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We are Back, for a Special Edition of Randomness.


Hey, we’re baaaaaaAAAAck!! Three of us are anyways. It’s a very special edition of The Fatal 4-Way. We’ve all been crazy busy since our “retirement” from the blog world, but we all have said that we can come back for very special editions. So never count us out. We’re back in after the count of 8 (months, that is). So The Game, Greg and I are here for a rare blog. We just got the urge and decided to write. Because it was such a last minute decision, Sarge is unable to join us this time. Maybe next time we’ll have this better planned out. When the urge strikes, the urge strikes, right?

Roll the footage monkies………..


Hey everyone, welcome back to the Triple Threat! Aka The Fatal 4-Way – 1 lol You thought you got rid of us but no just when you thought wrestling couldn’t get anymore crazy the Fatal 4-Way decides to do a family reunion! Woot! Okay in all seriousness I’m happy to be back to do this one time reunion for you all! Thanks to Diva for suggesting to do this today! So lets skip about what’s going in my life right now(it’s cool, still have that great job and I’m happy!) and get into the real thing you want to know…wrestling!

Where should I begin…how about WrestleMania 33. Yes folks it happened. The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns and has retired. He went out old school style and did the right thing(?) and he put over Roman Reigns. I know a lot of you are pretty upset that this happened. I know I was too(I pretty much turned off the TV when Reigns won but I was sooo tired and had to be up at 6:00am the next day) the PPV was way too long for me. I watched it from 7pm till just after Midnight! Man that was a long night! But back to Roman winning the match. You guys have to remember The Undertaker is old school so he was doing what he thought was the right thing and putting over the next big thing. Unfortunately not a lot of people really like him and yeah I don’t think they will ever like him now because of what happened. Back to The Undertaker he will be one of the greatest Attractions that WWE has ever had. There will be no other guy like The Undertaker. He is in his own category and that should be fine! I wish him the best and I’m going to miss him in the ring but it is his time now to enjoy the roses and be with his family. I hope they put him in WWE HOF next year because he deserves it so much!

Another big things happened at WM 33 and that was the return of The Hardy Boyz to WWE. I knew it was going to happen except I didn’t know when it was going to happen! If you have been following the TNA-Hardy Boyz fallout then you knew it was just a matter of time before they were going to show up in WWE. AS you know Matt Hardy has created this great Broken Matt gimmick back in TNA last year. It went over so well that it was probably the only thing good on TNA at the time. Then he got his Brother Nero to join in and it become one of the most talk about storylines in suck a long time! It was wild, crazy and pretty damn funny at times! I watched it and fell in love with it! I showed it to my friend Matt and he just couldn’t believe how campy it was and how great it was too! We both enjoyed it a lot. Then TNA lost Dixie Carter and TNA was sold to a new company. Now they are called Impact Wrestling. But then they did the unbelievable thing…they let The Hardy’s go. What a stupid move on their part. So The Hardy Boyz showed up in Ring of Honor as Broken Matt and Brother Nero. It was over and Impact Wrestling sent them a warning saying they couldn’t use the Broken Matt and Brother Nero gimmick because it didn’t belong to them. So now The Hardy Boyz had to drop that gimmick for now until they have the rights for it. Anyway they showed up in WWE at WM 33 as the other tag team for the Ladder Match. They ended up winning the RAW tag team championship. It was a cool surprise to see them back on WWE TV. It was such a great moment.

Another match that happened at WM 33 was Triple H vs Seth Rollins. That match was all right. I got kinda bored(by this time it was almost 10:30pm and I wasn’t really feeling that well that night to begin with). I thought the match went on and on. The cool spot of the night was when Stephanie went through the table after Triple H ran into her. That was pretty cool. Then Seth got the win after that. I like Rollins. I think he is a great worker and the better guy from The Shield. I have always been a Rollins fan. So I’m curious as to what they are going to do with him now. I’m hoping he will get a title run again. He deserves it for sure!

One match that I thought was horrible was The Miz & Mayrse vs John Cena & Nikki Bella. My goodness that was 25 mins of crap that I won’t get back. Cena and Bella won. Then Cena propose to Bella. They will probably have a SummerSlam wedding. Yay just what we really need again…another wrestling wedding. Blah blah blah.

I’m so happy that Bayley is still your Women’s Champion! She beat Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in a fatal 4-way match! It was a great match and it should have been a little bit longer. They all worked really hard and it was probably one of my favourite match from the night!

Then we had Brock Lesnar take on Goldberg aka Grandpa for the Universal Championship. Don’t get me started with why this match was for the championship. It shouldn’t have been. Anyway Lesnar finally beat him and become the Universal Champion. Now Finn Balor needs to get his championship back from Lesnar! I hope that happens real soon!

Kurt Angle, DDP, Ravings Rick Rude and others were inducted into this years WWE HOF. All of them were well deserved. Kurt Angle was also hired as the new WWE GM for RAW. That should be pretty fun! I wonder what Angle is going to do to tick off Stephanie?! Lol It should be exciting times!

RAW & Smackdown are having Roster trade this week. It should shake things up for them. I hope they don’t load up RAW because Smackdown is the better Brand right now and they seem to do things more interesting than what happens on RAW.

Okay I’m finished for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog. I had a great time doing it. Who knows never say never in wrestling there might come a time when you least expect it and bam! Just like that out comes another edition of the Fatal 4-Way! Have a nice day!

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The mood struck me randomly Monday night to write a blog about wrestling. I’ve had so many thoughts and ideas rolling around my head lately that I decided, why not? Well I couldn’t do it without at least inviting my partners along for a road trip. So three of us have come together to bring you this special edition. I have a lot to say about what’s gone done (not who) in the world of pro-wrestling. So, I’ll shut it, and get to bidness (man, I miss saying that).

I pre-wrote out everything that I thought I wanted to say, but fuck it. I’m going to go by the seat of my pants. I will not comment on The Undertaker, because I do plan on writing a separate blog on just him and his amazing career in the future. I just want it to be perfect. I went ahead and I made bullet points to work off of. I alway pre-write my blogs by hand and then put them to the computer and go from there. So tonight, I’m going at this a completely different way.

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. It gets me through the last leg of my night shift when I need to put my laptop away. It all started with Lilian Garcia’s new podcasts which can be seen on the Youtube, “Making Their Way To The Ring”. The first one I watched was the two-part Trish Stratus (surprise-surprise, right?), and then Mick Foley’s. I highly reccommend those pods, but must check out is AJ Styles, Mickie James, Amy “Lita” Dumas, and Sasha Banks. I got into Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho as well. The editions with Big Cass, Becky Lynch, and Edge and Christian were great. On the heels of that, Edge and Christian have a new podcast, and they’re just three episodes (soon to be four), into it. Eand C’s Pod of Awesomeness. Their hilarious, and fun. I enjoyed their first podcast with Goldberg, but it was their second and third one with Shane McMahon and Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix had me in stitches. So totally worth checking those out. So yes, I’m obsessed with these podcasts. So check them out!!! Do it now, or you’ll make my list!

I was probably one of the few people blindsided by the Hardy’s return at WrestleMania. I’ll admit it, I didn’t put the pieces together even though I had the pieces. I knew they were in Orlando for Ring Of Honour and WrestleCon, and I knew they dropped the ROH tag titles to the Young Bucks, I knew they only had a month long contract with ROH. When the New Day came out to say that the triple threat ladder match, has been made into a fatal fourway match. There I am thinking, “fuck! The New Day are weeding their way into the match,” and then….I lost my shit! Part of my emotion was that I didn’t see it coming despite seeing all the writing on the wall. So yeah, I lost my shit. I think it’s great to have them back in the WWE, and I can’t wait to see whether or not they can bring in the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. That’s a whole story of the executives at TNA Impact wrestling holding the gimmick hostage. They see it as money, and they’re not happy that the Hardy’s didn’t resign and that would mean loss of money. So now they are holding the Hardy’s up for royalties made in other companies and shows. Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, had the forethought to go and get their gimmick and the theme music trademarked, and now they’re all in a court battle. I’m guessing it’s only time when the WWE will step in to get that control away from the fledging company. They’ve never stopped AJ Styles from leaving with his Phenomanal gimmick. There are a few instances where other superstars left TNA and went to other companies, and took their gimmicks with them without issues. So I’m hoping everything will get straightened out. It’s too great of a gimmick to just let it go.

At the WWE Hall of Fame I think everyone expected Kurt Angle’s speech to be the speech of the night, but that goes to Beth Phoenix. Her speech was so amazing, and so heartfelt, and honest. The revelation about Molly Holly paying for her wrestling school tuition, was so emotional because it showed that there are great people out there who want to help others follow their dreams. It made me think that Molly Holly could be on her way to the Hall of Fame next year, and she should be. I think that her career and her heart and her kindness shouldn’t be overlooked. Beth’s speech was fun and emotional and I just thought that she nailed it. I only ever watch a few speeches at the HOF, but I think I watched quite a few this year. I watched Diamond Dallas Paige’s, “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s family’s speech, Beth’s, and Kurt’s. All of their speeches were amazing. Congratualations to the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

We’ve seen the reassurgence of Jinder Mahal after two years away from the WWE. To be honest, I didn’t even notice he was gone. I did notice that when he returned that he was significantly larger. I’m not an idiot, I’m not blind. He was larger, vein-ier, all that back acne, hmmmm….STEROIDS!!!!!


The dude is jacked!! Mahal apparently addressed the steroid rumours, and claims that he has never done steroids and has never failed any drug tests. Haven’t we heard that before, from other superstars? Hulk Hogan comes to mind, and he even had to take the stand in a federal trial back in the early 90’s against the WWF and Vince McMahon, where he admitted to taking steroids. So Mahal’s claim is futile. I don’t believe him, and I’m guessing not many other people do as well. Maybe the WWE hasn’t tested him exactly for the steroid cocktail. They clearly leave certain superstars alone from testing. John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Mahal, all clearly have never been tested and if they have, they’ve been overlooked. Not sure why Mahal hasn’t been tested properly, as he’s far from being on par with the aforementioned names in just that short list. I don’t care what Jinder Mahal claims, the guy is fucking juicing.

What can I say about the recent storyline between Maryse, The Miz, Cena and Nikki Bella? Well, I can say that The Miz and Maryse have kicked serious ass and making it actually enjoyable. The two of them have made Cena fun again. Their portrayl and mocking of the plastic relationship couple has been, in my opinion, accurate portrayal of how robotic and boring Cena truly is as a person. I know what y’all are thinking, Total Diva’s/Bella’s is scripted, and although yes it is, I doubt that the WWE would allow their top guy to actually be like this and showing what he’s really like in his everyday life. Cena comes off as a pompous, control freak, and uncaring asshole. The portrayal of Cena and Bella sparked the predictable path that would lead to their WrestleMania 33 mixed-tag team match. Maryse and The Miz would portray that dry and boring couple that is Cena and Nikki, while adding their comedic side to the two and sometimes four roles, as even Brie and Daniel Bryan were portrayed at one point. I have no problem with Brie and Daniel Bryan, but I have zero respect for Nikki Bella who would give up her dreams for a man who isn’t willing to give those dreams to a woman he proclaims to love.

miz maryse

What bothered me about the match was, The Miz and Maryse needed the win more than Cena and Bella did. If it was just a catalyst to lead to Cena’s proposing to Nikki, then it still wasn’t necessary to have them go over. Macho Man and Elizabeth reunited at WrestleMania 7 in 1991, despite Macho Man’s loss to the Ultimate Warrior, and it did not take away from the emotional reunion. So even if Cena and Nikki were to have lost, they could have still had their moment, which if you asked me was as phony as they are as people. Within a few days after Cena “proposing” to Nikki, the twin was on mulitple morning shows talking about all the wedding planning they have already taken steps towards. If they just got engaged on Sunday, and then a day or two later, were already talking about their cake tasting, then clearly they were engaged already. I’m not doubting their engagement, I am doubting whether or not it is genuine or a business arrangement. Afterall money does talk to Nikki Bella. So moving on, because frankly Cena and Nikki make me want to fucking throw-up.

So lets talk about the draft and the shake up that has taken place. Last year we saw some strong moves in the draft which separated the two shows, RAW and SmackDown. The draft that took place last year wasn’t the first time the WWE has done a draft and separated the two shows and wrestlers, however, I don’t think it was really done right. One show was always more stacked then the other, which made the second show the weaker show. This time, they seemed to have made moves that were more evened out and allowed superstars to have more opportunities than what they wouldn’t have necessairly have if there was no draft. Makes me wonder where would Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes be if they had just stayed on for an additional year. In the last year, we saw Naomi capture her first Women’s Championship which was long overdue, and the same with Bray Wyatt. He was crowned WWE World Champion and was part of main eventing WrestleMania 33. But alas, that was last year, and we are here in the now. So the “Shake-Up” took place over the past two days on both RAW and SmackDown, and we saw some decent moves with the following;

To RAW from SmackDown: Alexa Bliss, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Maryse, and Mickie James. Also to RAW from SmackDown less signficant moves of; Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Goldust, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Rhyno, and Kalisto. Announcer David Otunga.

To SmackDown from RAW: Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Sami Zayn and New Day. Also to SmackDown from RAW less significant moves of; Rusev, Lana, Epico, Primo, Sin Cara and the return of Tamina Snuka who was not drafted last year as she was out due to injury. Announcer Byron Saxton.

Why do I feel that some moves are insignifant? Well lets face it, -Curt Hawkins even coming back was a condundrum in my opinion. He never did anything worthy talking about during his first run and he isn’t doing anything worth talking about now. A complete waste. -Goldust & R-Truth haven’t been relavent in quite sometime. -Heath Slater & Rhyno has fleeting moments of moderate success with short-term gimmicks. Sadly has dragged Rhyno down with him. -Kalisto would have had a decent run if they hadn’t moved Sin Cara over to SmackDown. This does allow him to join the 205 crew, but other than that, Kalisto will no longer be fed to Baron Corbin but insteasd will be a snack for Braun Strowman instead. MMM tastes like a burrito. -David Otunga moving is horrible. If they were going to move him at all, it should have been out the door. He’s not a good commentator, or wrestler. I don’t see him doing well on the RAW commentating team, if anything, his presence with that team is likely going to make Corey Graves stock plummit. Graves has done an amazing job commentating and I can see his career being long term as he always improves.

To SmackDown from RAW acquistions seem a little stronger than some of the crap that moved to RAW. -Rusev and Lana look to be split up, albeit on the same roster. A vignette aired showing Lana separetly from her real-life husband Rusev. Although might be good for her to start getting in-ring work and experience, it’s going to drag Rusev’s stock way down as he is basically nothing without her. He hasn’t had anything really significant in the last few months and nobody seems to care about him as much. -The Shining Stars Epico & Primo. The end. No one cares. -Sin Cara being moved away from the cruiserweight division and the potential reuniting with former tag partner, Kalisto, is a waste of a move. He is much more valuable with Kalisto and/or with the 205 crew. Now he’ll replace Kalisto as Baron Corbin’s meal. -Byron Saxton, I find is also a waste as he had better chemistry with Michael Cole and Graves over on RAW. I wonder how long he’ll last under JBL’s eye and mouth. Seeing as the strength of the team, Mauro, has left the WWE because of JBL’s constant bullying. Whose to say that the same won’t happen to Saxton? He’s not a bad commentator, and is stronger in the booth that Tom Phillips who seems to have taken Mauro’s place.

As for all the big moves that have taken place, it’ll make for interesting television and matches. Lets keep an eye on these moves and maybe next year come back and see how well this round of drafts or shake-ups did.

I don’t really want to drag on and on. I feel I already have. But I’ll take a brief time to catch up with what’s going on in my life. Back in October, I took my daughter, River who was 20 months old at the time to Hamilton Comicon where she and I had our picture taken with WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. She’s met her first wrestler. Lol!! The fight to end whale and dolphin in captivity continues. It’s an uphill battles with a few wins for these amazing animals. Just two weeks ago, my paternal grandmother passed away after a long drawn out struggle with multiple strokes and other issues. After watching her struggle and suffer with breathing and not truly living for a few days, when she finally passed it became a relief. I will miss her. I’ve lost two grandparents in a span of 11 months. It’s been a rough year. My daughter turned 2 years old in February, and is funny, smart, stubborn, active, and beautiful. She loves her superheroes, and her Octonauts, and her Wiggles. We took her to see The Wiggles at Hamilton Place in October and she was so shocked and in constant awe at seeing them in real life. Also, Lachy, the purple wiggle waved to her. Totally made her day. Lol!! She’s growing so fast. I sometimes wish I could stop time and just stare at her and keep her as she is now.


That’s it for me. Until next time…Whenever that will be. Keep your skirts classy and your pants above your ass. Because in life, there are winners and there are losers…Be sexy!

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That’s it for this time. Not sure when we’ll return, but you never know when we might pop up next. Cheers peeps, and take it e to the zeeeeee.


Night Of Champions and Skeevy Pervs!

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy Kiiidddddddddssss!!! Sorry, I just watched Garfield and Friends. Welcome back to our humble blog. We’re all here raising the roof with each of our special spin on things and of course our Night Of Champions Predictions.

The Skirt Sheet

Soooo, yeah, we are back here again. I’m not going to lie, I totally forgot about this months Skirt Sheet, Predictions and crap. I have so much stuff in my brain that apparently wrestling isn’t one of them, and if it is, then it’s a teeny, tiny piece of crap floating around up there. Anyone catch the season 4 premier of Haven? I haven’t yet so no spoilers please!!! I am however going to shut it and get to bidness…

No baby Stratus as of this posting. I know, what the hell, eh? I can guarantee you I’ll have news on that in my October edition. Lol!! Let me just say this, she looks radiant!

Trish Preggers

My theory on why I don’t have much wrestling floating around in my brain is because, Wade Barrett has been absent for the last three weeks and well, this barrage member is feeling massive withdrawal. It’s not that he’s injured, at least I haven’t heard anything. What I have heard is that there are some problems with his visa and is stuck in England. I just hope he gets them fixed very soon. Is it just me or is it the guys I like that always seem to get some momentum going and then Errrrrrrrrrrrtt…It just comes to a halt. Maybe I’m bad luck. Maybe I should start backing Alberto Del Rio and Layla. Maybe they’ll get injured and go bye-bye. It’s bad enough they had Daniel Bryan shave off Wade’s glorious beard, and now he’s stuck in England. At least he seems to be growing it back. However, the WWE has done a decent job of keeping him somewhat of a spotlight on the JBL & Cole YouTube show, which by the way is hilarious (side note, if I ever see JBL or Michael Cole twerking again, I will personally cut my own eyeballs out of my eye sockets). Because of Cody Rhodes saying “Bad News Barrett”, it’s become a thing, and that has kept Barrett involved.




#40: (Twerking ep)


At least it’s something.

Total Divas

So I already admitted that I was hooked on this show. And I’ve already pretty much said what I could say. But I’m not done. OK Brie Mode…

Brie Mode

….is awesome, and Nikki has grown on me so much that I find her hilarious.

Ariane is still an idiot, and she showed that she isn’t as high class as she wants everyone to think. You see her boyfriend, I mentioned last month is a tool box. Well not only did he basically crash Natalya and TJ’s party that was thrown for them in Las Vegas, after Ariane told him he couldn’t come because it was just people from work (aka the WWE. Yes I know, apparently that’s work. I find that’s funny considering all she does is go in there, shakes a few pom-poms and looks as dumb as the ring post but, hey I guess that’s more that what I do for a living). She even explained it in simpleton terms for Vincent to get it, by telling him that she and Eva Marie are the only two that have boyfriends NOT in the WWE and Eva Marie isn’t bringing her boyfriend. That’s pretty simple, right? Apparently not, because he shows up in Vegas (baby, yeah!) and then makes a complete ASS of himself. I watched this episode with my boyfriend Thursday night before we watched Big Brother and I asked Mathew, “is that moron on something?” And Mat said he had to be. Because not only was he uncontrollable, but he was a doofus and more annoying than the previous times we have seen him. Then he continues to embarrass Ariane throughout the entire night. I actually felt sorry for her. Then this week, he’s relatively normal with the exception after less than a year of dating he’s putting her on the spot about marriage. Never mind the fact that they’ve never discussed it and he isn’t that smart. Vincent surprised her by taking her to a fancy-ass ring place in L.A, to choose engagement rings and it caught her off guard. She did the right thing, she told him no, this isn’t right. I’m not at the same place as he is. Although that had to be hard for her, it was the right thing to do. I don’t like Ariane, but I felt she showed a small sense of maturity in this past weeks episode. I also think that even she can do better than Vincent the Tool Man!



Can we talk about Natalya and TJ for a moment? Three episodes ago, they highlighted the fact that it was Nattie’s birthday and TJ went with her to Calgary for the week. I felt that TJ came off as a dork for not being able to say no to his mom and his sister, no offense is a bitch. I know that my boyfriend is close with his family as he knows I am with mine, but we would never choose them over each other, when it’s suppose to be our time. On Nattie’s birthday, she’s all dressed to go out to a romantic dinner with TJ, who springs it out of nowhere that they are going to his mom’s and that Nat’s over dressed. That’s a dick move. You all know I love TJ, but you don’t do that. At least give her a heads up that plans have changed and that it’s just going to be a casual dinner at your parent’s place. Don’t let her get all excited and glammed up to only tell her, “hey, why you dressed like that? It’s just dinner at my mom’s.” DICK-fucking-move! Nattie ends up staying in alone, until her friend (not so friend) calls her up and invites her to dinner. She goes, thinking it’s just an innocent dinner with a friend whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. Jaret brings Nattie to this nice restaurant where he went balls to the walls for her to make her birthday special and reserving the entire restaurant just for her. If TJ had done that, it would have been romantic, but this dude is skeevy as shit. He then proceeds to tell her that he doesn’t want to see her with TJ and that he’s in love with her. A little late skeevy perv! So last weeks episode had Natalya at her bachelorette party constantly struggling with Jaret’s multiple text messages, which Nikki had to tell her were inappropriate and that Nat shouldn’t respond. BRAVO Nikki, because you are 100% right on that. But Nat’s innocence really shows out at how naive of a person she is. I love Nat, so much, she’s really an amazing role model, but man she needs some life lessons, and she needs to learn to listen to her friends. Both Brie and Nikki kept telling her that Jaret’s on the prowl for Natalya and that he’s no good for her. She needs to stop it by just not talking to him. Nat’s naivity is almost annoying.

JaretBrie brought up the right thing, that Nat’s been with TJ for 13-years and sometimes that romantic fire burns out in that time. Doesn’t mean TJ loves Nattie any less, it just means he feels he doesn’t need to show it as much. But here is a secret to all you men out there; We Women, like romance. We don’t expect it everyday, but we do like to look up every once in a while and catch you looking at us with so much love and that look that you can’t live without us. We expect the look you give us when we have food on our chin, that doesn’t count. Everyone in a while, just give your significant other that look like you can’t picture your life without her in it. Tell her you love her and surprise her with flowers, or a simple massage or maybe go down under (yeah I went there).

Jojo! Jojo is going to get eaten alive in this business, and yes I just realized I made an oral sex reference above but that’s not what I meant in this case. Nattie’s innocent naivity is natural after only being with one guy her entire adult life. But common sense in growing up should be evident by now. Jojo being jealous of Eva Marie, is way too immature. Yes women are naturally catty and bitches towards each other, but we learned at a young age on how to hide it and fake being nice and supportive to others. Jojo lacks that. Her innocence, is way too child like. The moment she went on about her Rabbit to Justin Gabriel, she lost him. He’s 32 and Jojo is 19. That age gap wasn’t there until she started talking like a 14 year old. It’s only natural that he felt like a pedo at that moment. I don’t doubt that he liked her but he was right to bring up the huge age gap.

JustinThis Sunday is Total Diva’s Mid-Season Finale. Don’t fret fellow Skirt Chasers, it will be back in November with more episodes. Good. Plus I might be the only one hoping for this, but I so hope they put the entire season on DVD because I would buy it. Yes I am THAT lame!

Ever since SummerSlam ended, WWE has actually been really good. Maybe it’s because John Cena isn’t being shoved down our throats. Yes I’ve been Wade-less but it’s still been good. Randy Orton as a heel is golden, and having Triple H back as heel is like coming home. I think things are quite kosher. As much as I do want to see Daniel Bryan as champion, I think keep the feud going for a bit and Randy stays champion at least until October. I’m not digging Ricardo Rodriguez with Rob Van Damn, and I’m thinking that him being with RVD is an Alberto Del Rio plan. I can see Ricardo turning on RVD, to help ADR retain the title.

Can we just talk about AJ’s pipebomb-shell she dropped on the Total Diva’s? I have one word for it; AWESOME! I agreed with what she said for pretty much everyone but Natalya. But otherwise as far as Diva promos go, it was great. And will be on my list for Promo of the year, unless something shocks me in the next few months.

Edge coming back was amazing. It’s been a long seven months without seeing Adam “Edge” Copeland on television. So having Edge cut such a great promo like he hasn’t lost a beat on RAW, was excellent. And man, the dude can fill out a pair of jeans!

edge jeans

With that, I have to go. I haven’t had much to say so I bullshitted most of this edition but hey, gotta give me credit for trying. Lol!! Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!


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The Game

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***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***





Uh-oh! Guess what day it is! Guess…what…day…it…is! Huhcamel2

Okay, so it’s not quite “that” day, but it’s always a good day when the Boot Camp is back in business!




First of all….still no job. Don’t have one. Don’t care. Doing okay without one, but I will eventually find another one. I don’t want to be a bum the rest of my life, or at least look like one, and I am sure my wife will hold a pillow over my face as I sleep one of these nights when she gets sick enough of me. Right now, I am just trying to be the best “helper monkey” that I can be to Heather and the munchkins. If I earn my keep, maybe she won’t want to kick me back out into the “real world” for a little longer.






I am going to go on the record right now and say Daniel Bryan is more over now than Cena ever has been. Cena being out with his elbow rehab is the best thing that could have ever happened to Daniel Bryan. It gives him his time to shine without being under Cena’s shadow. The current angle between Bryan and Randy Orton only works because we don’t have Super Cena sticking his nose into it. I know Cena fans who read this always have, and always will, hate me for what I say about him. Fine. I have my opinions, and I am entitled to them. They all have theirs, but I couldn’t care less because honestly, Cena fans are a dime a dozen. Sheep going along with the rest of the flock.




I better quit before the mooing gets too out of control.






Anyway, the mid-season finale of Total Divas is this Sunday…and nobody will be watching because any self-respecting wrestling fan will be watching Night of Champions….or cleaning his guns….or sleeping instead. The ratings of the E! reality show have plummeted in recent weeks anyway, but that isn’t going to keep them from extending the season and shooting more episodes for our spewing pleasure.




Seriously! Who can blame the viewers for jumping ship on this show after what they’ve given us the past few weeks? Brie Bella calling getting wasted “Brie Mode”. Nattie’s skeezy stalker trying to get his swerve on and take her away from TJ. Eva Marie doing a Maxim shoot that nobody has ever seen. JoJo and the Funkdactyls absolutely murdering “Somebody Call My Momma” in all its tone deaf glory. Sitting through the drunken hijinx of the only person on that show who is more retarded than Ariane….her boyfriend, Vincent, the sweaty, pillow-sniffing troglodyte. Dude looks like what would happen if Batista boned Gru from “Despicable Me”. Let’s not forget the fun we had watching Ariane and the general abuse of her set of “practice boobs” as she mulled over the idea of getting implants. She eventually chose not to get them because she doesn’t think it makes her a good role model. Yeah, right. Truth is, ya couldn’t keep your fake tits from flopping out on the floor for ten seconds the whole time you had them because you are a stupid fucking cow!




However, I will still continue to watch the show when this mid-season break is over. Taking one for the team is what I do best for my troops! You’re welcome.






Recycling characters is never good. But, sometimes using ring gear once worn by one of the worst characters of all time is even worse. The recently re-packaged Epico and Primo are taking on a bullfighter gimmick and calling themselves Los Matador’s. They wear what looks like a mix of Tito Santino’s “El Matador” and “The Portuguese Man of War” Aldo Montoya. They took Montoya’s goofy mask and crafted two of them in hot pink for these guys to wear. That alone hands them a first class ticket on Jobber Airlines. They look like they are wearing pink jock straps on their heads.






Alright, people. I have to admit I really don’t have much else to talk about right now. I know the others have a lot of things to get off their chests as well, and I am sure some of it is the same as what I have brought up here. No sense in all of us talking about the same things. It’s like beating a dead horse….or having to watch The Shield attack Big Show for the 8,000th time since SummerSlam.




So, in a show of good faith to all of you…I am signing off until next time. I’ll see you then, troops! Until next time….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!






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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people!




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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everybody, how are you all doing these past few weeks? Today I’m going to start off with something different. Last week a good friend of mine passed away. Her name was Ashley. I met Ashley on a Message Board. We both liked the same kind of music and we instantly hit off as friends. We had a lot of fun times together such as going to the Mansion House(in St. Catharines) and also hanging out at Spicy Olive(in Niagara Falls). One of the things I loved about Ashley was her personality and her smile. Plus she was one of the nicest people you would ever meet. It didn’t matter who you were or what you looked like she never judged you. I always liked that about her. In the last couple years of her life we kinda fell out of touch. But a few weeks before her death I managed to meet up with her and catch up. I will always be grateful for that time. I just want to say thank you Ashley for the great memories and I miss you. RIP Ashley!

gregs pic for blog

How about this past weeks RAW from Toronto eh?! It was pretty good. I loved seeing Edge back on WWE TV. It is always a treat to see him. I have always been a fan of his and I really miss seeing him wrestle. It is too bad he suffered an injury that made him retire early. But I’m glad he is doing other things with his life. He is on a hit TV Show called Haven(which I haven’t had the pleasure of watching) but I know Diva is a huge fan of the show. Plus he is enjoying living his life. He has a beautiful house in the mountains and he can pretty much do whatever he wants to do. But back to RAW. It was great seeing him on the show. He started off the show with The Cutting Edge. He brought out Daniel Bryan as his guest. Did you hear the pop Bryan got?! It was amazing! Toronto really loves him a lot! But you know what everywhere Bryan goes, he gets the biggest pop from the crowd. He is one of the best superstars on the roster(besides CM Punk) and why shouldn’t he get the pop that he gets. I really hope WWE puts the WWE Championship back on him because it would be great to see him as Champion. As much as I love Randy Orton, it is Daniel Bryan’s time to be WWE Champion. Speaking about Orton I really don’t like him as heel. Actually I don’t really like it when he talks on the mic because he is sooo boring! Sorry but it is so true! I’m not sure what it is, but when Randy talks I just want fall asleep! That’s not a good thing people! But I imagine I’m not the only person who thinks that too!


Another thing I don’t like about Randy being Champion is how Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make themselves untouchable. It isn’t “good for business” guys. Triple H should sell to Bryan and he hasn’t yet. I hope there will be a match in the near future because then hopefully Triple H will actually sell to him. The only time Bryan got some heat back was this past Monday on RAW. Also if Big Show has an ironclad contract it means nobody can fire him!!! WWE have you forgotten what that means?! Sometimes I wonder about WWE booking. But that is another story all together! Lol


So we have Night of Champions this Sunday. The main event is WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan. The World Championship match is Alberto Del Rio vs RVD! I know RVD has Ricardo in his corner but I have a feeling Ricardo will turn on RVD and cost him the match! Anyone else think the same thing? Another match we will see is CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Haman. I also have a feeling that a former UFC fighter might make his present known. I don’t know it is just thought of mine. There are a few more matches such as a Diva’s 4 Way Match for the Diva’s Championship which will involve the Champ AJ vs Brie Bella vs Natalia vs Carmen? It should be a good match. Wait did I say good? Yeah I have to admit ever since I started watching Total Divas I kinda have more respect for the Bella Twins. I don’t know what it is but they are kinda human. I always liked Natalya and I think AJ is the best female performer in WWE right now. Did you see her promo she did a few weeks ago on RAW?! It was so great that I’m going to use it for one of my year end top five promos of 2013. You can check out the rest of my predictions at the bottom of this blog.


Last week pwinsider posted this short web series with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Bret The Hitman Hart called Bodyslam. I guess this could become a potential series if they get the right funding for it. But anyway here is the first(maybe only) web episode it is pretty good if you enjoy old school wrestling!


Yesterday it was announced that Jim Ross has “retired” from WWE. I’m sure this wasn’t Ross’s decision. I heard rumours that what happened at Summer Slam with JR and Ric Flair at the new video game sit down pretty much ended JR’s future with WWE. It is too bad because JR has meant so much to this business and to get fired…oh I mean “retire” because of something that he didn’t really have much control over is really sad. Anyway I don’t think JR will be out of work. I heard now he can start working on that book that he always wanted to write and never had the time to do it. Plus he has been doing a few speaking gigs so the guy won’t be out of work for a long time. I wish JR the best and I hope he has a great time in his “retirement”.


I’m still keeping up with Jake The Snake Roberts via his twitter. I guess he is doing NFL weekly picks for ESPN and he is in the lead. It is nice to see him doing positive things with his life. I’m happy for him. I hope he gets his dream return at the Royal Rumble.


John Cena is out of action for 6 months. If you saw on RAW a few weeks ago, you saw his elbow! OMG it looked really bad! Anyway it is going to keep him off TV for a while. It should be nice. I think we all need a break. I also think Cena needs the break too! He has been so busy ever since he started in WWE and now it is time for him to heal and have some rest. WWE is hoping for a Royal Rumble return. I guess we will see soon enough.


Anyway that is it for me this month. I hope you guys enjoy the PPV(if you’re going to watch it) and Have A Nice Day!! 🙂


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Night Of Champions

Kick-off: Tag Team Turmoil for the #1 Contendership:

The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players vs. The Real Americans vs. 3MB

Sarge’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

Diva’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

The Game’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

Greg’s Prediction: Prime Time Players


-World Heavyweight Championship: C)Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

Sarge’s Prediction: Rob Van Dam

Diva’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rio (w/help from Ricardo)

The Game’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Greg’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rio with help from Ricardo

-WWE Diva’s Championship, Fatal 4-Way: C)AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Sarge’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Diva’s Prediction: Natalya (hopefully)

The Game’s Prediction: Brie Bella

Greg’s Prediction: AJ Lee

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C)Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Winner of TT Turmoil

Sarge’s Prediction: Winners of Tag Team Turmoil

Diva’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

The Game’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

Greg’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

-2-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match: CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman

Sarge’s Prediction: CM Punk

Diva’s Prediction: CM Punk

The Game’s Prediction: CM Punk

Greg’s Prediction: CM Punk but Lesnar will stop Punk before gets to Heyman

-WWE Championship: C) Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Sarge’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Diva’s Prediction: Randy Orton

The Game’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Greg’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

That’s it for us this week. We’ll be back in October the weekend of the next Pay-Per-View. It’ll probably sneak up on my like this one did. Since I’m too lazy to look for a quote of the month, I’m going to skip it. Just call me Bad News Barrett!