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A Plethora of Wrestling stuff this week & Diva’s ANNUAL anti-Valentine’s Day Rant

February 12, 2012 1 comment

I could waste time on a fancy indroduction but why bother? I had a hard enough time

finding stuff to write about in my own blog. Anyways, enjoy people, it was a slow week.


I honestly don’t know why I’m even here because it was a huge struggle to come up with

even the slightest thing to say. It might not be decent either. I’m so drained of energy this week that I

don’t even have a decent opening for you all. Imma gonna shut it and get to bidness…

First off before I become a raging bitch… I want to wish my friend Heather a happy

birthday. She is a terrific mother and one of the most generous and nicest people I know, and I’m

lucky to have her in my life, even if it is my virtual life. She and Sarge are two of the most amazing

people and have two of the most adorable children ever. Heather, your birthday card is in the mail, I

had a hell of a time finding American stamps because the only places open on my schedule either

were sold out or I could only buy an entire book of stamps, which I didn’t need. Lol!!! But it is on

it’s way. Cheers Sweetie!

NOW I’m allowed to start being a raging bitch…Shut your hole Chipper, lol, I’m NOT

always a raging bitch 😉 (Yes I’m picking on you because you’re the most likely person to say

something, haha! I enjoy teasing you.)

Annually I have done an anti-Valentine’s Day rant, as I am very much against this

commercialized so-called “holiday.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s not an official holiday if I don’t

get paid time and a half. Or in this case, pain and suffering through all the barf-worthy romantic

bullshit that every man feels like he HAS to do or else he won’t get his annual blow job. Ok lets talk

about that for a second… As a woman, giving a blow job is no longer such a, and pardon the pun,

hard ship, now lots of guys want anal sex (don’t worry Colleen, I’m sending a much edited version

to our niece, lol). Some women won’t even do that for all the diamonds in the world, and I am one of

them (yuck), but I am sure there are some out there who will allow their man to…go “there”, on

Valentines day if their man gives them a worthy gift. Women are selfish and will bend over (haha)

backwards for diamonds and platinum. If they are a cheap ass woman, they’ll bend over for a box of

dollar store chocolates, but lets not go there because those are the women who wear those awful

crocs, date men with mullets and probably give up the back door access on a regular basis. I know

what you all are thinking; “Diva’s single so she’s lashing out at all the couples out there.” Yes I am

single, but my annual rants are because I’m single, it’s because this is a stupid “holiday.” Let me

tell you something about myself… I am a 31 ½ years old (that is my honest age), I am indeed single

(recently), I am a girl but I am not your typical female. My favourite colour is rather girlie (purple),

I don’t mind certain flowers (lilies, orchids, Gerber daisies, hydrangeas, morning glories and

uniquely dyed roses, but I hate HATE carnations because they look cheap), I love chocolate (Lindor

especially, Godiva too. Especially CARAMELS). I prefer to wear jeans, I like shoes and handbags, I

like to look good with hair and make-up in tact (but not too much make-up, I don’t want to look like

a whore). I love my boobs because I had them made smaller, and now they are perfect. I love

hockey, and professional wrestling. I used to LOVE figure skating but pretty much all my favourites

retired and you hardly see them any more and lets face it, there is not nearly enough chair shots. I

don’t get jealous easily, I would rather a man tell me I do look fat in something if I do indeed look

fat because I don’t want to go out looking anymore like a heffer than I already do. I want honesty

not lies just to make me feel good. I do NOT want to celebrate Valentines day, and no I’m not just

saying that. I say what I mean, I don’t fuck around with saying one thing and then get all pissed off

when the guy listens. The only time a guy does anything romantic is when it’s unexpected. I have

said this before in my rants, but if the guy I am with just picks a random date like July 12th, or

October 1st, and does something romantic, then that means so much more than if he does something

on February 14th. If someone was to do something on Valentines day, which I doubt. It might be

different if I’m actually not expecting it, but I could really care less. Surprises are great. One year

my best friends mom and dad gave me a teddy bear and a card, and it was so unexpected that I still

have both 14 years later. My own parents don’t believe in Valentines day for their children. I’m all

for it. If I had kids, I would partake in the despised “holiday” just for them. Other than that, I have

nothing else to share except this…. Celebrate the murder of a human being by finding romance in

the awful act of slaughter. Give your lady or your dude their favourite thing whether it be chocolates

from the dollarstore and socks with no holes in them so their plastic shoes no longer leak, or a blow

job to that special guy in your life for giving you a 10k diamond-platinum bracelet that he is now

bankrupt for. Enjoy. I will not. I am hoping to maybe watch GLEE with my niece on Tuesday, and I

wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

Moving on to wrestling from this past week…

Normally I would say this was a good week… No “Funkasaurus”!!! Anyone notice that

this is the first time since Brodus Clay’s re-debut that we haven’t sat through any of the shit that is

“Funkasaurus”? I’m hoping that continues, because wrestling is just more enjoyable without that


Speaking of crap… This farting storyline that the WWE has given Natalya and now

Tyson Kidd, sucks. There are two ways of looking at this…one is negative and one is leaning towards

the positive. So what do you want first, the good or the bad? Bad it is… The WWE is trying to make

the Hart family look, again pardon the pun, shitty for some reason. Maybe it’s the fact that

Natalya’s and Tyson’s fans are outspoken (mainly me, I’m guessing) about the lack of suitable

treatment of both, so the WWE is punishing them with this crap-ass (haha) storyline. The good is,

the two of them survive this and the WWE sees just how dedicated they are to the business and they

get the world handed to them. Don’t follow me on this? Remember when Trish Stratus was in the

storyline with Vince McMahon back in 2001, and he made her strip down to her underpants and bra

and get on all fours and bark like a dog? She took a lot of flack for doing that storyline but she said

that if she had said “no” to it, then where would she be now? Nowhere. She did what she had to do

in order to make it further in the business. And now she is the most well known, most respected

WWE Diva and 7-time WWE Women’s Champion. She did what it took to get that push. Maybe, just

maybe, Natalya is doing the same thing with this farting storyline. If she says yes to whatever is

handed to her, then she could be the next Trish Stratus. And why not? Ask yourself, would you

rather be next to naked on your hands & knees barking like a dog in front of millions, or have

someone push a fart button as your doing squats? Think about that. I’d rather fart! I still hate the

storyline, I think it’s disrespectful to the Hart legacy, but I pray something good comes out of this,

and I’m not talking about relief.

Lets be positive for a moment…

Chris Jericho’s promo this past Monday on RAW was Legen-wait for it-dary! Already is

a definite candidate for Promo of the year in my end of the year blog. The elocution of the delivery,

the words and the flow of it. The pieces of truth behind it. The very subtle hints of more than just

him seeking to take back what is his. It’s truly epic!

“The end of the World as you know it has arrived. Because with my re-appearance on

RAW, I spell the end. The end of thievery. The end of plagiarism. The end of charlotons and liars

claiming to be something they are not. By just re-appearing on RAW, I have made every other

performer in this company obsolete. Because every man and every woman who have appeared in this

ring, is nothing more than a Chris Jericho wannabe. A cheap copy of me. Stealing my ideas and

thoughts that I made popular. That I invented. I have got a whole roster of WWE Superstars that are

Chris Jericho wannabe’s in the back, and a whole arena filled with Chris Jericho wannabe’s right

here. Right now. Oh yeah! Oh yeah, look [points into the crowd]; You’re a wannabe. You’re a

wannabe. You’re a wannabe. You’re a wannabe. You’re a wannabe. And the pathetic thing is, I

manipulated all of you without saying a single word. I trolled all of you. And you did whatever I said

because you are all wannabe’s. Just like The Miz. Before The Miz walked out here in a suit and tie, and

a scowl and talking, very-slowly. I did it first. Before Kofi Kingston came here and did all these

incredible moves, I did things in this ring that you’ve never seen before. Before R-Truth said “what’s

up?” I said, “shut the hell up!” Before Dolph Ziggler walked to the ring with Vickie Guerrero, I

walked to the ring in the main event at WrestleMania 18 with Stephanie McMahon. And then there’s,

CM Punk. The worst of them all. A man who will look you in the and bold face lie by saying he’s “the

best in the world,” when he certainly is not. He is not original or unique. He’s nothing more than a

Chris Jericho wannabe. And he knows, deep-down inside, that I, and I alone, am “the best in the

world” at everything I do. I am “the best in the world” at everything I do and I don’t have to write it

on the back of a t-shirt to prove it, because I am IT. Because i live and breathe IT! Because I became

IT when I became the first undisputed champion in the history of this business. When I dominated the

WWE and won every championship you could conceivably win. When I eliminated 28 other men in the

Royal Rumble, including Randy Orton, in his very own home town, I earned the right to be called “the

best in the world.” It’s my legacy. It’s my legend. It’s who I am. So yes, this is the end of the world as

you know it, because I am coming back to reclaim what is mine.”

-Chris Jericho, RAW 02/06/2012

Fucking epic!

Wade Barrett has new theme music. Here is my take on it. I prefer the other one, but

then again I have only actually heard the new one 4 times, and it is hard to really get a grasp on it

on T.V.. So I’m reserving the right to keep my judgment to myself for a while. Besides, on twitter he

told anyone who didn’t like his new entrance music could kiss his, “English arse.” So on second

thought… I HATE IT!!!!!! Because I hate it so much, can I kiss something else? I’m so naughty.

Even if I do start to like it, I am still willing to…wait…If I’m willing to do ANYTHING, does that

make me one of the trashy bitches I was making fun of earlier in my Anti-Valentine’s Day rant?

Nope because I don’t date men with mullets and I absolutely refuse to wear crocs. I’ve had

dollarstore chocolate when I used to work there and no fucking way. Lol!! Wade Barrett is in a high

class of his own, any girl (don’t even get any ideas ladies, I’ve had dibs on him for a long time now)

would bend over (haha) backwards for him. For now, the discussion on how much I would actually

whore myself out to Wade Barrett and whether or not I like or don’t like his entrance music is on


The Miz fucked up something fierce on Monday night. I wonder if he will see a bit of a

punishment for the miscue on R-Truth’s flip over the top rope. For those of you unfamiliar with

what I’m getting at… The Miz was suppose to “catch” R-Truth as he sailed over the top rope in a

senton, but was unable to because he was standing about a foot to the right of where he should have

been. I guess we could also say that R-Truth didn’t spot properly before making the move and run a

foot to the right where The Miz was standing. It’s a bit difficult to see who was at actual fault. But

no doubt the blame has landed on The Miz. R-Truth was hurt and had to leave the 6-Pack challenge

which featured all 6 of the RAW Elimination Chamber participants. Apparently he is fine now and

that it wasn’t a serious injury. It looked pretty nasty and I guess R-Truth was lucky…this time.

I am very happy that The Undertaker is back, but I do NOT care to see The Undertaker

vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 28, for the THIRD TIME!!!! Rumour has it, Shawn Michaels will act

as Special Guest Referee. That’s more evident now since it was announced last Monday on RAW

that Michaels will be on RAW this coming Monday. It’s no secret that I am not a Shawn Michaels

fan in any way, shape or form, so I am not happy about this coming Monday. I am not happy about

the prospect of him being involved in a match that I have no desire to see again. One thing I can

agree with Triple H on is, I don’t want my last memory of The Undertaker to be of him taken out on

a flatbed cart. I do agree that I think the Undertaker needs to fix the image of him leaving Mania

from last year, but I do NOT think it should be against Triple H…AGAIN! I find it hard to believe

that there isn’t another person out there who could go with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28,

make both of them look good and still lose without his career being shat all over. Yes I said “shat”! I

personally could stand seeing Randy Orton being a viable candidate to do another WrestleMania

spot with Undertaker. Their last Mania match was pretty good and with Orton more rounded now

than he was in 2005, I think the two of them would have one hell of a match. It is my opinion that

with the WWE taking the three-pete of Triple H vs. Undertaker, they are just incredibly lazy. Their

writers are incredibly lazy. Gives two guys, one who hasn’t worked a match since last year’s

WrestleMania and a guy who has worked like two maybe three matches since last year’s

WrestleMania a crack at the big pay check. Which to me isn’t really all that fair. Same I guess could

be said for The Rock who hasn’t worked since WrestleMania 9 years ago. Either give it to someone

who needs this match or someone who was rather young and inexperienced the first time they

worked with him at WrestleMania. Just three times is rather much. Undertaker vs. Triple part 3

equal boring.

I got to thinking about Daniel Bryan and his whole arrogant persona. It’s not working

for me. I am finding it rather hard to take serious threats from a guy who yells, “I’m a vegan!” all

the time. Ooh a man with an iron deficiency who bruises easily. That is soo threatening. “I’m Daniel

Bryan and I am a VEEEEE-GAN!” He’s a giant pussy! I’m all for not eating meat. I’m not big on it

anyways, but I know that the body needs certain nutrients that come from meat. I refuse to touch

pork products because of a Canadian serial killer who chopped his victims up and fed the parts to

his pigs which became food for the rest of us (don’t worry Colleen, I’ll censor that for our niece, lol).

As for red meat, I don’t much care for it. Fish and sea food doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the

oceanic eco-system, and it smells disgusting. I pretty much eat chicken and turkey. I need eggs in my

diet, I love cheese and chocolate milk (although I stick to almond milk so it doesn’t really count). I

couldn’t do a vegan diet. I don’t bruise now, and I’ve fractured my baby toe and there isn’t a single

bruise around it. Bruises are gnarly who wants that shit on their bodies? Lol! I have enough

physical imperfections, not bruising is what makes me so special. But to find a man who yells at his

opponents that he’s a “vegan” is hardly threatening. Apparently being a vegan has killed Daniel

Bryan’s brain cells as well, because on SmackDown when he was telling Teddy Long what he

DOESN’T eat, he said, “meat, eggs, dairy and cheese…any product from an animal.” Did he forget

that cheese is dairy. EAT A FUCKING Turkey club sandwich you nerd!

For the record, I cannot stand any of the Diva’s with the exception of Beth Phoenix,

Natalya and Tamina. All the others could fucking blow up for all I care. And who let a 12-year old

at ringside?

And that is it for me. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA

or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your

mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!



Guten tag, grab-asses!

You ready for some Boot Camp mayhem this week? Funny. I’m not. Not really. Seems there’s

something in the water lately, and at least a couple of us here in the F4W have contracted a case of

creative constipation. Hey, it happens to the best of ’em, folks. It always passes, so please bear with

me…and the rest of us, if we seem to be a little off our game for a bit. Wrestling has just been really

boring lately across the board, and we aren’t left with a whole lot to talk about.

Like I said, it’s “creative constipation”. But we will get over it. It’s not like in WWE where the

constipation is just a symptom caused by a chronic bout of “head in ass disease”.

Speaking of people with their heads up their asses…what the blue fuck is the WWE Board of Directors

smoking? NOT firing John Laurinaitis last week? No wonder Stone Cold used to say “What?” all the

time. He couldn’t understand a lot of this shit either. If I was the kind of raging ass clown that “Big

Johnny” has been the past few months, I would have been FE’d before the Rumble even took place.

There would be no February for little old Sarge. I’d be living in a van down by the fucking river faster

than you could say “bad decision”. Life is full of bad decisions. Some people suffer for them, but

others manage to profit from them. The world is a really screwed up place, troopers! Let’s be careful

out there.


The intro to this week’s Impact Wrestling show had me rolling my eyes something fierce. It was a

“Star Wars” themed show in celebration of the “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Penis” coming out

in 3D.

Oops. Did I say “penis”? Yes. Yes, I did.

The intro vignette compared several current Impact storylines to those in the Star Wars canon. The

feud between Garret Bischoff and his father, Eric was likened to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

SOOOOOOOOOOO not even close! I sense delusions of grandeur. Bobby Roode/James Storm/Bully

Ray/Jeef Hardy (you’re welcome, Deevzy!) feud was compared to the Jedi’s facing Darth Maul.

Still….I didn’t see the connection. I think they were struggling toward the middle here. They couldn’t

really make any comparisons related to the Knockouts, not because they don’t matter, but because there

really isn’t any “girl on girl action” in Star Wars. Nope! Not even with “Slave Girl” Leia from “Return

of the Jedi”. Sorry, nerds! Drop your cocks and grab your socks. This is Boot Camp, not some God

damn circle jerk. If ya can’t move out of your parent’s basement, at least get your minds out of the

gutter, for Pete’s sake!


In case any of you were wondering, due to my lack of inspiration, I have taken it upon myself to enjoy

a few “adult beverages” before sitting down to do this article. If my tone seems a little “off”, or there is

just a general “goofed-up” feel to anything I am expressing this time around….Hell, you must be a firsttimer

reader then.

Nothing I do in here is ever “normal” and it sure as fuck isn’t “family-friendly”. I never said CM Punk

was my role model. Anyone who thinks I idolize John Cena (Mr. PG) can line up to my left so I can

run down the whole row and slap each one of you silly bastards clean into next week!

All seriousness aside, if any of you have never blogged under the influence, I highly recommend it! It’s

a lot of fun. Some of the world’s greatest creative geniuses have done some of their best work while

either drunk, high…or after sex. I can’t speak for the “sex” bit since that hasn’t happened lately, but I

may have to try it again soon!

I call it “blogging like a rockstar”. But, I have my limits. I drink. That’s all. I don’t do drugs. I said

this is the work of a “genius”, not Evan Bourne.


As I sit and watch these shows I recorded in a later time slot, I have to say the commercials are

completely f’d up. This is how people get in trouble. There is a reason why all those ridiculous

infomercials for everything from multi-purpose household tools… to P90X… to Pajama Grams and

“male enhancement” drugs are only on at 3AM. People who are up that late at night are just not all

right in the head. Now, with the Valentine’s Day season upon us, I have noticed a lot more of “those”

kind of commercials coming on during my shows. They are all just one big trap for anyone mentally

impaired enough to take the bait.

Case in point, commercials for Valentine’s Day boxed chocolates. Once a “must have” item for anyone

looking for a little “boom boom”, now….not so much. From what I have heard recently, more women

are NOT looking for candy at Valentine’s Day. In fact, they would rather NOT have it. Our society has

become more image conscious, and too much chocolate will give them a badonkadonk that makes Kim

Kardashian’s ass look anorexic. Candy does not bring a couple closer. The guy just gets caught in the

woman’s gravitational pull. He’s not in love. He’s just in orbit!

Forget doing something unique to show your affections. Screw naming a star after your “old lady”.

Buy her enough chocolate, and soon her ass will get so big, it will have its own zip code!

So yeah, to all those pretty little fuck-sponges they show on the Russel Stover commercial gushing

about how they all want chocolates for Valentine’s Day…..I’m throwing the BS flag!

Let’s face it. The only “chocolate” they want in their mouths on Valentine’s Day is probably named

Leroy. Just sayin….


Don’t believe that shit for one second, fellas!

See, TNA? I can do Star Wars shit, too. At least mine makes sense.

Ya know what? I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. Probably for the best. Don’t you think?

I’ll catch ya back here next time, troopers! Until then….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!



Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it

off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will

be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and

sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

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Earth is the insane asylum for the universe.

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of Have a Nice Day. I guess I should start off with my

thoughts on this year’s Royal Rumble. First off I would like to thank Diva and Colleen for letting me

watch the PPV with them at Colleen’s place. I always enjoy watching PPVs with them. It is always a



The PPV itself wasn’t really a blast! LOL It was more a bust. The one thing that stood out to me about

the Rumble is how unorganized WWE Creative is. Actually how lazy they are. Here we have one of the

biggest PPV of the year and what does WWE do? They add two matches on the day of the PPV!!! WTF

WWE?! Why would you do that? I can understand if you decide to add one match but two matches at

the last minute! (With no build up whatsoever is really not cool at all). Also we fans don’t deserve to

be treated like that. WWE shouldn’t be able to pull something like that. It just goes to show how much

creative really thinks of us. They say they listen to the WWE Universe, well I say hell no they don’t! Lol

It is just not right.

About the Royal Rumble match itself it was okay. I didn’t like the fact how we had all three announcers

be part of the match. It just goes to show you how much WWE is lacking in the talent they have. Even

the surprises they had weren’t as exciting as previous years. Some good things about the match Kofi

Kingston amazing hand stand going back into the ring, Sheamus winning the Rumble by upsetting

Jericho(who I thought was going to win), Kharma’s surprise return and strength after just having a

baby about three weeks before.

The Kane/Cena match was stupid. I didn’t like the ending at all. You never have a double count out on

a PPV. Especially a match that is supposed to be a somewhat main event. After the match was over it

just got worse! I just don’t get it. This feud started out good then it just got worse. The whole Zack

Ryder/Eve storyline just didn’t make it better. The acting has been horrible. Cena needs to be better

on his timing. He’s just so bad. The way he is acting, he has no chance against The Rock in cool factor

(even if he did have a chance) when they start building their match. I’m going to be glad when this

whole Cena/Kane thing is over at Elimination Chamber PPV. Anyway that’s all I have to say about that


The Elimination Chamber PPV is coming up next. It actually could be entertaining if WWE plays their

cards right. Let’s start off with the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match. You have Randy Orton vs.

Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan (champion) vs. The Big Show vs. The Great Khahli. I

could see this going two different outcomes. First Wade Barrett comes out as the Champion and will

face Sheamus or Daniel Bryan retains the belt and faces Sheamus for the World Championship. Out of

the two matches I would like to see Wade vs. Sheamus for the World Championship at Wrestle Mania

28. I believe that would be pretty sweet. It could have the better build up. These two superstars could

tear down the house and it could potentially be a match of the year. I’m sure Diva would agree with


The RAW Elimination Chamber match: We have CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Mize vs.

Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Dolf Ziggler. This match I’m really looking forward to because I believe

Chris Jericho is going to win the WWE Championship. Yep then we’re going to have the EPIC match of

the year at WrestleMania 28 Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Both of these

guys are in their prime and they will pull all of the stops in this match! Believe me it is going to be


Moving along to this week RAW. The Miz did one of the worse things a wrestler should not do. He

didn’t protect his fellow wrestler. During the main event R-Truth did a running flip over the top rope

and was supposed to land on top of The Miz. Except The Miz wasn’t there to catch him. Truth landed

badly and had to be rushed out of the ring. Luckily Truth is going to be okay but The Miz got reamed

out by Triple H after the match in the back in front of the whole locker room. Now The Miz has heat

with WWE Management which means he will probably be in the dog house for a while. Which really

sucks because I am a huge Miz fan. I don’t want to see him getting pinned by the likes of the

Funkasaurus. Please no!

The Undertaker finally returned last week on RAW and wants a piece of Triple H at WrestleMania 28. I

really don’t want to see this match again but I don’t really have a choice because I’m not part of

Creative. So I guess we will see it whether we want to or not. But I did like The Undertaker’s video this

week. It was cool. He wants revenge. He may have won the match last year but he didn’t win the

battle. He wants another shot. So when will Triple H say yes? Perhaps as early as this Monday when

HBK returns? What will HBK say to Triple H to convince him to fight The Undertaker again? Or will HBK

try to prevent Triple H from saying yes? Hmm big questions?! Okay maybe I am interested in this

match now that I have written all of that! LOL

I haven’t really said too much about this year WWE HOF. I’m happy Edge is getting inducted. He

deserves it for sure. But a part of me wishes it was Randy Macho Man Savage getting inducted. I just

don’t get Vince McMahon. Why can’t he just induct him? The WWE HOF doesn’t seem like a wrestling

HOF without Savage in it. I just feel he should of been in there already and he isn’t. Seeing Ric Flair

getting his second induction just doesn’t seem fair. I do like seeing Mike Tyson getting inducted into

the Celebrity part. He has done so much with WWE and he is just a huge fan. He should be inducted.

Next year should be Pee Wee Herman! LOL

Okay I’m done for this week. I have written a lot for this week. So I hope everyone has A Nice Day!!


You can reach me on twitter @blitz101

That’s it for this “exciting” week in wrestling. Good job to my boys who put in this

weekend. Loves it! Next week we will have WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions. I know we were

suppose to do TNA’s Against All Odds pay-per-view predictions, but I am the one who sends them

out, and I didn’t have access to Internet all week until just now so no TNA predictions this weekend.

You can all breathe a sigh of relief. Lol!!

“’ang on, just ‘old on a second, I’m going to be as polite as I can ‘ere, but are you aware that you’re

nothing more than a WrestleMania punch line?”

-Wade Barrett to Big Show

SmackDown 02/10/2012