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First F4W of 2015 and Royal Rumble Predictions

January 25, 2015 Leave a comment

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Welcome to the first Fatal 4-Way of 2015!! We certainly hope that everyone has had a great new year so far. It’s nice to start out the year without a death (touch wood). With that said, lets get on with this Royal Rumble edition.

The Game

Sting Arrives Authority Loses – Survivor Series Breakdown:

StoneCold Steve Austin Podcast LIVE: Vince McMahon Highlights:


***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fan boys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



So…….first of all, happy freakin’ new year! I know 2014 was a brutal bitch to a lot of us, so here’s hoping 2015 makes up for some of that. Honestly, my 2014 wasn’t all that terrible. I managed to stay employed the entire year, which is more than I could say about 2013. The fact that I draw a retirement pension and disability from the VA that pretty much covers all my household expenses is beside the point here. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice, but also unfair to bring it up when everyone else might not have that to fall back on. Mine seems to be a fairly unique situation among my peers.

Thing is, no matter where my income appears in my bank account from, it still doesn’t change the fact that the WWE Network still does not work for me thanks to my Internet provider not supporting its streaming service. Gladly, WWE decided to pop their heads out of their asses for one night and put the 2015 Royal Rumble out on actual pay per view (as well as the WWE Network), so I am excited to say I am going to be able to see this event. The first PPV I have been able to watch since WrestleMania 30! Sure, I have to pay $60 rather than the infamous $9.99 everyone else will get to pay for seeing the Rumble this year, but this will probably be one of only 2 or 3 PPVs I will see this year. As the saying goes: Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

On a side note, before we get rolling, I just want to say that I have changed my mind about Paige joining the cast of ‘Total Divas’. I was so against it when I first heard she was going to be on the show because I saw it as Paige getting lumped into the same group as the rest of the Divas on the show. She is supposed to be this “anti-Diva” and this show should be something she would avoid like the plague. But, after seeing her on the first few episodes of this season, I am loving her on the show now. First of all, it allows me to see her more often than just on RAW and SmackDown. Also….she’s completely twisted, and that scores huge points with me. She tricked Nattie into believing a brownie she Paige gave her was laced with drugs, which caused Nattie to flip her shit and live so much in dread of the next Wellness Program drug test that Nattie crashed her car on purpose in an attempt to avoid being tasked with pissing into a cup and losing all her status with the company. Paige later admitted that the brownie was not laced with drugs and that she just wanted to see Nattie squirm. I fucking love that!! So, with that said, Paige is not only my favorite Diva on WWE programming, she is also my favorite cast member of ‘Total Divas’.

Okay, so what have we been through since last time? It feels like ages since the old Boot Camp has been open for “bidness”. We had, the fall and return of The Authority. We had Adam Rose being butt-humped by a furry. We had Brock Lesnar calling Seth Rollins “baby” (not once, but twice). That was creepy. We had Larry The Cable Guy and Grumpy Cat as guests on RAW. Two more reasons why the concept of “guests hosts” should never have been allowed to happen. I doubt there have been more than a handful of these guest hosts that didn’t leave me feeling embarrassed to be a WWE fan. We had the Slammy Awards! Don’t even get me started on that. We had Kane working the concession stands! We saw Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback get fired, and then hired back a couple weeks later. Pointless! Since last Boot Camp, Brock Lesnar has not competed in a match of any kind.

I wonder what it’s going to be like if/when Lesnar loses the championship. Will the title be defended on a more regular basis again, or is the title now only defended once every 4 months? I hope there is not some kind of “Lesnar Rule” attached to that title now. Honestly, having the company’s most prestigious prize being fought for only a few times every year is absolutely BAD for business! Bad? It’s fucking retarded. Let’s be real, folks, Since Lesnar became the champion, there were times when I actually admit I forgot the WWE even had a World Heavyweight title anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. Yep, somebody’s out of their minds…but, it’s not any of us. Look a couple hundred feet up in the air over the Stamford, Connecticut skyline to the WWE Headquarters!

As if there isn’t enough for me to have a problem with, now I have this to think about, too. Speaking of bad decisions and dropping the ball, I feel like somebody in the “Creat-tard” team is showing their ass again with how The Ascension is being handled since moving up to the main roster from NXT. I had such high hopes that they would be some kind of new dominant tag team, reminiscent of the very teams that they see fit to trash talk during their promos. This has caused The Ascension to be highly criticized for their apparent lack of mic skills. Add to this, the fact that they have been fed nothing but jobber teams since their debut, and all you get it a team with huge potential that is being held back by a creative team that has absolutely no clue how to use them. All that venom being spewed by The Ascension got them beaten down last Monday night by the APA, nWo and the New Age Outlaws. The Ascension will get a chance at redemption this Sunday when they once again face The New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble PPV. I am hoping there is some glimmer of hope somewhere that The Ascension will begin to be taken more seriously and have the chance to become the kind of team they were in NXT…..tag team championship material!


One last thing before I wrap this up, I want to officially welcome Awesome Kong back to TNA. With Havok running through every last Knockout on the roster, it will be great to see Kong VS Havok at some point in the future! As I said a while back on Facebook, possibly the best thing about Awesome Kong returning to Impact Wrestling is that there is no chance of seeing her on the next season of ‘Total Divas’.

Ha!! See what I did there. I just came full circle with that last remark. What can I say? I got da skillz, playa.

Or…………….not. Maybe it’s best if I get my ass out of here for now. Don’t worry. Next month, it’ll be “that time” once again, and you can bet I’ll be here bright and early. Hope you can make it back here to help me raise some more Hell up in this bitch!

Until then, troops…….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!

Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

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The Skirt Sheet

Hey, Happy 2015!! Time has just flown by since our last blog. It’s been well over a month because of Christmas and New Years. Sadly, wrestling hasn’t been all that exciting since. But that is exactly why we are all here. To discuss what’s going down in the wrestling business. So, Imma gonna shut it and get ta’ bidness…

So WWE Fucked up so many ways already the moment the holidays were over. I’m not even 100% sure where to start.

Wade “Bad News” Barrett: Good: They gave him back the Intercontinental Championship. A title he never lost to begin with. One that he actually does bring prestige to, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my favourite, and I secretly fancy his British ass. Lol!! Bad: He’s won two matches. He wins when the title is on the line, but he’s already lost to Sin Cara and Dean Ambrose. At least Ambrose isn’t an embarrassing loss. The booking makes no sense at all. What they should have done: They should have made Barrett come back as a power house, grow in his matches and actually not put anyone over, unless it was by disqualification. To me it just seems they don’t know whether or not to make him a good guy or a bad guy. He’s stuck in between. They definitely shouldn’t have had him lose to Sin Cara. Ever!

The Authority: Good: ……………………. Bad: Way too soon to bring them back. TOO SOON!! Plus the way they brought them back made sense but I don’t like that fact that they made Edge look like a complete pussy. What they should have done: They certainly shouldn’t have brought them back this early. It was obvious, that the Authority would be back eventually, but they would have been better off with Vince McMahon coming on saying that if so and so won the Royal Rumble, the Authority would be able to be brought back if they wanted them to. Have Daniel Bryan win, and have him bring them back. No one would ever think that Bryan would bring them back, and then you have a heel turn. Since Cena will never turn heel, so why the fuck not? Still makes more sense then what the WWE has done.

The Ascension: Good: These young guys have so much potential. They showed that in NXT. They are a massive team and should have shown up, not in a match, destroyed some of the tag teams in the ring on RAW, and then left. Repeat on SmackDown. Bad: The ball was dropped immediately. The moment the WWE wrote them promos and handed them the microphone a week after they defeated The Miz and Damien Mizdow, they were finished. It’s not that these guys can’t talk, but it was what they were told to talk about. It buried them instantly and now they are nothing but a joke. What they should have done: The Ascension never should have picked up a microphone at all. They are the type of team that doesn’t need to talk. They have the mystery surrounding them, and it should have stayed that way. As a fan, I don’t need to know their intentions, but I should want to know. Meaning, they don’t tell, which keeps me guessing. That’s what would have made them more exciting. The WWE should have kept the mystery surrounding Viktor and Konnor, and never allowed them to open their mouths.

Those were the three fuck-ups the WWE did before the clock even struck midnight December 31st.

NXT continues to shine as one of my favourite shows on television. If any indication of how the WWE treats these amazingly talented superstars once they get called up to the main roster, then I hope some of them never get called up. I don’t want to see Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, or Charlotte, get called to the main roster. It would ruin them. Paige was a damn good technical wrestler in NXT, and now she’s licking people in the ring, and losing to talentless twats like the Bella’s. I actually hate the Bella’s less then I did before, but I can’t stand the fact that those girls needs bigger shorts. I’m tired of looking at vagina’s. Paige could be great again. The WWE just has to let her. They clearly have a history of ruining talented stars, as of late. I think the only recent one they haven’t completely fucked over, is Bray Wyatt. He’s one of the best characters the WWE has going right now. But look at Adam Rose and Bo Dallas (apparently he was injured…I never even noticed that he was gone, lol), both guys are talented (Dallas, if he keeps his trap shut), but they’re both doing nothing. I don’t want to see that happen to Neville or Breeze, etc..

Did you know that NXT Diva, Sasha Banks is actually related to Snoop Dog? Yeah apparently they are cousins or something. The More you know (shooting star). Lol!!

I’m sure the story of Triple H, breaking character on this weeks RAW, has made the rounds. For those of you who don’t know, Triple H is playing a heel currently as part of the Authority. At the end of RAW, he and wife Stephanie McMahon were at ringside, when they noticed a young boy crying at what was happening to John Cena (see, I cry because John Cena is on my screen, I smile when he gets his ass handed to him… Complete opposite man, complete opposite). Triple H broke character, went over to this young boy and told him, not to worry, that the men in the ring are playing parts and that Cena is fine, and then gave him backstage passes for after the show. Bravo Triple H. I think that was the sweetest thing to do. Boo on the parents for bringing a child to the show, who clearly wasn’t explained the ins and outs of what happens in the ring. If your child can’t tell that what’s going on is staged, then they shouldn’t be at a live event, and that is your fail as a parent. But Bravo to Triple H, who decided to do the parents job for them. Class act Triple H. Definitely a sign that you’re a good father to your three daughters.

BTW…I’m still pregnant. Lol!!! No baby yet.

How Awesome Is This??


So obviously, I would have preferred if the WWE did this years ago, where Macho Man could have been here to make, what I’m sure would have been a very colourful speech. Sadly he isn’t, but at least this is finally happening. I am however, shocked at who was chosen to induct him. Hulk Hogan and Savage have such a sordid past, and even after Macho’s untimely death, Hogan was talking lies and shit about him, yet he was chosen to induct Savage. Everyone keeps telling me it should be his brother, Lanny Poffo, but he will likely be the one to accept the induction for his deceased brother. I personally thought it would be Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat who would induct Macho Man. Doesn’t matter I guess….I’m just stoked one of my childhood heroes is finally being inducted. Miss Elizabeth and Owen Hart next please (never going to hold my breath for Owen. His widow won’t allow it).

Anyways, it’s late and I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. By the next time we post a blog, I won’t be just a diva…I promise you, I’ll be mama Diva. Lol!! This baby will be born by the 12th of February, as they will not let me go past the 11th (one week). Wish me luck my peeps. My life will be completely different the next time you hear from us all. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone how are we doing this month?! Now that Christmas and New Years is over and done with it is time to get back to a regular routine(whatever that may be for you). My routine lately has been looking for employment. I haven’t found a job but I have had a few interviews. But enough with my personal life and let’s get down to business.

So the Royal Rumble this Sunday. The last few Rumbles haven’t been that great. I’m hoping this year it will change. Right now I don’t really know who is going to win it. I picked Daniel Bryan(because I would love to see him win it) but I have heard they have other plans for the Rumble. A lot of people are saying Roman Reigns is going win it. I just don’t think he is ready to be in the main event. I am going with Daniel because his title reign was shorten last year due to his injury. I do believe he still has a strong following(have you seen RAW lately) the fans still go nuts over him! He deserves it though! He is a hard worker and you can tell it ever since he came back into the ring. He is great! Another person who I wouldn’t mind seeing win the Rumble is Dolph Ziggler. He has proved so many times that he is indeed a Superstar. He would be my second pick to win it. This guy has had so many great matches in the last year and he also deserves a spot in the main event too. My wild card pick would be Dean Ambrose. He also has had some great matches(even if he hasn’t won that many) but I could see him win it too. It would be a big shocker if they went with him winning it. So there are many choices WWE can go with. Also they could go with Roman Reigns too. So this Rumble match could end up being pretty entertaining and not too predictable(compared to last years). So what do you guys think? Are any of my choices the same you would pick? I would love to hear your opinions. @blitz101 on twitter :)

The triple threat match for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship which is involving Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins could also be a great match too. At first I wasn’t sure adding Rollins to the match would of been a good idea. But now I have changed my mind and I’m happy Rollins is in the match. His work lately has been fantastic lately. I truly believe he is a player now. He has proven that in the last few months. Him teaming up with The Authority has brought his stock up so much. As much as I hate seeing The Authority on TV they have done really great with elevating Seth Rollins. I am picking him to go over in this match. I don’t think he will cash in his MITB briefcase(unless he gets screwed) but who knows. I really enjoyed the last segment of RAW that had Brock Lesnar taking out everyone. I guess you could say they turned him baby face but I don’t think Brock was really a heel. He is just an ass kicker and it doesn’t matter who he goes after. Which is great because it gives him more guys to wrestle. John Cena has been all right too. This week he was more serious John which was good to see because I hate goofy John Cena a lot(along with the majority of fans). I don’t think he is going to win the match. My first pick is Rollins and my second pick is Lesnar to retain his championship. So we shall see what happens.

This past Monday on RAW was really good. It was nice seeing all of the legends on TV. The only problem that I had with the Legends being on RAW…is how WWE treated their new tag team The Ascension. I don’t know how them getting taken out by the New Age Outlaws is going to help them get over. I really hope they destroy the NAO at the Rumble this Sunday. That’s the only way they will get their heat back. Also they should take out JLB to get revenge on him(but they should do that on RAW).

Speaking about legends, the Icon Sting made his RAW debut and ended up helping John Cena win his match against Rollins, Big Show and Kane. Of course that didn’t sit well with Triple H though. He went nuts and it looks like they are going with a Triple H vs Sting at WM. I guess The Undertaker vs Sting match is a no go. Which is probably for the best. Maybe The Undertaker will get a better wrestler who can take a lot of bumps(Bray Wyatt)? Who knows for sure.

I guess I should tell you The Authority are back in power. The last RAW of 2014 John Cena gave in and brought them back. Seth Rollins had Edge(who was guest hosting with Christian) in the position to get a curb stomp so Cena had to bring back The Authority to stop Rollins from doing his move on Edge. So it kinda sucked because The Authority weren’t off TV for a long time. They also “fired” Ziggler, Erick Roman, & Ryback because they were part of Team Cena on Survivor Series. Of course that didn’t end up being long because John got their jobs back on this past RAW when he beat those three guys I mentioned in the above paragraph with help from Sting.

I like how SmackDown has moved to Thursday Nights again. I always found them being on Fridays was a bad thing. Most of the time I forgot it was on. But now it is on a better night. Of course we get it a day earlier in Canada because well we are special! Lol I guess it just works out better for us! :P

In case you haven’t heard CM Punk has signed with UFC. I think that is an interesting move on his part. But I hope it works for him. I do think he is a great performer and I do think he will do well in UFC. I wish him all the luck! :)

In other news Randy “Macho Man” Savage will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2015. I’m really glad he is finally getting inducted. He should of been inducted a long time ago. But now it is happening. The only problem I have with his induction is that Hulk Hogan will be inducting him. I don’t think Randy would of wanted that. I know him and Hogan weren’t always on the best of terms. So it doesn’t really make sense seeing Hogan induct him. But I guess this is a Vince call.

Anyway that’s it for me this month! I hope you guys enjoy the Royal Rumble! Have a nice day! :)

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Royal Rumble

  • The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Adam Rose

Sarge’s Prediction: The New Day

Diva’s Prediction: The New Day

The Game’s Prediction: The New Day

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd (since this is an elimination match)

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) The Uso’s vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: The Uso’s

The Game’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

-Natalya & Paige vs. The Bella Twins

Sarge’s Prediction: The Bella Twins

Diva’s Prediction: The Bella Twats

The Game’s Prediction: The Bella Twins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Bella Twins

-The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

Sarge’s Prediction: The Ascension

Diva’s Prediction: The New Age Outlaws

The Game’s Prediction: The Ascension

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Ascension

-WWE Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match:

  1. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Sarge’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Diva’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

The Game’s Prediction: John Cena

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: this is a hard one, I’m going with Seth Rollins

-Royal Rumble Match:

Sarge’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Diva’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

The Game’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

That’s it for this months Fatal 4-Way. We will see you in February for Elimination Chamber. Busy couple of weeks ahead. Enjoy The Royal Rumble everyone. Cheers!

The Best and Worst of 2014 in ProWrestling & TLCand Stairs Predictions

December 13, 2014 Leave a comment

In Memory Of

David Ferrier

(AKA Jimmy Del Ray of The Heavenly Bodies)

November 30, 1962 to December 6, 2014

00 f4w2012banner

Well we started off 2014 with the death of Mae Young, and now we are ending 2014 with the death of renowned tag team wrestler, “Gigalo” Jimmy Del Ray (his real name is the same as my Godfather, which freaked me the fuck out). It’s never a good thing to start and end the year with a death, not to mention the others in between. Mae Young (January 14th), Viscera (February 18th), The Ultimate Warrior (April 8th), and now Jimmy Del Ray (December 6th). In retrospect, it was a quiet year but still. It’s rare we go through 12 months unscathed of any losses in the wrestling world. Although we can certainly hope for 12 months of no deaths.

01 Del Ray

(The Heavenly Bodies; Top: Tom Pritchard, and Bottom: Jimmy Del Ray)

We end the 2014 year with our Best and Worst of 2014, and our TLC Predictions. So be sure to check out all 4 of our lists, and see how we measure up to one another.

The Game

2014 End Of The Year


1) Worst Mic Skills:

1- Khali

2- Heath Slater

3- Roman Reigns

4- Randy Orton

5- Batista

The Winner of the Worst Mic Skills Goes To: Khali

2) Best Mic Skills:

1- Lana

2- Triple H

3- Bray Wyatt

4- Dean Ambrose

5- Dolph Ziggler

The Winner of the Best Mic Skills Goes To: Bray Wyatt

3) Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Hornswoggle (Leprechaun Origins)

2- Entire Cast (Total Divas)

3- Kane (See No Evil 2)

4- Cast (Scooby-Doo WrestleMania Mystery)

5- The Bella Twins (Confession of a Womanizer)

The Winner of the Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: Cast of Total Divas

4) Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Edge (Haven)

2- Batista (Guardians of The Galaxy)

3- Mick Foley (I Am Santa Claus)

4- Christian (Haven)

5- Stone Cold Steve Austin (Shark After Dark)

The Winner of the Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: Batista (Guardians of The Galaxy)

5) Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014?:

1- Dolph Ziggler

2- Alberto Del Rio

3- Cesaro

4- Jack Swagger

5- Kofi Kingston

The Winner of Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014 Goes To: Cesaro

6) OMG Moment Of The Year:

1- Ultimate Warrior’s death

2- Brock Lesnar breaks The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 30

3-Kofi Kingston at the Royal Rumble

4- Yes Movement occupies RAW

5- John Cena gets spooked by creepy Wyatt kid singing “Whole World In His Hands”

The Winner of the OMG Moment Of The Year Goes To: Brock Lesnar Breaks The Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania 30

7) Worst Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Royal Rumble

2- Elimination Chamber

3- Hell In A Cell

4-Night of Champions


The Winner for the Worst Pay-Per-View of 2014 Goes To: Royal Rumble

8) Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Summer Slam

2- Extreme Rules

3- WrestleMania 30

4- Money In The Bank

5- Survivor Series

The Winner of the Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014 Goes To: WrestleMania 30

9) Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- John Cena’s Best Rivalries DVD

2- WWE Santa Hats

3- John Cena’s Rally Towel

4- Diva’s Baseball hat

5- WWE Zombie Figures

The Winner of the Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: Diva’s Baseball hat

Steves sort of WORST Merch 2014

10) Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- Bad News Barrett T-shirt

2- Dolph Ziggler’s T-shirt

3- Damien Mizdow’s “Stunt Double” T-shirt

4- Macho Man Randy Savage Collectors edition

5- Ascension T-shirt

The Winner of the Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: Macho Man Randy Savage Collectors edition

Steves sort of BEST Merch 2014

11) Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer:

1- Michael Cole

2- Tom Phillips

3- Lilian Garcia

4- Byron Saxton

5- Alex Riley

The Winner of the Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Goes To: Byron Saxton

12) Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year:

1- Renee Young

2- Jerry Lawler

3- Kyle Edwards

4- JBL

5- Mike Tenay

The Winner of Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year Goes To: Renee Young

13) Worst Tag Team of 2014:

1- Los Matadores

2- Adam Rose & The Bunny

3- Slater-Gator

4- Rybaxel

5- The New Day

The Winner of the Worst Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: Adam Rose & The Bunny

14) Best Tag Team of 2014:

1- The Miz & Damien Mizdow

2- The Uso’s

3- Goldust & Stardust

4- The Ascension

5- Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

The Winner of The Best Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

15) Worst Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Alicia Fox

2- Eva Marie

3- Summer Rae

4- Layla

5- Cameron

The Winner of the Worst Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Eva Marie

16) Best Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Paige

2- AJ Lee

3- Charlotte

4- Nikki Bella

5- Naomi

The Winner of the Best Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Paige

17) Worst Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Ryback

2- Roman Reigns

3- John Cena

4- Batista

5- Randy Orton

The Winner of the Worst Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Batista

18) Best Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Dean Ambrose

2- Seth Rollins

3- Dolph Ziggler

4- Bray Wyatt

5- Daniel Bryan

The Winner of the Best Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Dolph Ziggler

19) Best Promo of 2014:

1- Dean Ambrose gives away WWE Merchandise

2- Bray Wyatt “Born To Lead”

3- Ultimate Warrior’s last promo

4- John Cena & Bray Wyatt

5- Daniel Bryan mocks The Authority

The Winner of Best Promo of 2014 Goes To: Ultimate Warrior’s last promo

20) Best Match of 2014:

1- Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30

2- Daniel Bryan vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton at Wrestle Mania 30

3- Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series

4- Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 30

5- Steel Cage Match on RAW; Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

The Winner of Best Match of 2014 Goes To: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30


2014 End Of The Year


1) Worst Mic Skills:

1- Brock Lesnar

2- The Great Khali

3- Hornswoggle

4- Nikki Bella

5- Rusev

The Winner of the Worst Mic Skills Goes To: The Great Khali

2) Best Mic Skills:

1- The Rock

2- Lana

3- Bray Wyatt

4- John Cena

5- Dean Ambrose

The Winner of the Best Mic Skills Goes To: Bray Wyatt

3) Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Cameron (Total Divas)

2- Hornswoggle (Leprechaun Origins)

3- Santino Marella (Jingle All The Way 2)

4- The Rock (Hercules)

5- CM Punk (Talking Dead)

The Winner of the Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: Cameron (Total Divas)

4) Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Stone Cold Steve Austin (Redneck Island)

2- The cast of WWE Legends House (WWE Network)

3- Natalya (Total Divas)

4- Edge (Haven)

5- Batista (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The Winner of the Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: The cast of WWE Network’s Legends House

5) Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014?:

1- Dolph Ziggler

2- Big Show

3- Daniel Bryan

4- John Cena

5- The WWE fans in general

The Winner of Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014 Goes To: the WWE fans

6) OMG Moment Of The Year:

1- Bray Wyatt’s promo with all the creepy children

2- Team Cena wins and ends The Authority’s power

3- Passing of the Ultimate Warrior

4- Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker and breaks the streak

5- Dixie Carter gets put through a table by Bully Ray

The Winner of the OMG Moment Of The Year Goes To: Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker and breaks the streak

7) Worst Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Night of Champions

2- SummerSlam

3- Tables Ladders Chairs (and Stairs)

4-TNA’s “free-per-views”

5- Hell In A Cell

The Winner for the Worst Pay-Per-View of 2014 Goes To: TNA’s Free-Per-Views

8) Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- NXT Arrival

2- WrestleMania 30

3- TNA Bound For Glory(hole)

4- Royal Rumble

5- Survivor Series

The Winner of the Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014 Goes To: WrestleMania 30

9) Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- WWE Diva Ponytail baseball caps (WTF are they thinking????)

2- All the pink Breast Cancer Awareness gear (some things just shouldn’t be pink! LOL)

3- Star Dust plastic mask

4- WWE2K15 (PS3/Xbox 360)

5- John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries DVD/Blu-Ray

The Winner of the Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: WWE Diva Ponytail baseball caps

Sarge WORST Merch 2014

10) Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- WWE character “ugly holiday sweatshirts

2- Stone Cold Steve Austin beer mugs

3- Sting T-shirt

4- WWE Network subscription (just $9.99!!)

5- Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story DVD

The Winner of the Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: WWE Character Ugly Holiday Sweatshirts

Sarge BEST Merch 2014

11) Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer:

1- JBL

2- Mike Tenay

3- Michael Cole

4- Josh Matthews

5- Byron Saxton

The Winner of the Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Goes To: Byron Saxton

12) Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year:

1- Jim Ross

2- Jerry “The King” Lawler

3- Jeremy Borash

4- Taz

5- Lilian Garcia

The Winner of Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year Goes To: Jerry Lawler

13) Worst Tag Team of 2014:

1- Los Matadores

2- Slater Gator (Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil)

3- Adam Rose & The Bunny

4- Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

5- The Bella Twins

The Winner of the Worst Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: Adam Rose & The Bunny

14) Best Tag Team of 2014:

1- Gold & Star Dust

2- The Usos

3- The New Day

4- The Ascension (NXT)

5- The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The Winner of The Best Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: The Usos

15) Worst Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Eva Marie

2- Cameron

3- Alicia Fox

4- Brittany (TNA)

5- Rosa Mendes

The Winner of the Worst Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Eva Marie

16) Best Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Natalya

2- Gail Kim

3- AJ Lee

4- Havok

5- Paige

The Winner of the Best Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Paige

17) Worst Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Zack Ryder

2- Santino Marella

3- Adam Rose

4- Heath Slater

5- Shark Boy (TNA)

The Winner of the Worst Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Adam Rose

18) Best Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Daniel Bryan

2- Roman Reigns

3- Bray Wyatt

4- John Cena

5- Dolph Ziggler

The Winner of the Best Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: John Cena (I have to be impartial LOL)

19) Best Promo of 2014:

1- John Cena says Brock Lesnar doesn’t have the heart to be WWE World Champion

2- Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and The Rock get together to open WrestleMania 30

3- The Rock cuts a promo on Rusev and Lana on RAW

4- Bray Wyatt’s “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” promo on RAW

5- Ultimate Warrior’s “farewell” speech on the night after WrestleMania

The Winner of Best Promo of 2014 Goes To: Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and The Rock open WM30

20) Best Match of 2014:

1- Brock Lesnar VS The Undertaker (WrestleMania 30)

2- Daniel Bryan VS Randy Orton VS Batista (WrestleMania 30)

3- Team Authority VS Team Cena (Survivor Series)

4- Adrian Neville VS Sami Zayn VS Tyson Kidd VS Tyler Breeze (NXT TakeOver)

5- The Hardys VS Team 3D VS The Wolves (Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals – TNA No Surrender)

The Winner of Best Match of 2014 Goes To: Adrian Neville VS Sami Zayn VS Tyson Kidd VS Tyler Breeze (NXT TakeOver)

Gregs Have A Nice Day

2014 End Of The Year


1) Worst Mic Skills:

1- John Cena

2- Brock Lesnar

3- Bo Dallas

4- Sheamus

5- Randy Orton

The Winner of the Worst Mic Skills Goes To: John Cena

2) Best Mic Skill:

1- Seth Rollins

2- Bray Wyatt

3- Dean Ambrose

4- Paul Heyman

5- Stephanie McMahon

The Winner of the Best Mic Skills Goes To: Dean Ambrose

3) Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- The Bella Twins (total divas)

2- John Cena (total divas)

3- Santino (Jingle All The Way 2)

4- Rosa Mendes(total divas)

5- Summer Rae(total divas)

The Winner of the Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: The Bella Twins

4) Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Christian(Haven)

2- Edge(Haven)

3- The Rock (Hercules)

4- Natayla(Total divas)

5- Batista(Guardians of The Galaxy)

The Winner of the Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: Batista

5) Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014?:

1- Daniel Bryan

2- Cesaro

3- CM Punk

4- Bo Dallas

5- Adam Rose

The Winner of Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014 Goes To: CM Punk gets fired on his wedding day…that’s pretty low

6) OMG Moment Of The Year:

1- Undertaker gets defeated by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

2- CM Punk joins UFC

3- The Art of Wrestling featuring CM Punk(part 1)

4- The Authority loses power because of Sting

5- Cody Rhodes turns into Stardust

The Winner of the OMG Moment Of The Year Goes To: Undertaker gets defeated by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

7) Worst Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Royal Rumble

2- Elimination Chamber

3- Bound For Glory

4- Night of Champions

5- Battleground

The Winner for the Worst Pay-Per-View of 2014 Goes To: Royal Rumble

8) Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Extreme Rules

2- WrestleMania 30

3- SummerSlam

4- Survivor Series

5- Money In The Bank

The Winner of the Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014 Goes To: WrestleMania 30

9) Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- Ryback “Hungry” Orange t-shirt

2- Cena Training Step Up or Step Aside t-shirt

3- John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries DVD/Blu Ray

4- nWo Knitted Hat

5- Brie Bella Ponytail Baseball Cap

The Winner of the Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: Brie Bella Ponytail Baseball Cap

GREG briebella

10) Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- Randy “Macho Man” Savage Blu Ray

2- Stardust “Face The Strange” t-shirt

3- Wyatt Family Wrapped Canvas Picture

4- Brock Lesnar Eat, Sleep, Conquer John Cena t-shirt

5- 30 Years of WrestleMania 30 Book

The Winner of the Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: Randy “Macho Man” Savage Blu Ray


11) Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer:

1- JBL

2- Michael Cole

3- Tony Shavonie

4- Scott Standford

5- Alex Riley

The Winner of the Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Goes To: JBL

12) Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year:

1- Renee Young

2- Jerry Lawler

3- Justin Roberts

4- Taz

5- Lillian Garcia

The Winner of Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year Goes To: Renee Young

13) Worst Tag Team of 2014:

1- Slater & Gator

2- The Matadors

3- The New Day

4- Ryback and Axel

5- Adam Rose & Bunny

The Winner of the Worst Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: Ryback & Axel

14) Best Tag Team of 2014:

1- The Miz and Mizdow

2- Goldust and Stardust

3- The Usos

4- The Wyatts

5- Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The Winner of The Best Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: Goldust & Stardust

15) Worst Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Summer Rae

2- Nikki Bella

3- Alicia Fox

4- Emma

5- Eva Marie

The Winner of the Worst Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Alicia Fox

16) Best Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Aj Lee

2- Paige

3- Natayla

4- Naomi

5- Brie Bella

The Winner of the Best Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: AJ Lee

17) Worst Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Mark Henry

2- Corporate Kane

3- Adam Rose

4- Bo Dallas

5- Ryback

The Winner of the Worst Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Ryback

18) Best Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Bray Wyatt

2- Seth Rollins

3- Dean Ambrose

4- Dolph Ziggler

5- Daniel Bryan

The Winner of the Best Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Daniel Bryan

19) Best Promo of 2014:

1- Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania 30

2- Seth Rollins explains why he turned on The Shield

3- Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt go face to face Raw Aug 11th

4- Mick Foley advises Ambrose & Rollins about Hell in a Cell match

5- Daniel Bryan celebrates his WWE Heavyweight Championship Win on RAW

The Winner of Best Promo of 2014 Goes To: Mick Foley advises Ambrose & Rollins about Hell in a Cell Match

20) Best Match of 2014:

1- Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt Survivor Series

2- The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 30

3- Daniel Bryan vs Triple H WrestleMania 30

4- The Authority vs Team Cena Survivor Series

5- Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Batista WrestleMania 30

The Winner of Best Match of 2014 Goes To: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Batista WrestleMania 30

The Skirt Sheet

2014 End Of The Year


1) Worst Mic Skills:

1- Batista

2- Ryback

3- Roman Reigns

4- Rusev

5- Brie Bella

The Winner of the Worst Mic Skills Goes To: Ryback

2) Best Mic Skills:

1- Dean Ambrose

2- AJ Lee

3- Wade Barrett

4- CM Punk

5- Bray Wyatt

The Winner of the Best Mic Skills Goes To: Bray Wyatt

3) Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Confessions of A Womanizer (The Bella Twins)

2- Legends House (Tony Atlas)

3- Total Diva’s (Eva Marie)

4- LA Slasher (Batista)

5- Leprechaun Origins (Hornswoggle)

The Winner of the Worst Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: LA Slasher (Batista)

4) Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show:

1- Muppets 2: Most Wanted (Hornswoggle)

2- I Am Santa Claus (Mick Foley)

3- Haven (Edge)

4- Legends House (Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Roddy Piper)

5- Total Diva (Daniel Bryan)

The Winner of the Best Appearance In A Movie or Television Show Goes To: Haven (Edge)

5) Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014?:

1- CM Punk

2- Daniel Bryan

3- Kofi Kingston

4- Justin Gabriel

5- Damien Sandow

The Winner of Who Got Crapped On The Most in 2014 Goes To: Kofi Kingston

6) OMG Moment Of The Year:

1- Jake Roberts drops a snake on a passed out Dean Ambrose

2- Kofi Kingston @ The Royal Rumble

3- Ultimate Warrior’s death

4- John Cena interrupted by creepy singing child at Extreme Rules

5- Seth Rollins turns on The Shield

The Winner of the OMG Moment Of The Year Goes To: Ultimate Warrior’s Death

7) Worst Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Money In The Bank

2- Extreme Rules

3- Payback

4- Royal Rumble

5- Elimination Chamber

The Winner for the Worst Pay-Per-View of 2014 Goes To: Royal Rumble

8) Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014:

1- Survivor Series

2- Hell In A Cell

3- WrestleMania 30

4- Summer Slam

5- Battleground

The Winner of the Best Pay-Per-View Of 2014 Goes To: Survivor Series

9) Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014:

1- John Cena- “Best Rivalries” DVD/Blue Ray

2- WWE Santa Hats

3- $9.99 T-shirts

4- Creepy 31′ figures

5- Zombie figures

The Winner of the Worst Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To: Creepy 31′ Figures

Divas WORST Merch 2014 j

10) Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 :

1- Macho Man box set

2- Stone Cold Steve Austin statue

3- Tyler Breeze “Take a selfie it last longer” iPhone case

4- Paige “Think Again” t-shirt

5- WWE Belt Buckles

The Winner of the Best Wrestling Merchandise of 2014 Goes To:Tyler Breeze “Take a selfie it last longer” iPhone case

Divas BEST Merch 2014 j

11) Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer:

1- Tom Phillips (WWE-SmackDown/NXT)

2- Matt Striker (Lucha Underground)

3- Byron Saxton (WWE-Main Event/NXT)

4- Tazz (TNA)

5- Jojo (NXT)

The Winner of the Worst Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Goes To: Tom Phillips (WWE-SmackDown/NXT)

12) Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year:

1- Renee Young (WWE-NXT/RAW/SmackDown/Main Event)

2- Vampiiro (Lucha Underground)

3- Lilian Garcia (WWE RAW/SmackDown)

4- JBL (WWE-RAW/SmackDown)

5- Alex Riley (WWE-NXT)

The Winner of Announcer, Commentator or Interviewer Of The Year Goes To: Don’t hate me… Alex Riley (WWE-NXT)

13) Worst Tag Team of 2014:

1- The Mechanics (NXT)

2- Adam Rose & The Bunny (WWE)

3- The Legionaires (NXT)

4- Colin Cassidy & Enzo Amore (NXT)

5- Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil (WWE)

The Winner of the Worst Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: The Mechanics (NXT)

14) Best Tag Team of 2014:

1- The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (WWE)

2- The Ascension (NXT)

3- Goldust & Stardust (WWE)

4- The Vaudvillians (NXT)

5- The Uso’s (WWE)

The Winner of The Best Tag Team of 2014 Goes To: The Uso’s (WWE)

15) Worst Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Eva Marie (WWE)

2- Brittany (TNA)

3- Alicia Fox (WWE)

4- Summer Rae (WWE)

5- Cameron (WWE)

The Winner of the Worst Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Alicia Fox (WWE)

16) Best Female Wrestler of 2014:

1- Naomi (WWE)

2- AJ Lee (WWE)

3- Paige (WWE)

4- Charlotte (NXT)

5- Natalya (WWE)

The Winner of the Best Female Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Paige (WWE)

17) Worst Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Curtis Axel (WWE)

2- Bull Dempsey (NXT)

3- Jinder Mahal (WWE)

4- Kane (WWE)

5- Brodus Clay/Tyrus (WWE/TNA)

The Winner of the Worst Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Brodus Clay/Tyrus (WWE/TNA)

18) Best Male Wrestler of 2014:

1- Dean Ambrose (WWE)

2- Bray Wyatt (WWE)

3- Brock Lesnar (WWE)

4- Adrian Neville (NXT)

5- Roman Reigns (WWE)

The Winner of the Best Male Wrestler of 2014 Goes To: Adrian Neville (NXT)

19) Best Promo of 2014:

1- Daniel Bryan mocks The Authority (01/27/14-RAW)

2- Bray Wyatt “World has an infection & the virus is the human race” (02/24/14-RAW)

3- Bray Wyatt “Men & Women where masks” (02/28/14-SmackDown)

4-Ultimate Warrior’s last promo (04/07/14-RAW)

5- John Cena & Bray Wyatt (04/28/14-RAW)

The Winner of Best Promo of 2014 Goes To: Bray Wyatt “World has an infection & the virus is the human race” (02/24/14-RAW)

20) Best Match of 2014:

1- NXT Championship: C) Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd (05/29/14 NXT Take Over)

2- WWE Tag Team Championship: C) The Uso’s vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (07/20/14 Battleground)

3- Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt (09/08/14 RAW)

4- NXT Championship Fatal 4-Way: C) Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd (09/11/14 NXT Take Over)

5- Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt (11/23/14 Survivor Series)

The Winner of Best Match of 2014 Goes To: NXT Championship Fatal 4-Way: C) Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd (09/11/14 NXT Take Over)


TLC and Stairs

Kick-off: -New Day vs. Goldust & Stardust

Sarge’s Prediction: The New Day

Diva’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

The Game’s Prediction: The New Day

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The New Day

The Prodigy’s Prediction: The New Day


-WWE United States Championship: C)Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Sarge’s Prediction: Jack Swagger

Diva’s Prediction: Rusev

The Game’s Prediction: Rusev

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Rusev

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Rusev

-Steel Stairs Match: Erick Rowan vs. Big Show

Sarge’s Prediction: Big Show

Diva’s Prediction: Erick Rowan

The Game’s Prediction: Big Show

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Erick Rowan

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Big Show

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. The Uso’s

Sarge’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Diva’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The Game’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The Prodigy’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

-Chairs Match: Ryback vs. Kane

Sarge’s Prediction: Ryback

Diva’s Prediction: Ryback

The Game’s Prediction: Kane

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Ryback

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Ryback

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

Sarge’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Diva’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

The Game’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: AJ Lee via DQ

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

-WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: C) Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sarge’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Diva’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

The Game’s Prediction: Luke Harper

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Luke Harper

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Luke Harper

-Tables Match: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Sarge’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: John Cena

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: John Cena

The Prodigy’s Prediction: John Cena

-TLC Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Diva’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

The Game’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

That’s it for 2014! See you in 2015 for The Royal Rumble. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Happy New Year!! Remember safe and spectacular. Don’t drink and drive or we will hit ya with an RKO outta nowhere! Cheers!

“Talent, isn’t sexually transmitted!”

-AJ Lee to The Bella Twins

28th Annual Survivor Series Predictions, Lucha Underground, TNA & MORE!

November 23, 2014 Leave a comment

00 f4w2012banner

Clearly, we are still working out the kinks of the addition of a new person. OK, I have pregnancy brain and totally forgot about getting the banner re-done. I promise you by December, there will hopefully be a new banner. Speaking of December, we throw away convention of our usual blogs, and do our Year End Best & Worst for 2014, plus our TLC ppv Predictions. December is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a list, and I love organizing.

Lets knock this months out of the ball park first before jumping the gun to December. I’m sure none of us are excited to see December.


***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



Salutations, Survivors!

Yep, this Sunday, it’s WWE Survivor Series. It’s a PPV weekend, so you know what that means. It’s also time for the Fatal 4-Way…..and Sarge’s Boot Camp!

Now, before I begin, I want to take a minute to explain the significance of this particular edition of our little “pet project”. The November edition marks this blog’s 8th year in existence! Hard to believe it….we’ve been doing this thing now for eight friggin’ years. When we started this, we had no idea it would still be going strong for this length of time. However, here we are. Team members have come and gone…and come back again! Guest writers have joined on full-time. Some wrote once and were never heard from again. Some of us die-hards have been here in the trenches since day one, and it just keeps getting better. We do this because we love it, and we love all of you for reading and providing your feedback. Well, almost. I have a line in the bottom of my Boot Camp articles that openly encourages everyone who reads my portion of this blog to contact me and let me know what you think. Good or bad, feedback is what it is, and I welcome it all. I welcome it, but to this day… has not come. Not one e-mail. Not one post on Facebook. Not one Tweet. NOTHING! I know it’s not because you’re afraid to have your opinions be heard. My troops are a fearless bunch, and should feel as free to speak their minds as I do!

It’s okay. Just sayin’….


What’s NOT okay? Oh, there’s plenty to talk about. For starters, let’s talk about the new video game, WWE2K15. What was 2K thinking when they made this game? First of all, the PS3/Xbox 360 versions are completely different from the “current gen” ones on PS4/Xbox One. The last-gen versions are pretty much the same as last year’s game, only with an updated roster and a new game mode based on NXT. They took out the option to use custom entrance music and/or videos for your created superstars and Divas. Hell, on the current gen game, you can’t even make a female character. Of all the things to remove from the game? Really? This only scratches the surface of the woes that gamers are experiencing with this title, and I honestly don’t have the time to roll out the laundry list of other complaints I have heard since the game was released. It’s sad, really. Even under a new developer, there’s no excuse for them to make a game this sorely lacking in comparison to its predecessor, whether on last-gen consoles or current gen. This game franchise has become a staple in my life, and I get each new installment as my default birthday present every year. I have to say, I am not entirely pleased with 2K15’s offerings. I have been left to make due with what I have to work with on many aspects of this game. It is a livable condition, but it leaves me only 80% happy overall. So many shortfalls in a series that normally expands (however slightly) on the previous year’s game.


Sure, there is a lot that leaves me shaking my head about WWE2K15, but something that never fails to baffle and confound me to no end is WWE’s idea of guest hosts. When “wrestling” became “entertainment”, it completely fell off track, and we get to sit through a seemingly endless parade of “celebri-turds” and people (and things) that somebody somewhere thinks a handful of us actually give two shits about! If you think the Muppets were bad, you would be right….but there have been worse, and I have a bed feeling we have not yet seen the end. Most of the time, I am simply left wondering who thought this was a god idea? Why did they choose that person? NeNe Leakes? Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford? These are three people who have NO business in a WWE ring, a WWE locker room, or withing 50 miles of an arena in any city where a WWE live televised event is taking place….and they certainly have no business being on my damn TV screen! I don’t watch their shows. My wife watches almost all the freakin’ “Real Housewives” shows, but she does NOT watch the one NeNe is/was on. I swear it’s like the only one she actually doesn’t show interest in. Can’t blame her, really. Neither do I, and that goes double for when they put NeNe on RAW, and thought I would sit here and put up with it. When she was on screen, I used that as my opportunity to take a nice, long “mini-vaca” on the shitter. Either way, I would be struggling with crap. I just chose the more enjoyable and productive option. The only thing more relieving than a good bowel movement was coming back into the living room and seeing that NeNe was no longer stinking up my WWE programming. I can’t say the same for my poor bathroom, however.

I usually feel sorry for a lot of us who have to suffer through these horrible guest host segments, but last week during RAW, my heart went out to the sad little feline known as Grumpy Cat. This cat is a huge Internet sensation, and it doesn’t take much to gather a small list of important facts about her. I knew the night was not going to go well even before GC appeared on screen as Michael Cole did the disservice of completely fucking up the entire introduction. He called the cat a “he” when it is actually a “she”, and called her “Grumpy the Cat”. Really, dude? It takes 5 minutes on Google or Wikipedia to get your shit straight, and you can’t even bother with that. Once we finally saw Grumpy Cat, it only got worse. They saddled her with having to sit there and listen to The Miz babble about how great he is, and other insufferable crap. I can only imagine how epic Grumpy Cat’s inner monologue had to be all through that episode. As Garfield constantly ponders the miracle of lasagna, and expresses his consuming dislike of Mondays….I assume Grumpy Cat was praying for the sweet release of the vet’s mechanizing needle rather than have to live through another soul-sucking minute of what WWE was putting her through.

As was I. But, rather than being “put to sleep”, I just turned the TV off and went to bed.

(Let it be known that I am not advocating cruelty to animals. Technically, the animal was wishing harm on itself.)

This all could have been stopped if PETA had intervened in time. Given the travesties WWE has perpetrated recently against bulls, gators and bunnies….this cruel and unusual treatment of a national treasure like Grumpy Cat was hard to watch, but one can only assume how painful it was for the poor kitty to live through it.

The cruel and unusual treatment of their fans is just how WWE lets us know they care, and they know exactly what we want to see!


In reverse animal cruelty news…..what the fuck is going on with Adam Rose and the Bunny? Used to be Rose and the Bunny would be in a match, Rose would lose and then proceed to go all “opera singing Elmer Fudd” on his ass. Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, KILL DA WABBIT!!!! However, the tables were turned last week as Rose went to once more lay a beatdown on the long-eared galoot, but the Bunny swung around behind him and, well…..attempted to deposit his “bunny maker” right up Adam’s “Exotic Express”.

And a million Cena fans went blind that night. Okay, just kidding. I am guessing this will lead to a match between the two at some point, but the prospect of seeing the Bunny try to anally violate Adam Rose again makes me want to completely miss anything and everything having to do with them.

I saw The Boogeyman post a few pics on Twitter recently teasing at something going on in WWE Headquarters. Not sure if it was a way of revealing a possible return, but since he didn’t show up on the Halloween episode of SmackDown (which would have made the most sense), my idea would be this. Have Adam Rose fight The Bunny in a match, and at some point, Rose hits the Bunny’s costume head and it flies off….to reveal that The Boogeyman is who is inside the suit! #BoogeyBunny would soon trend worldwide!

But, that’s how things work in my twisted imagination.


And, with that said, it’s about time I hit the bricks. Enough trouble has been caused for another month! Move along, kids. Nothing else to see here. Not until next time Boot Camp is in session, anyway.

Until then, troops…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!

Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: If someone notices you with an open zipper, answer proudly: professional habit.


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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone, how are you doing this month? I can’t believe we are already at another WWE PPV. Man time flies when you’re having fun! I have been trying to keep busy with things. For those of you who don’t know I have been recently laid off due to lack of work available. So I have been trying to find work to keep busy. Anyway let’s get on with this wrestling blog shall we?!

This past Monday’s RAW was all right. Grumpy Cat was the special Guest Host for it. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is this cat that always looks grumpy! She has become an Internet sensation. She has a Christmas movie coming out on Nov 29th. It is going to be on Lifetime network for those of you who want to watch it. I don’t get Lifetime so I won’t be able to watch until it comes out on DVD.

Back to RAW The Miz and Mizdow were really the only ones who interacted with Grumpy Cat. It was pretty corny but I was expecting it, so it didn’t really bother me! There was a new IC Champion that was crowned. Luke Harper ended up winning it. He defeated Dolph Ziggler. I wasn’t expecting Luke to win but it was a nice change. I do however do like Ziggler. It didn’t really hurt him. I’m sure he will get another title shot sometime down the line. Of course the big thing on RAW was whether or not Cena would be able to get enough guys to be on his team for Survivor Series. He did manage to get Ryback, Big Show, Ziggler, and Erick Rowan to be on his team. Sheamus was supposed to be on it but he got taken out by Mark Henry. They will be taking on Team Authority. On TA is Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry and Luke Harper. Now if Team Authority ends up losing it means Authority will lose their authority. But if Team Cena loses everyone on that team will be fired. I think Team Cena will win. I have a feeling WWE wants to change things up and maybe go back to a GM for RAW and SmackDown That’s just my opinion. What do you guys think?

One thing that bugs me is how WWE thinks they can bring back Ryback and expect us to believe he is all that. They pretty much buried him for most of this year and last year. He was teaming up with Curtis Axel. They didn’t really do anything with them. So I don’t know. I also think Ryback is an asshole on top of it. I know he doesn’t care about the fans(cause even when he was a face before he turned heel he didn’t really show he liked the fans). Even now I think he is phony. I have a good eye for things like that. I know Vince likes his “Big Guys” but I think he is wasting his time with Ryback. He will never give back to WWE like other wrestlers they have.

Randy Orton is MIA right now but he will be back soon. As we saw a few weeks ago The Authority took him out but this is storyline related. He is now filming a new film. It will be coming out next year. I’m not sure if I will see it. I guess if Diva decides to buy it I might borrow it from her? LOL Who knows. But when Orton does make his return to WWE I expect him to get his revenge on Seth Rollins. Those two guys will put on some great matches! I just hope Orton doesn’t turn into a boring babyface like he seems to do. I would like to see him be a normal guy who just likes to kick ass!

Speaking about kicking ass Dean Ambrose has been on a roll. Everything that he has been involved with has been really good! Right now he is feuding with Bray Wyatt(another favourite of mine). These guys are going to have a match on Survivor Series and it could be the match of the night. I hope these two steal the show. I picked Wyatt to go over but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ambrose win too. Either one is good for me.

WWE has released a new blu ray about Randy “Macho Man” Savage. It is about time they did do that! I really hope this will lead to Macho Man being inducted into the WWE HOF next year! I really would love to see that(along with other wrestling fans). It is his turn. Come on WWE please put Savage into the HOF.

TNA will be leaving SpikeTV at the end of the year. They will be moving to Destination America channel in the new year. Impact will remain a two hour show plus they will have other shows on the channel. I hope this works out for TNA. But they have a long way to go to get back the fans. At least they have a few good workers on their roster. Kurt Angle decided to stay with TNA and not go to WWE. Also they have Jeff Hardy and many other guys too. I probably won’t watch their shows at the start(we don’t get Destination America in Canada) but I won’t be downloading them either. I may if they get better but for now I’m just sticking with WWE.

Daniel Bryan wants to return to WWE by the Royal Rumble. I hope he does but it does seem this rehab isn’t really helping his hand. He still doesn’t have feeling in it and he could need surgery. If that happens who know how long he will be out. I really wish him the best! I miss seeing him in the ring. He was doing so well then this happened.

I’m going to do something now. WM 31 is in a few months so I’m going to predict what the card will look like. The main event for WM 31 will be Daniel Bryan VS John Cena for WWE World Championship, Triple H VS Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker VS Sting, Brock Lesnar VS Rusev, Randy Orton VS Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho VS Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns VS Bad News Barrett for the IC Championship, Paige & AJ VS Natalya & Trish Stratus and Christian VS Sheamus. So what do you guys think? Do you think it will be a good card or not?

Anyway that’s it for me this month! I hope you guys enjoy the Survivor Series PPV this Sunday if you do end up watching it! You can check out the rest of my predictions along with everyone else at the end of this blog! Have a Nice Day! :)

You can always reach me on twitter @blitz101 or e-mail me at

The Prodigy (Banner)

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is a completely “In-Character” expression of my thoughts pertaining to the wrestling industry. Do not take what I say personally or to heart. Have fun, enjoy the material and lets all take a ride on this crazy train together!”

Brandon Crazy train

Sup jerks! We have a couple things to talk about this month so lets not waste any time and get right into it, shall we?!

Lucha Underground

Are we standing on the edge of a revolution in pro wrestling?

This past October, wrestling fans across the globe were introduced to a new breed of professional wrestling that is drastically different from the era of “Sports Entertainment” (*cough* WWE *cough*) that most casuals are accustomed to. The art of Lucha Libre style wrestling is not unfamiliar territory for wrestling fans. Well known established names such as Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero (with Eddies nephew, Chavo being a huge part of Lucha Underground) became household names based on this style of wrestling competing in ECW, WCW and WWE.

To the people who never watched Lucha Underground: What makes this company stand out?

· Style! As you can obviously tell by the name, automatically youre going to be seeing a different style of wrestling than before. If your cup of tea is high flying, fast paced and breathtaking action? Lucha Underground is right down your alley!

· Presentation! One of the first things youre immediately going to notice is how this show is presented to the viewing audience. Forget the standard angry, overly exaggerated wrestling promos you have come to expect. Instead, we are presented with a dark, resolute and somewhat cheesy vignette style of storytelling. Everything has a movie style feel to it and its refreshing to see in between matches. In my personal opinion, this brings a better sense of realism to the product that you dont see anywhere else.

· Wrestlers! What would Lucha Underground be without its talent, right? You get a wide variety of wrestlers that most likely you have never heard before sprinkled in with some former WWE and TNA castoffs. Wrestlers such as Johnny Mundo (WWEs John Morrison), Big Ryck (WWEs Ezekiel Jackson), Chavo Guerrero Jr, Prince Puma (former part time TNA X-Division star), Shawn Hernandez (yet to debut, former TNA star), to name a few. In addition, theres wrestlers like Sexy Star, Drago, Fenix, Catrina (WWEs Maxine), Ivelisse and many others.

The arena has a down and dirty “Fight Club” like appeal to it in my opinion. Former AAA and WCW star Vampiro, along with former WWE announcer Matt Striker provide the commentary with a realistic approach rather than advertising products and treating the audience like dumb sheep.

I could continue on and praise this new organization, but I feel its best for wrestling fans to go and check it out for you. Speaking as a die-hard wrestling fan, Im always looking for alternatives to mainstream professional wrestling. Lucha Underground, in my humble opinion, is one of the better alternatives I have seen in recent years. I sincerely hope you will tune in and check these guys out. Lucha Underground airs on Wednesday night at 8pm (Eastern Time) on the El Ray Network. If youre unable to watch it on television, check it out online somewhere. I promise you will not be disappointed.


GFW and NJPW team up for a very special Pay-Per-View extravaganza! Are you ready to #JoinTheForce?

In April of this year, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett announced that he was going to start a new promotion called Global Force Wrestling (GFW). As time went on, Jarrett started to pick up momentum for his growing company. He aligned himself with some of the best international wrestling promotions from around the globe (no pun intended). AAA from Mexico. New Generation Wrestling from New England. WrestleClash from Australia, just to name a few. One of the biggest partners GFW gained was New Japan Pro Wrestling. A promotion rich with wrestling history, with many big names making a splash in the United States like Big Van Vader, Keiji Muto/The Great Muta, Masahiro Chono, Ultimo Dragon, and so many others along the way made an impact in our sport. Therefore, it was only fitting that GFWs first major event would come with their biggest asset NJPW!

Wrestle Kingdom 9”, one of NJPWs biggest events is set to take place on January 4, 2015. Due to their new relationship with GFW, a deal was made to co-promote the event here in the United States live on Pay-Per-View. Recently, a major announcement was made on behalf of GFW that legendary ring announcer and WWE Hall of Famer; Jim Ross would be the play by play announcer for one night only. Joining him will be former TNA color commentator and TNA Shop pioneer, Don West will join Ross on commentary.

Here is the scheduled card for the event. The card features mostly talent from NJPW, with others sprinkled in from ROH and other Indy promotions:


Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada Singles match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship


Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Kota Ibushi Singles match for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship


Ryusuke Taguchi (c) vs. Kenny Omega Singles match for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship


reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) (c) vs. Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero) vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and Kushida) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) Four-way tag team match for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship


Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Togi Makabe Singles match for the NEVER Openweight Championship


Minoru Suzuki vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Singles match; the winner can only be declared by submission or knockout

While nothing has officially been announced by GFW on a television deal or what they plan to do for a roster, look for Global Force Wrestling to become the talk of the wrestling world for 2015!


Wrestling garbage that makes you face palm because the fail is too hard to put into words.

There werent too many things to talk this month, so I came up with an idea for a segment. When I used to run a Facebook wrestling community group, one of the things that caught on was my *face palm* picture. I would post this in favor of lashing out and talking about how stupid a particular wrestling character/match/angle was. Therefore, I decided to carry this one here at the Fatal 4-Way. Each month, Im going to pick a random number of things that made me (and most of you wrestling fans) face palm in complete disgust.

· The Bunny Hump” Okay, we all know how much I cant stand that f***ing bunny. I probably hate the character as much as JBL. Nevertheless, wrestling fans were subjected to his funny, but also uncomfortable scene on RAW.

The Bunny Hump

If The Bunny is really Darren Young this is going to cause a LOT of controversy within the LGBT community.

· Cesaro gets snubbed” In a controversial move from RAW this past Monday night. Cesaro comes down to the ring and sides with The Authority during the final showdown. When the show closed, we were all under the assumption the main event was going to turn into a 6-on-5 match with the addition of Cesaro. But nope! It appears Cesaro will NOT be a part of Team Authority after-all. So, what was the effing point of having Cesaro out there to begin with? Ugh! Idiots!!!


Its okay, Cesaro. Were all pissed off too!

TNA Bound for Glory

· Bound for Failure” Alright, Ill admit. “The Prodigy” is a bit of a biased TNA fan. However, that doesnt mean they are safe from my deadly venom. TNA and Wrestle-1 co-produced TNAs “biggest” Pay-Per-View of the year in Tokyo, Japan amidst a Typhoon, a controversial Dixie Carter tweet referencing the impending hurricane and “Cowboy” James Storm and one of the weakest BFGs in company history! To add insult to injury, major TNA stars like Bobby Roode, Bobby Lashley, Gail Kim, Eric Young and others were nowhere to be seen. The show itself was good, mind you. However, it didnt deliver on what the show could have been had TNA and Wrestle-1 got all their ducks in a row. Oh yeah, the show was taped, not live.

Was this years TNA Bound for Glory a failure? Tweet @DravensFlock and let me know what you think!

· M.I.A” The wrestling world has not seen, nor heard from WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar since WWE Night of Champions in September. Rumors ran amuck that Lesnar was having health issues. Others say it was a “WWE” call to set Lesnar out and use him as needed. Some speculated it was a contract issue between Brock and the WWE. Regardless of what the truth is, WWE needs to see Brock Lesnar back sooner than later. I dont mind if we see him on every episode of RAW or SmackDown. I want to see him back defending the title on Pay-Per-Views as a champion should do! What a concept, right?

Brock Lesnar

MISSING! Have you seen this WWE World Heavyweight Champion? If so, please call our hotline! Its 1-900-909-9900! Kids please get your parents permission before calling!

· You sure do have a purdy mouth, little lady!” Finally, I end this segment with a disturbing meme between Erick Rowan (aka, #LambHeadGuy) and Renee Young. Imagine if WWE decided to turn this into a “love story”? LMFAO! If you can remember back when Lillian Garcia had a storyline with the late Viscera/King Mabel, then you may get somewhat of an idea where this could go. Disturbing!

#LambHeadGuy and Renee Young

This is what happens when #LambHeadGuy hooks up with Little Bo Peep. Only in the WWE folks!

Thats it for me. Im checking out of the nuthouse and back into the Asylum… wait, that didnt sound right? Oh well. We all go a little crazy sometimes. This is “The Prodigy” signing off, telling you to get your pets spayed & neutered, your kids to stay off drugs, and to grow a spine and speak your mind!


Twitter: @DravensFlock

The Game

WWE Hell In A Cell Thoughts,UFC 179 thoughts:


Rowan Joins Team Cena on RAW + UFC 180 thoughts:

The Skirt Sheet

Another month has gone by. And soon I’ll be just a manager of the Fatal 4-Way. I’m not leaving once the baby comes, but I may not be writing as often. Kind of depends whether or not I get to watch much wrestling. It’s nice to have The Prodigy (aka Brandon) on our team, to sort of pick up the slack while I’m off trying to be a mom. I honestly have no freaking idea what I’m doing. Lol!! But you live and learn. Babies don’t exactly come with instruction manuals. Although they really should. As of this blog, I have 11 weeks until our Baby Beluga finally comes. Anyways, I should shut it and get to bidness…

Lucha Underground S01E01 2014-10-29 480p AVCHD-SC-SDH logo

I was hearing all this buzz from some of my friends on Facebook about Lucha Underground. A different take on wrestling. The Mexican luchador style mixed with a rougher North American style, set in a dingy dojo. The wrestling is amazing. The rest is pretty cheesy. Some of you may know the names of Vampiro, Matt Strkier (both lead commentary), Chavo Guerrero Jr., Konnan, John Morrison who is now known as Johnny Mundo. All in this new promotion. They go by episodes and it is produced by Mark Burnett who produces Survivor. It isn’t so much done in the direction of WWE or TNA or Ring Of Honour, but more like a television show. That’s the part that gets me. I’m not really sure how I feel about the television show format oppose to arena wrestling format the other promotions are usuing. Even though I seem to have a problem with it, the matches that are put on, are amazing. Quick-moving, flashy, but smooth and near flawless. Sometimes you catch mistakes being made, but who cares, the rest of the matches make you forget what you are seeing.

Rumour has it, former WWE superstar, Alberto Del Rio will be joining the show in the early new year. Which doesn’t exactly surprise me. Four episodes have aired and in the first three I was waiting for him to pop up. Women face men, and men face midgets. There are very few rules in Lucha Underground. Anything can happen at any given time. I like the spontaneity it affords me as a new fan to the show. It’s easy to follow and the stories are simple. If you miss one week, then you don’t miss much at all. Stars to watch, Mil Muertes, Prince Puma, Blue Demon Jr., Fenix, Drago, and Sexy Star (most unoriginal name ever).

The ring is larger than WWE, and sounds a lot harder with less give. I could do without the cheesy vignette type segments, and Sexy Star is a tough woman wrestler who feminist would shit all over because she wrestles men, and isn’t afraid to get slapped around. The acting is horrible, but it’s a good thing that the in-ring work is stellar. If you want a break from the conventional, check out Lucha Underground. There has been only 4 episodes as of this blog.

Matt Striker still sucks, btw.

Moving on…

Adrian Neville pulling a dick move on NXT a couple of weeks ago in his title defense against Sami Zayn. I freakin’ loved it. Feigning an injury to distract his, friend, then rolled him up for the pin. OMG classic. He still played up the injury afterwards, but it was still a move that you wouldn’t suspect of a babyface like Neville. Great swerve.

Speaking of Sami Zayn, they seem to be slowly intergrating him on the main roster. For two weeks in a row, Zayn faced Tyson Kidd on Main Event, getting some main stream exposure. Maybe that’s why the NXT Championship has not been put around his waist. Also, ever since The Ascension has lost the NXT Tag Team Championship to Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara), I’ve been expecting them to be brought up on the main roster, but no sign of them yet).

NXT keeps amazing me each week. I’m still waiting for NXT Women’s champion, Charlotte to have her penis slip out. I’m sorry, she’s an amazing wrestler, but looks so man-like.

Grumpy Cat? Really? That is all.

Lets talk about the 28th Annual Survivor Series for a few moments. Hardly any matches have been booked. I think they have four matches booked (granted I’m writing this on this past Tuesday so who knows, it could have changed).

Team Authority vs. Team Cena. This one is a toughy. The way it looks now, Team Cena will be going over, however with Rusev on Team Authority it looks like Team Authority will take it. Rusev has yet to be pinned or made to submit. However, without Rusev on Team Authority, it wouldn’t have opened Cena vs. Rusev. I’ve been saying this for months, that it will be John Cena who beats Rusev via pinfall or submission. C’mon, he’s the American hero. Of course it’s always been the plan to go with Cena as being the one who finally beats Rusev. I think the only way that Team Cena can win, without someone pinning Rusev (because I doubt he would get pinned or forced to submit in a team match), is for Rusev and Lana to walk out mid way through the match and be done with Team Authority. A quick rundown;

Team Authority: Seth Rollins (Captain), Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev, and Luke Harper

Team Cena: John Cena (Captain), Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Ryback and Erick Rowan (yeah I know right, wtf?)

The way the rumours are swirling, Nikki Bella is set to defeat AJ Lee for the Diva’s championship. Especially after Stephanie McMahon was recently asked in an interview about how none of the Total Diva’s cast will ever be allowed to be on the show and carry the championship. She answered that simply wasn’t true. With the rumour that AJ was planning on leaving the company after Survivor Series, instead of putting the title on a non-Total Diva (because really, there isn’t many who aren’t on the show now), putting the title on John Cena’s girlfriend is most likely going to take place this Sunday.

Nobody cares about the WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way match. For me to care, is for them to do something amazing, like call up The Ascension to interrupt the match and lay out every single team. I won’t be holding my breath.

Lastly, the psychological games between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will only just be starting. Mind games aside, both guys are killer on the microphone, and both are solid in the ring. Wyatt maybe the creepiest in the ring compared to Ambrose, but never take away the rash in-ring style of the Lunatic Fringe. He brings a quick, sloppy-yet-neat approach to his work inside the squared circle. A style that helps improve his image as being a bit off the cuff, one that will compliment, and pardon my pun, the off the rocker stylings of Wyatt. This match was likely more anticipated then the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match, until the stipulation was added by Mr. McMahon. For me, I’d rather see Wyatt vs. Ambrose.

If it wasn’t for Dean Ambrose, I’m not sure if I would still be a wrestling fan right now. I’m so frustrated with the product. I feel like when the baby comes, I probably won’t miss wrestling as much. I can’t help but wonder what Ambrose will do next? What actions will make him fly off the handle? What facial expressions will make him look the most looney? etc.. He’s just interesting.

I can’t figure out Erick Rowan joining Team Cena. Then again, I’m probably not the only one who can’t figure that one out. Yeah I know that should have been further up in my blog, but the thought just popped into my head.

I watched the 2014 TNA Knockouts Knockdown with eight TNA Knockouts, and eight Independent female wrestlers. I’ve always regarded the TNA Knockouts to be far superior than the WWE Diva’s (of this current roster), however not in the one pay-per-view they get a year. I’m not sure if they toned it down so that the newer girls could keep up or not, but either way, the wrestling was disappointing. In round one, it pinned one TNA established knockout vs. an aspiring knockout, and the winner would move on to the Gauntlet Battle Royal.

Round 1: -Veda Scott vs. Gail Kim; I had planned to give a rundown of the matches but they kinda all looked the same to me. Gail Kim goes over.

- Scarlett vs. Angelina Love; Angelina goes over with help from Velvet Sky.

-Reby (Sky; aka Mrs. Matt Hardy) vs. Velvet Sky; Reby goes over thanks to a mistake made by Angelina spraying Velvet in the face with hair spray.

-Havoc vs. Madison Rayne; probably one of the better matches of the night. Surprised that Madison Rayne would defeat Havoc.

-Karlee Perez (former NXT Diva, Maxine) vs. Taryn Terrell (former WWE Diva Tiffany); I’m not sure why TNA thinks that Terrell is a good wrestler. She hurts my eyes. Anyways, Taryn Terrell defeats Karlee Perez.

-Mia Yim vs. Brittany; virtually two chicks I’ve never heard of or cared about. Mia Yim defeats TNA Knockout Brittany.

- Deonna vs. Brooke. Worst match ever, but TNA’s Brooke gets the win.

- Marti Belle vs. ODB; Strike that last one, this was the worst match. Watching an afro defeat the gross and has to be smelling of bad punani ODB, was well there was no good way to end this match. But at least I don’t have to look at ODB later. Or so I thought. Turns out she would strip and beat Rockstar Spud. Yeah that was pretty bad too.

Then round 2 was the Gauntlet Battle Royal match. Starting off for the first two minutes is Gail Kim vs. Brooke. Then Mia Yim, Reby, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Marti Belle, & Taryn Terrell would join every two minutes. To be eliminated, each participant had to go over the ropes and both feet hitting the floor. When it comes to the final two participants, a referee would be added and it would become a one-on-one match for the Queen of The Knockouts crown. It would come down to Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne. With the predictable out come of Velvet accidentally spraying Angelina in the face with the hair spray, like Love did to Sky earlier. Madison Rayne is the 2014 Queen of the Knockouts.

I’m not sure I have much else to say as of right now. Wrestling has just been disappointing as of late. I’m still enjoying NXT and I’m getting used to Lucha Underground. Try as I might, TNA just doesn’t interest me. WWE has been one slow and disappointing show after another. This whole “New Day” shit with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods looks really stupid. They would have been better off going with another Nation of Domination then with a baptist Right to Censor-type gimmick. Then again, we have yet to see what this “New Day” shit is about. Will Slick come back as a manager? Is Slick still alive?? Actually he is. Lol! With all this said and done, I will see you next month for probably one of the most difficult Best & Worst list I could possibly do. To find anything good in 2014, will be extremely difficult. To just limit myself to the Worst will be difficult as well. So much shit to chose from. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Survivor Series

-WWE Tag Team Championship; Fatal 4-Way Match:

C) Goldust & Stardust vs. The Uso’s vs. Los Matadores vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The Game’s Prediction: The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

-Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match:

Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma vs. Paige, Cameron, Layla & Summer Rae

Sarge’s Prediction: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma

Diva’s Prediction: Paige, Cameron, Layla, & Summer Rae

The Game’s Prediction: Paige, Cameron, Layla & Summer Rae

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma

-Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: Brat Wyatt

Diva’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

The Game’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: this one is tough…Bray Wyatt

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Sarge’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Diva’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

The Game’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

The Prodigy’s Prediction: AJ Lee

-Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match; If Team Authority Loses, they also lose their power:

Team Cena: John Cena vs. Team Authority: Seth Rollins

Dolph Ziggler                          Kane

Big Show                                Rusev

Erick Rowan                         Luke Harper

Ryback                                  Mark Henry

Sarge’s Prediction: Team Cena

Diva’s Prediction: Tough one, Team Cena

The Game’s Prediction: Team Cena because of Sting

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Team Cena

The Prodigy’s Prediction: Team Cena

That’s it for us this month…We will see you in one month for our Best and Worst of 2014 blog and TLC predictions. No Quote of the Month since no one said anything clever enough to warrant such honour.

Breaking News about one of Night of Champions Matches & More…

September 20, 2014 1 comment

00 f4w2012banner

Welcome back faithful readers. Been a full month. Didn’t say it was full of good stuff, just…full. Lol! We have a lot to get to this month, so we should hop to that.

The Game

BREAKING NEWS: Roman Reigns Pulled from PPV and has Emergency Surgery:



***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fan boys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



Orale, amigos!

Alright, people. Here’s the deal. The “411”, if you will. I know I was absent last time we put one of these things out, and while I really don’t answer to anyone except the man upstairs, I feel I should at least let you all know what was up in my world. It’s my prerogative.

Let’s say there was some “family business” to tend to. Events involving someone in my extended family. It was in the national news, and even covered by Nancy Grace for about a week or so. Without going into details, it caused a shit ton of emotional distress to us (especially my wife), and we are still picking up the pieces. It may take a very long time before we have everything straightened out in our minds. On the weekend that this blog was due last month, my wife, our kids and I had plans to take some time away from home for a few days and “live our lives” away from all the people and social media and TV that would just keep reminding us of what we were trying to put behind us.

I’m sorry I bailed on you guys last time, but now you know, and can hopefully understand my reasons for being AWOL from this place we knows as Sarge’s Boot Camp.

Well, I am back and ready to get this thing rolling again. As always, I’ve got a few things to get off my chest, and I’m going to tell you right now….it’s not gonna be pretty! If I know my troops, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Let’s do this!

First of all, I say ENOUGH with all this “9.99” bullshit! I know WWE has made it a selling point of the WWE Network, but it has been used to the point of becoming incredibly annoying, and now it just feels like a running joke on every WWE program.

My difficulties with the WWE “Not-work” are well documented, so I will not go into all that again with you. I simply have to laugh a little bit at my predicament every time I see one of WWE’s ridiculously redundant ads for the Network. They ramble on as if everyone on Earth is able to use it, but ………


And, speaking of “bad news”, I have begun to wonder if there is such thing in WWE as a “main roster curse”. I mean, the way people do well and prosper on NXT, but fall flat and end up either being sent back to NXT or let go altogether. Case in point, Emma. She was wildly popular in NXT, then she was brought up to the main roster. Within a few months, she is busted for apparent petty theft from Walmart and she practically vanishes from RAW and SmackDown.

As I have stated before, I cannot use the WWE Network, so if you know of anything on NXT, Main Event or any other Network-only show, then forgive my ignorance! How the fuck was I supposed to know if I can’t watch everything the rest of us can?

There has been talk of both Adam Rose and Bo Dallas being either put on the back burner, or moved off TV for a while since Vince McMahon has lost interest in their characters. Back to NXT with ya! Well, maybe not for Bo Dallas. He seems to have stayed on TV while Adam Rose was off RAW and SmackDown for a few weeks and only came back recently, though his bunny friend appears to be getting a bigger push these days.

Hell, the furry freak even has a new movie coming out!


Okay, I’m joking about the movie. That was made years ago. Pulling your leg, people! I might be one the biggest assholes on planet Earth, but I still like to have fun, damn it!

Yes, I like to have fun. But, you know what isn’t fun? Sitting through this storyline with the Bella’s. It’s just painful, and I don’t mean in a “hurt feelings” kind of way. I swear once I heard they were bringing Jerry Springer for a segment between Nikki and Brie, I face-palmed so hard, I almost drove my nose up into my brain and killed myself!

Does everyone remember where Cameron came from? She was a contestant on the last season of Tough Enough, and she was eliminated on the very first episode. Being weeded out first is never a good sign. Up until the debut of the Funkadactyls, I thought I had seen the last of that “dead behind the eyes” waste of space. Nope! She actually managed to work for WWE after all, and even got a spot on the cast of “Total Divas”. People who say John Cena can’t wrestle must have never seen Cameron in the ring. She’d be great if all Divas matches consisted of screeching, hair pulling and rolling on the floor. Sadly, that’s only about 70% of most Divas matches these days, but what can you expect when most Divas are hired simply based on their looks and with high hopes that a glimmer of athletic ability might magically happen over time.

Ya know, if they really wanted to keep Ariane “Cameron” out of WWE for good, this is how Tough Enough should have played out. String her along every week until the finale, and then….have her WIN! The people who actually win these competitions are rarely ever heard from again, and it’s the runners-up and losers who seem to come back and have careers instead anyway. The winner of the last Tough Enough was “Silent Rage” Andy Leavine. I know! Andy who?? Where is he, and what has he done since winning Tough Enough?? As far as WWE is concerned, fuck-all! That’s what. Oh, he was released back in 2012. Funny. I didn’t even know he was there that long. All I ever heard he did was go down to FCW to train, and then get busted for Wellness Program violations.

His nickname was “Silent Rage”, but I’d say he was more on the “silent” side. Now, if we could just get Cameron to shut the fuck up as well……

Hiring Cameron may have been a shitty idea in hindsight for WWE, but do you know who is the absolute Queen of bad judgment??

Eva Marie!

As terrible as Cameron may be, Eva Marie is sometimes even worse. The things she says and does are, at times, absolutely cringe-worthy. If you watched RAW or “Total Divas”, you have seen several examples of this, like the time she was given the chance to play ring announcer and called Jinder Mahal “Ginger Mahal”.

They call Total Divas a “reality” show, but whenever Eva Marie (and/or Cameron) is on screen, I am usually left doing my best Miz impression, repeatedly saying “Really?”

However, last week’s episode took it all to a new level. Eva Marie and her husband-to-be were having a photo shoot to make their “save the date” announcements to let everyone know when their wedding was going to take place. Sounds all romantic and shit, eh? Here’s the problem. These pics looked like softcore porn. Eva Marie was in her bra and panties and her fiancé was naked from the waist up! Honestly, if I hadn’t seen the episode to know what this was about, I would have been like “Save the date? For what? Your amateur debut on RedTube?”. Seriously! What the Hell are they thinking? Eva Marie’s clown-haired noggin seems to be brimming over with shitty judgment, and the fact that her man went along with it means he is either whipped as all Hell, or he is Eva Marie’s intellectual equal….which is no good for anybody, if you ask me.

It’s no wonder Eva Marie’s family shat all over her “save the date” pictures when she showed them. Some of these pics seriously look like they should have a Brazzers logo on them.


Or, simply added to them to make them absolutely hilarious!

And, I think I will leave that right there. Tell ya what. I’ll go ahead and take off for now, but I will be right back here next time for more sick and twisted hijinx. You know you love it! You have to, or else you wouldn’t keep coming back here all the time. Now, get outta here, ya loonies!

Until next time…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!

Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: Don’t drink and park – accidents cause people.

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The Skirt Sheet

Wow! Another month gone by and things are changing so fast. My belly is getting firmer and well, I can no longer wear my jeans. Lol!! That is so hard for me to admit. I live in my jeans and they were loose before. Now, just painful. Dammit!!! Our Baby Beluga and I are actually doing perfectly. You have no idea how much of a relief that is when you were told that if you ever get pregnant, you’ll be high risk. I’m not. Things are spot on. No we have not found out the sex of our Beluga. It’ll be a surprise in February. But y’all came here to talk wrestling, not babies, so I’ll shut it and get to bidness.

What can I say about NXT?! OMG, I can’t say enough but have no idea where to start. Oh, lets just talk about the MAN GRAVITY FORGOT!!! Adrian Neville. I freakin’ love this guy. He’s built like a big guy but flies like a small guy. I have pushed this fella on as many people as I can, and my boyfriend is now a super Neville fan too. It didn’t take much except Mat watching the NXT Tag Team match between the NXT Take-Over fatal 4-way Championship match on RAW. He was just blown away. That match was great but they looked toned down. Doesn’t surprise since WWE was probably scared that these four fellas would show up their main event talent (John Cena, Randy Orton). Even toned down, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayne, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd, still looked better than the WWE’s main roster…

What happened on RAW was nothing compared to the actual Fatal 4-Way match a few days later at NXT Take-Over. WOW! These guys went out there and were absolute magic. I can’t find the full match, but seriously, this is why I love wrestling. Fast, quick paced action with varying styles that never allow you to get bored. That won’t make you fall asleep.

Sadly, I can’t say the same about RAW or SmackDown. Lately those two shows feel inferior to NXT, although WWE doesn’t want you to think that. I was surprised that they actually showcased talent on both RAW and Main Event (The Ascension defeated Los Matadores).

Adrian Neville

Adrian Neville, is THE MAN!!

Must not discount the ladies. Bayley took on NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte, in hopes of fulfilling her dreams but didn’t quite make it. Charlotte kept her challenger down in a hard fight. Both women went out there and totally kicked some serious ass. Congrats to both Bayley and Charlotte for representing the ladies. I love some of the diva’s on the main roster, but they do not hold a candle to the NXT women! I love Paige, I’m a huge fan of hers, but even she’s toned her aggression and ring work down after being called up to the main roster. My guess is, she needs to slow down so the others can keep up.

Congrats ladies!! (I still think Charlotte looks a bit like a dude, but otherwise damn good in the ring).

Bayley vs Charlotte

Total Diva’s is back, so I’m sure you all know how stoked I am. Again, John Cena has been coming off as a complete selfish dick. However he does actually redeem himself. The situation is this. Nikki Bella has always wanted to be a mother, but Brie was worried that she was giving up her dream for John, who doesn’t want children. Brie suggested to Nikki that she freeze her eggs just in case one day, she wants children and things didn’t work out with Cena. Nikki thought about it and decides to go through with it but chose to hide it from Cena. In episode 2, he finds her fertility needles and medication, thinking it was drugs (which he freaked out about, despite the fact he clearly takes shit), and she tells him what it’s for. He’s relieved, but only temporarily. Cena then tells Nikki over dinner that her freezing her eggs scared him. He sees that as her not planning on staying with him for the long term and he doesn’t want to picture his life without her. Long story short, he talks her out of freezing her eggs. Nikki tells Brie and Brie says she thinks she should still do it. Why should Nikki give up everything for a man who gives up nothing? I fully agree with that statement. So Nikki decides to go ahead with it and tells John. He’s not super thrilled but she tells him that she needs to pick 10 days to take off work for treatment and what she needs; she needs someone to take her to the appointments and home and look after her. Cena says he will be there for her and will be her chauffeur. He’s supporting her decision. Hence his redemption. I still think he’s a selfish prick but that shows he’s giving in a bit. I don’t know what his issues with children are, but he’s closing in on 40, he can’t wrestle forever. Being there for your child isn’t going to be a huge problem if that’s what he’s worried about. My guess is, and this is JUST MY GUESS, is he doesn’t really like children. If my child came to me and said, “mama, I want to meet John Cena.” This might be where I say, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Of course, if I’m raising my child right, that question will NEVER arise, as my child will hate Cena as much as I do. Lol!!

The show is just starting to heat up, but I already do not like Rosa Mendes. She grosses me out. I do not find her attractive or pretty or even remotely sexy. I find her gross. Big fake knockers, doesn’t mean you are sexy. It means you are desperate for attention and have low self-esteem. Before, Diva’s got them to help them look good in front of the cameras, but not many diva’s go for the implants now days. Big tits just aren’t in. It’s one thing to get implants to give you a bit of shape, but to go so big they look unnatural like Rosa (or Layla), is just wrong. Nikki’s got boobs going on, but hers actually suit her body type. There is such thing as too big, and it doesn’t just apply to women’s boobies. Just saying! Don’t even get me started on Cameron/Ariane. I never liked her and still don’t. As far as I’m concerned, fire her ass. Don’t put her in NXT, as the others will be forced to slow it down for pretty little selfish Cameron. Gag me!

Speaking of TV, my man Adam “Edge” Copeland, is killing it in season 5 of SYFY’s HAVEN, as Chief Dwight Hendrickson. I’m not going into to detail because some of my Canadian readers are waiting to see the season. But his intensity is absolutely growing as the troubled Chief of the Haven Police Department, and dealing with the leader of the Guard, Vince. Edge has come a long way in his acting and is probably one of the best wrestlers to enter the acting world. My Canadian boy making me proud, and giving me my Edge fix. Because truly, he is one guy from the wrestling business, I can’t seem to live without. I need my fix. Lol!!


Congrats Adam “Edge” Copeland on doing such an amazing job. Not only does Edge reek of AWESOMENESS but so does Dwight!

It might have become obvious that I’m avoiding the topic of RAW, SmackDown and the upcoming Pay-Per-View, Night of Champions. You would be right. I’m trying my best to stay positive (despite butchering Cena’s character and making fun of Rosa’s disgusting titties). I just don’t see anything really good to say. I’ll start with the Bella’s and the Diva’s Championship situation. I think the WWE needed to severely save the one segment on RAW by adding AJ Lee and Paige to the Bella feud. It got to the point that once Stephanie McMahon defeated Brie Bella at Summer Slam, and Nikki turned on her sister, they were lost. The predictability worked against them and people just weren’t interested. They jumped the shark with the whole “Daniel’s having an affair with his physical therapist” thing. Which, by the way, we’ve heard fuck all about since. I think they made a Katie Vick sized boo-boo. Before that, the feud had promise. The back and forth between Paige and AJ Lee has been a life saver for the Bella’s.

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton’s match at Summer Slam was a huge disappointment, so much so that they finished their feud on RAW. It wasn’t worth wrapping it up on a Pay-Per-View. However they did the same with Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt, but they have been having great matches. That steel cage match on RAW a few weeks ago was amazing. Orton and Reigns were lacking that magic. They had a decent build up but no chemistry when it came down to mixing it up in the ring. Kind of sad really.

Digging this whole Miz has a stunt double thing. Seems like the WWE has found something for Damien Sandow to do. It’s still humiliating but it’s something steady. Too bad Sandow lost his footing after Cody Rhodes and him dissolved their tag team. Cody Rhodes, aka Stardust. I can’t understand a damn thing he or Goldust are saying. Which is the point, but those two are looking damn good in the ring. I would just hate for Cody to be stuck with the Stardust gimmick like Dustin has been stuck with Goldust.

John Cena buried The Undertaker two weeks ago on RAW, saying that Brock Lesnar beat the crap out of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 and ‘Taker hasn’t been seen since, but a week after his beating by Lesnar he was asking for a rematch. Way to make The Undertaker look like a giant pussy you fucking taint licker!!! God, that made me so damn mad!

Mark Henry vs. Rusev is just boring. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and I’m not used to have patriotism shoved down my throat but it’s so repetitive as multiple examples I could give over the course of decades, upon decades. Mark Henry bores me on a good day, but add Rusev and his Debra re-do, Lana, and I’m bored. Her promos are ALL THE SAME. Listen to her, it’s all the same but words are changed up a bit or rearranged to make her sound different. AND what the hell was having Mark Henry and Rusev as main event on RAW this week? I actually turned RAW off at that point.

Now I seriously can’t think of much else to speak out that you all would be interested in. I’ve been so busy with dealing with Kiska at Marineland and finding help for her and the just started season of the Taiji Dolphin Drive/Slaughter that wrestling is taking a bit of a backseat. Just one thing about these animals, remember they do have feelings and they have families like we do. Kiska has lost all of her babies, all of whom died before at age 4 except one who was 6. That’s not normal. And the various species of dolphins in Taiji between September to March (sometimes late February) are either stolen from their families to be imprisoned in aquariums or swim with dolphin programs, or they are brutally and inhumanely slaughtered in front of each other. I couldn’t imagine watching my mom or dad or brother being slaughtered with a spike being driven through their blow-hole. They have feelings just like we do. Sadness, depression, happiness, angst, anger, frustration, blissfulness, etc.. Think twice before buying a ticket to an aquarium or paying to swim with dolphins on vacation. I’m always available to answer questions and provide valuable and reputatable sources for this topic. Education is key to changing the way we look at captivity, not bullying. Some activist will use bullying.

Anyways, enough of that. Next month I will have my Hamilton Comicon report. The plan is to meet “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for an autograph and picture, meet up with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase to get my figure signed that my loving boyfriend tried so hard to get to me last year in Niagara Falls but missed me meeting DiBiase, and I’m going to meet Trish Stratus for the third time, and I’m also going to see if she is willing to help spread the word about Kiska. (Colleen already passed a long a package to Amy “Lita” Dumas for me and that went well. Just waiting to hear something from Lita.) We need one super strong voice to tweet or talk to his/her fans to help spread the word about Marineland, Kiska and the disgusting living conditions. Plus the baby is coming soon too. Seems like time is flying now and we are so behind on getting stuff ready. I got a stroller/car seat combo today, our first big purchase for our Baby Beluga.

Enjoy Night of Champions, if you can, and if you haven’t already, check out NXT. It airs every Thursday on the WWE Network, I am not saying for how much because I will shoot myself. I don’t have the network, I just download it. Trust me, NXT is totally worth it. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey how is everyone this month? I hope everything is going well with you guys and gals. I am doing all right myself. I had some news earlier in the month that I wasn’t expecting and it caught me off guard. But now I’m looking at it as a chance to change some things in my life. So I’m looking forward to it. For the time being that’s all I’m going to say about it at this point. Anyway let’s get down to this wrestling blog shall we?!

Let’s talk about these past few RAWs. I’m going to be honest with you guys. It has been difficult to watch(apparently I’m not just the only one on here who agrees with that statement). I just really don’t care about The Bella Twins feuding with each other. WWE has given them way too much time and I know Brie is a nice girl and all that but she cannot act at all. Nikki I can’t stand her either. She’s a little bit better than her sister but not that much. I don’t like how they have put Nikki in this Diva’s title match. She doesn’t belong in it. It just brings down the title more(if that can happen). It just sucks. This whole storyline is just wasting our time. I’m not sure what they plan on doing but if they put the Diva’s Title on Nikki and have the sisters feud over it gah! Lol

Also if John Cena ends up winning the Championship again this Sunday, this will put a huge step backwards in WWE. They need Brock to win and keep the title. Keep it fresh make him hold the Championship till at least The Royal Rumble. Then maybe have him drop it to somebody. Brock deserves to hold the Championship for a while. I know he may not be on TV all the time but when he is there it makes it more exciting. I would also like to see other guys get a shot. Maybe give Sheamus a chance at Brock. That would be cool to see. Anything would be better to see than Cena holding the Championship.

I’m not sure why WWE turned Goldust & Stardust heel but I guess it makes sense since they are feuding with The Uso’s. I still do enjoy seeing G&S as a tag team. They do a good job. I’m not sure if they will end up getting the tag team Championships. I think Stardust is going to eventually turn on Goldust and they will wrestle each other. Yay a brother vs brother feud lol Just what we need to see again! I have to say The Uso’s are doing a great job as a tag team. I never really liked them much but they have improved and I don’t mind watching them.

On a more serious note I would like to say I’m glad Jake The Snake Roberts is recovering from double pneumonia. He was in a Las Vegas hospital for a week or so. It really didn’t look so good for him but he is out of the hospital now. He is still recovering in Vegas but will be going home when the doctors say he can travel again. I tell you this guy has gone through so much and still is. He is fighting cancer. I hope he beats this and continues to live his life on a positive note.

So I’m going to make a prediction. I believe Kurt Angle will be making a return to WWE. I say he will be back for the Royal Rumble. I know his deal with TNA is almost over and he recently hinted that he is looking for the best deal for him and his family. I have feeling he wants to finish his career in the WWE. I would like to see him come back. I always liked him and I think he can bring something to WWE. I know WWE doesn’t really need him but he could help out guys like The Miz, Ziggler and Sheamus. He is also pretty entertaining on the mic.

Another person who could end up back in WWE is Bully Ray. Yep the former Dudley Boy could be back. His deal with TNA is almost over. If he came to WWE he would be a great guy to take down Brock Lesnar. Just think of the hardcore matches those two could have?! I wouldn’t mind seeing that. But that’s just me.

But who knows for sure if either of them will actually return to WWE. But don’t forget we still have Sting. He still wants to face The Undertaker at WM.

Speaking about WM there is a weird rumour going around that the main event for WM is going to be Brock Lesnar VS Hulk Hogan for the WWE World Championship. Yeah that will sell lots of PPVs. Good thing you can get the WWE Network for $9.99! Or $11.99 a month if you live in Canada and have Rogers.

I caught a little bit of Haven the other night. I saw Edge on it. It is great to see him on TV. I didn’t watch all of it because I had no idea what was going on lol But if I have the time I may actually try watching it from the beginning.

Oh I really did enjoy the NXT match on RAW from last week. I thought those four guys put on a great match! Makes me want more and it also gives me hope the new superstars that will eventually be on the main roster soon. Maybe there is hope for WWE. If NXT stays strong like it has, WWE could once again make great can’t miss TV once again.

On that note I’m going to end this months blog! Have A Nice Day! :)

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Night Of Champions

-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Sarge’s Prediction: The Miz

Diva’s Prediction: The Miz

The Game’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

-Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Sarge’s Prediction: Rusev

Diva’s Prediction: Rusev

The Game’s Prediction: Mark Henry

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Rusev

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) The Uso’s vs. Goldust & Stardust

Sarge’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

Diva’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

The Game’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

-Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Sarge’s Prediction: Chris Jericho

Diva’s Prediction: Chris Jericho

The Game’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Randy Orton

-WWE United States Championship: C) Sheamus vs. Cesaro

Sarge’s Prediction: Cesaro

Diva’s Prediction: Cesaro

The Game’s Prediction: Cesaro

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Cesaro

-WWE Diva’s Championship; Triple Threat Match:

C) Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Sarge’s Prediction: Paige

Diva’s Prediction: Paige

The Game’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Paige

- Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins via DQ because of returning Dean Ambrose

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship: C) Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Sarge’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Diva’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

The Game’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

That’s it team for this month. See you for Hell in A Cell in October.

“Well I can’t believe this. I’m actually going to say something I never thought I would. I’m going to watch 2 hours of Hornswoggle.”

- Darren (a friend, regarding watching The Origins of Leprechaun)


Money In The Bank Predictions, NFCC and more…

00 f4w2012banner

It’s Money In The Bank time of year again. This is always a very difficult time to predict the outcome of this pay-per-view, which is probably why it’s so fun. We may as well hop to this puppy and get it out of the way. Enjoy!

The Game

Batista Quits,Seth Turns on The Shield joining Evolution and UFC news:


***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***


Welcome back, Warriors!

So, here we are again. It’s PPV time in WWE, and that means…it’s Fatal 4-Way time. And you can’t have a Fatal 4-Way without a visit to your friendly neighborhood Sarge and his Boot Camp! Well, we’re here. So, let’s get this done!

Now, with every new edition of the Fatal 4-Way blog comes with PPV predictions by all of us. Granted, they can be rather “hit and miss”. In my case, I have found them to be more on the “miss” side, unfortunately. I am just glad nobody is keeping score, or there isn’t some kind of point system in place, because I would most certainly be on the shortest end of that stick! Bottom line, I don’t do very well, for whatever reason.

So, I have some great advice for all of you! If you want to make some near foolproof predictions on future PPVs…come and look at who I have predicted to win, and just pick the other guy. See? Simple! Hey, what can I say? I am only here to help, people. You’re welcome!

On a lighter note, I have something to share with you. Most of my troops on Facebook and Twitter are already familiar with this topic, but for those of you who may not be as “spun up”, here’s the thing.

I love my wife to death, and I know she tries her best to attempt to understand things on the rare occasions when she watches wrestling with me. I do find myself having to explain a lot of it to her since she doesn’t watch it regularly and really has no idea who some of the superstars are these days. We used to watch together more often when we were dating, but that was back in the days of Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Jake “The Snake”, and the Ultimate Warrior. These days….she wouldn’t know Seth Rollins from Seth McFarlane, but I still love her anyway. I can’t help it. She’s such an awesome woman. Always has been! And, let’s face it, the way she talks about some of these people makes me laugh so hard, I almost need to wear diapers around her sometimes. Such is the origin of the man we will now and forever more refer to as “Lamb Head Guy”.



Naturally, this was all made a hundred times funnier because of the substantial buzz I was enjoying thanks to a couple very “one-sided” rum & Cokes I had partaken in earlier in the evening. My wife’s drink of choice is wine. However, even if she was sober, she would have still come up with the now infamous name with which she called Erick Rowan that night. She had admitted to me that Rowan’s sheep mask really does creep her out, and she even had nightmares after seeing him. She thinks it’s a Pagan image or something. I keep telling her it’s just a guy in a sheep mask, and he doesn’t always wear it. It doesn’t matter to her. She won’t even look at the TV now if Rowan is on with his sheep mask.

But, because she did not know his actual name, her first instinct was come up with some label to refer to him with, and in her own words….she called him the “lamb head guy”. I don’t remember if it was the name itself, or her delivery of the name in a slightly slurred tone due to the wine she had been drinking, but something in those three words had me instantly doubled over in my chair, giggling my ass off to the point where I thought I might lose consciousness! I kid you not!

So, she eventually got tired of me laughing uncontrollably every time I looked at her, and she went to bed, leaving me alone to finish watching RAW. However, an amazingly brilliant idea crossed my addled mind that night. The title of “Lamb Head Guy” had become so near and dear to my heart by that point that I wanted to share it with the world. Therefore, I set out on a quest. A quest to saturate social media in an effort to introduce #LambHeadGuy to the world! I posted it all over Facebook! I Tweeted, and ReTweeted it more times than I can recall. I wanted to get #LambHeadGuy trending worldwide! Some of my friends even helped out by forwarding out my Tweets and ReTweeting #LambHeadGuy in their own posts! Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with the whole thing, and I honestly hadn’t laughed that hard for so long in a very long time!

Sadly, despite my best efforts, and those of my friends…#LambHeadGuy never trended even for a minute. The trail of carnage I left in my wake was visible all over Facebook’s news feed, as well as everything I had posted on Twitter that night since I have my FB synced up to reflect my posts on Twitter. When my wife woke up and checked her Facebook from her phone the next morning, she saw post after post in her own news feed referencing #LambHeadGuy and she was only “mildly” amused. It was all in good fun, and we both knew that. I didn’t do it to make fun of anyone. In fact, we still joke about it every time we see Erick Rowan on TV. It has become an inside joke between me and my wife, and we both have fun with it. A few of my friends also share this reference with me, mostly my closest friends and members of the Fatal 4-Way team.

Seriously, I think Stardust is a LOT more creepy than Erick Rowan.


I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!! This is just too much. A while back, he was sporting that porn-stache that made him look like a pedophile…and now, this?? What the Hell is wrong with you, Cody?? **shudders**

I know this might be a long shot, and a lot of you may not feel this would ever work in a million years, but I have had an idea for a while now about something I would do if I had the ability…and the money, of course.

This is just a sort of “fantasy” thing, and I know I could never pull it off, but please humor me. What I would do is create a wrestling organization of my own, and use it as a way to take past Superstars and Divas (or Knockouts) who were never used to their potential, or had been typecast with crappy gimmicks their whole careers, and book them in ways that would help legitimize them in the industry and give them that spotlight that they never got working for the “big name” companies. I would call it “Second Chance Wrestling”, or SCW. This is an idea that has been brewing for years, especially after seeing so many talented people being held back and then being released after asking to be let go due to “creative differences”, or because they weren’t happy with the direction they were being taken. It’s a shame to see such untapped potential go to waste, and it would be my mission to make sure that never happens to them again!

But, as they say, a dreamer’s gonna dream. Right?

Okay, so that might be a good idea only in theory. You know what else seems like a good idea? Making sure all your monkey asses are back here next PPV weekend when Sarge’s Boot Camp is back in session! Get here early because you know I take a roll call, and if your name’s on my list….you better be present and accounted for! It’s not just good for business. It keeps your colon safe from a boot leather enema!

That said, I’ll catch you all back here next time, troopers! Until then….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!

Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: Constipated People Don’t Give A Crap!

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The Skirt Sheet

This sort of snuck up on me. I guess I’ve been pre-occupied with other matters lately. I have a feeling this is going to be a rather short edition this time around, as I don’t have too much to talk about. So I guess I’ll just shut up and get to bidness…

Both Bad News Greg and I attended the Niagara Falls Comicon again this year. There was actually quite the selection of wrestlers to choose from to meet. Former WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly was there, two Former WWF Tag teams, The Killer Bees & Demolition were also there. I bumped into Leapin’ Lanny Poffo and had a great 45 minute long conversation with him. And of course, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair was there. This year the prices were really high, but it’s the talent who sets them, not the venue. As soon as I got in there I got settled in line for Flair, and that’s where my 45-minute long conversation with Poffo took place. I had mentioned that I met two years ago at this same event and he asked if I had received his book and I hadn’t. So he gave me his book and signed it for me while he regaled me and two interlopers of stories of his past, and stories of his brother, Macho Man Randy Savage.

IMG_1173 IMG_1174

I did get a chance to ask Lanny a question that is sure to be all on our minds; “What is going on with the WWE Hall of Fame?” Lanny sighed but graciously answered, telling me that he really fought hard to get his father and brother into the Hall of Fame, but has decided to let it go and the WWE can induct his brother, Macho Man, separately at their leisure. He told me it wasn’t fair to hold up such a prestigious acclamation (I think that’s the right word I’m thinking of). So, if we don’t see Savage in the HOF any time soon, it’s not Lanny’s fault. Say what you want about Lanny Poffo, but he didn’t have to stand there and talk to me for 5 minutes, let alone 45, and he didn’t have to answer that question I asked him and he certainly could have charged me for his book but he didn’t. He’s an amazing man, well spoken, full of humour and it was a definite pleasure to have been able to spend that amount of time with him.

By the way, I found Waldo…


Lol! Ok, so I was so torn between whether or not to go and meet Dean Cain from Lois & Clark. I’ve always found him kind of cute, but then I had just watched Lois & Clark for the first time and had recently finished it and I’ll admit, I’ve got a bit of a crush on Cain. Lucky for me, his table was right next to Ric Flair’s, so waiting for Flair to arrive allowed me to take, oh, probably 20 or more photos of Superman himself…



Flair arrived on time, and he was spending a generous amount of time with his fans. I didn’t actually have to wait that long in line, I think I was there probably about 45 minutes after he sat down. I had already pre-paid for a special photo-op which was scheduled for later, so I just had him sign my (apparently rare) action figure, and talked to him about his daughter and how he must be so proud that she’s carrying the Flair name with respect and passion for the business, to which he said he has never been prouder. Then he high-fived me and Wooo-ed! Lol!!


The line-ups were horrible to go to the bathroom, to meet certain celebs, to go out for smoke and back in again. Oye, it just wasn’t all that fun. I almost got squished between some humongous fat chick in a Star Trek uniform and a bigger version of the Big Bang Theory’s Captain Sweat Pants. My life flashed before my eyes. I managed to find at least two out of the 10 figures I was looking for, which was better than I had expected, had to settle for my number 2 Hacksaw Jim Duggan, (which I plan on getting signed in October in Hamilton), and CM Punk.

My Finds

Finally met up with Greg after witnessing my boyfriend, Mat meeting Marina Siritis from Star Trek Next Generation, to get ready for our photo-op with Flair. Wooo. It was the first time I saw Greg all day long. We had a chance to chat while waiting, but I was so tired, and dare I say cranky. The time came, and we went in and Flair was looking good and shook Greg’s hand and everything and we had really good 8×10 photo taken of us with Ric Flair…

flair j

Either both Greg and I need a tan, or Flair needs to spend less time away from the sun and tanning beds, lol.

There were so many amazing costumes at this years event but two stood out for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a wrestling fan, I don’t know but I thought these two lads did a great job…


Ok, so maybe we should talk about the big blue elephant in the room. Bluetista, I mean Bootista, ahem, sorry I meant Batista. Yeah that’s right. He certainly made a smurf-tacular splash with his interesting choice of ring gear to wear in his match with Evolution against The Shield. The jokes on the inter-web have run rampant. No surprise that Smurfette upped and quit (plus we were sort of expecting it). If he wanted us to stop making fun of his skinny jeans, he sure as hell succeeded. Lol… It’s MORPHIN’ TIME!



I have my theories on this whole Shield break-up thing. Maybe I’m in denial about it but hear me out. So Seth Rollins turns on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as part of Triple H’s plan B. Which is brilliant if you ask me because Reigns is too over with the fans and Ambrose would have been too obvious. For some reason, Reigns is not going after Rollins, and Rollins isn’t going after Reigns. Instead it’s Rollins and Ambrose attacking each other. Then, Rollins tells Triple H to put Ambrose in the Money In The Bank contract match, so he can keep an eye on him? Really? That doesn’t sound like a heel move. A heel would run and do everything he could to avoid his main nemeses. Instead, Rollins tells Triple H to go ahead and add Ambrose to the match? Reigns is in the other MITB match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Seth gets put into the MITB match for the contract, and he gets Ambrose put into the same match as him. To me this sounds awfully like The Shield doing some undercover and infiltration work. Could this be a giant swerve? They have given Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose new music and a new look, but Roman Reigns is still coming out to The Shield’s entrance music, and wearing the traditional gear of The Shield. It’s not completely erased from the eyes of the fans.


Bad News Barrett was injured at the SmackDown tapings this week. He heard a pop and was hit with pain in his right shoulder after being tossed into the barricades by Jack Swagger. On Tuesday night on Twitter, Barrett said he was having x-rays done on Wednesday but no news has been released since then. He may not be in the Money In the Bank ladder match for the contract this weekend. Is it just me or does Barrett have the worst luck?

And with that said, I’m going to head out. Not feeling the greatest and I’m at work so I should wrap this up. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone how are you doing this month?! Can you believe it is summer already?! I thought for sure summer wasn’t going to come with the cold long winter we had this past year. But here it is and it looks like it is turning out to be a good one! :) I’m really looking forward to it because I have a week off in July! The plan is to go to Toronto for the day and who knows what else. I think my sister may come down for a visit too. We shall see. Anyway let’s get on with this wrestling blog shall we?!

SPOILER do not read this paragraph if you don’t want to get spoiled from a potential outcome to this Sunday’s PPV. Rumour has it John Cena will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. It hasn’t been confirmed if it will be for WWE World Heavy Weight Championship but WWE has hinted to people who received e-mails from saying that Brock will get a title match at SummerSlam. Also a few days ago Amazon put up a pre order DVD/Blu ray for SummerSlam 2014 and on the cover was Cena and Lesner. A day later it was pulled and now WWE sent out an e-mail with the same cover of the two of them on it. So I really hope this match isn’t for the WWE Heavyweight Championship because Cena doesn’t need the belt. I mean I don’t care if they wrestle each other, but not for the belt. SPOILER done now.

Moving along to this Sunday’s PPV. I’m hoping Roman Reigns comes up on top in this MITB match. I would really like to see him with the Championship. Of course none of this would of happened if Daniel didn’t have his surgery. But unfortunately for Daniel it happened and now we get a new Champion this Sunday. I’m not sure when Bryan will come back but maybe we might get an indication this Sunday when he will be interviewed in the pre-show.

A few weekends ago CM Punk got married to AJ Lee. I hope they have a good life together. I have feeling what Diva told me a few weeks might end up being true. I’m sure she will explain her feelings about this subject. I will just leave it at that.

Speaking about Diva, her and I got our picture taken with Ric Flair earlier this month at Niagara Falls Comic Con. It was great! I want to thank Diva for letting me join her in the picture! It was great to meet Ric and shake his hand. That was a big moment for me. I have to admit I have met some of the best wrestlers in the last few years and I’m going to meet another one of my favourites in October! I’m going to meet Trish Stratus. She is one of my favourite Divas! I can’t wait to get her autograph and picture! :)

Bret Hart is scheduled for WWE RAW on July 7 in Montreal. Of course the last time WWE had RAW live in Montreal Jerry Lawler had a heart attack. I hope nothing like that happens again! But it will be great to see Bret on TV again. It looks as though he is working out a lot and getting into shape. He has been posting some pictures on his twitter feed.

We still haven’t seen Sting on WWE TV. I’m not too sure when he will show up on RAW. Maybe closer to the Royal Rumble? Gosh that is a long time away! I still think WWE should have the Royal Rumble in Toronto. It would be a great place to have it! But that is just my opinion. Lol

Have you noticed how popular Bray Wyatt has gotten on WWE TV?! It is so insane! But I like it though! He is a great talent and he is shining from it. I hope WWE doesn’t screw up his character though.

Also who knew splitting up The Shield has turned out to be so good for each of them so far! I love Dean Ambrose as the loose cannon. He does such a great job at it! He has something. Seth Rollins as the heel has been great too! It was a good idea to have him turn on his “brothers”. It made the most sense. And we already knew Roman Reigns was going to be big on his own. Now look at him, he is so over with the fans now he could end up being our new champion. So WWE has done well so far with splitting them up.

I caught a little bit of TNA last night. From what I was watching it wasn’t really that bad. But I really hate their backstage skits! I don’t like how the cameraman is “hiding” while they are talking. It annoys the hell out of me! They announced last night that they are bringing back the six sided ring. I don’t know if that was a smart move. But whatever. I don’t run the promotion. Sometimes it is okay not to listen to your fans! :P But I do like the news of The Hardy Boys reuniting in TNA. That’s pretty sweet! Too bad it wasn’t in WWE but that’s okay.

Did anyone watch RAW this past Monday? What do you guys think of “Stardust”? I’m not sure if I like it. But I guess Cody doesn’t really have any say(I don’t either). At least he is on TV. But you know Cody was getting over with the fans as himself. But I guess WWE just thought it wasn’t enough.

Well I’m glad Stephanie did the right thing on RAW and let Vicki get her revenge on her for all of the things she has said or done to her. It was great! I will miss Vicki on TV but I feel it was her time to leave WWE. I’m sure she will end up in the HOF at some point. She was pretty entertaining. Good luck Vicki with what ever you are planning to do.

Okay so that’s it for me for this month. I hope you enjoyed my blog! Also enjoy this beautiful weather! Have a nice day! :)

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Money In The Bank



-Money In The Bank Ladder Match for Contract:

Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Wade Barrett vs. Seth Rollins

Sarge’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

-Big E vs. Rusev

Sarge’s Prediction: Rusev

Diva’s Prediction: Rusev

The Game’s Prediction: Rusev

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Rusev

-Fandango as Special Referee: Summer Rae vs. Layla

Sarge’s Prediction: Summer Rae

Diva’s Prediction: Layla

The Game’s Prediction: Summer Rae

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Summer Rae

-Goldust & Stardust vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Sarge’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

Diva’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

The Game’s Prediction: Curtis Axel & Ryback

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Paige vs. Naomi

Sarge’s Prediction: Paige

Diva’s Prediction: Paige

The Game’s Prediction: Paige

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Paige

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) The Uso’s vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Sarge’s Prediction: Luke Harper & Erick Harper (aka #LambHeadGuy)

Diva’s Prediction: The Usos

The Game’s Prediction: The Usos

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Vacant):

John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane vs. Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena

Diva’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

The Game’s Prediction: John Cena

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

That’s it for this month. See you for Battleground on July 20th. Have a great summer and stay tuned for some big news.


WrestleMania 30 Predictions and More!

00 f4w2012banner

Hey, we’re back just in time for WrestleMania 30, to regale you with our predictions. This time, they are either split right down the middle or straight out of left field. But that’s what makes us work. It’s a busy weekend, so we will start this party now!

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees (Do NOT put any pills or booze near Scott Hall, just saying.)

2014 WWE HOF


***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fan boys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***


What’s up, Warriors?

At the risk of sounding like that annoying camel from the GEICO commercials…..

Guess what time it is! Guess…what…time…it…IS! That’s right. It’s Boot Camp time once again. Even better….it’s WRESTLEMANIA time.

However, I have something to vent about before we move on. As I think about WrestleMania, and how I had to miss it last year because of financial reasons after a recent 1600-mile relocation, I was practically guaranteed that I was going to be able to see the biggest show of the year this Sunday! I am working now. We are established and have no other plans on that night. It’s like all the stars and planets are aligned. Everything, that is, except for one thing…..watching it on the WWE Network.

I was all excited when I went to subscribe to the WWE Network and become one of the millions (and millions) of “cool kids” across the world. Signing up was easy enough, but that’s where the positive part ends for me. Later that night, when I had time to sit and check this whole thing out for the first time, I began to really doubt my enthusiasm. I was running it on my PS3. I logged into the WWE Network app, and got to the home page. I began to feel a little rush as I realized what had just opened up before me. Endless possibilities were at my fingertips! I went and made a selection, and it began to load. It showed the rating screen (as it does before every show), and then……I get a Fatal Error that advised me to restart the app. I did that, went back in and tried to open the show. Same shit! I tried to open a few other PPVs or shows, and it did the same thing every stinking time!! So, I tried to access it through my laptop instead. No “fatal error”, but it gave me a different error stating that “WWE Network content is not available at this location”. What the fuck does that even mean???? Unbelievable. Also, I sent an e-mail to the tech support people on Friday morning, and I still have not heard back.

Luckily, my wife has come to understand my concern, and has assured me I can still order WrestleMania through the regular PPV method, so I won’t end up missing it after all. It just sucks that the WWE Network isn’t being more user-friendly, and I have no clue at all how to make it work right.

WWE Network? More like WWE NOT-work!

Okay. Enough of the “Debby Downer” crap. What was I thinking? This is WrestleMania weekend. It’s time to pull the sticks out of our butts and have some damn FUN!

That said…’s time for another round of the funny, thought provoking and often unsettling things that run through my mind at no certain intervals throughout the day. In other words…….


**** As I have said before, I really like Emma. She’s a little silly and awkward, but that makes me rather lovable. What I do NOT “love” about Emma is not really her fault. I hate that she has been stuck with Santino. WWE really makes Santino into a huge dumbass, and it takes away from Emma’s quirky character by making her seem almost as terminally retarded. She’s better than that….by a long shot. She needs to be in more matches instead of nauseating vignettes that waste everyone’s time and insult us as wrestling fans and human beings of even marginal intelligence.

Yes, I still like Emma even though she has been dealt a crappy fate so far since being brought up from NXT. Not to mention, she’s Australian, but her accent isn’t thick enough. Let me tell ya, troops…that Australian (and even British) accent really does it for me. Love that shit! Now, am I saying I want to stick my diggery-doo in her “Down Under”?? Well, no. But, if any of you snickered a little bit at what I just said….you’re welcome!

**** I know WWE would never script this to happen, but how bad would it screw with the Undertaker’s streak if Brock Lesnar was to go ape shit and break the Deadman’s arm with the Kimura, causing the ref to call the match a “no contest”. This would result in a draw, and Taker’s streak would technically stay intact, but the record would show as 21-0-1.

**** I wish my son (or daughter) would get more into wrestling like I am. I know they are still too young to really understand it, but it would be nice to share that common interest. It would also move going to see WrestleMania in person up a lot higher on my bucket list!

**** I think I know the real reason why Erik Rowan wears that mask. He’s really Bobby Brady, and he is still pissed about having made a fool of himself on national television by losing that ice cream eating contest on the Kartoon King show! He just outgrew his donkey mask, and traded up to the sheep one.

(I really wish I could have found a pic of Bobby Brady with that donkey mask, but I seriously could not find one anywhere.)

**** The E! Network should make a spin-off of Total Divas with Ariane (Cameron) and Eva Marie called Total Dipshits.

Or, maybe take all the Divas who are married (or who will be soon) and create a new show called “Real Housewives of the WWE”. I’d watch that before any of the other housewives shows. The people in those shows are so repulsively fake, plastic and superficial. At least, with wrestlers, you already know it’s scripted and not exactly “real”.

**** Sorry, but even though people have told me not to look down on John Cena for the way he handled the talk with Nikki Bella about not wanting to ever get married or have kids, but he came off as a colossal jerk, and it still pisses me off when I think about it. He could have been a bit less douche about it. What a shame he is loved and admired by so many kids all over the world, but he doesn’t want to raise one of his very own. Kids look to their fathers like they are heroes in their lives. Why the Hell wouldn’t he want that kind of connection in his life? Guess if the kid doesn’t have cancer, or spending time with the kid wouldn’t get him more publicity, then Cena’s not into it.

**** Not sure if I have asked this in the past, but should I feel old because the Superstars and Divas I grew up watching as a teenager are now getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? It’s kind of like how you feel when you realize the songs you used to jam out to as a kid are now being played on the “oldies” station.

Anyway, people. I guess I should pinch this one off right here so we can all get on with our lives. I’m sure there is a lot more of this blog left to read through, and who am I to take up any more of your valuable time? I’m sure you have big preparations to get done for your big WrestleMania festivities. Or, maybe you just have to take a dump. Either way, keeping you here any longer would just be inconsiderate.

So, with that said…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..wondering: The best way to lie is to tell the truth . . . carefully edited truth.

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UFC 171 Results– Hendricks vs. Lawler, Carlos Conduit Injured:

WrestleMania XXX This Sunday!! RAW Thoughts:

The Skirt Sheet

It’s WrestleMania weekend!! For anyone attending, you’ll have a fun but jammed pack weekend. For all of us who are not, hopefully there are some parties going down, or at least small get togethers. Since it’s a busy weekend, I’ll shut it and get to bidness.

This year searching for party theme proved to be a most difficult task. However, one night was talking to Bad News Greg on Skype and we came up with, “Mardi Gras”. Minus the gratuitous nudity. Lol! My guests will all have beads on, and whenever someone gets a prediction of a match correct, they can take one strand of beads from someone who didn’t get it right. Whoever has the most beads at the end of the night, wins the prize. I think it’ll be a fun night. Plus, my niece from Edmonton, who wrote for us a while back with her amazing essay on CM Punk, will be here. There is at least seven of us, including Bad News Greg and The Game (Steve-O). All we’re missing is Sarge. One day, we will get him here for Mania.

So one of my buddies, tweeted Batista and offered to take him shopping for pants that fit properly and weren’t “nut-huggers”, and I guess Batista didn’t like that so he blocked him. True story. I’m still fucking laughing about it.

I’m really enjoying the build-up to the Bray Wyatt versus John Cena match. Yes, I’m actually looking forward to a John Cena match. Hell has frozen over (and with the winter we’ve had, it’s entirely possible). When Cena showed up behind the Wyatt Family wearing the sheep mask, that was pretty fucking cool. I didn’t see that coming. Creative gold right there. The WWE has managed to make everything The Wyatt Family (mainly Bray Wyatt) say or do gold. Question is, how long until the WWE drops the ball? I suspect it could be as soon as WrestleMania, if Cena goes over cleanly. If that were to happen, then I think it would take a lot away from what the WWE has done with The Wyatt’s to build them into an in-ring-psychological beast. What the WWE should do, in order to get both over, is have Cena win via disqualification. Cena looks good, Bray and the Wyatt’s look good. It’s more emotional for the fans. It’s a hell of a better idea than if Bray gets pinned or submits to Cena. Either Bray needs to go over cleanly, or Cena wins with a DQ. If he wins cleanly…

Wyatt meme

I wasn’t going to use that picture and then go into this but too bad… Structure is not my friend right now.

If Brock Lesnar breaks The Undertaker’s streak, then I will throw all my living room furniture off my balcony of my 15th floor apartment. That is all.

I hope Daniel Bryan beats Triple H. I don’t see a valid reasoning (other than selfishness) for Triple H to go over, and then insert himself into the WWE World Championship match. (I fucking smell burnt toast, where the hell is it coming from?) Daniel Bryan winning would make the fans happy. Plus the emotional build up since SummerSlam would make his win more important. A star who is being demanded to be made, will in-fact be made. Everything that he has gone through since SummerSlam, would just make such a fairytale ending if he was to beat Triple H (in 8 seconds would be fucking funny, like how Sheamus defeated him a few years back), and then go on to beat Randy Orton and Batista. He’s ready to be a main event player. I think as fans, we have proven that we do not want Batista as Champion. Let Bryan go over and then have him do a program with Batista. Truth is, no one fucking cares about Batista. He’s so 2006! Take you ball-huggers and go home!

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is the Royal Rumble Re-Do, but with the prize, not being a main event match at the show of shows for the Championship, but a statue. I think it’s great that they want to keep the memory of Andre the Giant alive but really? Really? REALLY? There are three spots left. I’m hoping one goes to Wade Barrett, seeing as he got ousted at the actual Rumble for J-B-Fucking-L! I picked Barrett as the winner, even though he isn’t actually entered into the match, OFFICIALLY, yet. I have high hopes. Maybe too high, and I haven’t even smoked anything. I had a dream the other night, that CM Punk returned and won the Battle Royal. Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m dreaming of that match either. Thing is, the idea has been sitting in my head for about two weeks now. There are reports saying that talks are now quiet between Punk and the WWE. But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t come to some sort of agreement. Somethings you have to swerve in order to have a surprise. This could happen. It would lend a bit of credibility to the match. Obviously if Punk returns, I’m so ditching Barrett as my prediction and going with Punk. It would just be too easy. However, I really hope they don’t allow Big Show to go over. Having a giant go over in memorial battle royal honouring another giant, is just way to predictable.

Rumour had it that NXT tag team champions, The Ascension, were originally going to join Kane in the match against The Shield. Which was obviously scrapped and The “OLD” Age Outlaws were added instead. I was more excited for the possibility of new tag team blood, however I really got thinking about it and it would have screwed over The Ascension, if the plan was/is for The Shield to go over. It would take away from their characters and turn them into uncredible pussies. Them losing their first match at an event such as Mania, would kill their careers. Hopefully The Shield are slated to go over in the match because, like the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match, it makes no sense for the older ones to go over when they are already established. Allow the younger team to go over and gain more momentum while they are still freaking hot. OMG Roman Reigns, be still my we…err…beating heart. I’m cool with it all now. I believe in The Shield.

Is there a diva who deserves a push and the chance to become WWE Diva’s champion? In my opinion, yes. I’d like to say there are five, but Emma is still new and I’m not sure she’d be ready but in the ring she is one hell of a worker. She’ll get her chance, she’s still young. My answer is there are four; Tamina Snuka, Natalya, Naomi and Nikki Bella. Both Tamina and Natalya come from great wrestling lineage. They are powerful and technically sound workers. Naomi brings this charisma and energy, not only to the ring but to her technique. It’s well rounded and clean. A run with the championship would boost her confidence and elevate her further up the popularity ladder. Nikki Bella has really stepped into her own since getting her own identity away from Brie Bella. They are still on a team and still sharing the ring, but now they are identifiable. They aren’t mirror images of each other now, and it allows not just Nikki, but Brie as well, to show more of what they are capable of as individuals. Nikki has proven that she is a powerful woman in the ring. She’s working matches that stand out from her twin sister’s matches. She’s made herself noticeable. Their individual skill sets now stand out. Nikki is more polished. I do not want to take anything away from AJ Lee. She’s proven that she deserves to be champion. But if she has nothing to chase or fight for, then how long can she last in this business? There is a lot of talented young women (minus, Ric Flair’s daughter, “Charlotte” because she looks older than I am and she is apparently younger. Super fugley! Wooo!) She works hard at making herself look good as well as her opponent. She is evolving with every match and learning as she works. It’s like taking the best attributes of Lita, Trish Stratus and Victoria and rolling them into AJ. She’s got it, but she needs the chase. I would like to see her bring back the WWE Women’s Championship, and restore it’s legacy. For all of you have heard me talk about the legacy and the importance of the Women’s championship know that I don’t take it lightly. Many amazing ladies have held that belt, and some have ruined the legacy (Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool, Layla, to name a few). I think AJ Lee is the right one to bring it back and give it some CPR with making that legendary belt breathe again.

The Fatal 4-Way match should be an easy one to call. I do not see The Uso’s losing their tag team titles to Los Matadores (who are a complete joke and the only reason they are “popular” is because 12-year olds love midgets in Halloween costumes), The Real Americans (who are both talented but would be better off feuding with each other), and Ryback & Curtis Axel (fucking hate both these two ass-hats. I refuse to call them Rybaxel, as it’s just R-tarded. They are nothing but a make-shift-tossed-salad of no talent and no idea what to do with them type of a team, and I hate those types of teams). The Uso’s have a great win-loss record from January until now, and are the most consistent tag team in the WWE. I don’t see a reason for taking the titles off Jimmy and Jey Uso at this time.

I’m at the point, where I have talked about the entire event. There really doesn’t seem to be that many matches, however eight matches seem reasonable, with one being on the pre-show (the tag team championship fatal 4-way match). There should be no reason for any matches to get pulled from the show. The question is, will they add any that none of us are going to care about because they couldn’t build anything around them? I don’t like that Big E isn’t defending his Intercontinental championship, or that Dean Ambrose isn’t defending his United States Championship. This is the place that all titles should be on the line. This is an event that should have more honour than any other. I’m not exactly pumped for the event, but I’m trying to be. I’ve been a fan for 30 years, and this is one of my favourite times of the years, but the past two WrestleMania’s, just didn’t work for me. I thought they could do better. I hope they do better this time. I sometimes complain about what matches there are on the card, but I always hope that all the matches will be amazing and it would surpass my expectations.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I’m certainly going to try. Can’t wait for my friends to load into the apartment and turn it up a notch. It’ll be fannnnn-taaaahh-stick! See what I did there? Yeah, I promise not to do that again. Lol!!Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone, how are you doing this week? So I guess the big news is this is WrestleMania weekend! Does it feel like WrestleMania? Well I guess this year seems to be a lot better than last year’s built up. So are you guys excited?!

Let’s talk about Triple H vs Daniel Bryan first. This match is probably the match that will either make WM 30 great or not depending on the outcome of the match. If Bryan ends up going over in this match(which I am really hoping he will), a lot of fans will be very happy! I mean this is probably the only chance where WWE can make the WWE universe very happy. Daniel deserves the WWE Heavyweight Championship. I know I have said a lot about this and WWE better make sure Daniel goes over so he can be in the main event at WM 30. If Triple H goes over, WWE is probably going to end up regretting that decision. I can only imagine what the fans are going to do if that happens.

The main event is Batista vs Randy Orton vs the winner of Triple H and Daniel Bryan. Again depending on the outcome of the other match this match should be pretty good or really bad. I hope Bryan ends up in the match and wins the WWE Heavyweight Championship. I have to make a comment about Batista…why did he come back to WWE? I mean the guy is not cool at all. He may think he is but really he is such a joke. Did anyone see him the other week where his skinny jeans split? OMG that was just so bad and funny at the same time. I don’t think he is getting a lot of respect from the boys in the back since his return. I also think Triple H and Vince are regretting bringing him back. He hasn’t really brought anything to WWE since he came back. If they end up putting the title on him, well you can say good bye to a lot of fans!

One match that I’m looking forward to is The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. I like how this match has been built so far! I really hope these two guys put on a really great match! Usually Undertaker’s matches at WM are really good. Of course who he is facing helps out a lot too. I don’t see The Undertaker losing this match to Brock. Brock is a pro and I know this could be an exciting thing to see.

Another match which I can’t wait to see is Bray Wyatt vs John Cena. I think The Wyatt Family as a group has been amazing. Also this passed Monday John Cena did something that was pretty cool! He snuck up behind the Wyatt’s in one of their outfits and caught them off guard. It was really cool to see. I don’t want to see Cena win this match because it would just end the feud. I want Bray to win this match. He deserves the win and if Cena loses this won’t hurt him at all. In fact it might make him stronger in the end. If these two guys can put on a decent match this could actually steal the show! Yep I’m calling it. This could be match that steals the show! What do you guys think?

The Royal….wait I mean the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match will be pretty good. I can’t believe they are putting 30 guys in this match. Didn’t we just see this two months ago? Oh well maybe they are making it up for Batista winning the Rumble? LOL Who knows for sure. All I know is this match should be neat and I would like the winner of the match to be pushed into the main event status. Hey I can dream guys come on now! I’m picking Ziggler to win. Don’t be surprised if you see a certain former ECW/WWE/TNA star return in this match. I’m just saying! Also don’t expect Jericho to make a return. I don’t think he will be part of WM 30.

The Diva’s match I don’t really care too much about to be honest. So I hope it isn’t too painful to watch! It might be the washroom break or food break match.

The fatal tag team 4-Way match for the tag team championship is probably going to be okay. I’m going with The Uso’s in this match. Even though I’m a fan of Ceasero I don’t want him to win the belts with Jack Swagger. I think it is time for The Real Americans to break up. I’m surprise Hulk Hogan hasn’t really said anything about the Real Americans. Maybe in a future RAW?

Speaking about Hogan, he is the guest host of WrestleMania 30. I’m sure he will have lots of legends with him while he is hosting the show. It should be entertaining I’m sure!

Anyway that’s it for me for this month! I hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope you guys enjoy WrestleMania 30 on Sunday!! Have a nice day! :)

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WrestleMania 30 logo

Kick-Off show: -Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship:

C) The Uso’s vs. Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: The Uso’s

The Game’s Prediction: The Real Americans

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

WrestleMania 30:

-Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match:

(Names confirmed so far); Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Fandango, Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, Titus O’Neil, Christian, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Brodus Clay, Darren Young, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Santino Marella, The Great Khali,

Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Brad Maddox, +3 more names

Sarge’s Prediction: Aww Hell….might as well pull a name out of a hat, I’ll say Big Show

Diva’s Prediction: I’m winging it, Wade Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: Big Show

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

-Winner earns a spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

Sarge’s Prediction: Triple H

Diva’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

The Game’s Prediction: Triple H

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

-The Shield vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws

Sarge’s Prediction: Kane & The New Age Outlaws

Diva’s Prediction: The Shield

The Game’s Prediction: The Shield

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Shield

-John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena

Diva’s Prediction: John Cena (by DQ)

The Game’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

-Vickie Guerrero WWE Divas Championship Invitational Match

Names confirmed for the match:

C) AJ Lee vs. Naomi vs. Emma vs. Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella vs. Aksana vs. Eva Marie vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Summer Rae vs. Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Alicia Fox vs. Layla vs.


Sarge’s Prediction: Tamina

Diva’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

The Game’s Prediction (Yes We Know, you don’t care, lol): AJ Lee & not caring

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Summer Rae

-The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Sarge’s Prediction: Undertaker

Diva’s Prediction: The Undertaker (or I rip apart my apartment and toss it off my balcony– I live on the 15th floor)

The Game’s Prediction: The Undertaker

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Undertaker

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat Match:

C) Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Winner of Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

Sarge’s Prediction: Batista

Diva’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan (with help from CM Punk, I hope)

The Game’s Prediction: Triple H

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

That’s it for this months Fatal 4-Way, see you for the next Pay-Per-View, Extreme Rules on May 4th. Have a fun but safe WrestleMania Weekend.

Welcome to, WrestleMania!!!”

-Vince McMahon

HOF News, Hogan, & Elimination Chamber Predictions

February 23, 2014 Leave a comment

In Memory Of
Nelson Frazier Jr.

(aka; Big Daddy V/Viscera/King Mabel)

(February 14, 1972-February 18, 2014)

00 f4w2012banner

Not exactly the way we want to start of our blog of the month. That’s two deaths, in two months. Hopefully that will be it for a while.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nelson Frazier Jr, he was better known as WWE Superstar Big Daddy V. He started his WWE career back in 1993 in a tag team with Robert “Bobby” Horne (Mo), as Mabel, to form Men On A Mission. He had brief success after the break-up of Men On A Mission, and won the 1995 King Of The Ring, to be renamed King Mabel. He left in 1996, only to return in 1998 as Viscera and joined The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. Eventually he dropped the creepy Viscera gimmick when he left the company in 2000. He returned in 2004 and became Big Daddy V, until 2008. He died of an apparent massive heart attack at home in his bed, according to his wife. He had just turned 42. Our deepest sympathies to his wife and family, as well as all his friends.

Viscera RIP

The Game

Royal Rumble 2014 Results:

CM Punk Situation + RAW 20th Anniversary DVD Review and More:

RAW 2/10/14- Lita Put In The HOF, Shield vs. Wyatts Build up, and Cena vs. Orton…AGAIN!:

RIP Nelson Frazier Jr. aka Big Daddy V, Take Down: The DNA of GSP, UFC 170:


The Skirt Sheet

Feel bad that we have to start another month of on such a sad note. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about that. Whenever a wrestler dies young, it’s sad. It’s happened so much there is a point where you start to become immune to the grief and just carry on. You honour them in a small way because you watched them for years, and it’s fitting and respectful. But it’s rarely a surprise. Not anymore. Thankfully, as of late (touch wood), there hasn’t been as many deaths, at least not like the early 2000’s when it seemed someone died in wrestling way too young on what seemed like a weekly basis.

Rest In Peace, Nelson Frazier Jr. Hope you find happiness on the other side.

Now it’s time to shut it, and get to bidness.

Well, I may as well start here. CM Punk! My thoughts on his leaving the company are so mixed up. First and foremost, I don’t blame him. He was one of WWE’s top stars, and they kept feeding a bag full of shit after bag of shit. He was being held down and put into useless storylines. Storylines for someone who just started. Phil Brooks was understandably fed up with the bullshit. One of the stars of the Royal Rumble (more on that later), comes in at number one and holds on until he was the 27th person tossed out. Because of the way the fans treated the outcome, the WWE scrambled to re-write RAW the following day, leaving Punk off the show entirely. So he walked, and we haven’t seen him since. At first I thought that it was kind of silly to just walk out because you weren’t in the show, but then I saw RAW. If they called that a re-write to fix their mistakes the night before at the Rumble, then I would have walked too. Hell, I almost did. Whatever their re-write was, it didn’t work. We are still getting the same shit they had originally planned for WrestleMania 30 in April. Only thing is, now Punk is gone. It’s such a messy situation because us fans aren’t sure whether or not it’s a work, or if it’s the Godforsaken truth. So far, and sadly, it looks damn real.

He’s not the only one not happy in the WWE. Christian isn’t happy either. Both CM Punk and Christian are two people who don’t like to be walked on and manipulated. They work hard and want to see the results of that hard work. Neither has. In a long time. Christian’s contract is up this year and rumour is going around that he isn’t planning on re-signing. Whether he goes to TNA, holds out for Jeff Jarrett’s supposed new promotion, or retires to enjoy family life, who knows.

But with the departure of one and the possible upcoming departure of another favourite, and very talented in-ring performer, I’m not sure how much more of this shit I can stomach. I’ve been a fan for 30 years and I’ve gone through it all, but I think everyone has a breaking point, and I’m pretty sure I’ve reached mine. We’ll see after WrestleMania, whether or not I decide to keep on watching. I’m tired of it. NXT is keeping me interested. The promos may be sub-par, but the wrestling is amazing. Especially their Diva’s division. I may give up on the main WWE and just simply watch NXT. It’ll feel like I’m retiring from the business of being an invested fan. Retirement perks are that I save my eyes from the shit they are putting on their shows, my bank account will thank me, and I’ll have more free time to spend with my boyfriend, and watch television.

Sarge posted a link to some dude’s YouTube video where the dude counts down who he believes are the Top 10 Worst Wrestlers. Shall we give my take on his list?

10: Santino Marella; this guy says he’s a bad wrestler. I say he’s a damn good wrestler who just so happened to get a really shitty and dumb gimmick. Disagree.

9: Big Daddy V (Viscera/Mabel); Even though he just left the wrestling world for good, and I don’t really like to speak bad of the deceased, but I need to be honest. -Agree

8: Vladimir Kozlov; Kozlov never did it for me. I often found him boring and stale in the ring. He was sloppy, not polished at all. Sorry Sarge, but I agree.

7:Yoshi Tatsu; It’s almost the same case as Santino Marella, only it’s more due to the fact Tatsu get held back from the ring. He gets few matches, and it’s always him jobbing to everybody else. He has a boatload of talent, he just easily gets held back because of his size. Disagree.

6: Shelton Benjamin; I most certainly do not agree that Shelton Benjamin is one of the worst wrestlers. He had so much untapped talent. The WWE never used him to his full potential. His matches were always technically sound. Strongly Disagree.

5: Vince McMahon: I don’t classify Mr. McMahon as a wrestler. He’s the owner of a wrestling business, who has had a handful of matches. Agree.

4: Colin Delaney: I’m sure Colin had some sort of talent, but I don’t think we saw enough of him to make a strong case here. N/A

3: Yeti Man: What the fuck is a Yeti Man? Is this some sort of TNA bullshit? No it was WCW’s stupid gimmick. Many fans of wrestling are actually ashamed to have witnessed this. Seeing as I had no idea what this was, I’m innocent. I’m just ashamed that something worse than The Executioner existed.

yeti man

I’m sorry but that looks more like a Mummy, but I guess Mummy Man was taken. I don’t know. AGREED!!!!!!!

2: Orlando Bloom: Is it Orlando Bloom? The Bi-sexual dude with the weird bugged out face that looks like a cross between Whoopie Goldberg and R-Truth? No wait, it’s Orlando Jordan. My bad. I get those two messed up. Not the actual person, just the names. I never found anything substantial about ORLANDO JORDAN’s wrestling skills. Agree.

1: John Cena: Oh hey he makes number 1 on yet another list. Cena may be one WWE’s biggest money makers, but it certainly isn’t due to Cena’s in-ring skills, but more about the magical illusions the WWE are able to weave to make unsuspecting fans buy into utter crap. Hence John Cena. When Cena first appeared on the scene and was still a mid-carder, rapping and all that crap, he was tolerable because of his mic skills, but even those skills have dissipated to a certain extent. He’s become repetitive and that, combined with his wrestling skills. AGREE!

Now I’ve watched 30 years of wrestling. I could do a ton of lists. But as a quick one for my top 10 Worst Wrestlers I’m going this way (in no particular order);

10: Zack Gowan

9: Vladimir Kozlov

8: Gene Snitsky

7: Hulk Hogan

6: Joey Abs

5: Akeem

4: Gillburg

3: John Cena

2: Kamala

1: Heidenreich

Lets just say I have my reasons.

Moving on…

How crappy was the Royal Rumble this year? What a fucking bullshit-crap-ass-waste of money. I love the Royal Rumble, and it very rarely lets me down. We all knew that Batista was going to win it, even though I believe a majority of us were against it. Breakout star was definitely Roman Reigns. By a mile. Match of the night belongs to Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan. Sadly this may have been the last time we’ve seen CM Punk. I don’t know if have ourselves to blame or what, but because of the fans boisterous reaction to Batista in the final few minutes of the Rumble, and then the outcome, the next day on RAW the writer’s were scrambling to fix the show to prevent any more possible hostility to the main event at WrestleMania 30. So much so they left CM Punk off the show. A show that had R-Truth vs. Fandango (could have done without), Ryback and Curtis Axel were on the show (really could have done without). Take those two matches out and you have enough time to toss in a CM Punk promo. Or a nice long CM Punk match. Either way, he’s gone.

So last month, I was stoked about seeing Jake “The Snake” Roberts showing up on Old School RAW. I bet you can imagine how happy I was to see and hear this news…

Jake HOF

Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame, along with the Ultimate Warrior, and one of my favourite females, who I idolized for years…

Lita HOF

What a class this is shaping up to be. Lita, Jake in the Hall of Fame. I was never really a huge fan of the Ultimate Warrior. Probably because I was under the age of 10 when he was there and I was too young to follow drug induced promos. He never made any freakin’ sense. I’m 29 plus some years now, and I still can’t make sense of any of those promos from back in the day. I’m glad that Lita is joining this years Hall of Fame. It wouldn’t be right to have just Trish Stratus in there and then wait years for Lita. Those two defined what women’s wrestling should be in the early 2000’s. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, but it was, 14-years ago. I just wish it was that way now. There will never be another Trish Stratus, and we can definitely say there will never be another Lita. Congrats to both Jake and Lita. I can’t wait to celebrate your inductions.

BABY NEWS!! No it’s not Trish related, and Max being breast fed on Canadian television (yes that happened, and no you pervs you didn’t get to see Trish’s boobies). No this news is a shocker. Adam “Edge” Copeland and Beth Kocianski (aka Beth Phoenix) welcomed a little baby girl two months ago, named Lyric. He dropped the bombshell on the George Strombo show up here in Canada just a couple of weeks ago. I was flabbergasted as he had said before that he didn’t really want children. Maybe he just didn’t think he wanted any, but the glow and smile and love he had on his face when he was talking about her, was undeniable. Both Beth and Adam are very private people, so there is no surprise that they kept this from the public. Congratulations to them on the birth of their first child. Cheers!

Mmm, Edge is definitely a DILF!

So this Monday the new WWE Network launches. I wouldn’t mind checking it out, but unfortunately they think Canada is such a foreign country that they can’t get it to us when they debut. It’s not like we are over seas or anything. We are similar in many ways. Just we are a better hockey players than the Americans, and we don’t cheat to get gold in Ice Dance at the Olympics. We are also smart enough not to make Justin Bieber famous, we gave him to the Americans. My family and friends who live in the States, aside, we are also generally smarter as well. Actually that might be stretching it. I think pretty much both countries are morons. I can say that with all honesty because I’ve seen and heard what people watch on television. Breaking Amish, Duck Dynasty, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, yeah, fail NORTH AMERICA! Sorry, my rant was brought to you by lack of Diet Coke. I have no idea where I was going with when I started this little paragraph, so I’m just going to end it now.

Those Christian Mingle commercials make me laugh. A bunch of bible thumpers looking for love, I bet those are the most boring dates ever. Yeah Diet Coke withdrawal is not a good thing for me. I’m going. I can’t do this right now. I need to go and get myself Diet Coke, I’m one step away from killing someone. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***


 What’s up, woodchucks?

Or, should I say “groundhogs”? No. No, that would be an insult. Ya see, I respect all my troops….but that cold-blooded, lying, piece of shit sociopathic franken-gopher, Punxsutawney Phil can plant a big, wet smacker directly on my ghostly white corn cannon! Six more weeks of winter, eh? Fuck you, Phil!

So, I normally wait until WrestleMania weekend to do one of my “infamous” lists of random thoughts. However, I am feeling the urge to kick one out for this weekend as well.

Don’t worry. I will still be doing my “RandomMania” list before the biggest PPV of the year. As for now….let’s do this!

*** Maybe it’s the “poop joke aficionado” in me, but “Elimination Chamber” brings to mind a special room in a proctologist’s office where constipated people go to empty their colons before an “in-depth” exam.

*** I wonder if Daniel Bryan got the inspiration for his “YES YES YES” chant from one of Brie Bella’s orgasms.

*** I know that the producers wanted to give us a really “up close and personal” look into the lives of the cast members on Total Divas, but how personal is “too personal”? Natalya pissing herself in the ring, John Cena talking about shitting his pants, Cameron’s “hoo-ha” issues and Naomi’s contagious foot fungus. If anything, it’s making me see these people in an entirely different light….and it’s not pretty. Seems the most normal one of the group is Eva Marie, and she’s medically brain-dead.

Next season, Summer Rae joins the cast. What little nugget of wisdom are we going to discover about her? I can already feeling the nightmares brewing in my mind. I’m going to call it right now….pre-op transsexual with “Daddy issues”.

*** No disrespect to a certified Legend, but when they had a Black History Month profile on Bobo Brazil a couple weeks ago, I chuckled a little bit every time the narrator said the name of Brazil’s signature move, the “Coco Butt”. (tee hee)

*** Have I mentioned before that I am really starting to like Emma from NXT? I never watch NXT, so I never saw her until she started showing up on RAW and SmackDown, but she is quickly growing on me. I like her goofy “dancing” and entrance music. She’s like Summer Rae without all the “taking myself seriously” stuff. Emma is cool. I hope to see more out of her in the future. Shame she is saddled with Santino at the moment.

*** A few days ago, it was reported that Nelson Frazier Jr, who was known as “King Mabel”, Viscera and Big Daddy V had passed away. He will be missed. I have a lot of good memories of his work in the ring. Most recently, I remember his feud with The Boogeyman in ECW.

*** I just found out that Hulk Hogan is going to be hosting WrestleMania 30. I hope the Ultimate Warrior puts his plane into a nosedive.

*** I am actually hoping Randy Orton loses in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Over the past couple months, he has become nothing more than a whiny bitch who kisses Triple H’s ass constantly. He is being made to look very weak, and I am just getting sick of him as the champion. However, the list of possible new champions doesn’t exactly give me much hope. The only thing worse than this is knowing Batista is going to be facing whoever wins this match at WrestleMania.

*** Back when Daniel Bryan was part of the Wyatt family, I couldn’t see it. He looked too “clean”. I don’t know. He just didn’t seem to fit in as well as one might think. I am actually glad the storyline as cut short.

*** Not exactly sure if breaking up the Prime Time Players was a good move, but I am relieved that they waited until the buzz of Darren Young’s “coming out” had time to blow over. Imagine the public relations shit storm if too many people got the wrong idea about why Titus O’Neil was beating the crap out of Darren Young, like if they thought it was because of his sexual orientation. Phew!

*** Maybe it’s good that nobody in the Rhodes family is really huge and muscular. It would be way too easy to call them the “Rhoids” family. C’mon, it’s not even a challenge, people!

*** Should I feel old since the people being put in the WWE Hall of Fame the past few years are all people I grew up watching? Or, should I simply be proud to look back and realize that I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I have been?

*** I love the idea behind the WWE Network, and the price makes it accessible to nearly everyone. I just don’t use my laptop or phone as a replacement for my television. Even at $10 per month, I just can’t see myself sitting and watching WrestleMania on a 5 inch screen! I have more pride than that, for Christ’s sake. If I am watching a PPV, I am having guests over, and we are watching it on my 50” plasma HD TV. Thank you very much!

*** CM Punk leaving WWE by basically walking out on the company is not the way I would have liked to see him go. I wish he was still there, but I am sure he had his reasons. He hadn’t been used all that well since he lost the WWE Championship, and being screwed over at the Royal Rumble for the reason of Batista coming back after four years and winning it…let alone going on to headline at WrestleMania 30…yeah, I can see where Punk would be ready to walk. I will probably never fully understand his reasoning, but I am behind CM Punk in his decision. Honestly, WWE loses more people because the talent gets unhappy with how they are (or are not) being used. With a “Creative” team that has no fucking idea what to do with so many of its superstars and Divas, WWE is its own worst enemy.

*** …and then, there’s this:


The Deadman is looking like “death warmed over”. Makes me wonder how he is going to appear when we see him again on RAW this Monday night, or at WrestleMania this year. He looks more like “Get off my lawn!” than “This is my yard!”. Damn….McStool must really be sucking the life out of him lately.

Okay, all kidding aside, I hope everyone enjoys the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday. Those of you who are actually going to buy it, watch it, or give half a fuck at all about it, that is. I will not be watching it. I only get the “big” PPVs, so next one I actually pay for will be WrestleMania 30…which will also mark the next time we all gather here once again.

Until next time, troops…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..wondering: Why do people say “no offense” right before they’re about to offend you?


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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone, how are you doing this month?! I can’t believe it is already February and it is almost finished! Wow, crazy! Time sure does go fast! Pretty soon WM 30 will be here! Have you guys thought of any ideas for WM 30 parties?! I know Diva and I were kinda discussing things when we were watching the Royal Rumble. I think we might go with a HOF theme because so far we have The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Lita so far for the class of 2014. I heard some rumours as to who else will be inducted. It looks like it could be a good one!

So as I’m writing this blog WWE just issued a press release about the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE. It will happen this Monday on RAW. It was leaked out weeks ago that Hogan was returning. We just didn’t know exactly when. Now we do. WWE also said Hogan will be hosting WrestleMania 30(hmmm is WWE reading my blogs)?! I do recall me mentioning how I would like to see Hogan hosting WrestleMania 30 and not actually wrestling in it. So it looks like WWE followed my advice! Now the next question is will Sting make his debut for WWE?! Hmmm

Let’s talk about the Royal Rumble. I really hated it this year! It was too predictable! Batista ended up winning the Rumble. Everyone in the arena was pretty much pissed off that he won. It isn’t Batista’s fault though…it is WWE’s fault. They were not listening to their fans and the fans let them know how they felt at the PPV! When Diva and I were watching Orton vs Cena the WWE universe let WWE know how they felt about seeing that match again. It was pretty ugly! But then again WWE deserved it. Both Diva and I were pretty much bored with the PPV(I’m sure she will have her say about it in her blog).

The WWE Network looks pretty sweet! WWE announced it last month and there has been so much talk about it. It won’t be available for us Canadians until later this year or early next year. But when does come available I may consider trying it for six months. I mean if I can get every PPV a month for $9.99 a month then why not try it out? I think this could be the next big thing WWE has come up with and I believe it is going to be huge and bring wrestling back to another boom!

This Sunday is the Elimination Chamber PPV. The main event is Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. I’m pretty much going with Orton in this match because the main event at Mania is probably going to be Orton vs Batista for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Also happening at this PPV is The Wyatt Family vs The Shield, Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil, The New/Old Age Outlaws vs The Uso’s, Big E vs Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Curtis Axel & Ryback. It should be a good PPV. The card isn’t that weak for once. But I’m not going to watch it though. Lol

Anyway that’s all I have to write about now. So I hope you have a nice day! :)

You can reach me @blitz101 on Twitter also you can e-mail me at


Elimination Chamber

-Kick-off: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Sarge’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Diva’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

The Game’s Prediction: Curtis Axel & Ryback

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Sarge’s Prediction: Big E

Diva’s Prediction: Big E

The Game’s Prediction: Big E

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Big E

-Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Sarge’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

Diva’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

The Game’s Prediction: Darren Young

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Titus O’Neil

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: The Uso’s

The Game’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

-Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sarge’s Prediction: Batista

Diva’s Prediction: Batista

The Game’s Prediction: Batista

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Badista haha

-The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Sarge’s Prediction: The Shield

Diva’s Prediction: I believe in THE SHIELD

The Game’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

-Elimination Chamber; WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

C) Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus

Sarge’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Diva’s Prediction: Randy Orton

The Game’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Randy Orton

That’s it for us this month. Next month we will be back on March 16th just to catch up on what’s taken place. Obviously we won’t have predictions, since there is no Pay-Per-View in March. Take it easy peeps!


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