back through my notes that I’ve kept for the year end blog. It makes things easier when I want to know dates of shit. Anyways, I noticed quite a few “good match” or “great match” highlighted next to a bunch of matches, and in more than half of those there is a common denominator, and this pains me to say it because I can’t stand him, but it’s Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler, is having amazing matches. I’m taking notice. I’m not a fan of him because his face annoys me, I don’t like his ripped-off look and character of “Ravishing” Rick Rude, and I cannot stand his greasy hair. ICK! That makes me want to puke. The more I look at my notes and the more I see “Great” or “Good” highlighted next to his name and someone else’s, I see that his name is popping up a hell of a lot. Could there be a major surprise from me at the end of the year? I guess we’ll see.


I have no idea if Beth Phoenix is leaving or not. According to a report, a fan asked her outside of an event and she said that she had no intention of leaving or retiring from the WWE. So I have no clue what’s going on. Reports are still going around saying that she had her departure planned for months and that she’s leaving on good terms with the WWE. I don’t know where she plans on going because if she’s thinking TNA, I got news for you…


If any of you are wondering what is going on with the Knockouts division, well I think I have an idea. They have lost a considerable amount of talent lately and they aren’t getting the recognition that they once were. At one time, it was the Knockouts that were shining over all the male wrestlers. Not anymore. Dr. Tom Pritchard recently joined on and he has never been a fan of women’s wrestling, and that has crossed over in TNA. The decline of the once dominant female wrestling on television, is slowly leaving us. Soon there will be no place for the women to work on television. The WWE allegedly has plans on improving the Diva’s but they’ve said that before and I’ve seen nothing of the sorts. I hope it’s true and hope they don’t wait too long. They could scoop up Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, re-hire Kharma, and persuade Beth Phoenix to stay. Who knows, maybe Mickie James and Tara (formally Victoria) might come back. Lets rebuild what was once an amazing division. It can’t be that hard. How many times have I done it in this blog alone? I just did it for Christs sakes! Lol!!


I’m a sad excuse for a wrestling fan. Why? You ask! Because, I love the Daniel Bryan/Kane vignettes of them doing stupid shit. I think it just breaks up the monotony of the crap the WWE is force feeding us. Sure it’s not wrestling GOLD, but damn it’s getting there. I’m not sure what it is about some comedic vignettes that the WWE tries to do, but rarely do they actually make me laugh. What people forget, with any comedy, it’s all about timing. It’s all about timing and the delivery, and the one thing that makes this so funny is that you have Kane, a monster, who by definition shouldn’t be funny since he’s a “monster”, then you have a serious wrestler like Daniel Bryan who also shouldn’t be funny. Hell, from the past I would have sworn he had no personality. Yet here he is. Funny as shit! Both are. Because their timing and delivery are perfect. Not to mention their chemistry. These two very opposite personalities clash which creates a comedic chemistry between them. It’s genius.


Apparently one of the reasons we are seeing Daniel Bryan and Kane so much on WWE programming is because Triple H is slowly taking over Vince McMahon’s duties, and one of the things he hopes to change is the way the tag team division currently is. By doing so, he’s pairing up different guys in the ring to see if they fit together, and that is likely why we are seeing so many random pairings. Guys that aren’t doing too much in the singles division because of too many single competitors, and single competitors that hog every-fucking-thing (yeah Cena). This gives them the opportunity to have television time and exposure. With any luck, we will see more focus on the tag team championships, I just don’t want to see the same damn people wearing the belts all the time. I don’t want Kane and Daniel Bryan to become the John Cena of the tag team division. I’d like to see what Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio could offer as well as Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd. I think the pairing of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes has a lot of potential, however it’s a shame because I’d rather see Rhodes on the singles road back to the Intercontinental Championship or the WWE/World championships. I guess you take the exposure as you get it.


Part of the turn around with Triple H leading the charge, is also the Diva’s division, which I spoke about above. I just hope that he doesn’t completely screw the pooch on that as well.


I was forced to sit through a Brodus Clay match from Monday because I was doing that timing thing. One of the massive downfalls of timing matches, promos, or bowel movements, which is what a Brodus Clay match resembles. During the match, I couldn’t help but wonder if Cameron, his one funkadactyl, who is known so fondly of telling “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that her favourite match of all time was Melina vs. Alicia Fox, which made her a laughing stock. Probably why they changed her name. Anyways, I couldn’t help but wonder if she’s watching Clay vs. Tensai and wondering if this match is the match of the year? Or if this match has replaced her Alicia Fox/Melina match. C’mon, if you’re going to pick a diva’s match to tell Austin, don’t pick anything with Alicia Fox in it. I know there has been a lot of useless Diva’s that have come and gone, but I’m not sure there is any that has been or will be more useless than Cameron.


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read about this because I’ve had no Internet for the weekend. However, I did see stuff on Twitter that kind of indicated this so I checked it out briefly when I had the opportunity. WWE has released WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly and wished her best in her future endeavors. I’m not sad. Nope. Not a at all.


I think I’ve taken up a lot of your time this week. I think I’m going to call it a day. I have a move that I’m in the middle of completing that I just want to finish. I’m tired of being tired and stressed and at the moment that is what I am. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Next weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. Probably my least favourite holiday because it’s meaningless but at least I get paid time and a half for it. YAY! Go Me! Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!


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Well what else is there to say? Not much when you’re talking to yourself, lol! Anyways, see you all next week.


“So I hear @TheBethPhoenix and @NatbyNature had a great match last night #shouldabeenappv #imagineiftheyhad15mins” – Adam “Edge” Copeland via Twitter @EdgeRatedR