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We are Back, for a Special Edition of Randomness.


Hey, we’re baaaaaaAAAAck!! Three of us are anyways. It’s a very special edition of The Fatal 4-Way. We’ve all been crazy busy since our “retirement” from the blog world, but we all have said that we can come back for very special editions. So never count us out. We’re back in after the count of 8 (months, that is). So The Game, Greg and I are here for a rare blog. We just got the urge and decided to write. Because it was such a last minute decision, Sarge is unable to join us this time. Maybe next time we’ll have this better planned out. When the urge strikes, the urge strikes, right?

Roll the footage monkies………..


Hey everyone, welcome back to the Triple Threat! Aka The Fatal 4-Way – 1 lol You thought you got rid of us but no just when you thought wrestling couldn’t get anymore crazy the Fatal 4-Way decides to do a family reunion! Woot! Okay in all seriousness I’m happy to be back to do this one time reunion for you all! Thanks to Diva for suggesting to do this today! So lets skip about what’s going in my life right now(it’s cool, still have that great job and I’m happy!) and get into the real thing you want to know…wrestling!

Where should I begin…how about WrestleMania 33. Yes folks it happened. The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns and has retired. He went out old school style and did the right thing(?) and he put over Roman Reigns. I know a lot of you are pretty upset that this happened. I know I was too(I pretty much turned off the TV when Reigns won but I was sooo tired and had to be up at 6:00am the next day) the PPV was way too long for me. I watched it from 7pm till just after Midnight! Man that was a long night! But back to Roman winning the match. You guys have to remember The Undertaker is old school so he was doing what he thought was the right thing and putting over the next big thing. Unfortunately not a lot of people really like him and yeah I don’t think they will ever like him now because of what happened. Back to The Undertaker he will be one of the greatest Attractions that WWE has ever had. There will be no other guy like The Undertaker. He is in his own category and that should be fine! I wish him the best and I’m going to miss him in the ring but it is his time now to enjoy the roses and be with his family. I hope they put him in WWE HOF next year because he deserves it so much!

Another big things happened at WM 33 and that was the return of The Hardy Boyz to WWE. I knew it was going to happen except I didn’t know when it was going to happen! If you have been following the TNA-Hardy Boyz fallout then you knew it was just a matter of time before they were going to show up in WWE. AS you know Matt Hardy has created this great Broken Matt gimmick back in TNA last year. It went over so well that it was probably the only thing good on TNA at the time. Then he got his Brother Nero to join in and it become one of the most talk about storylines in suck a long time! It was wild, crazy and pretty damn funny at times! I watched it and fell in love with it! I showed it to my friend Matt and he just couldn’t believe how campy it was and how great it was too! We both enjoyed it a lot. Then TNA lost Dixie Carter and TNA was sold to a new company. Now they are called Impact Wrestling. But then they did the unbelievable thing…they let The Hardy’s go. What a stupid move on their part. So The Hardy Boyz showed up in Ring of Honor as Broken Matt and Brother Nero. It was over and Impact Wrestling sent them a warning saying they couldn’t use the Broken Matt and Brother Nero gimmick because it didn’t belong to them. So now The Hardy Boyz had to drop that gimmick for now until they have the rights for it. Anyway they showed up in WWE at WM 33 as the other tag team for the Ladder Match. They ended up winning the RAW tag team championship. It was a cool surprise to see them back on WWE TV. It was such a great moment.

Another match that happened at WM 33 was Triple H vs Seth Rollins. That match was all right. I got kinda bored(by this time it was almost 10:30pm and I wasn’t really feeling that well that night to begin with). I thought the match went on and on. The cool spot of the night was when Stephanie went through the table after Triple H ran into her. That was pretty cool. Then Seth got the win after that. I like Rollins. I think he is a great worker and the better guy from The Shield. I have always been a Rollins fan. So I’m curious as to what they are going to do with him now. I’m hoping he will get a title run again. He deserves it for sure!

One match that I thought was horrible was The Miz & Mayrse vs John Cena & Nikki Bella. My goodness that was 25 mins of crap that I won’t get back. Cena and Bella won. Then Cena propose to Bella. They will probably have a SummerSlam wedding. Yay just what we really need again…another wrestling wedding. Blah blah blah.

I’m so happy that Bayley is still your Women’s Champion! She beat Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in a fatal 4-way match! It was a great match and it should have been a little bit longer. They all worked really hard and it was probably one of my favourite match from the night!

Then we had Brock Lesnar take on Goldberg aka Grandpa for the Universal Championship. Don’t get me started with why this match was for the championship. It shouldn’t have been. Anyway Lesnar finally beat him and become the Universal Champion. Now Finn Balor needs to get his championship back from Lesnar! I hope that happens real soon!

Kurt Angle, DDP, Ravings Rick Rude and others were inducted into this years WWE HOF. All of them were well deserved. Kurt Angle was also hired as the new WWE GM for RAW. That should be pretty fun! I wonder what Angle is going to do to tick off Stephanie?! Lol It should be exciting times!

RAW & Smackdown are having Roster trade this week. It should shake things up for them. I hope they don’t load up RAW because Smackdown is the better Brand right now and they seem to do things more interesting than what happens on RAW.

Okay I’m finished for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog. I had a great time doing it. Who knows never say never in wrestling there might come a time when you least expect it and bam! Just like that out comes another edition of the Fatal 4-Way! Have a nice day!

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The mood struck me randomly Monday night to write a blog about wrestling. I’ve had so many thoughts and ideas rolling around my head lately that I decided, why not? Well I couldn’t do it without at least inviting my partners along for a road trip. So three of us have come together to bring you this special edition. I have a lot to say about what’s gone done (not who) in the world of pro-wrestling. So, I’ll shut it, and get to bidness (man, I miss saying that).

I pre-wrote out everything that I thought I wanted to say, but fuck it. I’m going to go by the seat of my pants. I will not comment on The Undertaker, because I do plan on writing a separate blog on just him and his amazing career in the future. I just want it to be perfect. I went ahead and I made bullet points to work off of. I alway pre-write my blogs by hand and then put them to the computer and go from there. So tonight, I’m going at this a completely different way.

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. It gets me through the last leg of my night shift when I need to put my laptop away. It all started with Lilian Garcia’s new podcasts which can be seen on the Youtube, “Making Their Way To The Ring”. The first one I watched was the two-part Trish Stratus (surprise-surprise, right?), and then Mick Foley’s. I highly reccommend those pods, but must check out is AJ Styles, Mickie James, Amy “Lita” Dumas, and Sasha Banks. I got into Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho as well. The editions with Big Cass, Becky Lynch, and Edge and Christian were great. On the heels of that, Edge and Christian have a new podcast, and they’re just three episodes (soon to be four), into it. Eand C’s Pod of Awesomeness. Their hilarious, and fun. I enjoyed their first podcast with Goldberg, but it was their second and third one with Shane McMahon and Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix had me in stitches. So totally worth checking those out. So yes, I’m obsessed with these podcasts. So check them out!!! Do it now, or you’ll make my list!

I was probably one of the few people blindsided by the Hardy’s return at WrestleMania. I’ll admit it, I didn’t put the pieces together even though I had the pieces. I knew they were in Orlando for Ring Of Honour and WrestleCon, and I knew they dropped the ROH tag titles to the Young Bucks, I knew they only had a month long contract with ROH. When the New Day came out to say that the triple threat ladder match, has been made into a fatal fourway match. There I am thinking, “fuck! The New Day are weeding their way into the match,” and then….I lost my shit! Part of my emotion was that I didn’t see it coming despite seeing all the writing on the wall. So yeah, I lost my shit. I think it’s great to have them back in the WWE, and I can’t wait to see whether or not they can bring in the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. That’s a whole story of the executives at TNA Impact wrestling holding the gimmick hostage. They see it as money, and they’re not happy that the Hardy’s didn’t resign and that would mean loss of money. So now they are holding the Hardy’s up for royalties made in other companies and shows. Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, had the forethought to go and get their gimmick and the theme music trademarked, and now they’re all in a court battle. I’m guessing it’s only time when the WWE will step in to get that control away from the fledging company. They’ve never stopped AJ Styles from leaving with his Phenomanal gimmick. There are a few instances where other superstars left TNA and went to other companies, and took their gimmicks with them without issues. So I’m hoping everything will get straightened out. It’s too great of a gimmick to just let it go.

At the WWE Hall of Fame I think everyone expected Kurt Angle’s speech to be the speech of the night, but that goes to Beth Phoenix. Her speech was so amazing, and so heartfelt, and honest. The revelation about Molly Holly paying for her wrestling school tuition, was so emotional because it showed that there are great people out there who want to help others follow their dreams. It made me think that Molly Holly could be on her way to the Hall of Fame next year, and she should be. I think that her career and her heart and her kindness shouldn’t be overlooked. Beth’s speech was fun and emotional and I just thought that she nailed it. I only ever watch a few speeches at the HOF, but I think I watched quite a few this year. I watched Diamond Dallas Paige’s, “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s family’s speech, Beth’s, and Kurt’s. All of their speeches were amazing. Congratualations to the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

We’ve seen the reassurgence of Jinder Mahal after two years away from the WWE. To be honest, I didn’t even notice he was gone. I did notice that when he returned that he was significantly larger. I’m not an idiot, I’m not blind. He was larger, vein-ier, all that back acne, hmmmm….STEROIDS!!!!!


The dude is jacked!! Mahal apparently addressed the steroid rumours, and claims that he has never done steroids and has never failed any drug tests. Haven’t we heard that before, from other superstars? Hulk Hogan comes to mind, and he even had to take the stand in a federal trial back in the early 90’s against the WWF and Vince McMahon, where he admitted to taking steroids. So Mahal’s claim is futile. I don’t believe him, and I’m guessing not many other people do as well. Maybe the WWE hasn’t tested him exactly for the steroid cocktail. They clearly leave certain superstars alone from testing. John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Mahal, all clearly have never been tested and if they have, they’ve been overlooked. Not sure why Mahal hasn’t been tested properly, as he’s far from being on par with the aforementioned names in just that short list. I don’t care what Jinder Mahal claims, the guy is fucking juicing.

What can I say about the recent storyline between Maryse, The Miz, Cena and Nikki Bella? Well, I can say that The Miz and Maryse have kicked serious ass and making it actually enjoyable. The two of them have made Cena fun again. Their portrayl and mocking of the plastic relationship couple has been, in my opinion, accurate portrayal of how robotic and boring Cena truly is as a person. I know what y’all are thinking, Total Diva’s/Bella’s is scripted, and although yes it is, I doubt that the WWE would allow their top guy to actually be like this and showing what he’s really like in his everyday life. Cena comes off as a pompous, control freak, and uncaring asshole. The portrayal of Cena and Bella sparked the predictable path that would lead to their WrestleMania 33 mixed-tag team match. Maryse and The Miz would portray that dry and boring couple that is Cena and Nikki, while adding their comedic side to the two and sometimes four roles, as even Brie and Daniel Bryan were portrayed at one point. I have no problem with Brie and Daniel Bryan, but I have zero respect for Nikki Bella who would give up her dreams for a man who isn’t willing to give those dreams to a woman he proclaims to love.

miz maryse

What bothered me about the match was, The Miz and Maryse needed the win more than Cena and Bella did. If it was just a catalyst to lead to Cena’s proposing to Nikki, then it still wasn’t necessary to have them go over. Macho Man and Elizabeth reunited at WrestleMania 7 in 1991, despite Macho Man’s loss to the Ultimate Warrior, and it did not take away from the emotional reunion. So even if Cena and Nikki were to have lost, they could have still had their moment, which if you asked me was as phony as they are as people. Within a few days after Cena “proposing” to Nikki, the twin was on mulitple morning shows talking about all the wedding planning they have already taken steps towards. If they just got engaged on Sunday, and then a day or two later, were already talking about their cake tasting, then clearly they were engaged already. I’m not doubting their engagement, I am doubting whether or not it is genuine or a business arrangement. Afterall money does talk to Nikki Bella. So moving on, because frankly Cena and Nikki make me want to fucking throw-up.

So lets talk about the draft and the shake up that has taken place. Last year we saw some strong moves in the draft which separated the two shows, RAW and SmackDown. The draft that took place last year wasn’t the first time the WWE has done a draft and separated the two shows and wrestlers, however, I don’t think it was really done right. One show was always more stacked then the other, which made the second show the weaker show. This time, they seemed to have made moves that were more evened out and allowed superstars to have more opportunities than what they wouldn’t have necessairly have if there was no draft. Makes me wonder where would Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes be if they had just stayed on for an additional year. In the last year, we saw Naomi capture her first Women’s Championship which was long overdue, and the same with Bray Wyatt. He was crowned WWE World Champion and was part of main eventing WrestleMania 33. But alas, that was last year, and we are here in the now. So the “Shake-Up” took place over the past two days on both RAW and SmackDown, and we saw some decent moves with the following;

To RAW from SmackDown: Alexa Bliss, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Maryse, and Mickie James. Also to RAW from SmackDown less signficant moves of; Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Goldust, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Rhyno, and Kalisto. Announcer David Otunga.

To SmackDown from RAW: Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Sami Zayn and New Day. Also to SmackDown from RAW less significant moves of; Rusev, Lana, Epico, Primo, Sin Cara and the return of Tamina Snuka who was not drafted last year as she was out due to injury. Announcer Byron Saxton.

Why do I feel that some moves are insignifant? Well lets face it, -Curt Hawkins even coming back was a condundrum in my opinion. He never did anything worthy talking about during his first run and he isn’t doing anything worth talking about now. A complete waste. -Goldust & R-Truth haven’t been relavent in quite sometime. -Heath Slater & Rhyno has fleeting moments of moderate success with short-term gimmicks. Sadly has dragged Rhyno down with him. -Kalisto would have had a decent run if they hadn’t moved Sin Cara over to SmackDown. This does allow him to join the 205 crew, but other than that, Kalisto will no longer be fed to Baron Corbin but insteasd will be a snack for Braun Strowman instead. MMM tastes like a burrito. -David Otunga moving is horrible. If they were going to move him at all, it should have been out the door. He’s not a good commentator, or wrestler. I don’t see him doing well on the RAW commentating team, if anything, his presence with that team is likely going to make Corey Graves stock plummit. Graves has done an amazing job commentating and I can see his career being long term as he always improves.

To SmackDown from RAW acquistions seem a little stronger than some of the crap that moved to RAW. -Rusev and Lana look to be split up, albeit on the same roster. A vignette aired showing Lana separetly from her real-life husband Rusev. Although might be good for her to start getting in-ring work and experience, it’s going to drag Rusev’s stock way down as he is basically nothing without her. He hasn’t had anything really significant in the last few months and nobody seems to care about him as much. -The Shining Stars Epico & Primo. The end. No one cares. -Sin Cara being moved away from the cruiserweight division and the potential reuniting with former tag partner, Kalisto, is a waste of a move. He is much more valuable with Kalisto and/or with the 205 crew. Now he’ll replace Kalisto as Baron Corbin’s meal. -Byron Saxton, I find is also a waste as he had better chemistry with Michael Cole and Graves over on RAW. I wonder how long he’ll last under JBL’s eye and mouth. Seeing as the strength of the team, Mauro, has left the WWE because of JBL’s constant bullying. Whose to say that the same won’t happen to Saxton? He’s not a bad commentator, and is stronger in the booth that Tom Phillips who seems to have taken Mauro’s place.

As for all the big moves that have taken place, it’ll make for interesting television and matches. Lets keep an eye on these moves and maybe next year come back and see how well this round of drafts or shake-ups did.

I don’t really want to drag on and on. I feel I already have. But I’ll take a brief time to catch up with what’s going on in my life. Back in October, I took my daughter, River who was 20 months old at the time to Hamilton Comicon where she and I had our picture taken with WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. She’s met her first wrestler. Lol!! The fight to end whale and dolphin in captivity continues. It’s an uphill battles with a few wins for these amazing animals. Just two weeks ago, my paternal grandmother passed away after a long drawn out struggle with multiple strokes and other issues. After watching her struggle and suffer with breathing and not truly living for a few days, when she finally passed it became a relief. I will miss her. I’ve lost two grandparents in a span of 11 months. It’s been a rough year. My daughter turned 2 years old in February, and is funny, smart, stubborn, active, and beautiful. She loves her superheroes, and her Octonauts, and her Wiggles. We took her to see The Wiggles at Hamilton Place in October and she was so shocked and in constant awe at seeing them in real life. Also, Lachy, the purple wiggle waved to her. Totally made her day. Lol!! She’s growing so fast. I sometimes wish I could stop time and just stare at her and keep her as she is now.


That’s it for me. Until next time…Whenever that will be. Keep your skirts classy and your pants above your ass. Because in life, there are winners and there are losers…Be sexy!

You can reach me on twitter and Instagram both are @OrcaDiva80

That’s it for this time. Not sure when we’ll return, but you never know when we might pop up next. Cheers peeps, and take it e to the zeeeeee.


Best & Worst of 2015, Saying Farewell To A Long Time Blogger & TLC Predictions

December 13, 2015 Leave a comment

00 f4w2012banner

It’s the Final F4W of 2015, and there are some major changes coming in 2016. Sadly we have to say farewell to our long time contributer, one of the original players in this little blog that could, The Game. Steve has worked with me on this pretty much since day 1. We all will miss him, but as we all know too well, life gets in the way. As we have always said before, and encouraged, he is welcome back for a run-in, whenever he feels like he has something to say. Thank-you Steve for 9 wonderful years.

As usual, our last blog of the year, is nothing but our PPV predictions, and our Best and Worst list of the year. The List has taken a few cuts this year, as it wasn’t exactly a bountiful year in the wrestling business, but nonetheless, it is here…

The Game

Game Over: My Time Is Done

Its been a great 10 yrs doing this with some amazing people. Lots of laughs glad a lot of you agreed with my videos or written blogs. Its time tho to end it and move on it. So thank you Sarah and Greg and Sarge for the years of planning that went into all this. I’m trying to make this sound great and try not to make it a drawn out HOF type speech we all know how long those can get and how boring (Larry Zybesko) In closing I have had a lot of fun with this and feel now is the best time to pack it in and move on and maybe I will make a guest spot useful some weekend and you can always see me on my youtube channel (love shameless plugs aka Mick Foley)

Thank you everyone for thinking I was great or even good for the the last 10 yrs.

farewell steve

Yours Truly

The Game

The Skirt Sheet

Diva’s Best & Worst

of 2015

1- OMG Moment:

1- Arrow’s Stephen Amell wrestles at Summer Slam

2- Seth Rollins cashes his MITB in at WrestleMania and Wins

3- John Cena actually takes time off.

Winner of OMG Moment is: Seth Rollins cashes his MITB in at WrestleMania and Wins

2- Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1- Summer Rae- “Marine 4”

2- Eva Marie- “Total Divas”

3- The Miz- “Santa’s Little Helper”

4- Santino Marella- “Jingle All The Way 2”

5- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson- “Jem & The Holograms”

Winner of the Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: Santino Marella- “Jingle All The Way 2”

3- Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1- John Cena- “Trainwreck”

2- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson- “Fast & The Furious 7”

3- Adam “Edge” Copeland- “Haven”

4- Adam “Edge” Copeland- “The Flash”

5- Christian- “Haven”

Winner of the Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: Adam “Edge” Copeland- “Haven”

4- Promo Of The Year:

1- Paige- Her pipe bomb about the Diva’s

2- Bray Wyatt- Multiple promos regarding Roman Reigns

3- Seth Rollins- Night After WrestleMania

Winner of Promo Of The Year is: Paige- Her pipe bomb about the Diva’s

5- Worst NXT Diva:

1- Eva Marie

2- Cameron

3- Dana Brooke

4- Billie Kay

5- Peyton Royce

Winner of the Worst NXT Diva is: This one was too easy… Eva Marie

6-Best NXT Diva:

1- Emma

2- Bayley

3- Alexa Bliss

4- Nia Jax

5- Asuka

Winner of Best NXT Diva is: Bayley

7-Worst NXT Superstar:

1- Apollo Crews

2- Bull Dempsey

3- Marcus Louis

4- Tye Dillinger

5- Sawyer Fulton

Winner of Worst NXT Superstar is: Bull Dempsey

8- Best NXT Superstar:

1- Baron Corbin

2- Hideo Itami

3- Sami Zayn

4- Finn Balor

5- Samoa Joe

Winner of Best NXT Superstar is: Finn Balor

9- Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1- Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder

2- The Ascension

3- The Dudley Boyz

4- Jordan & Gable

5- Los Matadores

Winner of Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE is: Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder

10- Best Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1- The Usos

2- The Vaudvillians

3- The Wyatt Family

4- New Day

5- Prime Time Players

Best Tag Team NXT/WWE is: The Vaudvillians

11- Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1- Alicia Fox (WWE)

2- Summer Rae (WWE)

3- Lana (WWE)

4- Brie Bella (WWE)

5- Marti Bell (TNA)

Winner of Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Brie Bella (WWE)

12- Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1- Sasha Banks (WWE)

2- Becky Lynch (WWE)

3- Nikki Bella (WWE)

4- Paige (WWE)

5- Charlotte (WWE)

Winner of Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Sasha Banks

13- Worst WWE/TNA Superstar:

1- Rockstar Spud (TNA)

2- Heath Slater (WWE)

3- Tyrus (TNA)

4- Adam Rose (WWE)

5- Ryback (WWE)

Winner of Worst WWE/TNA Superstar is: Ryback (WWE)

14- Best WWE/TNA Superstar:

1- The Undertaker (WWE)

2- Seth Rollins (WWE)

3- Dean Ambrose (WWE)

4- Cesaro (WWE)

5- Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

Winner of Best WWE/TNA Superstar: Seth Rollins (WWE)

15- Match Of The Year:

1- The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (Hell In A Cell October 25, 2015)

2- WWE Championship Match Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (WrestleMania 31, March 29, 2015)

3- Sasha Banks vs. Bayley 30-minute Iron Man Match (NXT Take-over October 10, 2015)

4- AJ Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito (Wrestle Kingdom 9– January 4, 2015)

5- Neville vs. Bad News Barrett (Extreme Rules Kick-off show, April 6, 2015)

Winner of Match Of The Year: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley 30-minute Iron Man Match (NXT Take-over October 10, 2015)

That’s it for me. I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays. Be safe and see you next year!


King Greg’s Best & Worst

of 2015

1- OMG Moment:

1- Arrow wrestles at SummerSlam

2- The Rock & Ronda Rousey take out Triple H & Stephanie at WM

3- Seth Rollins cashes MITB at WM and wins!

Winner of OMG Moment is: Seth Rollins cashes MITB at WM and Wins!

2- Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1- Total Divas Cast- Total Divas

2- The Miz- Sirens

3- The Rock- Fast & Furious 7

4- Santino- Jingle all the way 2

5- The Rock in Jem & The Holograms

Winner of the Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: Santino Jingle all the way 2

3- Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1- Edge- Haven

2- Edge- The Flash

3- The Rock Ballers

4- The Miz Marine 4

5- Randy Orton The Condemned 2

Winner of the Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: Edge Haven

4- Promo Of The Year:

1- The Rock, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon WrestleMania

2- Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar Raw after WrestleMania

3- Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar call out The Undertaker RAW August 3rd 2015

Winner of Promo Of The Year is: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar Raw after WrestleMania

5- Worst NXT Diva:

1- Alexa Bliss

2- Asuka

3- Billy Kay

4- Carmella

5- Dana Brooke

Winner of the Worst NXT Diva is: Carmella

6-Best NXT Diva:

1- Bayley

2- Sasha Banks

3- Charlotte

4- Becky Lynch

5- Eva Marie

Winner of Best NXT Diva is: Sasha Banks

7-Worst NXT Superstar:

1- Aiden English

2- Apollo Crews

3- Bull Dempsey

4- Enzo Amour

5- Jason Jordan

Winner of Worst NXT Superstar is: Bull Dempsey

8- Best NXT Superstar:

1- Finn Balor

2- Tyler Breeze

3- Samoa Joe

4- Alex Riley

5- Baron Corbin

Winner of Best NXT Superstar is: Finn Balor

9- Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1- The New Day

2- Team Bella

3- The Ascension

4- Los Matadores

5- Blake & Murphy

Winner of Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE is: The New Day

10- Best Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1- The Dudley Boyz

2- The Prime Time Players

3- The Wyatt Family

4- The Lucha Dragons

5- The Vaudvillians

Best Tag Team NXT/WWE is: The Prime Time Players

11- Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1- Brie Bella

2- Alicia Fox

3- Cameron

4- Emma

5- Nikki Bella

Winner of Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Alicia Fox

12- Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1- Paige

2- Charlotte

3- Sasha Banks

4- Becky Lynch

5- Lana

Winner of Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Paige

13- Worst WWE/TNA Superstar:

1- Ryback

2- Bo Dallas

3- Rusev

4- Sheamus

5- El Torito

Winner of Worst WWE/TNA Superstar is: Bo Dallas

14- Best WWE/TNA Superstar:

1- Dolph Ziggler

2- Dean Ambrose

3- Brock Lesnar

4- Seth Rollins

5- Roman Reigns

Winner of Best WWE/TNA Superstar: Seth Rollins

15- Match Of The Year:

1- The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam

2- Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins WrestleMania

3- The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Hell In A Cell Match

4- The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania

5- Seth Rollins vs John Cena Night of Champions

Winner of Match Of The Year: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins WrestleMania


Sarge’s Best & Worst

of 2015

1- OMG Moment:

1- Kevin Owen Defeats John Cena in his debut match

2- The Debut of Braun Strowman

3- Sheamus cashes in Money In The Bank at Survivor Series

Winner of OMG Moment is: The Debut of Braun Strowman

2- Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1- Summer Rae- The Marine 4

2-Santino Marella- Jingle All The Way 2

3-The Cast of Total Divas- Total Divas

4-The Miz- Santa’s Little Helper

5-The Rock- Jem and The Holograms

Winner of the Worst Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: Santino Marella- Jingle All The Way 2

3- Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie:

1-John Cena- Trainwreck

2-Randy Orton-The Condemned 2

3-The Rock-Fast and Furious 7

4-Paige- Santa’s Little Helper

5-Edge- Haven

Winner of the Best Appearance by a Wrestler in a TV Series or Movie is: The Rock-Fast and Furious 7

4- Promo Of The Year:

1-Undertaker’s Promos before his match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam

2- Paul Heyman’s promos on Roman Reigns and The Undertaker

3- Most of Bray Wyatt’s Promos

Winner of Promo Of The Year is: Undertaker’s Promos before his match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam

5- Worst NXT Diva:

1- Eva Marie


3-Billy Kay

4-Blue Pants


Winner of the Worst NXT Diva is: Eva Marie

6-Best NXT Diva:

1-Nia Jax



4-Sasha Banks

5-Alexa Bliss

Winner of Best NXT Diva is: Bayley

7-Worst NXT Superstar:

1- Tye Dillinger

2-Solomon Crowe

3-Bull Dempsey

4-Mojo Rawley

5-Sawyer Fulton

Winner of Worst NXT Superstar is: Solomon Crowe

8- Best NXT Superstar:

1-Samoa Joe

2-Tyler Breeze

3-Apollo Crews

4-Finn Balor

5-Enzo Amore

Winner of Best NXT Superstar is: Finn Balor

9- Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1-The Ascension

2-The Dudley Boyz

3-Prime Time Players

4-Blake & Murphy

5-The Hype Bros

Winner of Worst Tag Team NXT/WWE is: The Hype Bros

10- Best Tag Team NXT/WWE:

1-Lucha Dragons

2-The New Day

3-The Usos

4-The Brother’s of Destruction

5-The Wyatt Family

Best Tag Team NXT/WWE is: The Brother’s of Destruction

11- Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1-Alicia Fox

2-Any of the female contestants from Tough Enough

3-Brie Bella

4-Rosa Mendes

5-Summer Rae

Winner of Worst WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Rosa Mendes

12- Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout:

1-Gail Kim

2-Awesome Kong




Winner of Best WWE Diva/TNA Knockout is: Paige

13- Worst WWE/TNA Superstar:

1-DJ Z

2-Eli Drake

3-Adam Rose

4-Xavier Woods


Winner of Worst WWE/TNA Superstar is: Eli Drake

14- Best WWE/TNA Superstar:

1-Matt Hardy

2-The Undertaker

3-Ethan Carter III (EC 3)

4-John Cena

5-Drew Galloway

Winner of Best WWE/TNA Superstar: The Undertaker

15- Match Of The Year:

1- Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway (TNA World Championship/Bound For Glory)

2-John Cena vs. Rusev (WWE United States Championship/WrestleMania 31)

3-Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match (WrestleMania 31)

4-Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (NXT Women’s Championship/NXT Brooklyn)

5-Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (NXT Heavyweight Championship)

Winner of Match Of The Year: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (NXT Women’s Championship/NXT Brooklyn)

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-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C)Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Sarge’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

Diva’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

King Greg’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose via DQ

-Tables Match: The Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno vs. The Wyatt Family

Sarge’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

Diva’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

King Greg’s Prediction: The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno

-WWE United States Championship, Chairs Match: C) Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Sarge’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rip

Diva’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

King Greg’s Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Charlotte vs. Paige

Sarge’s Prediction: Charlotte

Diva’s Prediction: Paige (DQ)

King Greg’s Prediction: Charlotte

-WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: C) New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Uso’s

Sarge’s Prediction: New Day

Diva’s Prediction: Lucha Dragons

King Greg’s Prediction: The Uso’s

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship, TLC Match: C) Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Diva’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

King Greg’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

That’s it for this YEARS Fatal 4-Way. I hope you enjoyed our lists. See you on January 24th for The Royal Rumble. Also, a new debut here in the F4W. My other half will be joining the team. He’s nutty, lol. Have a happy Holidays, Happy New Year and all that Jazz! Cheers!

WWE Battleground and NXT Diva Take Over?

00 f4w2012banner

We are one short this week, but I’m sure Sarge will be back in time for SummerSlam. He’s on vaccation from the cyber world. But trust that he will be back with his boot camp so you suckers better be ready for an ass whoopin’ when he does. He did stop by to deliver his WWE Battleground Predictions.

Lets roll the footage monkey’s…


Hello there my fellow royal readers and welcome to another edition of The Royal Thoughts. First off I would like to say I’m sorry for not posting an article last month. I know you the readers were looking forward to a bloody good article! Well I had a few issues with my bloody computer and I also wasn’t bloody feeling that well either. But now I feel better and my computer is working better too! Onto my thoughts for this month!

So many things have happened since I last wrote. Both John Cena and Kevin Owens each have a win(in their feud). Now they are facing each other once again this Sunday at Battle Ground(what a lame name for a PPV). I’m hoping Kevin ends up winning since he lost his NXT World Championship. That way he can become the new US Champion! But I have to admit these open challenges which John Cena has been doing have been actually entertaining and fun to watch. He recently had two matches with Cesaro and they were really great! I know a lot of people were talking about it online! But I do believe it is John’s turn to drop the US title at Battle Ground.

The Main Event for Battle Ground is going to be WWE Heavyweight Championship match Seth Rollins(c) VS Brock Lesner. I don’t see Lesner winning this match. I have a feeling Seth will keep the championship for now. But this match should be pretty awesome! Both guys are very entertaining in their own way and I can’t wait to see these two go at it! 🙂

One match that won’t be happening at WWE Battle Ground now is The Miz VS Ryback VS Big Show for the IC Championship. Ryback is in the hospital with a Straft infection in his knee. That’s a pretty serious injury! So he will be out for a few weeks more than likely! I imagine they will have the match later this month or at Summer Slam. We shall see!

I just watched the new Divas who have came up from NXT to join the WWE Roster. Can I just say thank goodness they are here now! Maybe Women wrestling will be actually fun to watch! I hope so! It is good to see Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte. These ladies will make the Diva’s division so much better! See good things come from this! 😀

Another match that will be happening this Sunday will be Randy Orton VS Mr Money In The Bank Sheamus. This should be a pretty fun match! I think Sheamus needs the win here so he can look good when he cashes in his MITB contract. I could see Sheamus doing it very soon! I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it at Summer Slam. That would be interesting if that happened.

I saw a youtube video of CM Punk working out with other UFC fighters. He seems really into it and I can’t wait to see his fight match in UFC. I think Diva and I should have a party when it happens? I think it would be cool to see how he does in it. I mean UFC is huge and they mean business. Do you guys think Punk can do it?

I haven’t watched any Tough Enough and I have no interest in watching it. I think Diva is watching it. I’m sure she will report about it if she is watching it? Lol

Anyway I’m finish for this month my Royal Readers! I will talk to you later! See ya!

You can reach me @blitz101 or e-mail me at

The Game

BREAKING NEWS: Aldo OUT of 189 Mendes Replacing vs McGregor UFC 189:

My UFC 189 picks and thoughts NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn:

Results for UFC 189 and UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale:

NXT Divas TakeOver RAW:

The Skirt Sheet

I’m just going to jump in this, so I’m shutting it and getting to bidness…

I’ve been so out of wrestling the past few weeks. Between moving and dealing with River, who is a lot more active and vocal, I just haven’t had a moment to really enjoy things. I’m so behind on NXT that I barely know what’s going on. Tough Enough is pretty much the same crap shoot it was a few years ago. None of these people scream WWE Superstar to me. There is nobody I’m rooting for. I’m still watching it, because it’s the summer and there really isn’t much else on.

I’ve been watching the episodes of Swerved, and laughing my ass off at some of the gags. This week R-Truth dressed up as BAE (Bad Ass Elephant) and stood in the hallway backstage at a WWE event and scared random people. One of those people he TRIED to scare was Naomi, who just turned around and kicked him in the junk. I think I laughed my ass off for about two minutes. The other one I laughed at was this one…

Just a shout out to who ever booked the Diva’s segment on RAW this week. Good job. First interesting Diva’s segment in a long time. I like to attribute that to Paige and the NXT Diva’s, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Seriously, the crowd was even chanting “This is Awesome!” It was truly well done and I’m actually excited about the division. I’m just hoping they don’t fuck it up by adding Eva Marie somewhere.

NXT Divas on RAW

This domination by the NXT Diva’s (left to right: Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Women’s Champ, Sasha Banks, locking in submissions on Team Bella; Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and WWE Diva’s Champ, Nikki Bella). If you want to see what actually went down and check out the NXT Diva’s in action…

I have so much more high hopes from the Diva’s from NXT. They seem to be far more experienced in the ring then most of the WWE’s current Diva’s roster. People like the Bella’s, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Layla, and anyone who isn’t Paige, Naomi, Tamina and Natalya, need to really take notice and learn to wrestle at a level higher then they are currently. Once Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks become regulars on the main roster, things are going to change and actually have the potential to make the Diva’s division matter. My only concern is that they will be told to tone it down in order for the Bella’s and other useless diva’s to keep up and not look like complete crap. It’s the same thing that has happened to the current NXT male superstars who have come. They’ve toned it down in order to make the WWE’s main superstars look good. It’s sad really. It’s a precedent that was set when Rey Mysterio joined WWE and was asked to keep the high flying moves limited as it was obvious that half the roster had no clue how to take them offensively.

However, if the NXT diva’s and the stronger diva’s on the current WWE roster, keep up the quality that they have been known to work at, then I’m going to go out on a limb to say that we are about the enter an era of diva’s work similar to that of the early 2000’s with Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, etc.. I guess like every period in wrestling, there is a down time. There’s been suck a down time in the Diva’s division that since Total Diva’s began airing, I’ve noticed improvements in the Bella Twins and other diva’s who are featured on the show. I guess because the outside spotlight is starting to shine in on the diva’s division, that they couldn’t have the stars of their reality show look like shit in the ring. It’s worked as a great way to motivate the talent.

Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch aside, the other diva’s on NXT have their work cut out for them. There is of course the ever loveable, Bailey. Who is probably the ultimate under dog and baby face. There is Alexa Bliss, who has yet to do anything note worthy, and Carmella, who basically has one of the catchiest catch phrases but that’s about it. Emma, who’s short lived push on the main roster fizzled when she shoplifted from a walmart last year. Then there is Dana Brooke. I’ve not seen such low quality in a diva’s in-ring work since Christy Hemme’s WWE run. Brooke is HORRIBLE!!!

For once I’m excited. So we shall see how long this excitement lasts.

Cesaro is working his hairy ass off. I give the guy credit, he’s a hell of a wrestler and really took it to John Cena nearly two weeks ago on RAW. That was one of Cena’s best matches and he should really thank Cesaro for carrying him. I still have no use for Cena. I think a fish stuck on a pile of sand is more useful then Cena.

Can we not discuss the Tokyo show of the WWE? The worst match on there, was Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston. It’s not a dig at either guys, it’s the booking of the match. Kofi being billed as his opponent, didn’t stand a bloody chance. You knew the ending right away. Perfect example of a squash match. Match of the night is tied between Chris Jericho vs. Neville and Kevin Owens defending the NXT Championship against Finn Balor. It wasn’t a surprise that Balor would go over, considering how they were hyping him up the weeks leading up to the live event in Tokyo. Nevertheless, it was a steller match.

Having Jericho and Neville face off as the curtain jerkers was a great start to otherwise a mediocre event. The match wasn’t as predictable as Balor vs. Owens, as either guy could have won. The match was fantastic.

I think that’s about it for me this month. I have a lot of work to do as my niece, Kaitlyn, and nephew, Evan, are coming for a visit this coming Tuesday. So with that, Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Kick-off Show: -Battle for the Crown: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

Sarges’ Prediction: King Barrett

Diva’s Prediction: King Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: King Barrett

King Greg’s Prediction: King Barrett


Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Sarges’ Prediction: Randy Orton

Diva’s Prediction: Randy Orton

The Game’s Prediction: Randy Orton

King Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus

-WWE Tag Team Chamionship: C)The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day

Sarges’ Prediction: The Prime Time Players

Diva’s Prediction: The Prime Time Players

The Game’s Prediction: The Prime Time Players

King Greg’s Prediction: The Prime Time Players

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarges’ Prediction: Roman Reigns

Diva’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

The Game’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

King Greg’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

-WWE United States Championship: C) John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Sarges’ Prediction: Kevin Owens

Diva’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

The Game’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

King Greg’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

-WWE Championship: C) Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

Sarges’ Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Diva’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar by DQ

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

King Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

That’s it for this months Fatal 4-Way, we will see you in a month for Summer Slam. I hear some pretty impressive rumours are going around and they involve Stephen Amel from Arrow, and another one about The Undertaker…. So doncha dare miss it!

Saying Good-Bye to a legend and Money In The Bank Predictions

In Memory of

Virgil “Dusty Rhodes” Runnels

October 12, 1945 – June 11, 2015

00 f4w2012banner

I know I can speak for all of us here at the Fatal 4-Way, that we are shocked and saddened by the loss of a legend.

Dusty Rhodes built a legacy that didn’t just make in impact in the WWF/E, but in NWA, WCW and other promotions in the United States. He was globally recognized, and loved by many. He wasn’t just respected by wrestling fans around the world, but by his peers in the wrestling business. Rhodes helped younger talent learn the business as he recently worked down at the WWE training facility in Orlando, as well as was a major part of NXT’s success. He always had a zest for life in the ring, and could bring down the house. From cowboy hats and denim to polka dots, Dusty was always Dusty. Father of two well-known superstars, Dustin “Goldust” Runnels and Cody “Stardust” Runnels. He was a hard working American man, who may have put his job above family at times, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t working for their futures. I know that he will be missed by everyone who ever knew him, whether on a personal level, or as a fan who watched him and grew up with him on their television. Even if you weren’t a full-blown fan of Dusty Rhodes, you can’t help but respect the American Dream. With that I would like to say, Thank-You Dusty and Rest In Peace!

Dusty 01


The Game

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes (1945-2015):


All apologies as King Greg is absent this week. He has some royal business to attend to in his kingdom. He will return to his royal duties in the next edition of the Fatal 4-Way. However, he would like to extend his thoughts to the Runnels family, as they have lost a husband and father. King Greg would also like to say thank-you to Dusty Rhodes for his impact on the wrestling business and hard-work in the ring. Rest In Peace American Dream!

Feel free to get in touch with King Greg; Here’s how: @blitz101 or e-mail him at he’d love to hear from you!


***The views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



How’s it hanging, heroes?

Well, here we are again. It’s PPV weekend, and that means it’s time for another installment of The Fatal 4-Way….and Sarge’s Boot Camp! Your favorite, and mine as well.

I’m not going to linger for too long on this, mostly because I am not good with the sad stuff, but I want to offer my condolences to the Runnels family on behalf of the Fatal 4-Way team on the passing of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. I have to admit, I was taken a bit off guard when I came home from work and opened Facebook. News of Dusty’s passing was on the top of the trending headlines section. It’s always crushing when a legend leaves us too soon. It makes me wish that these great men and women truly were immortal, but that is why we have our fond memories that can last long after these people have departed from our lives. Their souls and their memories will live on through the family, friends and fans across the globe that held them most dear.


I don’t have much to talk about in regards to the actual Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday. I have already spoken in previous weeks about “Mr. Chicken Shit” Seth Rollins and how he can’t win a match on his own. It’s nice to see him being completely alienated by The Authority now, and being forced to take on Dean Ambrose by himself. I even chose Ambrose to go over Rollins in the main event, not because I think Seth is going to lose on principle or because he has no one to interfere. I just believe that Dean Ambrose’s star has been rising so fast since Payback that he is destined to hold the title in the very near future (and not like he has been, though it has been fun to see him having a good time at Rollins’ expense).

Naturally, this means I have doomed Dean Ambrose to failure because my predictions seem to always backfire. My track record since we started doing them has been “less than stellar”, to put it nicely. I flat out SUCK! There’s no sugar coating it, people. I seem to overthink things a lot of them time, or get taken in by that “perfect world” mindset and predict who I want to win rather than taking everything that has happened to that point into consideration and making a more “educated” call.


So, it appears they are holding another Tough Enough competition, and I was happy to hear that WWE is putting on the USA Network and not just on the WWE Network. I was afraid I was going to miss the train wreck! Ha ha ha haa… I enjoyed the last season of TE because it was just so bad and painful to watch. Keep in mind, the last season of Tough Enough is where we met Cameron. She was Ariane back then, and got voted off on the very first episode because, well……she sucked the massive donkey sack! She still got a job in WWE, though. Yet another case of the actual winner vanishing into obscurity and the losers getting the reward in the end. It happens all the time in the “reality” competition world. Tough Enough is no different.

That’s the key word here. “Different”. Being “different” is what WWE needs to look for in its contestants. Sadly, most (if not all) of the truly unique and interesting applicants have already been tossed aside before even being given a chance. Sure, somebody jumping on YouTube in full face paint and acting like an idiot might not seem worthy of a WWE contract, but in hindsight, it could very well be exactly what WWE needs to bring in new fans and viewers. The problem with the “talent” in WWE these days is that 90% of them are “cookie cutter” performers and not all that interesting to watch every week. They grow stale very quickly, and only a few stand-outs have managed to rise above the doldrums and become the ones to keep an eye on. Most of these are the truly solid performers such as Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and Neville. Others have gotten by with a gimmick that people have found easy to buy into, like The New Day playing into the wrestling fan’s innate love of cheering that someone sucks. By screaming at the top of your lungs that someone else sucks, it makes you feel better about yourself. Thus, The New Day is capitalizing on this backwards sense of positivity they preach by actually instilling it within the people who cheer to cut them down! It’s genius.

Genius” is not what I call the WWE product as a whole lately, and it’s because of these mildly enthralling personas that make it all feel like something we’ve already seen a million times. WWE has fallen into this tunnel vision syndrome where they think the way they are doing things is the best way. Millions of fans would think not, including me. It’s this lack of vision that has caused The Ascension to be tag champs in NXT, but become instant failures on the main roster. Why? Because they are “different”, and that seems not to fly anymore in today’s WWE.

My point? Don’t worry. I’m getting there. Most of what I saw from the clips they showed of the Tough Enough applicant videos were guys showing off their muscles and nearly naked women showing off their asses and tits. This is talent? Oh look! A big, jacked dude lifting weights and saying he’s the best. Really? A chick in a dental floss bikini saying she is what the Divas division needs? What WWE needs is exactly the opposite of what these people are offering up. WWE needs to give a chance to someone who doesn’t fit the mold. Somebody who looks “different”. Who acts “different”. We see big muscular guys and former swimsuit models all the time. How about extending the opportunity to someone who can actually bring WWE back to the day when athleticism meant more than looks? Hire guys to be the next John Morrison, or even the next Boogeyman. Both of them were unique, talented and stood apart from the crowd because of that difference factor. They got people excited. They got people to take notice. Even if these unique individuals don’t make it to the Tough Enough finale, don’t write them off entirely. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Not meaning to say all the cast-offs are “trash” by any means, but if they weren’t given a fair shake simply based on their appearances or way of carrying themselves, then the true fault in all of this lies within WWE itself, and its narrow-minded selection process. By looking for the next person to fill the image of what they imagine to be the “ideal” WWE superstar or Diva, WWE is failing to see what really works in the world of “Entertainment”. The ability to “entertain”. The ability to keep one’s interest. With all the ADHD suffering people in the world today, it takes that special “something” to make them sit up and look away from the iPhone or to put that next selfie on hold until the next commercial break.

I’m going to keep a close eye on this season of Tough Enough even though I have a bad feeling that everything I have said is going to actually happen. The winner will be the one with the biggest boobs, biggest biceps, biggest ego….or any combination of the three. Any apparent in-ring capability will come from having worked with the trainers and coaches, and will not come from something they had in their blood from day one. It will all come down to who has the greatest desire to claim their 15 minutes of fame before being released a couple months later while we see a few of the also-rans trickle into NXT or be seen on RAW or SmackDown as an extra backstage, or even a Rosebud at some point.

Did that make sense to you at all? I hope so.


I have to say I am loving this feud between John Cena and Kevin Owens. Now, I don’t want to take credit for anything, but Kevin Owens is doing and saying all the things I would have if I was ever allowed to be in the WWE. Think waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back to the very first edition of Sarge’s Boot Camp. Back to November 2006….in my very first article written for this blog. What was I doing? I used my first Boot Camp as a platform to shred Cena’s movie “The Marine”. From day one, The Sarge has been forging toward victory with his own personal one-man anti-Cena movement. Dare I imagine that Kevn Owens actually is a fan of mine? All in my imagination, no doubt….but I do have a very vivid imagination! Owens calling Cena out on all his bullshit is a joy to see, honestly. Sure, Cena has faced adversity at every turn in his career. People have lined up to try and take down “the man” but very few have tried to cut Cena down by down-playing his set of personal values. Nothing brings a man to ruin quite like undermining the very mantra by which he lives his life. When you take away a man’s beliefs, and get others to see through them, you create a shell of that man that is much more easily dissected.

Kevin Owens……The Sarge salutes you!


Before I take a powder until the next PPV, let me leave you with this. We recently rented the Scooby Doo WrestleMania cartoon for my kids to watch. They both have become addicted to it. That’s cool and all, but now my son (who has had very limite exposure to the WWE product) now thinks that the cartoon is how WWE really is. He thinks there is really a “WWE City” and all the crazy things in that episode can really happen. I admit, I enjoyed the cartoon myself, but I really think I need to get Kaden spun up on how WWE really is. I want to take him to a live show at some point in the near future, but he doesn’t care for loud noises (like the pyro) and the only upcoming show in our area starts when he is normally in bed already. I want his experience to be positive instead of a battle inside his head trying to stay awake while being bombarded by loud explosions and music and people all around him screaming like lunatics. It might scare him right out of the arena!


One last thing before I go. I know she doesn’t read these, but I want to thank my wife for being patient and understanding enough to have taken the kids out for a few hours today while I wrap this article up. My work schedule toward the end of this week had me working nights over the time when I would normally sit down and do this article. I was not about to sit out here after coming home from a long night at work and try to form something coherent after being up all day and being worn out enough already. My only other hope to put out something worthy of my troopers was to try and get this thing done while I had time during the day. My wife gathered the little ones up, loaded them into the car and took them into town for breakfast and a quick run through Walmart. Good times!

They just got home a few minutes ago, and I am right at the end of this edition. Perfect timing! So with that said….mission accomplished, everyone.

Until next time, troops….YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: Don’t worry if “Plan A” fails. There are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

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The Skirt Sheet

What a sad way to start off a wicked awesome pay-per-view weekend. I’m sure we are all completely shocked at the sudden passing of Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes. As of my writing, no idea what happened or the cause of death. I send my sympathies to the Rhodes family.

I’ve never been a fan of Dusty Rhodes, but I have always respected what he has done for the business. This man lived this business through and through. He raised two sons who would become amazing WWE superstars in their own rite, Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, and Cody “Stardust” Runnels. He was one of the few people who knew how to book matches and train up and coming talent. He was no stranger to promoting the business. All I can say is, this is truly a shock and huge hit to the future of wrestling. I feel sorry for the new fans and new talent who won’t get to experience what Virgil “Dusty Rhodes” Runnels can do for this business. Rest In Peace Dusty!!

Dusty 02

I had something completely different planned for this edition of The Skirt Sheet, but I feel a bit lost. My daughter, partner and I are moving in two weeks and I’ve beens so busy as of late. We get the keys to our new house this Friday, and then we will go in to clean and paint before moving. I’ve had little else on my mind other than my daughter, who just turned 4 months old this past Thursday, this move and my fight for Kiska, Canada’s only captive orca. We lost our initial fight while winning the fact that there will never be any other orca’s in captivity in Ontario. We just recently learned that a federal bill is being presented that will ban the acquisition and breeding of ALL whales, dolphins and porpoises in ALL of Canada. This is what we’ve worked so hard for. However, it doesn’t help the current cetaceans who are being held captive. Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland in Ontario are the only two abusement parks that will be affected by this federal ban, providing we can get this federal bill passed. Our fight isn’t over.

Oh hey, see, removing myself from the loss of a legend and do some general chit-chat, helped me remember a few things I want to talk about. Shall we do this in point form? Yes I do believe that’s a fantastic idea.

1- NXT’s newest Diva, Dana Brooks: She sucks! She is like a heinz 57 of other Diva’s. Fitness model like Torrie Wilson, left over ring attire of Beth Phoenix, Nattie’s colour scheme, wrestles as bad as Aksana, face like Maryse, badly bleached hair like Lana, and shoved down our throats like John Cena. Not one of WWE/NXT’s finer acquistions. I say #FAIL



2- Kevin Owens: I’m torn. He’s not exactly in shape. I guess that means he’s the hero of every basement blogger, with grease stains on their wife-beaters (not that they’d ever get married or see a real life naked woman), who have a Big Gulp cup of sugary soda in one hand and a Big Mac in the other. And that’s only when one hand isn’t, yeah anyways. I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed in this superstar. Yet I’m not. He’s not living up to the hype, but he’s still better than Cena and probably most of the current main roster superstars. That doesn’t say a hell of a lot. I’m not sure why Cena isn’t putting his United States Championship on the line. Then again, another catch 22; Cena loses that belt and we get him back in the title picture for the WWE World heavyweight championship…AGAIN! * Rolls Eyes * I’m glad to see someone new on the flagship shows, and even finally getting NXT talent visable on Pay-per-views. It definitley helps getting NXT more mainstream. They are a better show with better talent.

3- The MITB Ladder Match: So anyone remember that King Barrett was actually involved in the MITB Ladder Match this weekend, but somehow was taken out and his spot and opportunity (not that he would have won anyways), was given to Kane. I’m pretty sure I saw King Barrett in the intial line-up, and then POOF! Gone! Kane doesn’t need this spot. So instead, Barrett is faceing R-Truth on the kick-off show. Why is R-Truth even still working there? Is he even relevent? Anyways, my displeasure aside… I see Roman Reigns going over and then later on, either cashing it in on Seth Rollins or deeking him out. Making Rollins believe he’s about to lose his title.

4- Tyson Kidd: There is a nasty ass rumour going around that Tyson Kidd is severely injured. Apparently he is suffering from a spinal chord injury that happened during a dark match he had with, former TNA star, Samoa Joe. Kidd was getting some major air time tag teaming with Cesaro, after appearing regularly on the E! Show Total Diva’s with wife Natalya. This is a major set-back to his career if this rumour is true. You would think a vetern like Samoa Joe would be more careful and experienced enough to protect his in-ring partner/opponent from such an injury. As a fan of Tyson Kidd, this sucks for him and I hope he recovers quickly and without any major long term effects. Get better soon TJ!!

5- Dean Ambrose: LOVE HIM!!!! He amuses me, and he’s good in the ring. Ambrose knows how to bring the facial expressions and he is a bump king! I see BIG things in his future.

6- Stephen Amell vs. Stardust at SummerSlam: Sadly, this isn’t going to happen. Arrow’s Stephen Amell recently appeared at ringside at a recent live RAW episode. While sitting at ringside, Stardust, got into Amell’s face.

Arrow at RAW

It didn’t take long for rumours to swirl that the two were going to have a match at SummerSlam. However, Amell dispelled those rumours on his twitter account @amellywood

Amell tweet

I won’t lie, I’m slightly disappointed in this. Who wouldn’t want to see Arrow fighting Stardust? Or just seeing Arrow, in those tight green leather pants, holding his bow in his hands. Hang on a minute……………………


OK, I’m good.

And I think on this happy note, I should end this right here. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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Money In The Bank

-Kick-off: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

Sarge’s Prediction: King Barrett
Diva’s Prediction: King Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: King Barrett
King Greg’s Prediction: King Barrett


-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Ryback vs. Big Show

Sarge’s Prediction: Ryback
Diva’s Prediction: Ryback

The Game’s Prediction: Ryback
King Greg’s Prediction: Ryback

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) New Day vs. Prime Time Players

Sarge’s Prediction: Prime Time Players
Diva’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

The Game’s Prediction: Prime Time Players
King Greg’s Prediction: New Day

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena
Diva’s Prediction: John Cena

The Game’s Prediction: Kevin Owens
King Greg’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

-Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Neville

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns
Diva’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

The Game’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler
King Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Nikki Bella vs. Paige

Sarge’s Prediction: Paige
Diva’s Prediction: Paige

The Game’s Prediction: Nikki Bella
King Greg’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship; Ladder match: C) Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Sarge’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose
Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins (maybe Reigns cash in)

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins
King Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

That’s it for this edition. Hope you enjoy Money In The Bank. It’s one of my favourite concepts. The pay-per-view is no different. This time we have a quote to end this edition. Ciao peeps and enjoy the summer.

You tread carefully @StardustWWE—Or I’ll be back.”

-Stephen Amell via Twitter @amellywood

WWE Payback 2015 and so much more

00 f4w2012banner

It seems just like yesterday that we were here, giving you the low-down. I feel there has been a shift in the force of the Fatal 4-Way blog. I wonder what it might be?

The Skirt Sheet

Welcome back. I can’t believe Payback is so close to Extreme Rules. I actually almost missed this months pay-per-view all together. My near-tardiness aside, it’s time I shut it and get to bidness.

So I want to thrust out there my theory on the main event of Payback. The fatal 4-Way containing all former members of The Shield vs. Randy Orton. Of course The Shield memebers are not fighting together, but seperately. Or are they?

Hear me out. Ever since the surprise break-up of The Shield and how it went down, I’ve always had this feeling that one of the most historic and legendary stables in wrestling isn’t over. If I was booking it, I would do exactly what they’ve done so far. Make Seth Rollins join The Authority, and then use that power to get him the WWE Championship, while making it look like he hates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns (and vice-versa). For nearly a year this goes on, and people no longer hope that The Shield will get back together. Then at Payback, all that changes. They attack Randy Orton, and then the go after J&J Security, and Kane. Then hunt Triple H and Stephanie. It would be the ultimate way to take over the WWE. Something WWE failed to allow the original NEXUS to do. Anyways, my theory is that they are all still secretly working together, to slowly take down The Authority. All that sounded better in my head the few days they actually broke up, lol.

Recently I’ve engaged in a debate about the use of Sami Zayn on RAW two weeks ago. They did with him, what I thought they should have done with Neville originally. However, I would have had him beat John Cena, or have Rusev cause a disqualification. Having Zayn go over would have been a swerve that could have really thrown people through a loop and it wouldn’t have been as predictable. Something fresher. Oh well. The WWE is notrious for not doing anything out of the norm.

I find it funny that WWE did what I originally thought they should have done with Neville by having him come out and challenge Cena. He even went over via disqualification. Which is decent booking. However should have been done on the first night of his debut.

I’ve been so busy that I’m actually going to keep this super short. Between looking and buying a house, dealing with my super wiggly 3-month old, and the opening day protest/demo at Marineland, I’ve been super busy. My friend who is a trained animal investigator, and who is leading the charge on helping Kiska. What she found was this;



This is Zeus. He’s a full-grown male walrus at Marineland in Ontario Canada. Last year we were concerned about his weight as he was thinner than Apolo, the other male walrus. This is worse. He’s sickly small. You are not suppose to see the bones of a walrus, and here you can see Zeus’ shoulders. He’s too small for a male walrus, and even too small to be a female. This here is the height of animal cruelty. I know it’s not wrestling related but I found that I just had to say something. These pictures are disturbing, and this needs to be stopped. The OSPCA and the Canadian government has ignored us before, but they can’t possibly ignore this.

So I’m out to fight the good fight. Now we have three animals to focus on. Kiska, Smooshi and now Zeus. We are still making sure that the best will happen for all the animals imprisoned at Marineland, but these are the onese that need us now! Until Next month, Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!


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The Game

Extreme Rules Highlights,Jon Jones’ status for UFC 187:


***The views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



Well, look what the cat dragged in. Good to see another packed house here in the old Boot Camp, and I am sure you are all just chomping at the bit to get things rolling. That’s what I like about my troops. It’s always hard to tell whether you are simply loyal and on the same page with me, or if you are all huge gluttons for punishment.

Let me set it straight from the beginning. I have a feeling this WWE Payback edition of the Boot Camp is going to be fairly short. I don’t have a lot on my mind, and too many topics have been done to death. I am not one to continue to beat the proverbial dead horse, and no, I am not making a masturbation joke here. I wish I was. Actually, that is kind of funny. I’ll take credit for that.

What do ya say we just hit the ground and run with this bitch? You ready? Better be, cupcake.


Let me go on record right now and say that I am deathly sick and tired of The Authority. I am sick and tired of Seth Rollins and his panty waist chicken shit tactics. We just see the same things every week, and it causes the outcomes of PPV matches to be predictable, if not disappointing. Whoever is writing the scripts for these people every show must either have tunnel vision, a one track mind, no imagination, or be a huge fan of the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. I find a little too much satisfaction every time I see Seth Rollins eat an RKO or a spear these days. It’s not because the writers are being good at their jobs and making me hate Seth Rollins. They are making me hate the product in general by feeding us something that is sub-par, repetitious and an insulting waste of our time.

This whole Authority storyline has been going for over a year now, and has resulted in Seth Rollins breaking up The Shield to go on his own and becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion (with tons of outside help, of course). It needs to stop, or at least take a new direction. I say the main event at Payback is the best place to set things in motion. All three former members of The Shield are in the Fatal 4-Way match together. We all know how Seth Rollins has become unhappy with how The Authority is always making life difficult by trying to make him a better champion. He has to get fed up of all of this eventually. Maybe it could even drive him to…..once more be the “architect” and reform The Shield with Ambrose and Reigns in what would be the biggest swerve of the year, no doubt. It doesn’t have to happen at Payback, but seeds can be planted in the minds of those involved to bring about that change in the coming months….perhaps to come to a head at SummerSlam. Big things happen on the bigger PPVs, so why not SummerSlam? I guarantee the first time the fans here that familiar Shield entrance theme once again, and all three of them come down together, there won’t be a dry seat in the house!

But…..with WWE’s notoriously bad logic, all this will only happen in our minds, and instead, they will make AxelMania and Macho Mandow win the tag team titles.


It’s nice and nostalgic for Damien Sandow to go around imitating Randy Savage, but I honestly think Jay Lethal did it better as “Black Machismo”. However, calling Sandow’s take on Savage “White Machismo” sounds a little too racist for some reason.


As I was taking a leisurely drive down the information super-highway (or just looking through my Facebook news feed), I came across an article announcing that McDonald’s has introduced a newly reimagined version of The Hamburglar. Yet another part of my childhood has been ruthlessly murdered right in front of my eyes. This guy looks like a hipster in a bad raccoon outfit. Maybe this Hamburglar is going to steal everyone’s burgers in an effort to force us all to go vegan, or maybe he will only enjoy hamburgers ironically.

Whatever the case, as I was reading through the comments in the article where this was posted, I found two rather hilarious comparison pics that, I promise you, I did NOT make up. I can’t take credit for these, even though it does totally look like something I would have done.

One of the pics said the Hamburglar looked like Repo Man


And if that wasn’t bad enough, there was also someone who said the Hamburglar looked like Cesaro.


If you ask me, I think all the new Hamburglar has going for him is that he has a good chance of giving Grimace, Mayor McCheese, the Fry Guys, the Burger King, and even Ronald McDonald himself a run for their money as the creepiest, most likely to be a pedophile fast food icon of the new millennium.


Hey, remember when I told you this was going to be short? Well, here we are. Already at the end! Would I lie to you? Of course not. The Sarge is a man of his word. Some of those words may be a bit more “colorful” than others at times, but if you want to hear any more of those, you’ll just have to wait until next time. We are not doing a blog in two weeks for the Elimination Chamber PPV, so you’re off the hook until sometime next month. Have fun, be safe and try to keep your noses clean. I know….where’s the fun in that? Hey, just make sure your ass is firmly planted right here next time the Boot Camp is open for business!

Until then, YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


Had enough yet? You got something to say to me? E-mail me at and get it off your flabby little chest! Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, and your responses will be highlighted in my next Boot Camp article. Your orders are clear, troops……it’s time to stand up and sound off!! I’ll make you famous! >:)

Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: I’m not short. I am just more down to Earth than other people.

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Hello there my royal readers(I mean subjects) and welcome to the 1st Edition of The Royal Thoughts by yours truly The real King of blogging about professional wrestling King Greg! That’s right, you heard right you will bloody well call me the King! Don’t be a wanker about it! Let’s get this blog going shall we!

A fortnight ago WWE RAW was held in Montreal Canada. Usually strange things happen in Montreal. Once again something did happen. It was the debut of Sami Zahn on RAW. If you haven’t heard of him he is one of the most bee knees wrestlers from NXT! He accepted that wanker John Cena’s challenge for the US Championship match. Of course before all of that happened Bret Hart made an appearance and some people thought he was going to accept Cena’s open challenge. But he was only there to introduce Sami. Of course that other wanker Health Slater had to interrupt things but Bret Hart didn’t have any of that shambles and he kicked arse against Slater and it was bye bye Slater! Sami and Cena had a great match but that damn Cena(or wanker) ended up winning his match! Bloody hell! Here’s hoping Sami will get another match up against Cena at some point in time! 🙂

So we have a Dog’s Bollocks PPV this weekend. It is call Payback! In the main event we have a Fatal 4-Way match(no you wankers it isn’t Diva vs King Greg vs Sarge Vs Steve) it is the bee knees Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose. My pick for this match is Seth Rollins. So far he has been pretty good as champion! I hope he gets to be champ for a while! He deserves it! I’m kinda happy they added Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose into this match. It makes it even more exciting! Isn’t it bee knees to have all three former Shield members in the main event?! I always knew those guys would be headlining a PPV together at some point! King Greg is very proud to see that happen!

Moving along I’m pretty bloody upset that Daniel Bryan has to give up his IC Championship! What a piss off! Bryan is once again injured and we don’t really know how long he is going to be out of action. I feel bad for the guy because he is such dog’s bollocks performer! I really want to see him wrestling in the ring! Plus his promos are bloody well fantastic! Let’s just hope he will back sooner rather than later!

I want to congratulate my fellow King Barrette on winning this years King of the Ring. I know he will make a great King and I’m sure he won’t disappoint the masses! Perhaps one day we will meet and we can discuss about of Kingdoms and how we have some so many servants who serve us. LOL

I have some bloody good news about TNA! Impact will be moving from Friday nights to Wednesday nights now. That’s great news for those of you who still watch the show! Is that five of you? LOL Anyway good for TNA!

But I also have some bad news from TNA it seems that wanker Jeff Hardy broke his leg while riding his bike. I actually saw the footage of it and it looks bloody well horrible! I hope he recovers and gets back in the ring when he can! He is a talented wrestler indeed!

All right my loyal readers I must end this blog for now. The King has some other things he must do! I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you have a great long weekend! Until next time, this has been your bloody wicked King! Cheers!

PS I hope you guys enjoyed this new blog. I wanted to change things up and try something new. Let me know how you feel about it @blitz101 or e-mail me at I love to hear from you!



Kick-Off: Axel & Mandow vs. The Ascension

Sarge’s Prediction: Axel & Mandow

Diva’s Prediction: Axel & Mandow

The Game’s Prediction: Axel & Mandow

King Greg’s Prediction: Axel & Mandow


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Sarge’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Diva’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

The Game’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

King Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: Ryback (by DQ after reunited Wyatt family attacks)

Diva’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

The Game’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

King Greg’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Neville vs. King Barrett

Sarge’s Prediction: Neville

Diva’s Prediction: King Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: King Barrett

King Greg’s Prediction: Neville

-WWE Tag Team Championship;Best 2 out of 3 Falls: C)New Day vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Sarge’s Prediction: New Day

Diva’s Prediction: New Day

The Game’s Prediction: New Day

King Greg’s Prediction: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

-WWE United States Championship: C) John Cena vs. Rusev

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena

Diva’s Prediction:John Cena

The Game’s Prediction: Rusev

King Greg’s Prediction: John Cena

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship; Fatal 4-Way:

C) Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

Sarge’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

King Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

That’s it for this month. I know we haven’t had a Quote of the Month lately, but it’s because nobody is saying anything remotely quote worthy. When they do, I’ll be on it. Cheers!



Extreme Rules Predictions & WrestleMania Fall-out!!

00 f4w2012banner

We’re here!



Simple and to the point….

The Skirt Sheet

So we are in the post-WrestleMania war zone. It’s a war of pussies!! Yeah I’m none too impressed with what’s going on. But why spoil it here in my intro, when I can go bananas in the actual blog. I’ll shut it and get to bidness…

So I shall start with WrestleMania itself.

Sting vs. Triple H… For his first official match at the Show of Shows, it sure sucked giant whale dork! There really was no need for the NWO and DX to be involved. Not at WrestleMania. If they wanted to get super hokey, then they should have done so at Fastlane or this one, Extreme Rules. I think there was just too much going on in this match that was suppose to have Triple H, the cerebral assasin. Instead it was Paul Levesque defending his manhood against an old fart who people think “Still has it.” Now if that’s how Sting has always wrestled, then I can sleep soundly at night knowing that I’ve missed fuck all, all these years because he sucks. BORRRRRING!!!!!

The predictability of the Ladder Match for the Intercontinetal championship aside, since they kept pushing the fact that Daniel Bryan had never held the Intercontinental Championship. The match was great. They did a phenomnal job.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt…Again, we all had to have known that ‘Taker was going to win this one to make up for last years bull shit ending. I don’t think the WWE wanted to risk a possible riot if Wyatt was scheduled to go over. It wasn’t a bad match, but it wasn’t the best. Undertaker looked good, but was showing his age in his speed. He’s gotta be getting close to being done. The match lacked emotion, as the build up was one sided, and left to Bray. On that alone, Wyatt actually deserved to go over.

As much as I hate Brock Lesnar, and didn’t have high hopes for his match against Roman Reigns, this would have been match of the night. WOULD HAVE BEEN!!! See this is where it becomes a catch 22. Reigns and Lesnar put on one hell of a brutal fight. I mean we were all sitting here questioning whether or not they were stiffing each other (and I don’t mean in a gay-porn kind of way). It was fantastic. We were actually into this match. Reigns proved he can roll with the big boys. He can roll but can he hang? Then the WWE had Seth Rollins cash in his Money In The Bank contract. Which was a great idea. To have him cash it in in the middle of a match and making it a triple threat. Also, showing smarts how he’s also the only one to be smart enough to cash it in at Wrestle-Fucking-Mania!! So that’s your catch 22. Great plan for Rollins…but not needed for Lesnar and Reigns.

I’m giving match of the night at WrestleMania 31 to The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, despite the catch 22. It was far from a horrible match, the cashing in, just wasn’t needed. It worked, but wasn’t needed.

wm31 me

The night after WrestleMania wasn’t as impressive as the last couple of years. We saw the emergence of the Lucha Dragons, and Adrian Neville from NXT. The Dragons looked great, but they already fucked up with Neville. I’m not just being bias, because I’m a Neville fan. I love that dude. But they had this amazing opportunity to push him, and they done and fucked it up.

So here’s what they SHOULD have done with Neville… John Cena was issuing an open challenge to anyone who wanted a shot at his newly won United States Championship. He was in the ring barking away about how he will face anybody, at anytime. Neville should have come out and challenged Cena, and one of two things could have happened… 1) Neville beat Cena to become the United States Champion, pushing him forward into a career that will be impressive, or 2) Rusev comes out, costing Neville the match, not hurting either Cena or Neville.

What they DID do with Neville was have him interrupt Curtis Axel and beat him in a so-so match. Then the following week had Neville face the WWE World heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins, in a damn solid match, but Neville lost (which was going to be an obvious outcome).

Now ask yourself, which scenario would have been better?

Because of the baby, I’ve missed a months worth of NXT. It’s too hard to get it downloaded. I want to get back into it. So I’ll have to download the past few weeks so I know what’s going on.

Speaking of NXT, I’m stoked because I got the VERY FIRST EVER figure of Sami Zayn, and also the VERY FIRST EVER figure of Paige from Ringside Collectibles. I regret not getting Emma.

Zayn and Paige fig

I also got the Wade Barrett the other day from the same series as Paige.

Anyways, motherhood is keeping me busy, but my little one is getting big. She’ll be 3 months on May 11th.

I also have to talk about what an amazing visit I had with Sarge and his family. They came up here and spent some time with both myself and Bad News Greg. We had a great time in Niagara Falls; thanks to Greg we got to see the falls from the Observation deck at the Skylon Tower, and then Sarge and his wife, Heather (the originator of Lambhead Guy in reference to Erick Rowan), treated us all to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It was a lovely day. We only with The Game was able to join us. It just wasn’t in the cards this time around. Next time for sure.

3outof4 F4W

With this I shall leave you for another month. Ciao people. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



Hey-o everyone! Time to make the donuts!



Really? Did you all seriously believe that was how I greet my troops in the opening to these things? Hell no! I was just screwing with you. Get a grip. This is Sarge’s Boot Camp, for fuck sake! This ain’t no Hello Kitty tickle fight pajama party.

No, the Hello Kitty tickle fight sounds like something that should be taking place at WWE Extreme Rules. Has to be better than the “Kiss Me Arse” match. Who in the world thought that was a good idea. The only way a match ending in someone kissing someone else’s ass (excuse me…..”arse”) is if Vince McMahon himself struts down and drops trow in front of the world. That would be a throwback to the good old Attitude Era, not whatever they call the shit that’s happening in today’s WWE. It’s less of an era and more of an “error”, if you ask me. The only reason WWE is not failing against companies like TNA is because of their money. Maybe TNA could be a bigger threat to WWE if they could happen to be able to afford to pay their own employees on a regular basis. Word is some of TNA’s staff have been getting stiffed on payday lately, which is sad. Just really, really fucking sad. No other words for that kind of shit.

In fact, TNA has me scratching my head a lot in the past year or so. When they did their shows from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida, things were great. They crowd was into it. The production values were “alright”. It seemed like they had at least 8 out of 10 of their ducks in a row before the cameras rolled. Now, since they moved from Spike to Destination America, not so much. The arenas are mostly dark. The fans are not as loud, but that could be due to the shows taking place in smaller, or less populated arenas. Can’t speak to that for sure. Since moving to Destination America, TNA’s ratings have taken a nose dive. More good news for the “weaker” product WWE shills out to its consumers. I even feel bad for the commentators on Impact Wrestling. Gone is the ringside table, and now, the commentators are stuffed in some back office of the arena where they sit in a cubicle and talk about the action in the ring while watching it on monitors.



One thing TNA does do very well is showcase their female competitors. TNA doesn’t need to shove their women down everyone’s throat with some shitty reality show. What they did this week on Impact Wrestling was absolutely perfect, and it’s something WWE would never even consider. This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was nothing but Knockouts for the whole show! An entire 2-hour show dedicated to the women of Impact. Pardon the pun, but it was a thing of beauty, and something that you will never see from WWE. It’s true that WWE doesn’t give two shits about the Divas. At the end of the day, they just don’t matter that much to the powers that be. I am starting to think that the whole ‘Total Divas’ thing is merely a bone being thrown to the Divas who are willing to take part as a way to transparently give them something to “shut them up” if they want to come forth and say how they feel unappreciated. Of course, I wouldn’t blame any of them, except maybe the Bella Twins, for stepping up and airing some grievances. Before ‘Total Divas’ was even a concept on paper, several of the Divas in past years had asked to be released due to being unhappy with their role and how they were being utilized.

Most recently, AJ Lee has “retired” from WWE, and I am sure it was due in part to being unhappy. Once again, WWE loses one of its best performers because of bullshit that they started. No doubt AJ was getting heat for being “Mrs. CM Punk”. If WWE is good at anything, it’s holding a grudge and shitting on people because of it. It’s why so many people have disappeared from the active roster over the years, and most certainly why many past superstars and/or Divas have been left out of otherwise well-deserved places in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bottom line: you can only eat shit for so long before you get bored with the taste.


Come to think of it, there is so much going on that gets under my skin lately……well, let me just take a moment.

(brace yourselves)

There is supposed to be no one greater in a company than its World Champion. The World Champions in WWE for the better part of a year have been nothing but a pathetic example and a fucking joke Brock Lesnar becomes champion and basically vanishes for four months at a time, leaving the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in limbo for months at a time. No title defenses at PPVs, no feuds, no heat being built up in promos. Hell, from one defense to the next, most of us all but forgot WWE even had a World Heavyweight Championship. I know I did. I don’t know how Lesnar negotiated that bullshit into his contract. The fans deserve a fighting champion. Not one who takes his belt and goes on vacation for 120 days at a pop, only defending the title when he feels like it. That’s not how wrestling works. Never has been, and never should be again! If a title cannot be defended once every 30 days, it must be vacated and a new champion decided at a later time. At WrestleMania, I was so ready for Lesnar to be beaten simply because it would mean the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would once again be defended as it should have been all along! Of course, Roman Reigns didn’t get the job done. It was Seth Rollins. As long as it wasn’t Lazy Lesnar walking out of there and taking a nap until SummerSlam, I was fine with it.

Since that night, I am not so sure. Roman Reigns is now feuding with the Big Show, who is taking credit for destroying Reigns during RAW in London, England. Of course, it took a British taxi cab to do most of the damage, but whatever. Seth Rollins pissed Brock Lesnar off the night after WrestleMania so badly, it made Lesnar snap and beat the shit out of Michael Cole and some camera man at ringside, which resulted in his indefinite suspension. So, with that, both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have been removed from the WWE World title picture. Very well played by Seth Rollins. Seems he will do whatever cowardly act is necessary to get things moving in his direction. Unfortunately, we went from a near non-existent champion, to one who is barely more than a 6-foot tall pile of steaming, stinking chicken crap!


A guy who can’t win a match without help from The Authority. A “man” who hides behind a couple of jobbers who he hired as security guards. Funny how Rollins always claimed to be the “architect” of The Shield, and now….he hides behind a human shield called J&J Security. This is what happens when your mouth writes checks that your ass can’t cash, and I hope Rollins finally gets what’s coming to him. Sadly, I doubt this will happen at WWE Extreme Rules. Both he and Randy Orton were given chances to add a stipulation to their match, and Seth Rollins had Randy Orton’s finisher, the RKO, banned from the match. Why? Because Rollins knows damn well that Orton can end his title reign virtually “outta nowhere”, as the internet has often said. So, what does Randy Orton reply with? I loved this. He made the match a Steel Cage match to keep all Seth’s protection out of the mix. But, when have you ever seen a steel cage keep people out? This never works the way it’s meant to, and that puts Orton at a disadvantage. Anyone who believes it’s foolproof, is well….a damn fool!

Is WWE giving us all these shitty examples of World Champions now so we will all be begging them to put the strap back on John Cena? As much as I like seeing Cena out of the World title picture for once, and as much dislike as I have for him….I am seriously starting to hate Rollins that much more. These so-called “champions” as of late make me want to vomit, and they are all a big part of what is wrong with WWE today.


With that said, I am going to go ahead and sign off until next time. I’m not planning on watching Extreme Rules as I am sure it will not end in a way that will allow me to suppress my urges to throw things at my TV. For the rest of you, more power to ya!

Let me know how that works for you. I’ll check back in with you another day. Until then, troops……YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: New Day SUCKS!

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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone, how are you doing this month? How are you enjoying this spring weather we have been getting?! Well the weather was nice for a few weeks in April then this week it got cold again! WTF is up with that?! Arg! Well it looks like it is going to change back to being warmer next week(so that is good). Hopefully I will be able to go for a walk this weekend. I started back at work this week and it has been pretty good so far. I’m happy to be working again. It is nice to be in a routine again. But the only thing I miss is sleeping in! Oh well. I can still do that on weekends I suppose! Lol Anyway time to get this wrestling blog going!

I actually did end up watching WrestleMania 31 with Diva! Her boyfriend and daughter surprised her and ordered it for her birthday. Of course I was invited to come over and watch it. Overall I thought WM 31 was okay. I really hated the Sting vs Triple H match. I didn’t like how DX and the nWo were involved in the match. I just thought it was poor and having Triple H win just didn’t seem right to me. Why bring Sting into the WWE to only have him loose his match?! Meh. The one match I did enjoy was Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. It was a very physical match and everyone seemed to like it! Well it was really great until the end when Seth Rollins cashed in his MITB and ended up winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship! I thought it was great but not too many didn’t like the ending. I think Seth Rollins is a great wrestler and he will be a great champion.

Another match I liked at WM 31 was the IC Championship Ladder match. It was a fun match and it could of been the match of the night! Daniel Bryan ended up winning the IC Championship. He and everyone else who were involved in the match worked their asses off! There were tons of cool spots as expected and the match was pretty sweet!

John Cena ended up beating Rusvec for the US Championship at WM 31. Their match was okay. It was a typical Cena match and now he is the US Champion.

As I’m typing this I’m watching this weeks RAW(on a Friday Night). I haven’t had a chance to watch it earlier this week. I was either watching something else or I was busy out doing something else! Lol But so far it hasn’t been too bad. I don’t think Randy Orton is going to beat Seth Rollins this Sunday. Seth needs to be champion until at least SummerSlam. I really hate The New Day. They suck so much! I like how the fans chant New Day Sucks. LOL so funny! Oh Randy just RKO’d The New Day! Yay! LOL

I read on pwinsider that Daniel Bryan is injured. So that means he probably won’t be wrestling at the Extreme Rules PPV. It sucks for him. I heard the injury will keep him out for a month. It also means he will probably be stripped of his IC Championship(which is only fair). I guess Bad News Barrett will be the new IC Champion if they go that way!

Earlier this month I got to meet Sarge and his family in person for the first time! It was a great time! We met up in Niagara Falls at my work. Diva, River, Mat, Bill, Heather, Kaden and Aly. We went up the Skylon Tower(where I work) on the observation deck. They took a lot of pictures of the view of the Falls and the city of Niagara Falls. Then we went down to the falls and took some more pictures. After that we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. It was very good! I have only eaten at the Rainforest Cafe once before(in Toronto) so it was a nice treat to go there again. I also got a cup from there too! Thanks again to Bill and Heather for treating us for lunch. 🙂 Overall it was a great visit and I can’t wait to see them again!

I just watched Triple H’s announcement of Tough Enough coming back to TV. I think that is a good idea. I always thought the show was pretty entertaining. Hopefully they will find a great man and women who will entertain us in the ring and on the mic! I really enjoyed the Seth Rollins and Kane interaction. They seem to click and it could be something pretty cool if they ever get to wrestle each other.

Anyway that’s it for me this week. I hope you enjoy Extreme Rules(if you watch it) and Have A Nice Day! 🙂 If you want to reach me you can tweet me @blitz101 or e-mail me at

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Extreme Rules

-WWE United States Championship- Russian Chain Match: C) John Cena vs. Rusev

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena

Diva’s Prediction: John Cena

The Game’s Prediction: John Cena

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Rusev

-WWE Diva’s Championship: C) Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Sarge’s Prediction: Naomi

Diva’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

The Game’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Naomi

-WWE Heavyweight Championship- Steel Cage Match: C) Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Sarge’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

-WWE Intercontinental Championship: C) Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

Sarge’s Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Diva’s Prediction: Bad News Barrett

The Game’s Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Bad News Barrett

-WWE Tag Team Championship: C) Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. New Day

Sarge’s Prediction: New Day

Diva’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The Game’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

-Kiss Me Arse Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Sarge’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Diva’s Prediction: Sheamus

The Game’s Prediction: Sheamus

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus

-Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Diva’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

The Game’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

-Chicago Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Sarge’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Diva’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

The Game’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

That’s it for us this month. We will see you next month for the next WWE Pay-Per-View. Until then, have fun, and drink lots…by lots I mean alcohol because that’s the only way you’re ever going to get through watching wrestling.

WrestleMania 31 edition complete with Predictions and introducing Diva’s mini-Diva

In Memory Of

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez

(Perro Aguaya Jr.)

July 23, 1979-March 21, 2015

00 f4w2012banner

Time has flown in the past month. Yes I am aware we didn’t have a blog in February, so technically it’s been two months. We wouldn’t miss the biggest show of the year for anything. So lets get this baby out there.

First off, we would like to send our sincerest condolences to the Ramirez family on the tragic and sudden loss of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez after suffering an in-ring accident that would later have him pass away in the hospital. Accidents happen folks, but it doesn’t make his death any less sad or tragic.


The Skirt Sheet

So this doesn’t get too confusing, this is both my February and March blog, but I’ve missed writing for you. Well, things have already changed. I’m a mom to a beautiful little girl. Yes that’s right. On February 11, 2015, at 9:15pm, I gave birth to a 9-pound baby girl via c-section. Yes, my daughter did not want to come out. Lol!! She was comfy, and why wouldn’t she be, it was -20 celcius outside. Why would you leave a hot tub for a snow bank? Her name is River Joyce, and she’s all mine.


River has been an amazing baby and I’m so lucky to have her. She is my miracle baby and nothing will ever change that. She’s beyond perfect, and funny. She has some serious attitude that you can see in her facial expressions. She eye rolled a loud baby in the room we were sharing with this other woman. Her baby had this awful high-pitched scream and my daughter opened her eyes gave this annoyed look, rolled her eyes and went back to sleep. It was hard not to laugh.

Needless to say, I have some serious catching up to do in the world of wrestling. I still have to watch NXT from the past two weeks. I’m caught up on RAW and SmackDown. I’m not overly impressed, although they have made Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan a bit more interesting.

BOO to the stupid name change of February’s pay-per-view from the Elimination Chamber to Fast Lane. What the hell does a Fast Lane have to do with wrestling? I don’t care if it’s because we are on the fast track/lane to WrestleMania 31. It’s still dumb to me.

I’m conflicted between Wade Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose. I don’t want either of them to lose. However, I did laugh when Ambrose 50-Shades of Dean-ed Barrett to the ring post and forced him to sign the contract. (For the record, I hated the 50 Shades of Grey book, and have no desire to see the dumbass movie).

Speaking of sex…. Hellllloooooooooooo Seth Rollins! Got caught naughty photo sharing with another chick by his girlfriend. The girlfriend retaliated, and for all us female or gay Rollins fan base, we say thank-you. Lol!! Yes, Rollins pecker made it’s internet debute, the night before I went into the hospital for labour. No, it did not induce my labour, but it sure made my morning before 2 days of hell began. Lol!!

Now that my February portion of my blog has finished, time to talk Mania…

River is now a month old, and super adorable…


I’m a little stressed about the Diva’s match at Mania. I find it strange that with all the hype of #GiveDivasAChance, and the success of Total Diva’s, that there isn’t going to be a WWE Diva’s Championship match at WrestleMania. Instead they have champion, Nikki Bella teaming with twin sister, Brie, against Paige and AJ. I actually get the background of this match, but why not have Nattie beat Nikki last month for the title, so she could defend it, and then continue on with this one?

Where is Tamina? I’ve been wondering this for sometime.

Round 2 for the WWE United States Championship, Rusev vs. John Cena. This is when John Cena will defeat Rusev for the title and be the first one to defeat the Bulgarian Brute. I’ve been saying it all along that it will be Cena who will be the first to beat Rusev, despite guys like Jack Swagger who actually needs that win. It’s super predictable.

I’m finding the build-up for Sting vs. Triple H to be a bit lackluster. The build-up for for Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins has more emotion behind it, which is strange when you have Orton and emotion in the same sentence. As long as this doesn’t turn out to be the let down that Orton vs. Roman Reigns turned out to be, then Rollins vs. Orton will be a definite match to see. Wish I could say the same for Sting vs. Triple H, and that opinion has nothing to do with my dislike of Sting.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have been doing some very interesting promo work as of late. Lesnar setting the ground work to his WrestleMania match, but not so much focusing on his opponent, Roman Reigns, as much as he is focussing on himself and the rumours surrounding his future in the WWE and possibly back to UFC. Reigns is more or less getting lost in the shuffle. I almost forgot he was even in it. The way it sounds, Lesnar is wrestling himself. I’m sure he would if he could. He’s that stupid. I’m not a fan of Lesnar and I personally don’t see Reigns being ready to carry such a responisbility.

Bray Wyatt has done a great job carrying the build-up to his match against the absent Undertaker. Frankly it wouldn’t be WrestleMania without The Deadman, but there’s little drama now since his streak was uncermonisoiusly broken last year (that still fucking stings). I know this isn’t the match that most fans want now that Sting is in the WWE, but it’s the one people are getting. Don’t count this match out yet, Bray Wyatt has proven worthy of such a match, it’s just too bad no face to face accounters have transpired yet (for just a quick note, the final RAW and SmackDown have not aired as of this writing yet). Bray has a bright future ahead of him with this character, and The Undertaker wouldn’t have agreed to or even possibly requested this match, if he didn’t believe the same. Now it’s officially tricky to figure out who will win, but I believe both men need this win, but since the debacle last year with Lesnar going over, I’m sticking to The Undertaker taking this one.

The second annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place with a multitude of mid-card workers. Who needs this win the most; The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder,Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, or Mark Henry? Seriously can’t call this one. Battle Royals are not as easy to call as pretty much anyone of these mid-card stars can win it. What I would do is toss in an up and coming WWE Superstar from NXT come up and win it all, like Sami Zayne and dare I say, Adrian Neville. I still have a fear that anyone coming from NXT is doomed. Doesn’t matter how I feel, they will fuck up the careers of Zayne, Neville and anyone else who can out wrestler the current top stars on the WWE roster. But I would still maybe bring in a few NXT guys for the Battle Royal and have one of them take it and head back to NXT and help that brand gain more notoriaty.

I’m saving what I thin will steal the show, the reason why it’s been a while since we’ve seen a ladder match at WrestleMania, is because they always manage to steal the show. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Wade Barrett fan, but I truly believe this match has the potential to be the match of the night, if not at least make the other guys work harder. Wade “Bad News” Barrett defends his Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Stardust, Luke Harper, and Dolph Ziggler. R-Truth is just there for comedy relief. Top guesses are that Bryan or Ambrose will take the title away from Barrett. Sucks for Barrett but gives these two a push. Neither need it as bad as Barrett does. Other possibilities are Ziggler and Stardust. I don’t see Harper getting it, and like I said, Truth is there for comic relief and most likely the high-flying stuff. Otherwise, useless.

Moving away from WWE and WrestleMania stuff… As mentioned at the start of the Fatal 4-Way, mexican wrestler, Perro Aguayo Jr. aka Pedro Aguayo Ramírez, tragically died at a hospital from results of injuries sustained during a tag team match in Tijuana, Mexico. Aguayo and partner Manik were facing former WWE superstar, Rey Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger. Mysterio used a headscissors take-down on Aguayo sending him out of the ring. Aguayo got back inside the ring, and Mysterio dropkicked him. Aguayo landed on the middle rope, setting up the planned 619 by Mysterio, then his partner Manik landed jolting the rope, but Aguayo appeared limp. Mysterio performed the 619, without incident and without hitting anyone when it appeared that something was wrong. Mysterio quickly covered Manik for the win. Former WCW superstar, Konnan, tried to revive Aguayo to no avail, but the Luchador died in hospital later that night. Sadly, no one is focusing on the life and legacy that Aguayo leaves behind, but instead the controversy of professional wrestling, blaming Rey Mysterio, and everything in between. Thing is, as much as lot the moves are choreograph, things can and will go wrong. One mis-step, one mis-cue, things can change. As much as prowrestling isn’t like ballet, it can be. Even in ballet, can one mis-step or mis-cue cause an injury; whether it be a sprained ankle, or even being dropped on their heads, mistakes can happen. In any job, mistakes can happen. I’m in no way downplaying this tragedy, as that would make me hypocritical considering how much I was devastated by Owen Hart’s death, I’m just pointing out to some naysayers that accidents happen in any job, and doesn’t make prowrestling any thing more then a job for these men and women. It sucks. It’s sad, but it happens, but it happens a lot less in the ring then it does at a steel plant or other plant work, high seas fishermen, or even in the military, because believe it or not serving your country (no matter what country) is a job, and one of the higher risk jobs.

I’d love to comment further but I have a fussy baby who is not allowing me to continue. So, I better get to going as I’m a mother now and baby Diva comes first. Because, In Life…There Are Winners, and There Are Losers….Be Jealous and Be Sexy!

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The Game

Royal Rumble Highlights and MMA News w/ Kevin Walsh:

BREAKING NEWS: Both Diaz and Silva FAIL drug tests:

MMA Talk w/ Kevin Walsh:

NXT TakeOver: Rival Highlights + Channel News:

BREAKING NEWS: TJ Dillashaw Pulls Out of 186:


***the views and opinions expressed in “Boot Camp” are strictly my own and do not in any way reflect those of WWE, TNA, the whiny fanboys of the IWC, or any other group that I might inadvertently piss off! But….If you’re gonna get all emo over it, then run home to your mommy, curl up in the fetal position and cry salty tears into your fucking Ovaltine!!***



Hey, guys! Guess what time it is! Guess…what…time…it…is!

Okay, let’s back up a minute. Before I go on sounding like a half-stupid GEICO camel again, let me just say “It’s that time again!”. It’s not dinner time, or summer time. It’s not halftime. It’s not “half past the monkey’s ass” or “a quarter to his balls!”. Hell, it’s not even Vader Time! No, it’s time once again for The Fatal 4-Way, and that means Sarge’s Boot Camp is back in session. Oh, and it’s also WrestleMania time. Don’t want to forget that! I mean, it is why we are all here to begin with. Right?

As you may remember, there is a little something special I like to do for our WrestleMania edition. This is the biggest night of the year in WWE, if not wrestling in general, and there is usually so much going on that it’s nearly impossible to touch on everything all at once in these articles. I like to take a more fun and fast-paced approach to this wrestling discussion, and it has become a great little feature I like to call………


Yep, you can take that #AxelMania garbage and shove it straight up your ass, brother. The Sarge is livin’ large, back in charge….and RandomMania is runnin’ wild now!

First up on the list: Seth Rollins. I just can’t find anything about this guy that makes me think he’s worth the paper he wipes his ass with. Seriously. It’s been so long since I saw him win a match without outside interference; I doubt he is even capable of it at all. He’s the future of the WWE, and by “future”, I guess that means “the biggest pussy to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots”. He had help when he got the Money In The Bank briefcase. Even when he put Randy Orton on the shelf a while back, he had the help of like 4 other people. When Orton came back and finally beat the holy shit out of Seth a couple weeks ago on RAW, I have to say it was the most satisfying end to an episode of RAW in years! See, Rollins? Orton can kick your ass without any help. If you’re so much better, then why can’t you fight your own battles. Eh, dickweed??

I hope Randy Orton puts Seth Rollins on the injured list at WrestleMania. I am digging Orton in the way his character is being portrayed now. It’s nice to see someone else going against The Authority besides Sting.


Speaking of Sting, I know it’s exciting to finally see him in WWE, but I have a problem. I don’t have a problem with him. I have a problem with the sporadic nature of his appearances. When I do see Sting on TV, he still looks out of place to me. I can’t get used to him being in WWE yet, but that might change if I had more exposure to him in the ring. I like Sting, and I wish he was on TV as often as he used be when he was in TNA or WCW. The way WWE is running his character, he gets less TV time than Brock Lesnar in months 1-3 after his last match.


Which brings me to another huge peeve of mine. It’s huge! It’s not even a “pet peeve” because if it was, I’d put it in a burlap sack and toss it in the damn river! In whose head was it a good idea to hand the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Brock Lesnar, and then allow him to hold onto the belt for months at a time without a title defense? This goes against everything I was ever told about how wrestling works. I have seen many titles vacated because the reigning holder was not able to defend the belt at least once in a 30-day period. This new rule they placed on the WWE WHC because of Lesnar’s schedule spreads its ass cheeks and shits all over every title holder in the past who has had their hard won championships stripped from their waists because of the 30-day rule.

If Roman Reigns wins the title at WrestleMania (and I hope he does), I am praying the title goes back to being defended on a normal basis. No sitting on the title until Lesnar comes back in four months for his rematch. That’s bullshit to the Nth degree, my friends! If the title goes back to being defended every month again, Reigns winning the belt at Mania will return the credibility that it lost with Lesnar.

The only thing that would make this scenario worse is if Lesnar retains, and is then challenged and beaten by The Undertaker, and we have to wait each year until WrestleMania for the next WWE WHC title defense!


Sadly, another title that needs its image restored this Sunday is the poor Intercontinental Championship. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, boys and girls. A championship with such a rich and prestigious history….held by some of the most outstanding names in the business….now the item in question in a long chain of thefts and robberies, being passed around for the past month like a drunk cheerleader on Homecoming night.

The ladder match sounds like a possible Match of the Night contender, if not Match of the Year. It might suck a huge bucket of goat balls. Who can really tell until it all goes down? Thing is, whatever happens, I hope the endgame of this silly storyline will finally #StopTheNonsense.


There it is. The second hashtag I have put in this article so far. Not my normal way of doing things, is it? I don’t even know if hashtags work inside of blogs. I’m basically just using them for the Hell of it.

I know one hashtag that seems to be backfiring something fierce lately, and that’s #GiveDivasAChance. Give them a chance? A chance at what? A chance to have their division’s title go undefended yet again on a pay per view, let alone the biggest one of the year? Give the Divas less time in the ring so they can spend more time backstage doing their hair and makeup? What the actual fuck do they mean by this? Whatever it is, the WWE Universe (or at least the small group that I know and talk to in that Universe) begs to differ! Give the Divas a chance? How about us? What about the fans? Give us something for once. Something we all want. Something we have all earned. Something we all damn well deserve! GIVE US A BREAK!


And, I guess with those final words, I should follow suit and take a break. I think enough damage has been done for one month. So, troopers, enjoy WrestleMania if you are able. I will not be watching it, sadly enough. However, I have much better reasons for opting out rather than the fact that I simply can never watch any of the content on the WWE Network, and that DirectTV no longer carries WWE PPVs. I am screwed either way, but this time there is more. While the rest of you will be on the road to WrestleMania this weekend, I will be on the road DURING WrestleMania. My wife and I are gathering up the kids and taking a week long road trip, to include a short stay in Canada where we will stop in and visit with The Fatal 4-Way’s resident Diva, her boyfriend and a certain new addition you may or may not already know about. It has the potential to be a lot of fun, and I hope it deliver in spades! We could all use some good times and memories with close friends and family. If only it could somehow be coordinated to have the other members of the team stop by at some point during our visit, it would be an epic meeting indeed! A group photo would be practically mandatory, to say the least.

Good times. But, like all good times, this one must also come to an end. That’s all for this time, people. It’s been a blast, but it’s time to hit the bricks. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!

Until next time, troops…..YOU’RE DISMISSED!!


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Until next time, this is The Sarge…..reminding you: There’s good climate in heaven, but better company in Hell.


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Gregs Have A Nice Day

Hey everyone how are we doing this month? I hope everything is going well with you! I’m doing okay. Right now I’m a little sick so I’m trying to get over that. It is my birthday on Sunday and also it is WM 31! And if you watch The Walking Dead it is the season finale for that show too! So lots of things happening on Sunday! So I guess I shall get started with this wrestling blog!

Let’s start off by saying Brock Lesnar has signed a new multi-year contract with WWE. That is great news! I’m glad he is staying with WWE. He just signed it this past Monday Night on RAW. He said it was best offer and he couldn’t refuse it. He also said his days with MMA are over. He was considering about going back but he is staying with WWE. He enjoys entertaining the fans and he wants what is right for his family. Good for him! I hope it works out for him. He is a great asset for WWE.

Moving along let’s talk about the main event at WM 31. It is going to be Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I’m picking Roman Reigns to win this match. Even though Brock signed a new deal, I’m still going with Reigns. I don’t think Seth Rollins will cash in his briefcase after the match. I’m thinking it might happen the next night on RAW. We shall see. Overall I think this match will be a great physical match. Both guys are ready and are going to put on a show!

Sting vs Triple H should be interesting! They have done a lot of promotion for Sting since he joined WWE. They actually made Sting better than what TNA could do for him! I’m going with Sting on this match. I just can’t see Triple H winning the match. It should be good and I know Triple H will probably take some good bumps to make the match even better.

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt. You know what to be honest I’m not really excited for this match. After The Undertaker lost for the first time last year at WM 30 it pretty much made me feel like there is real no point on having a match with The Undertaker at Mania now. It just won’t be the same. The other thing also The Undertaker hasn’t been on WWE TV in over a year. So it was kinda hard to get motivated for this match. But I’m still going with The Undertaker for this match.

Rusvec vs John Cena for the United States Championship. This is the first time where John Cena isn’t in one of the top matches at WM 31. But I have to admit this feud has been all right. I’m guessing Cena will end up winning the US Championship which makes sense because of the beat down he got this past Monday Night RAW. So I’m going with Cena to win!

The IC Championship Ladder match should be lots of fun! Bad News Barrett vs Daniel Bryan vs R Truth vs Stardust vs Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Gallows vs Dean Ambrose! Lots of great wrestlers in this match! It should probably steal the show from everything else that will happened that night. I could see Daniel Bryan walking out of the match with championship but I also could see Dolph Ziggler. So we shall see what happens! This match I’m looking forward to a lot!

There is a Diva’s tag match between AJ Lee & Paige vs The Bella’s. I hope AJ and Paige end up winning it! They are the better team. But who knows for sure. The Bella’s could end up winning the match.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton should be a great entertaining match! These guys have battled it out recently on RAW. I’m looking forward to this match too! I’m going with Seth Rollins to win the match. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if Orton ends up winning it.

Then we have the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. My pick is going to be a returning Sheamus! I think he will win it! 🙂

The night before WrestleMania 31 is of course the WWE Hall of Fame. This year we have Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Kevin Nash, The Bushwackers, Arnold Schwarzeneg, Rikishi, Alundra Blaze, Larry Zbyszko, and Tatsumi Fujinami. It looks like it is going to be a good class this year! I’m really happy to hear Randy Savage is finally going to be inducted into the HOF. It is about time! 🙂

This year I won’t be watching WM 31 live. I will probably just follow the results online. I will be keeping myself busy by watching The Walking Dead. It is 90 mins so that should be pretty sweet!

Anyway that’s it for me this month! I hope everyone enjoys their WM 31 weekend! If you want to keep in touch tweet me @blitz101 on twitter! Have a Nice Day! 🙂


WrestleMania 31

Kick-off: WWE Tag Team Championship, Fatal 4-Way:

C )Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Los Matadoes vs. The New Day vs. The Uso’s

Sarge’s Prediction: The Uso’s

Diva’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The Game’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

WrestleMania 31:

-Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder,Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry

Sarge’s Prediction: Damien Mizdow

Diva’s Prediction: Damien Mizdow

The Game’s Prediction: Damien Mizdow

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Sheamus will make his return

-WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match:

C)Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan

Sarge’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Diva’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan (although I want Barrett to retain)

The Game’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins

Sarge’s Prediction: The Bella Twins

Diva’s Prediction: AJ Lee & Paige

The Game’s Prediction: The Bella Twins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: AJ Lee & Paige

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

Sarge’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Diva’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

The Game’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

-WWE United States Championship: C)Rusev vs. John Cena

Sarge’s Prediction: John Cena

Diva’s Prediction: John Cena

The Game’s Prediction: John Cena

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: John Cena

Sting vs. Triple H

Sarge’s Prediction: Sting

Diva’s Prediction: Sting

The Game’s Prediction: Sting

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Sting

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

Sarge’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Diva’s Prediction: The Undertaker

The Game’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: The Undertaker

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship: C) Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Sarge’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Diva’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

The Game’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Bad News Greg’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

As much as I would like to keep going, it’s getting late and I have a baby to attend to now days. So everyone enjoy WrestleMania weekend, be safe but have fun!! Cheers!